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The VPN marketplace is overcrowded, and it’s very confusing for first-time buyers. After all, each VPN service provider tries its best to promote its services in the digital landscape.

Let us help you understand what works best for you.

With the help of prospective VPN buyers, we put dozens of VPN service providers under our radar and have compared their offerings on multiple fronts like price, features, and security. Our thorough assessment will help you make a wise decision.

We have penned down various articles, including a detailed comparison of leading market players for this purpose. Read them well and find what you need. We will make sure that you invest your money in the right service.

VPN Comparison

VPNs help you hide your IP, get easy access to content irrespective of your location, and ensure encrypted communication to enable the highest level of privacy for you. However, not every VPN is safe. Also, one VPN could be good for one purpose and worse for another. So, read these VPN comparisons and make the best choice for your requirements. We have run all VPNs through various tests and gained first-hand experience to come up with real VPN reviews and comparisons that help our readers.

Best in the world

VPN service providers may promise the best-of-world facilities for their users, but who knows if they are not lying? If you want to gain access to the best VPN features for browsing, streaming, gaming, or other purposes, you will have to spend a lot of effort researching the available options and trying the suitable ones. Or, maybe not! VPNwelt enlists the top VPN services for various platforms, requirements, regions, and purposes after thoroughly testing each option. So, just read our articles and gain enough insights to make a decision that you won’t regret.


Paid VPNs, free VPNs, best VPNs for torrenting, best VPNs for streaming, top VPNs for gaming, top VPNs for browsing – You may have several such lists, but what’s good in it if it doesn’t work for your geographical location? Looking for country or region-wise lists of best VPNs, torrents, and web security options that work like a charm for your place is better. We have got it sorted for you. Here, we post country-wise best options for enhancing your privacy and security without worrying or fearing. So, read our articles and save your time while making the right choice.


You put a lot of effort into finding the best VPN, but it doesn’t work for your device when you get started. We can feel the anguish, which is why we suggest the top platforms for your requirement, device, browser, and so on in our column. Whether you are looking for the best Linux VPNs or the top VPNs for your iPhone, you will find enough information in our VPN articles about your top options. Instead of setting down for a mediocre or unsafe VPN in the scarcity of VPNs that suit your needs, take our advice and have a seamless experience.

By Service

VPNs ensure encryption, security, privacy, anonymity, and everything that can help you stay safe in the cyber world, but not all VPNs are perfect for all your needs. For example, experts at VPNwelt will suggest separate top VPNs for people trying to bypass geo-restrictions and people willing to use them for torrenting. Top VPN for P2P connection will be different from top gaming VPN. The best VPN for socializing need not be suitable for e-shopping. Our team spends hours testing each VPN against multiple standards and parameters to determine which VPN is the best for which service. So, read these articles and find the best VPNs by service here.


All we want is a hassle-free streaming experience while watching matches, our favorite web series, movies, entertainment shows, and so on. But in our hearts, we know it is one of the toughest things to achieve without the right VPN. When you are trying to access geo-restricted content, it is next to impossible. Not anymore! We have researched well to put the top Streaming VPNs for various platforms and regions in one place to help our readers out. With our VPN listings and reviews, you can enjoy streaming services the way you want.


VPNs for gaming must ensure low latency, ultra-high speed, excellent graphics streaming, secure connection, encrypted communication, and lag prevention. It should be efficient against ISP throttling and have a no-log policy. Above all, it should be cost-convenient if not free. Finding such a VPN used to be tough, but not when our hard-working experts are here to help you pick the one. See the lists, reviews, comparisons, and details related to the top free and paid VPNs for gaming that suit your needs so that you can enjoy your favorite games without interruption.


Is TikTok banned in your country, or is Facebook not working? Is a tweet restricted for your region, or is the Reddit post not visible? Such questions may touch the sensitive nerve of yours, but we are happy to announce that VPNwelt can help you in this. Geographical restrictions of social media giants can be bypassed with the best VPNs easily. Also, using a VPN for socializing in the online world can ensure great privacy and security for you. Thinking which VPNs are right for you in this regard? Read our articles in the Social VPN category and find out.