10 Best Proxy Server Service Providers: Free and Paid – 2024 Review

One non-negotiable aspect of using the internet is to ensure your online identity is hidden and under control. It’s on you to decide who should know about your IP address and online activities. A proxy server is one of the many ways to make it happen. Read this post to learn more about proxy servers and their types.

What Is Proxy?

For beginners, a proxy server is a remotely hosted system/software/router that works as a gateway between a website server and an internet user. It receives the client request before the website server and regulates the request by replacing the original IP address with a fake or proxy IP address. This way, it improves the security of internet users as the real address is hidden.

If you’ve got the aid of the best proxy server, you can do a lot while causing no harm to data security and privacy. To provide you with an understanding of the best proxy server provider, our team tested over 67 proxy services and tested the real-world viabilities of their proxy servers. Below, you will find an unbiased and detailed comparison of the best proxy providers.

How do proxy servers work

Quick Guide if You’ve Pressed for Time

If you need online safety, using the best proxy service provider is the best step to take. Next, we’ll tell you the top 10 choices to make.

Before you delve deeper into details, let’s have a crisp look at the key traits of all these best proxies.

  1. Smartproxy Best in every sense, servers are located in 190+ countries, provide dedicated IP addresses and highly feature-rich browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers
  2. Bright Data The database for residential and web proxy is huge, with dedicated proxy managers, a pay-as-you-go plan, an impactful web proxy server, website unblocking
  3. OxyLabs Top-grade proxy service with multiple web scrapping tools, a powerful web crawler, and great assistance for SEO and pricing monitoring
  4. Proxy Seller SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols, flexible costing, good locations, high-speed connections
  5. Smart DNS Proxy Dedicated VPN service, rotating sticky IP addresses
  6. HideMy.name Lacks the Smart DNS feature but offers amazing customization, existing residential proxy network
  7. RSocks One of the most reliable proxy servers for torrenting and streaming lovers
  8. IPRoyal Blazing speed with multiple residential proxies
  9. KProxy.com Unlimited bandwidth with all of its proxies, dedicated private proxies
  10. VPNBooks Comes with the power of a reliable virtual private network and high-end encryption

What Are the Types of Proxies?

Based on the offerings and modus operandi, there are 12 types of this tool. As each type has distinct traits, knowing the key differences is essential. It will also help you understand what is a proxy server.

Proxy detailed description 

Types of Proxy
Description A forward proxy server sits between the clients and is mainly used to fetch data groups within an internal network. Upon connection request forwarding, a server will examine its quality and decide whether it should proceed further.
Features Facilities like IP security addresses and direct administration controls are offered in the forward proxy.
  • Can handle single point of entry easily
  • Added IP address security
Cons Limits the organization
Description With this proxy, users are going to have an experience of using a private device.They are a type of forced proxy as they become active without even customers’ knowledge. It works discreetly and is most suitable when the end-user should be kept in the dark about its working and presence.
  • Applied forcefully
  • Remains hidden for end-users
Pros Seamless user experience
  • Forced on end-use
  • More prone to specific attacks like DDoS


Description Often known as Distorting Proxy, Anonymous Proxy is a type of forwarding proxy that never reveals its IP source.
  • Optimized speed
  • Rotating IP address
  • Level 2 proxy
Pros It makes online presence untraceable
Cons Possibilities of inevitable pushback are always there.


Description It erases the end-user information completely before connecting to the internet.
  • Level 1 proxy
  • Changes the field in the response/request header
Pros Removes all the traces of user information
Cons Free proxies of this sort are highly harmful and steal user information


Description This type of proxy acts as a proxy to a website while hiding its presence. While in action, it changes the IP address and allows an incorrect one.
Features Location hiding
Pros Hides the location and confuses the internet about users’ location.
Cons Many websites block such sorts of proxies.

Data Center

Description Offered by the data center, this proxy exists physically and processes user information via it.
  • Non-affiliated from ISP
  • IP addresses are owned by LIRs
  • Created in bulk
  • IP addresses are not unique
Pros Features quick response time and cost-effectiveness.
Cons Anonymity is not of a higher grade.

In this kind of proxy server, the end-user is granted a particular physical device, and every connection request is channeled via this device only. So, you get multiple residential IP addresses.

It’s suitable for end-users willing to confirm ads while visiting a particular website so that cookies, suspicious activities, and other bad actors can be blocked.

  • IP addresses are offered by ISPs
  • High anonymity and uniqueness
  • Less blocking possibilities
Pros Highly safe
Cons Expenses involved are on the higher side.


