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If there is one thing that every security expert suggests to people to stay safe in the world of cyber vulnerabilities, it is to use a VPN. With one tool, internet users tend to protect their user data, keep cyberpunks away, and even eliminate geo-restrictions.

While the market is heavily-crowded, people still need help finding the best VPN. In today’s post, we will review 7VPN in detail so that you can make the right choice.

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What Is 7VPN?

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7VPN is a well-known VPN tool with dedicated servers in 50 countries across the globe. Its server placement is done so strategically that locations like Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are also covered. It’s a Cyprus-based VPN with a user-friendly policy.

The VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with a free trial. Both these facilities provide price protection as you can claim your money back if unsatisfied with its performance. However, the odds of this happening are very bleak.

With diverse IP addresses, this VPN service allows its customers to access blocked or geo-restricted websites without fear.

7VPN internet censorship picture

Internet censorship won’t be an issue, and you can surf the web safely. We tested the speed of this VPN, and we were impressed. Generally, users experience a slight speed drop, as traffic has to pass through an encrypted tunnel to reach you when a VPN is deployed.

But, the speed drop was not annoying with 7VPN. It protects your online security without compromising the browsing experience, and it is great that 7VPN has over many of its peers.

Its customer support is responsive and ready to guide you at every step. The dedicated app support is superb, and all its apps have a sleek and engaging interface.

Device Compatibility of 7VPN

The ideal VPN does not restrict its offering just because of the incompatibility of the device. As people use multiple devices to access the internet, it’s better to have a VPN that can protect multiple devices simultaneously.

Gladly, 7VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. There is dedicated app support for all these OS types. Let’s learn more about them.

Device compatibility of 7VPN

  • Windows 7VPN

The app is compatible with Windows 7,8, 10, and 11 versions and is a great way to keep data secured and prevent data logging. With a user-friendly interface, the app is not a tough nut to crack.

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  • macOS 7VPN

Protect your devices running over macOS 10, 12, or above versions with 7VPN app support for macOS. The app has a Quick Connect feature to ensure you’re connected to a compatible server.

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  • iOS 7VPN

If you have an iPhone or iPad running over iOS 14, you can quickly get the 7VPN iOS app support to protect your devices. It supports up to simultaneous connection.

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  • Android 7VPN

Get a free Android 7VPN app and secure up to 10 Android-based devices. The app has a simple interface and a hassle-installation process.

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The Highlights of 7VPN

Now that you have a basic understanding of 7VPN, let’s switch to its key features and facilities.

The Highlights Of 7VPN

  • Free Trial

It matters a lot as a free trial as it allows people to check the real-time viability of a VPN before actually investing. With 7VN, you have the facility of a VPN trial that you can activate without paying any registration fee or providing any credit card information.

  • Ad-free user experience

There is no point in having VPN support if the VPN itself is using 3rd party ads to generate revenue. 7VPN is a 100% ad-free VPN tool so that you stay safe and enjoy uninterrupted internet safety.

  • No-log policy

As mentioned above, 7VPN adopts a strict no-log policy to ensure that your user data and internet connection details are not leaked in unprotected outer cyberspace.

  • No bandwidth  limit

If you’re a streaming or torrenting buff, go ahead and try 7VPN without any fear, as this VPN provides unlimited bandwidth. Yes, you don’t have to worry about exhausting bandwidth as you stream or being online (VPN for streaming). A regular user also confirmed the same.

No bandwidth limit - 7VPN

  • In-build adblocker

Avoid the danger of adware with 7VPN because it comes with a powerful and feature-rich ad blocker. The adblocker is responsive and keeps video and text ads away.

  • Kill Switch

Worried about your internet safety when a VPN connection drops suddenly? Well, there is nothing to be concerned about as long as you’re using 7VPN, as it comes with a responsive kill switch that becomes active as VPN protection drops.

  • Powerful security

With DNS leak protection and secured protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, and IKEv2, it ensures that its customers’ every online activity is safe while accessing websites.

That was all about the positive points of 7VPN, which are very impressive. However, 7VPN is not about all good things. It does have certain demerits or drawbacks, such as:

  • We feel that its app support is very limited. It can do more than what’s there at present. Having 7VPN for Windows or macOS is excellent. However, we also need app support for devices like routers and gaming consoles (VPN for Gaming). Also, browser extensions are required.
  • As a reliable VPN service, 7VPN must work on its server network. We need more locations to be covered.
  • For the complete hiding of online activities, having RAM servers is a must, and we failed to find out what kind of servers Windows 7VPN uses. This information should be public.
  • Whatever security and transparency claims are there, we need a 3rd party audit to determine their authenticity. Almost all the leading VPN service providers revealed the audit details, and we could not find such information about 7VPN.

Final Verdict

7VPN users can enjoy the freedom of unlimited bandwidth. Simply connect with 7VPN and browse as much as you want without any restrictions. All in all, 7VPN is worth a try. Go download 7VPN today to unfold a new experience of secured and unrestricted internet access.

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