10 Best Proxy Server Service Providers: Free and Paid – 2021 Review

If you have no idea what is proxy server is and what it does, then understand that it stands as a protection wall against you and the internet and keeps the various cyber world vulnerabilities at bay. It hides the actual IP address of the user and grants a new one. This way, it keeps crucial information hidden.

But, you can have ultimate peace of mind only when you have the best proxy server by your side. In this post, we’re going to talk about the top 10 players of this industry. So, don’t forget to refer to this post once you’re planning to get a proxy server.

What Are the Types of Proxies?

Based upon the offerings and modus operandi, proxy servers are of 12 types. As each type has distinct traits, knowing the key differences is essential. It will also help you understand what is a proxy server.

  • Forward Proxy

A forward proxy server sits between the clients and is mainly used to fetch data groups within an internal network. Upon connection request forwarding, a server will examine its quality and decide whether it should proceed further.

Connections needing single entry points are suitable for this type of proxy server. Facilities like IP security addresses and direct administration controls are offered in the forward proxy.

  • Transparent proxy

With this proxy, users are going to have an experience near using a private device.

They are a type of forced proxy as they become active without even customers’ knowledge. It works discreetly and is most suitable when the end-user should be kept in the dark about its working and presence.

  • Anonymous Proxy

Want to stay hidden in the online world? Use Anonymous proxy as 100% anonymity can be maintained with its help.

  • High Anonymity Proxy

As the name suggests, it takes anonymity at a higher level and erases the end-user information completely before connecting to the internet.

  • Distorting Proxy

This type of proxy acts as a proxy to a website while hiding its presence. While being in action, it changes the IP address and allots an incorrect one. Location hiding is possible with its help.

  • Data Center Proxy

Offered by the data center, this proxy exists physically and processes user information via it.

  • Residential Proxy

In this kind of proxy server, the end-user is granted a particular physical device, and every connection request is channeled via this device only. It’s suitable for end-users willing to confirm ads while visiting a particular website so that cookies, suspicious activities, and other bad actors can be blocked.

  • Public Proxy

Accessible free of cost, this proxy type is excellent for hiding IP addresses and users’ identities.

  • Shared Proxy

More than one user uses a shared proxy at a time and lets all of them browse the internet without sharing the location details.

  • SSL Proxy

With the help of this proxy server, high-end decryption can be placed between a client and the server. Data is encrypted at both ends. So, security is a higher grade.

  • Rotating Proxy

A rotating proxy allots different IP addresses to each user.

  • Reverse Proxy

This proxy sits in front of the webserver.

Here is a quick comparison of all these proxy server types:

Type of Proxy




  • Can handle single point of entry easily
  • Added IP address security

Limits the organization


Seamless user experience

  • Forced on end-use
  • More prone to specific attacks like DDoS


It makes online presence untraceable

Possibilities of inevitable pushback are always there.


Removes all the traces of user information

Free proxies of this sort are highly harmful and steal user information


Hides the location and confuses the internet about users’ location

Many websites block such sort of proxies.

Data Center 

Features quick response time and cost-effectiveness.

Anonymity is not of a higher grade.


Highly safe 

Expenses involved are on the higher side.


Offered to anyone

Has certain security risks


Reduced operational cost

It gets easily banned by websites


Data is highly encrypted and remains out of harm’s way

Because of added security, performance slows down.


Continual web scraping

Certain risks of data exposure.


Easily manage incoming requests

Exposes HTTP server

Paid Proxies vs. Free Proxies: Which is better?

Nothing comes free, including free proxy servers. If you’re getting a free proxy server, then you might have to pay the price with your data security and privacy. Free proxies do not come packed with enough security encryption and protocols. Because of this, data leaks happen.

They even expose user location. With paid proxies, you’re all set to enjoy:

  • Reliable customer support
  • High-end security features
  • Latest updates
  • Location hiding and data protection.

So, if you want to have ultimate peace of mind, better to go with a paid proxy service provider.

Top 10 Best Proxy Service Providers: Free and Paid Ones – The Complete List

If you need online safety, using the best proxy service provider is the best step to take. Next, we’re going to tell you the top 10 choices to make.

#1 – Smartproxy


Our first choice is Smartproxy. It’s a paid proxy service offering data center and residential proxies. Not only that but, you can also opt for mobile IPs.

The Smartproxy dashboard features an extensive server list, and end-users are allowed to pick any. It houses more than 40 million IP addresses, which is a whopping number. The super functional API and vast data center network make it a winner on multiple fronts.


  • Powerful browser extension
  • Dedicated mobile IP
  • Supports unlimited threads.


  • Imposes traffic limits
  • Geo-targeting is not impressive.