Description Accessible free of cost, this proxy type is excellent for hiding IP addresses and users’ identities.
Features Features
Pros Offered to anyone
Cons Has certain security risks



Description More than one user uses a shared proxy at a time and lets all of them browse the internet without sharing their location details.
  • IP address sharing
  • Powerful server network to handle multiple requests
Pros Reduced operational cost
Cons It gets easily banned by websites


Description With the help of an SSL proxy, high-end encryption can be placed between a client and the server. Data is encrypted at both ends. So, security is a higher grade.
  • SSL encryption
  • IP address masking
Pros Data is highly encrypted and remains out of harm’s way
Cons Because of added security, performance slows down.


Description Rotating proxies allot different IP addresses to each user.
Features IP address rotation
Pros Continual web scraping
Cons Certain risks of data exposure.
Description This proxy sits in front of the web server.
  • Handles outbound traffic
  • Server identity concealing
Pros Easily manage incoming requests
Cons Exposes HTTP server

Proxy categorization as per the anonymity provided

Though the table covers all proxy types, the key purpose behind using a proxy tool is to keep the end-user identity hidden. So, you might want quick information on the anonymity-based categories too.

  • Transparent Proxies: Basic anonymity. They will replace the existing IP addresses with new ones. However, the real IPs will be visible in the request header tag.
  • Anonymous Proxies: Mediocre-level anonymity. It hides the real IP addresses from the request header too.
  • Elite Proxies: Anonymity of the highest level. Completely hides the actual IP addresses of users. It’s so high-end that the server won’t be able to find out that a proxy is in place.

Types of proxies

As we delve into the diverse types of proxies and their unique features, it’s clear that the digital world offers a multitude of tools for various needs. In the same vein, there are tools designed for personal security and peace of mind. For instance, if you’re a parent or spouse concerned about the whereabouts of your loved ones, you might find it useful to learn how to track someone’s phone location without them knowing. This tool can be particularly beneficial if you suspect your spouse of cheating or if you’re worried about your children’s safety. Just like using a proxy for online privacy, the goal here is not to invade someone’s privacy but to ensure their safety and security.

Let’s get into the details now.

Best Proxy Server Providers 

Bright data logo by VPNWelt

Bright Data is the best-paid proxy service for business purposes. It offers 72 million IP addresses, optimized bandwidth, IP rotation setting rules, and easy integration with macOS, Windows, or Linux. Its residential proxies work fine with HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 protocols. All in all, you can conduct your operations with full diligence and security with this paid proxy server.

Besides offering a 7-day free trial, Bright Data goes the extra mile to guide first-timers with its informative walkthrough guide. Each facility comes with a snippet review and can be managed completely from a unified console. With its PAYG or pay-as-you-go plans, you can make the most of the bandwidth, network ports, and IP pool size as you pay for what you use.

The mobile proxies link end users with real mobile carriers, offer more than 7 million residential IPs, and are functional on 3G and 4G data. Speaking of protocols, you enjoy HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols.

The proxy server API and HTTPS proxies made it outstanding. Remote server locations are not a hindrance to connection speeds. You also get an API to create custom apps using Shell, Java, Node.js, and C Sharp. All in all, you will be able to conduct your operations with full diligence and security with this paid option.


  • Assorted IPs
  • Free trial and proxy manager facilities
  • Pre-specified targeting option
  • WebBlocker is delivered with an extensive repository of site-specific browser cookies
  • Effective session management
  • DNS configuration support


  • Customers have to deposit a $20 minimum before using its proxy servers
  • Steep learning curve

Key Features

  • An advanced Proxy Manager that helps you bypass without any coding
  • Data Unblocker feature can lift the ban imposed by websites backed by powerful anti-crawling technologies. You will be charged only for successful requests.
  • The search engine crawler of this tool is capable of offering real-time data collection by scrapping Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others.
  • Custom rules are in place to keep bandwidth under control
  • Data Collector can gather data from multiple sources like Amazon product profiles, social media profiles, Google Search results, and so on.
  • Custom API for designing web crawlers of your choice
  • Quick CAPTCHA solving

Plan and Pricing

  • You can get a monthly or yearly subscription with BrightData
  • If you’re going to use a proxy server for a long time, choosing the yearly subscription is best because it’s pocket-friendly. You have subscription choices like Pay As Go, Starter, Advanced, Advanced+, and Enterprise.
  • Each plan is designed to keep different needs in mind. For instance, Pay as Go is best for occasional proxy server users. With its PAYG or pay-as-you-go plans, you can make the most of the bandwidth, network ports, and IP pool size as you pay for what you use.
  • But, if you’re a business using a proxy server to build web scraping, Enterprise is the best choice to make. For Its Residential Proxies, the plan starts at $15/GB. If you go with its Advanced+ subscription, you will spend $9.45/GB.
  • Datacenter proxies are pocket-friendly as you pay only $0.80/IP + $0.110/GB for the Pay As Go Plan and $0.52/IP + $0.072/GB for the Advanced+ plan. ISP proxies are also affordable as only $0.50/IP + $9.75/GB is the cost for its Advanced+ subscription.
  • The Pay As Go Plan for mobile proxies starts at $40.00/GB, and the cost comes down to $25.20/GB if you go for an Advanced+ subscription. The Enterprise plan for all the proxies is fully customized, and the price depends on your usage and the facilities
  • available.

