Best VPN for WhatsApp – What, Why, and How

With 2 million monthly active users, WhatsApp has the crown of the world’s lead chat application. People use this application worldwide to connect with their loved ones and friends.

The app allows you to share media, videos, and text with everyone without charging a single penny. However, this chat app is not accessible to everyone. Countries like Cuba, China, Syria, Qatar, North Korea, UAE, and many more are not allowing this chat app.

You will have difficulty accessing this fantastic app if you belong to these countries. It’s where a WhatsApp VPN comes to the rescue. This one tool offers assistance from multiple directions.

Unblock other apps and social media with the following articles:

Why Do You Need a VPN for WhatsApp?

First thing first: let’s find out why one should use a VPN for WhatsApp.

Well, WhatsApp is a pleasant app by all means possible. Still, there are some loopholes and issues that need to be fixed if you need to enjoy a better WhatsApp experience.

WhatsApp geo-restrictions - a Twitter comment

WhatsApp VPN Is of Great Help When

  • WhatsApp is not accessible in your country

As mentioned previously, countries like China (VPN China), Syria, North Korea, and many more don’t allow WhatsApp. It’s not even available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

But what if you still want to access WhatsApp? That’s where a WhatsApp VPN will help you unblock the geo-restrictions. With the best WhatsApp VPN, you can get rid of WhatsApp geo-restriction as you can get the IP address of a location where WhatsApp is permitted.

For instance, WhatsApp VPN helps you connect with a US server from China. It implies WhatsApp will no longer be restricted, as you’re now virtually present in the US. WhatsApp will be available for you.

  • Make voice calls and send voice messages easily

In many regions, WhatsApp users will have a tough time making voice calls and sharing voice messages. The VoIP feature is not available in many countries. If you want to access VoIP features, use a WhatsApp VPN to unblock VoIP restrictions.

  • Protect Online Presence

If you’re trying to access WhatsApp in blocked regions, you must ensure that you’re not caught red-handed and that your online presence is entirely private.

A premium virtual private network makes it possible and safeguards your online identity. With the right VPN, you can hide your actual IP address and be physically present elsewhere.

  • Add more encryption

We understand that WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption to every chat. The encryption is already very powerful. However, this encryption is insufficient in regions where conversations are recorded and monitored. A quality VPN helps WhatsApp users double the encryption power in such places, making it hard to decode the chat.

This Redditor describes Whatsapp VPN’s advantages:

Whatsapp VPN’s advantages - a Reddit comment

Best 5 WhatsApp to Try

We hope you’re already convinced that a WhatsApp VPN is indeed a great tool to own while you aim to streamline your entire WhatsApp experience. What’s next? Well, your next step is to pick a viable WhatsApp VPN that can fix the issues quickly and provide you with the best assistance.

We tested multiple VPNs and found these five are worthy of your trust:

Quick Overview of Top 5 WhatsApp VPN

privadovpn pic

  • ExpressVPNFast and stable connections, the power of Double VPN, highly encrypted tunnel, apps for leading devices, and robust DNS and IP leak protection.
  • Privado VPNPresence in 44 countries, reliable automatic Kill switch, money-back guarantee, and free trial.
  • NordVPNWide range of security features and protocols, quick setup, dedicated VPN apps for leading devices, and a responsive customer care team.
  • SurfsharkProtection against WebRTC, DNS, and IPv6 leaks, decent server network, robust encryption, obfuscated servers, and no-log policy.
  • CyberGhost Offering the best money-back guarantee, vast server network, 256-bit AES encryption, and user-friendly interface.

After having a quick introduction to our best picks, it’s time to get to know them better. So, let’s get started.

#1 – ExpressVPN

expressvpn logo clear

This is not the first time we have told you ExpressVPN is worthy of your trust and time. We have said it before and will say it again because that’s what the truth is. Everything about it, encryption, security, apps, server, IP address, obfuscation server, and so on, is perfect and at par.

The VPN offers a dedicated app for almost every device. So, whether you’re using WhatsApp on your mobile phone or tablet, ExpressVPN will help you download and access WhatsApp easily. Every app is plug-and-play software and won’t require a heavy and time-consuming setup.

Wait! Here is more to add. You need a money-back guarantee and a free trial with every subscription. Your money is in a safe hand. What else do you need? The quick resolution, right? In this case, ExpressVPN also doesn’t disappoint, as it has a dedicated team to help you out.