#2 – Luminati (Now Called ‘Bright Data’)


If you’re trying to get a best-paid proxy to serve for business purposes, then place your bet on Luminati (Bright Data). It offers 72 million IP addresses, optimized bandwidth, IP rotation setting rules, and easy integration with macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Its residential proxies work fine with HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 protocols. All in all, it will be able to conduct your operations with full diligence and security with this paid proxy server.


  • Assorted IPs
  • Free trial and proxy manager facilities
  • Pre-specified targeting option.


  • Customers have to deposit a $20 minimum before using its services.

#3 – OxyLabs


With over 70 million IP addresses and worldwide coverage, OxyLabs is going to win your heart for sure. Its worldwide coverage ensures that you get professional service no matter where you’re; you have a shield. Facilities like static non-rotating residential proxies, support for SOCKS5 protocol, and a proxy rotator add-on makes it hard to ignore.


  • Extensive IP pool
  • Multiple security protocols
  • In-built web scraping tool
  • Tiered plan for full flexibility.


  • Shady customer support
  • Absence of mobile IP.

#4- Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

Your hunt for a cost-effective and best proxy service ends at Proxy Seller. Even though it’s new in the market, it performs impressively, featuring SOCKS proxies IPv4 and IPv6 proxies.

Proxy Seller offers a 1-week package and a 100% plan customization. It has global coverage and offers proxies with subnets. Speaking of ease of use, bringing it into action is a child’s job. Customer support is enough to handle your queries.


  • Multiple payment options
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Smaller server network
  • No free trial.

#5- Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy

For the love of streaming, Smart DNS Proxy is here. It can unblock content effectively and keep the private data secure. It works perfectly fine on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Complete online anonymity and web security facilities are offered.

You may access the geo-restricted content on more than 300 streaming platforms at more than 30 locations with its help. The 14-days free trial is a cherry on the cake.


  • Smart DNS service
  • Supports five devices simultaneously
  • Included VPN.


  • Random speed dip.

#6- HideMy.name


It is one of the most reliable free proxy servers present in the market. It’s ideal for personal and offers useful tools like content-unblocking functions, free trials, and refunds.


  • Free VPN with impressive speed
  • Great security and anonymity.


  • Not enough proxy support.

#7- RSocks


RSocks is an excellent choice to make if you need a proxy server for mobile. It offers more than 3 million dedicated IP addresses and support for multiple payment methods. The in-built support for HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5 protocols makes it a secure tool to use.

A proxy checker lets you select shared proxies as per the need of the hour.


  • Updated mobile IP list
  • Assorted proxies offered
  • Unlimited traffic.


  • Geo-targeting is not impressive.

#8- IPRoyal


Smooth performance, fantastic speed, and enough security measures are the words that we would use to introduce IPRoyal. It can help you gather stock market data, observe SERP statistics, and brand protection. You can also choose from a variety of proxy types. It is why the risks of getting banned are less. Dedicated 4G mobile proxies and IPv4/IPv6 subnets make it more lucrative.


  • Can handle personal and professional requirements with the same ease.
  • Impressive global IP pool.


  • Security features are limited in mobile proxies.

#9 – KProxy.com


If you’re looking for the best proxy server for browsers, KProxy is the right choice. It gets integrated with browsers and keeps user information safe. 

As a free proxy server, it does a great job supporting HTTPS protocol and imposes no limits on the speed. Around ten proxy servers are assuring you for 90% privacy and anonymity.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensions for Chrome and Firefox
  • Assorted proxy options.


  • Very few subscription choices.

#10- VPNBook


Lastly, our suggestion is VPNBook that offers SSL encryption for web proxy services. It aids in secure and anonymous browsing by all means. Its servers are in the UK, US, and Canada. On the speed front, it’s fast and blocks unwanted web page elements. Gladly, HTTP connections are supported.

There is one thing that bugs us a lot. It is VPNBook’s process of keeping the weblogs for a week. Post that, logs are deleted automatically. But, for one week, your data is stored for sure.


  • Clean and transparent policy
  • Automatic blocking of ads.


  • Data logging happens, and its information remains stored for one week.

How Did We Test Proxy Server Services?

To provide you with accurate details and the proper guidance, we tested all the above proxy servers on factors like server network, security protocols used, features, cost, and customer support. We have personally tested all these proxy servers and closely monitored their performance. The process was long and tiring, but you should stick to it to bring genuine results.

What is the Future of Proxy Server Services?

Seeing the increased cybercrimes and the ability of proxy servers to keep them under control, we can say that proxy services have a bright future. In the future, proxy servers will be laced with AI and ML to enhance security levels and easily access geo-block content. In social media, content-control software uses proxy servers to gain control over posted content.

The Final Say

With the best proxy server, one will have a good night’s sleep while having great online security. This one single tool will keep tons of online hazards at bay. But, keep in mind that only very few proxy server free options are promising to give a try. Paid proxy server service providers can be a bit pocket-pinching but will certainly do the job well.

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