Get the Best Deal on Bright Data

Smartproxy logo by VPNWelt

Smartproxy is a paid proxy service offering data center and residential proxies alongside mobile IPs for businesses and individuals. Not only that, but you can also opt for mobile IPs. The Smartproxy dashboard features an extensive server list; end users can pick any. It houses more than 40 million IP addresses, which is a whopping number. The super functional API and vast data center network make it a winner on multiple fronts.

If your prime aim in using a proxy is to do seamless online scrapping, then this is the best choice, as data harvesting and website scrapping are a piece of cake with Smartproxy. Smartproxy’s setup is easy. If any glitches are faced, then there is a live chat facility that provides timely assistance.

In addition, global connectivity, powerful back-connect proxies, and hidden online presence make online scrapping a bit more secure. With its help, you can access geo-restricted content easily while enjoying multiple simultaneous connections.

What we loved the most was that the new residential IPs from Smartproxy are linked with the physical devices of the end-users, which makes ISPs consider them as the actual IPs. So, the odds of getting blocked by websites/platforms blocking proxies are nearly zero. Web traffic remains secured by all means due to the efficiency of its proxy server.

Its data center proxies are also very promising as they support unlimited connection, are easy to use, and provide substantial bandwidth. Most importantly, this proxy server is more pocket-friendly than the first type. However, we had one concern during testing: each connection lasted only 30 minutes. Afterward, the end-user gets a new IP allotted immediately.


  • Powerful browser extension
  • Dedicated mobile IP
  • Supports unlimited threads
  • Support for sticky sessions for 30 minutes
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Extensive customer support


  • Its proxy servers impose traffic limits
  • Geo-targeting is not impressive
  • No SOCKS5 protocol
  • No mobile proxies

Key Features

  • Provides API integration that you can use to develop need-based applications with C#, Java, C#, and Node.js.
  • The Google Chrome extension is packed with detailed proxy management features.
  • The web crawler can help you do search engine scraping on various search engines.
  • It offers real-time 3G and 4G mobile IP addresses

Plans and Pricing

  • A Regular Subscription Pay as You Go Plan costs $12.50 per GB for Residential Proxies and $30 for 50 GB (Nimble) for the Datacenter Proxy.
  • A Regular Subscription’s Micro Plan costs $80.00 for 8 GB for Residential Proxies, $50.00 for 2 GB for Mobile Proxy, and $55 for 100GB (Foxy) for the Datacenter Proxy.
  • A Regular Subscription’s Starter Plan costs $225.00 for 25 GB for Residential Proxies, $230.00 for 10 GB for Mobile Proxy, and $160 for 300GB (Clever) for the Datacenter Proxy.
  • A Regular Subscription’s Micro Plan costs $400.00 for 50 GB for Residential Proxies, $500.00 for 25 GB for Mobile Proxy, and $500 for 1000GB (Sharp) for the Datacenter Proxy.
  • For enterprise plans for Residential proxies, then your minimum spend would be $700, which can go as high as $4,000 per month. The cost for the Enterprise Mobile proxy server plan is also similar to this.
  • Enterprise Datacenter Proxy is affordable as you have to spend $1,884 monthly with its highest plan.

Get the Best Deal on Smartproxy

Oxylabs logo by VPNWelt

With over 70 million IP addresses and worldwide coverage, OxyLabs is our third pick. Its worldwide coverage ensures that you get professional service no matter where you are; you have a shield. Facilities like static non-rotating residential proxies, support for SOCKS5 protocol, and a proxy rotator add-on make it hard to ignore.

The colorful dashboard impresses you at first glimpse. You’ll get to see separate sections for billing and ordering. Also, Oxylabs can help you perform marketing intelligence tasks seamlessly.

While the dashboard is here to assist you with multiple things, changing proxies is not one of them. For this, OxyLabs offers a product plugin for this task. Along with a dedicated Google Chrome extension, it has great compatibility with third-party proxy server managers like FoxyProxy.

Its proxy server network has something to offer for all sorts of needs. For instance, SOCKS5 Proxy is here for those who prefer customized custom programs or protocols, while the residential proxy plan is here to help those looking to get bulk scrapping done right. For end-to-end optimization of business activities, you’ve data center proxies. So, it is made for everyone.