Features we loved the most

  • Hard disk-free infrastructure
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • Split tunneling
  • No mandatory data retention laws

Features that have a scope for improvement

  • High subscription cost
  • Connection drop with distant servers

Get the Best Deal on ExpressVPN

#2 – Privado VPN

privadovpn logo

Privado VPN will help you make WhatsApp calls from any part of the world. It can easily unblock the VoIP feature of WhatsApp. For this, you just need to download this VPN and connect to the server of a country where the WhatsApp VoIP feature is available. The rest will be taken care of by Privado VPN.

The VPN has an encrypted tunnel that will hide your actual IP address and help you unblock WhatsApp. It works on Windows (VPN Windows), iOS (VPN iPhone), and Android devices (Android VPN) without any glitches. Try it out today and share your experience with us.

Features we loved the most

  • Easy setup
  • Free version with 10 gigabytes of data
  • Paypal integration

Features that have a scope for improvement

  • A limited server network
  • No torrent support

Get the Best Deal on PrivadoVPN

#3 – NordVPN

nordvpn logo

Fully encrypted internet traffic, unblocked WhatsApp calls from any location, direct access to streaming services, highly secured foreign VPN servers, and a responsive customer care team are the facilities that you will enjoy once you choose NordVPN.

It is indeed one of the most reliable VPNs for WhatsApp that one can trust blindly. We can declare this because this VPN unblocks VPN legally and causes zero troubles. The tool is easy to use and offers detected app support for almost every possible device.

Features we loved the most

  • Double VPN or Tor over VPN
  • Own DNS servers
  • Secure access to a wide range of geo-blocked sites

Features that have a scope for improvement

  • Connection to longer-distance servers

Get the Best Deal on NordVPN

#4 – Surfshark

Surfshark VPN Logo

Surfshark is a premium WhatsApp VPN offering unmatched facilities like unlimited simultaneous connections, a kill switch, WhatsApp calling from any location, protection against DNS leaks, and many more.

Your online presence is not compromised as you use Surfshark VPN because it uses the best military-grade encryption and doesn’t keep any activity logs. It even protects your internet traffic from IP and DNS leaks. As far as streaming services are concerned, it allows you to unblock Netflix, Hulu (VPN Hulu), BBC iPlayer, and many more.

Moreover, it offers dedicated apps for Windows, macOS (Mac VPN), iOS, Android, Linux (Linux VPN), router, and Fire TV. It comes with MultiHop and Whitelister features that are the best of the breed.

Features we loved the most

  • Wondering which VPN works in Dubai for Whatsapp? Surfshark’s dedicated servers in UAE and China make WhatsApp calls unblocking easy.
  • Stringent security and privacy policy

Features that have a scope for improvement

  • Distant servers are slow and sluggish

Get the Best Deal on Surfshark

#5 – CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN logo

Last but not least, we have CyberGhost to recommend to you. It is a highly user-friendly WhatsApp for VPN that has zero logging. As its server network is vast, it’s perfect for unblocking WhatsApp calls and accessing streaming services. It even has dedicated servers for gaming, streaming (VPN streaming), and torrenting (VPN torrenting).

Unblocking WhatsApp won’t be an issue when you use such optimized servers. As far as speed is concerned, it’s laudable as you get an average speed of 75.47 Mbps, which is excellent.

Features we loved the most

  • Benchmark protocols
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Automatic kill switch
  • DNS leak protection

Features that have a scope for improvement

  • Payment options are limited
  • There is no Double VPN feature

Get the Best Deal on CyberGhost

Need to know more about these VPNs? This table will help you for sure. 







Our Ranking 












Streaming Optimized Servers 






Countries Served






Leak Protection

IP, IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection

IP and DNS leak

WebRTC, IPv6, IP, and DNA leak

WebRTC, IP, DNS, and IPv6 leak

IP, WebRTC, and DNS leak

Log Keeping






Obfuscated Servers






Free Trial






Encryption Used

4096-bit CA, AES-256-CBC encryption, and TLSv1.2

256-bit encryption.

AES with 256-bit keys

AES-256 GCM encryption.

AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA256 for authentication

Simultaneous Connections






I Am not Able to Unblock WhatsApp Using WhatsApp VPN. What to Do?

If you’re connected to WhatsApp VPN and still not able to unblock WhatsApp, there could be 3 things happening. The first common thing is that the ISP that you have blocked your IP address after realizing you’re using a VPN.

If your VPN cannot prevent a DNS request leak, you won’t be able to unblock WhatsApp. DNS or Domain Name System refers to a domain with a server IP address. It’s the DNS request that will help find the IP address of a website.

When a DNS leak happens, the DNS request fails to reach the DNS server. Hence, your request doesn’t yield any output or response. So, you won’t be able to unblock WhatsApp.