  • Extensive IP pool
  • Multiple security protocols
  • In-built web scraping tool
  • Tiered plan for full flexibility
  • Country and ASN-based filtration
  • Flexibility to control the proxies
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions


  • Absence of mobile IP proxy server
  • Not a beginner-friendly tool

Key Features

  • The proxy rotator automatically does the IP switching to forget the proxy management during scraping operations.
  • SERP Scraper API can help you extract
  • Accurate, precise data from 195 countries and all sorts of search engines.
  • You can store data on Google Cloud or AWS S3.
  • Provides real-time statistics related to traffic consumed, targeted domains, errors, the total number of requests, and so on.
  • The Real-Time Crawler tool makes information collection possible even when a website uses an anti-bot solution.

Plan and Pricing

  • Pay As Go plan – Residential Proxy: 15/GB price. (You will save $2 per GB if you go with its Premium plan. As per GB, the cost will come down to $8, and you can get up to 100 GB per month. If you go with an Enterprise subscription, the price is high as its Custom+ plan starts at $7,500 monthly.)
  • Its Shared Datacenter proxies have four subscription options: Micro, Starter, Advanced, and Premium. The pricing is $50/month, $100/month, $200/month, and $300/month, respectively.
  • The starting cost for Dedicated Datacenter proxies is $180 per month, and you need to get in touch with customer support to inquire further about the pricing, proxy servers, and features.

Get the Best Deal on OxyLabs

Proxy Seller logo by VPNWelt

Proxy Seller offers a 1-week package and a 100% plan customization. Even though it’s new in the market, this cost-effective proxy service performs impressively, featuring SOCKS proxies, IPv4, and IPv6 proxies. It has global coverage and offers proxies with subnets.

It’s a highly rated proxy service provider in the data center proxy industry and is most commonly used by small-scale marketers to help them do easy online scrapping.

We rate Proxy Seller excellent for its user-friendliness and customer support too. Its live chat feature provides timely resolutions. With dedicated account managers, one can expect to have professional assistance at their disposal.

Being an easy-to-use tool has made Proxy Seller the first choice of many beginner marketers. Its tools and the proxy server are backed with SOCKS5 and HTTPS, indicating that security is top-notch.

Proxy Seller may not be the fastest in the market, but it certainly offers decent internet speed and response time. One key reason behind this is the strategic placement of data center proxy servers. Many servers are located in places like the United States, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, India, Ukraine, and many other user countries.


  • Multiple payment options
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Username and password authentication
  • Multi-functional control panel


  • Smaller proxy server network
  • No free trial
  • Minimalistic Dashboard

Key Features

  • Elite Socks5 & HTTPS proxies for complete anonymity
  • 400 networks and 800 Subnets offered
  • Assured 99.99% uptime
  • Full support for Affiliate programs a business is running
  • Around-the-clock configuration assistance

Plans and Pricing

  • Buy one proxy for 1 month at the cost of $4.62.
  • Pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  • Payment via credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and even Bitcoin.

Get the Best Deal on Proxy Seller

Smart DNS Proxy by VPNWelt

Best for streaming lovers, Smart DNS Proxy service can unblock content effectively and keep private data secure. Its unique features include unblocking the global library of Netflix and Amazon Prime and unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, Video streaming is possible in high quality. A large number of servers make sure you’re never out of options.

Smart DNS Proxy works perfectly fine on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It works as a proxy and a VPN service at the same time. So, one can enjoy dedicated Windows and mobile apps, support for five simultaneous connections at a time, and protection of multiple security protocols like PPTP, SSTP, L2TP & OpenVPN support.

The service provider helps you have complete online anonymity, web security facilities, and access to geo-restricted content on more than 300 streaming platforms at more than 30 locations. IP leak isn’t going to be a matter of concern for the users as it will guard you against WebRTC and IPv6 leaks.

As if this was not enough, Smart DNS Proxy supports torrenting by all means (best Torrent sites you can find here). As it follows a zero-long policy, one doesn’t have to be worried about the data leak or being caught while downloading torrents.


  • Smart DNS service
  • Supports five devices simultaneously
  • Included VPN
  • PPTP, SSTP, L2TP & OpenVPN support
  • Supports torrenting
  • DNS leak protection


  • Random speed dip
  • Unresponsive kill switch

Key Features

  • Supports 4K UHD for streaming
  • Security protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP are used
  • Works seamlessly with Linux and routers

Plan and Pricing

  • Smart DNS Proxy is affordable because its one-off month subscription will cost you only $5.90 for a monthly plan.
  • You have 3-month, 12-month, 24-month, and lifetime plan options. The respective prices of all these plans are $15.58, $48.14, $59.47, and $200.
  • You have multiple payment methods and a 14-day free trial with every subscription.

Get the Best Deal on Smart DNS Proxy

HideMy.name logo by VPNWelt

HideMy.name is one of the most reliable free proxy servers on the market. It’s ideal for personal and offers useful tools like content-unblocking functions, free trials, and refunds. With its OpenVPN protocol, one can enjoy lightning speed, great data security, and 100% customization capability.

This proxy service is many things, but it is not a streaming-friendly proxy, as it is supported only by YouTube. On this front, it is too far from many trusted VPN services.

Along with OpenVPN, there is the IKEv2 protocol as well. But, we don’t recommend using this protocol as active data encryption here is RSA + SHA256, which is not sound enough.


  • Free VPN with impressive speed
  • Great security and anonymity
  • 5 concurrent connections
  • Effective AES-256 encryption
  • VPN setting customization
  • Dedicated app for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux


  • Not enough proxy support
  • Clumpy interface
  • Lacks SmartDNS features
  • No obfuscated or P2P server

Key Features

  • OpenVPN protocol allows you to enjoy lightning speed with great data security.
  • The ‘Disable WebRTC’ feature is available for most browsers.
  • Supports five devices simultaneously and provides unlimited data transfer for Premium users.
  • Supports port forwarding
  • Dedicated application support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Plans and Pricing

  • The basic one starts at $8/month.
  • The 6-month subscription costs $4/month.
  • The 1-year subscription is offered at $3/month.
  • Pay only $2.5/month if you go for a 2-year plan and $2.4/month for a 3-year plan.
  • The 5-year subscription is the most pocket-friendly as it comes at $2/month.
  • Payment Modes: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney, and cryptocurrencies.
  • One subscription can work on 5 devices at a time.
  • Though there is a free trial, it’s almost negligible as you can enjoy it for only 24 hours.

RSocks logo by VPNWelt

RSocks is an excellent choice to make if you need a proxy server for mobile. It offers more than 3 million dedicated IP addresses and support for multiple payment methods. With this proxy provider, you can enjoy top-notch mobile, residential, and data center proxies offering unlimited bandwidth usage with this one option.

RSocks supports all the leading and modern-era protocols – be it SOCKS5 or HTTPS. Hence, you’re all set to enjoy the security of the highest grade with this choice.


  • Updated mobile IP list
  • Assorted proxies offered
  • Unlimited traffic
  • No-logs XMPP messaging server
  • Socks5 support
  • Supports up to 500 concurrent threads


  • Geo-targeting is not impressive
  • Supports only whitelist authentication

Key Features

  • The built-in support for HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 protocols makes it a secure tool.
  • A proxy checker lets you select shared proxies as per the need of the hour.
  • Its paid users can conduct 500 concurrent threads with all of its plans.
  • Offers inventive cross-platform proxy checker tool using which end-users to sort the shared proxies list.
  • Support bad proxy filtration.

Plan and Pricing

  • The pricing varies according to the proxy location. For instance, the average cost for a USA residential proxy is $30/day, $150/week, and $600 for a month.
  • You can also have theme-based proxies at an affordable cost.

Get the Best Deal on RSocks

IPRoyal logo by VPNWelt

Smooth performance, fantastic speed, and enough security measures are the words that we would use to introduce IPRoyal. It can help you gather stock market data, observe SERP statistics, and protect your brand. You can also choose from a variety of proxy and proxy server types. That is why the risks of getting banned are less.

Along with all the customary proxy types, IPRoyal provides sneaker proxies for sports lovers. One can make bulk purchases of discounted goods and products by curbing the restrictions. Its intelligent server locations are selected wisely. Its servers are located in the world’s top locations like Germany, China, the US, and the UK.

IP rotation is possible using an IPRoyal Proxy Server and is offered as a time-based feature. With its SOCKS5 proxy services, security is at its best. Also, HTTPS requests are backed by strong end-to-end encryption.


  • Can handle personal and professional requirements
  • Impressive global IP pool
  • Payment for proxy services can be made by Bitcoin
  • Feature-rich extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Proxy configuration support
  • Responsive live chat


  • Security features are limited in mobile proxies
  • No refund policy
  • Restricted resources for self-usage

Key Features

  • Dedicated 4G mobile proxies and IPv4/IPv6 subnets are offered.
  • The 4G mobile proxy services provide device-based residential IP for SEO optimization, web scrapping, and competitor research.
  • Customers can easily share the bandwidth with their peers with P2P.
  • Request caching is performed to save bandwidth and optimize the speed.

Plan and Pricing

  • Residential proxy: It only costs you $4.55/GB. There are no monthly plans.
  • Static Residential proxies: For 1 day, you have to pay $1.80 per proxy, $2.70 per proxy for 30 days, $2.55 per proxy for 60 days, and $2.40 per proxy for 90 days.
  • The cost of Datacenter proxies depends on the number of proxies purchased. You can get 5 proxies for $9, 50 proxies for $83, and 100 proxies at a monthly expense of $157. All the plans come with payment method flexibility, as you can pay using PayPal, Visa, Discover, Amex, and Bitcoins.
  • While the cost is probably the least of the other options, at only $1.00, there is no money-back guarantee or refund policy.