Lastly, the reason for your failed WhatsApp unblocked efforts could be that your ISP prevented the traffic from passing through the WhatsApp-recommended ports. If you’re not using a VPN with a port-forwarding feature, you can fail to unblock WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Is Banned: In Which Countries and Why?

Let’s learn more about the countries enforcing a ban on WhatsApp and the reason behind the ban.

  • China – China is a country that is best known for snatching away the internet freedom of its citizens. China completely hates the end-to-end encryption that other countries love about WhatsApp. It makes it impossible to track the communication people are doing. Hence, the county banned this leading chatting app.

WhatsApp in China - a Reddit comment

WhatsApp is one of many preys of the so-called censorship policy of China. It also blocks leading platforms like YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • North Korea – Despite the government’s strict control over encrypted communication, the people’s desire for freedom of speech remains strong. WhatsApp, a tool for encrypted communication, is banned in this country.
  • Syria – Syria faces severe political disruptions and doesn’t want the opposition and other nations to take advantage of its situation. Hence, it controls rumor-spread by banning WhatsApp.
  • Qatar – WhatsApp faces a partial ban as only its VoIP features are disabled. Citizens are not able to make calls or leave voice messages on WhatsApp. Regular texting is permitted.
  • United Arab Emirates – WhatsApp is blocked partially here, as the VoIP facility is inactive.

If you belong to any of these countries or are visiting for any purpose, we recommend using a VPN for WhatsApp so that these restrictions don’t stop you from using WhatsApp’s full capacity. So, download VPN for WhatsApp today and enjoy full access to WhatsApp.

How to Use VPN for WhatsApp Calls?

If you want to use the VoIP facility of WhatsApp, you must use a VPN to unblock this feature. Select one from the list mentioned above and start unblocking this facility.

The great thing is that the job isn’t tedious or daunting. You will have a fully functional WhatsApp VPN in a few simple steps. Here are those steps:

nordvpn devices

Step #1 – Get the VPN of your choice; we strongly recommend using NordVPN, as it has obfuscated servers, a vast server network, and strong encryption.

Step #2 – Activate the VPN subscription by paying the subscription cost and installing the respective VPN software. NordVPN offers VPN apps for leading OS like iOS, Android, Windows, and many more. You can also get its router app and protect the entire WiFi connectivity of the premises.

Step #3 – Once the VPN app installation is complete, connect to a server from a country where WhatsApp is available. Nations like the US, Canada, and the UK make a perfect choice here.

Step #4 – After successful VPN server connectivity, we suggest you open WhatsApp as usual.

That’s it! Unblocking WhatsApp VoIP services is as easy as clapping if you have the aid of the best WhatsApp for VPN. The process is simple and doesn’t expect you to be a tech whiz. If any hassles are faced, NordVPN has a responsive customer support team to help you out.


WhatsApp is a free messaging app; we deserve to use its features and facilities. However, certain countries like China and North Korea don’t like the idea of free speech and have banned WhatsApp messaging apps.

In some areas, VoIP services are banned. Is this ban justified? No. But still, as an end-user, you can’t do much about the ban except use a VPN to eliminate geo-restrictions without breaking the law.

Yes, that’s the power of a feature-rich VPN for WhatsApp. It allows you to change the WhatsApp location and access every WhatsApp feature quickly. In the post, we discussed some of the most premium WhatsApp VPNs so that you don’t have to work hard. Pick one from the list and try it out today to unblock WhatsApp calls.

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WhatsApp not working with a VPN? Here's how to fix it.

Sometimes, even after using premium quality WhatsApp VPN, things won’t come out as they should. WhatsApp VPN often doesn’t work. Well, this is what’s happening with you; the reasons could be:

  • Saved cookies and cache might be leaking the exact location details;
  • Use of blacklisted VPN that will provide shared or blocked IP addresses;
  • No obfuscated servers that make VPN detection easier than ever;
  • The current VPN app and WhatsApp version are outdated.

Because of all these issues, your WhatsApp VPN will fail to work, and you will have no assistance to enjoy. But these issues are tough to fix. All you need to do is to try these resolutions.

  • Always use a VPN offering obfuscated servers and ensure its servers are auto-enabled.
  • Prevent cache from building up. Delete cookies and cache on time.
  • Make sure both the WhatsApp and VPN app versions are continually updated.
  • If the VPN app is not responding correctly, try to delete and reinstall it.
  • If nothing worked, try to contact customer support of your VPN and discuss the issue with the team.
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