Get the Best Deal on IPRoyal

KProxy logo by VPNWelt

If you’re looking for the best proxy server for browsers, KProxy is the right choice. It gets integrated with browsers and keeps user information safe. As a free option among proxy servers, it does a great job supporting HTTPS protocol and imposes no limits on the speed. Around ten proxies assure you of 90% privacy and anonymity.

KProxy has been in the market since 2005 and is going strong with its unmatched features like an easy interface, dedicated browser extensions, and ten proxy access for free users. Both its paid and free users will get satisfying performance and great online anonymity.

The tool is famous in countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, Canada, and India. Its IP pool has more than 40 million entries.


  • Zero logging
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensions for Chrome and Firefox browser extension
  • Assorted proxy options
  • Portable browser extension of Windows


  • Very few subscription choices
  • No smart settings in the browser extensions

Key Features

  • One of the most distinctive features of this option is its ability to remain hidden in the proxy menu of the website you’re accessing. This prevents blocking.
  • Along with conventional browsers, it supports unconventional ones like Kiwi browsers as well.
  • Unlimited data & bandwidth, the ability to download at high speed, and no ad intrusion for paid users.
  • There is a free proxy for Android users.
  • Direct access to residential IP and a dedicated search engine, data center & residential proxies.
  • With equal traffic distribution, it manages to deliver optimized speed.

Plan and Pricing

  • Basic plan – $5 (Valid for 10 days)
  • Premium plan – $10 (Valid for 10 days)
  • VIP plan – 180 days of validity and costs only $30.
  • Every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPNBook logo by VPNWelt

VPNBook offers SSL encryption for web proxy services. It aids in secure and anonymous browsing by all means. On the speed front, it’s fast and blocks unwanted web page elements. Gladly, HTTP connections are supported.

There are very rare private dedicated proxies solving device compatibility issues, and VPNBook is one of them. It allows end-users to load websites using iFrames. The feature combines HTML and CSS, making the tool compatible with all screens.

VPNBook’s servers are in the UK, US, and Canada, so people from distant locations may see a degradation in performance.

Unlike other online proxies, VPNBook offers static IPs instead of dynamic IPs, and we all know that static IPs are less sensitive to random IP changes. While it’s in action, you can easily enjoy gaming, torrenting, streaming, and many other online activities. Recently, it offered a free proxy service and impressed us a little more.

Our major concern is VPNBook’s process of keeping the weblogs for a week. Logs are deleted automatically after 7 days, but for one week, your data is stored for sure. The other downside of this option is that it’s not competent enough for commercial purposes. Also, ads are supported by it.


  • Clean and transparent policy
  • Automatic blocking of ads by the proxy server
  • Supports PPTP, OpenVPN, and Shadowsocks protocols
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • PPTP support for multiple devices


  • Data logging happens, and certain other information remains stored for one week.
  • No app support
  • Using its proxy services may result in DNS leakage

Key Features

  • Dedicated IPs with unlimited browsing facilities to its users.
  • There is an online proxy browser that makes it easy to start.
  • Unmatched freedom is granted to end-users. For instance, they can pick the server of their choice and can also decide the location from the data center list.
  • Solid security as it offers WebRTC leak protection, automatic blocking of scripts, and a no-long policy.
  • PPTP and OpenVPN protocols are supported.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free of cost

Top Proxy IP Locations

Even though the proxy server can make you virtually present anywhere in the world, few locations are in demand, and more proxy IP addresses for those locations are required. For instance, US IP proxy addresses are more in demand because the US has the least possible internet restrictions.

The idea of ‘Internet Freedom’ was implemented the right way in the US. So, if you’re present in the US, you will have no one eyeing your online activities, and you will also have more streaming websites and online content to download or view.

After the US, Great Britain comes next. People want to have UK addresses to have uninstructed internet access.

Germany, Italy, France, and Canada are some of the most famous proxy IP locations that internet users want to use.

Top Proxy Locations

Paid Proxies vs. Free Proxies: Which Is Better?

Free proxies are tempting because we can get a service without paying a single penny. We won’t recommend using a free proxy because:

  • Free proxies don’t have an extensive server network that is required to have more geographic reach and unblock content of different regions and locations.
  • Due to the limited proxy server count, you will be confined to a few locations.
  • Speed is not that great with free proxies. Mostly, free proxy servers are distantly located, and connection establishment takes time. So, you will experience latency and buffering if the free proxy works at all.
  • Your data remains unsecured. Most free proxies use an HTTP connection that is not secured. Transmitting data over such an unsecured connection puts your data at tremendous risk.
  • You always have a risk of IP address exposure.
  • You will have more chances of being blocked as free proxy servers don’t offer an IP rotation feature.

However, if you are still interested in the free options available, we have prepared a list of free proxy servers that work fine.

VPNWelt Free Proxies List





IP address Port Country Speed Type Anonymity 9300 PL 500 ms SOCKS4, SOCKS5 high 1080 DE 580 ms SOCKS5 high 1080 DE 260 ms SOCKS5 high 30205 UK 320 ms SOCKS4, SOCKS5 high 1080 NL 580 ms SOCKS5 high 3128 FR 440 ms HTTPS high 1080 NL 580 ms SOCKS5 high 1080 NL 580 ms SOCKS5 high 1080 NL 400 ms SOCKS5 high 32498 MD 540 ms SOCKS4, SOCKS5 high 3128 NL 280 ms HTTPS high 31802 UK 300 ms SOCKS4, SOCKS5 high 3128 FR 340 ms HTTPS high 17171 CH 400 ms HTTPS high 80 USA 520 ms HTTP, HTTPS high 3128 FR 300 ms HTTPS high 3128 FR 300 ms HTTPS high 3128 USA 320 ms HTTPS high 3128 LT 300 ms HTTPS high 3128 KG 380 ms HTTPS high 80 UK 580 ms HTTPS high 8080 LT 200 ms HTTPS high 808 TR 480 ms HTTP, HTTPS high 9300 DE 360 ms SOCKS5 high 21129 DE 480 ms HTTPS high 17171 CH 400 ms HTTPS high 64527 CH 460 ms HTTPS high

With paid proxies, you’re all set to enjoy the following:

  • Reliable customer support
  • High-end security features
  • Latest updates
  • Location hiding and data protection

So, if you want to have ultimate peace of mind, it is better to go with a paid proxy service provider.

How Did We Test Proxy Server Services?

To provide you with accurate details and the proper guidance, we tested all the above options on factors that included:

  • Server network: We checked the server coverage offered by the under–review proxy providers and carefully examined the locations covered. It’s important to have extensive server coverage for any proxy to be the best or provide substantial service.
  • Security protocols used: Without proper security protocols, a proxy server won’t be able to guard the data you’re transferring while online. So, the team examined the security protocols and checked whether they were in place.
  • Features: As we were testing the proxies, we noted that all additional features like IP rotation, IP masking, unlimited connections, add-ons, and many more are offered. With more features comes more functionality.
  • Cost: Cost can’t be ignored while selecting a proxy to provide. The team checked the pricing, payment options, subscription offerings, free –trial period, and money-back guarantee aspects of all these proxy providers.
  • Customer support: Even if a proxy provider claims to be user-friendly, dedicated customer support is needed. For this analysis, we checked the availability and dependency of 67 proxy providers.

We have personally tested all these proxy servers and closely monitored their performance. The process was long and tiring, but you should stick to it to bring genuine results.

Proxy vs VPN – What Is Better?

Proxy vs VPN

As both the VPN and proxy servers help an end-user hide the real IP address and remain anonymous online, it’s obvious to consider both as the same. But they are not the same. Even with the best proxy provider, you won’t be able to encrypt URLs and enhance security as it’s not as strong as a VPN.

You won’t get an extra layer of security with proxy services. Traffic reaches your device without any protection or filtration. So, VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, win on this front. You enjoy the best encryption, multiple security protocols, and tools like a kill switch.

With all these facilities, better online security is promised. Along with hiding the actual IP address, VPN allows end-users to block ads & malware, lift the geo-restrictions on content, do secure P2P file transfer, and many other things. The IP leak protection that one gets with a VPN is outstanding.

If we do a close inspection, a VPN is a far better and wise choice, while internet users desire safe browsing.

What Qualities Do the Best Proxy Servers Possess?

Saying an option is the best choice takes many factors into consideration and properly assesses a few features. These markers can vary from price to the market reputation of the proxy. While you plan to pick the best proxy server providers, keep the below-mentioned points in mind, as the proxy market is flooded with options.

  • Market Reputation

The high market reputation of a proxy provider matters a lot as it’s a sign of its real-world utility. Whether it’s a free or a paid proxy, make sure the choice you’re making is respectable in the end-user market.

Services by reputable market players promise you better ROI, improved quality, amazing internet freedom, and unmatched user- freedom. Ad intrusion is less with such options. With such options, ultimate peace of mind is certain.

The best way to check what reputation a proxy holds in the real world is to be a member of proxy communities on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and social media platforms.

  • Usability

There is no point in having a proxy that is too complex to handle as, with these options, you won’t be able to make the most of them. Half of the time, you’ll be confused about where to start and how to implement it. Simple yet useful interfaces are the things to keep in mind while you expect to make a choice.

  • Location of the server

Those seeking better speed with a deployed proxy need to pay attention to the server’s locations. The tool has proxy servers spread worldwide to ensure one server is near your location. The speed with a remote server won’t be too good. Connecting to a nearby server ensures that the speed is good.

  • Data logging policy

Proxies keeping logs will do more harm than good as these logs can be accessed via a third party and leak crucial details like IP addresses and online activities. So, make sure the one you plan to try has a strict no-log policy. Read the policy terms & conditions before investing money. The information should be mentioned in clear language. No ambiguity is acceptable.

The first indicator of clear and straightforward privacy terms is the registration with no data retention law. If one option has managed to do that, then go with it blindly.

  • URL & Page Encryption facility

With top proxy servers, end users are allowed to encrypt a website URL or the whole page. Also, the encrypted URL remains hidden to maintain end-to-end user privacy. The page encryption works each time a page is sent to the internet and passes through a proxy. Before the page connects with the end-user, proxy make is passed through multiple filters.

Both URL and page encryption are great for enjoying improved security.

  • Disabling of Scripts & Objects

Proxy server products permitting their end users to disable the scripts and objects easily are indeed good options.

When present in abundance, scripts will lead to high page load time. Hence, end-users should be able to disable them as per the need of the hour and enjoy improved privacy and speed. However, this abrupt disabling can impact the website’s functionality. So, the best proxies are the ones that block scripts instantly.

A proxy services user will face the same sort of problem when objects are present. This is why an ideal proxy service also allows the need-based disabling of objects. Its presence will also lead to slow load time and end-user anonymity.

  • Cookie Management

Top proxy services provider knows that cookie management is essential for safe internet browsing. Websites and internet service providers to track the online activities of the end-users use cookies.

When cookies are handed over to untrusted resources, tons of hassles can be caused. So, make sure that the picked option allows effective cookie management without any hassle.

  • Cost charged

Of course, you need to pay attention to the price a paid proxy charges against its proxy services. To justify the cost, at least all the above-mentioned features should be offered by a proxy.

We have already mentioned above that free proxies are not considered worthy. Do quick market research and figure out what the average cost is. The option of following the industry standards while charging a competitive price is certainly to be picked up.

What Are the Use Cases of Proxy Servers?

Seeing the capabilities of proxy servers, we find multiple use cases of this tool. Whether you want to make the internet safe for personal usage or need to keep your business data safe, the proxy is here to help.

  • Private or personal use cases of proxies

As quoted above, proxies route the traffic before it reaches the end user. Thus, traffic routing is a great way to obfuscate online activities. As we know, online activity tracking, whether done by ISP Proxy or by the threat actor, is unsafe; individuals can use proxy to hide their online presence.

Along with hiding the real IPs, proxies will allow users to access the geo-restricted or blocked content, as the real location is not revealed to anyone. Streaming lovers, online gamers, and torrenting active users can use this tool to enjoy all these activities in full swing.

This type of proxy is widespread among school and college-goers. Many websites and platforms, including social media, can be banned on educational premises. However, today’s generation can’t live it out. Hence, they use a personal proxy service to access restricted websites and platforms. These proxies are easy to use and can handle only one or two users per subscription.

  • Business use cases of proxies

While proxies are making the internet safe and accessible to individuals, businesses of all sorts are using this tool in more extensive ways. For instance, an online store uses the proxy server to track the purchases per individual when limitations on certain items are imposed.

In some commercial ecosystems, high-end proxies handle crucial tasks like ad testing, tracking IP addresses, web scraping, and social media account management. Reverse proxies are a boon for organizations when they need to perk up the content caching between different servers. Load balancing is also possible with web-based proxies. They also enjoy better connection speed.

Using high anonymity or distorting proxy services, businesses can access blocked services to fetch crucial information.

In a nutshell, there is no limit to the right kind of proxy. You can do many things with the least possible hassles and enjoy seamless internet browsing and a secure online presence.

How Proxies Can Enhance the Network Security of Mobile Devices and Other Tools?

Mobile LTE proxy server architecture

With the best proxy server, one can easily add a highly secured encryption layer to the device used. It works like a web filter or firewall on the user’s device and keeps viruses and malware at bay. Breaking such a high-end and robust security layer is very tough for the threat actors.

Security is enhanced when a proxy server is used with secure web gateways and email security products. When coupled with these two resources, you can easily filter the traffic bit by bit.

There is no way that any malicious links or elements are reaching you. Here are some of the areas where enhanced network security, earned via a proxy server, is useful.

  • Safety of employee data and online activities
  • Balance internet traffic to keep the incidents of internet crashes on the lower side
  • Keep track of the websites that employees are accessing from business devices
  • Better bandwidth consumption as the files and traffic can be cached easily

The Final Say

With the best proxy server, one will have a good night’s sleep while having great online security. This one single tool will keep tons of online hazards at bay. But keep in mind that only very few proxy services offer their proxy server as free options, and they promise to try it. Paid proxy server service providers can be a bit pocket-pinching but will certainly do the job well.

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