How To Block YouTube Ads on Android – Learn The Best Ways

We all love YouTube as it’s the ultimate way to get entertained, learn new things, listen to music, and everything else. But what irks you the most about using YouTube? Is it the annoying ads that keep on keeping one after another? If your answer is a ‘Yes,’ don’t worry.

You’re not alone. Almost every YouTube user is sick of seeing annoying ads, especially if you’re watching long videos.

YouTube Ads on Android - Google review

We understand that ads help Google and YouTube to generate revenue. But it’s now crossing the limit. If you’re an early YouTube user, you must be missing the old YouTube where ads were zero or only one during the entire video. We can’t bring back that bygone era. But we can certainly help you learn ‘how to block YouTube ads on android.’ Yes, you can do it for sure.

All you need is the right guidance and the best ways to make it happen. Both these things you will get in this post.

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Why Bother About YouTube Ads Android?

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Before we go into details about ‘how to block YouTube ads on Android phones,’ let’s learn ways we should be concerned about YouTube ads.

Well, the first reason is the disturbance. Who wants to see a man selling a toothpaste pop-up from nowhere when you’re about to climax with your favorite video? No one. Ads ruin the excitement, thrill, or suspense that the video has built up. It breaks the flow, which is not good.

If you’re using YouTube on mobile and have a limited data pack, ads are not something that should consume a single KB from your pack. It all should go into useful stuff.

The recent campaign of YouTube ‘Right To Monetize’ is a good thing for the platform because it has got more revenue opportunities. But, for viewers, it’s a headache as content creators on YouTube now allow ads beyond limits. Users on Reddit (the best Reddit VPNs), Quora, and Twitter complain about the notorious ads.

Some even have claimed to watch a 1-minute ad in a 2-minute long video. It’s a sheer waste of time, which is worth utilizing wisely. Ads can now be skipped, but in a few cases, that has made things worse than ever. It’s high time that you should learn about ‘how to block YouTube ads on Android’.

Why Bother About YouTube Ads Android - Google review

'how to block YouTube ads on Android' - Quora review

Needless to say, ads are a favorite weapon for bad actors. They use them to steal data, ask for donations, install a virus/malware, redirect you to dangerous sites, and do much other ill-intent stuff. With cybercrime growing in numbers each day, it’s not wise to entertain any ad.

How To Block Ads On YouTube in Android – The Total Adblock Way

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Download the Total AdBlock or any similar app from Google Play. The app is free to use and doesn’t require tedious installation. Complete the set-up process and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • To play a video without ads, click the ‘share’ button, present under the video.
  • Select Total Adblock as your option.
  • YouTube video streaming will begin without any ads.

Try Toral AdBlock here

I highly recommend you use this method as it has proved itself. But let’s have a look at all the best methods I listed for you below.

5 Best Ways To Stop YouTube Ads On Android

Let’s come to the point. We have the 5 best ways to get rid of YouTube ad annoyance.

#1 – Go for YouTube Premium

We guess YouTube has also realized that its free version is filled with ads. This is why it’s launched the Premium version that claims to proffer an ad-free experience. Every time you open the app and the first notification you will receive is ‘ Try YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. The Premium subscription is offered with a 3-month free trial.

YouTube was an open-source platform initially and will remain so for many users as they don’t want to pay for this service. This is why only a handful of people have subscribed to the Premium plan.  Some even find the too-many ads as a strategy to promote the Premium plan.

Go for YouTube Premium - Google review


  • Easy way to block ads as no installation or set-up is required
  • Will provide extra features and facilities
  • One subscription works on both the Android app and TV


  • You need to spend money to watch YouTube videos

#2 – Play with the URL a little bit

One way to get rid of YouTube ads without spending a single penny is using a trick that involves adding a character to the URL of the video and then playing it. It’s easy. All you need to do is add a period just after the “.com” section of the URL. Many techies swear by this trick. But it seems Google has become smarter and has patched this.


  • Effortless way to block YouTube ads
  • Works on browsers, mobile phones, and other devices


  • It’s not sure that you will taste success with each try. At times, this trick won’t work

#3 – Use a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a potent cybersecurity tool. An intermediary sits between the user and the website server and encrypts the incoming and outgoing traffic. Along with traffic encryption, it’s useful to block YouTube and various kinds of ads as well. As the VPN filters the traffic and then forwards it to the end-users, it will block ads beforehand.

However, not every VPN is capable of doing so. Only the best VPNs with in-build ad-blocking facilities will make it happen. If you are wondering ‘how to block YouTube ads on an Android phone’ try VPN that offers a dedicated Android app. Most of the leading VPNs have this app support.


  • Best way to encrypt traffic
  • Dedicated apps for almost every platform and OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • No heavy installation


  • Some VPNs may not offer ad blocking facilities.
  • It’s a costly choice to make. As its key focus is on improving the security of the end-user, many features are offered. Hence, it comes at a high cost.

#4 – Have the help of the best ad blocker

Honestly speaking, using an ad blocker is the best way to eliminate those annoying YouTube ads. This tool is made for this job only. Hence, the best results ought to be delivered. Ad blocker is a skillfully designed software that, when installed or set up completely, is capable of blocking not YouTube ads but also many other ads that will receive while being online.

The ad-blocking technology of this software generally remains so strong that it can even spot spam or ill-intended ads. Yes, ads are not only annoying but also very dangerous as hackers use them to lure you into cyber-attack.

Some ads might feature malicious links or viruses that will become automatically active once the ads start playing. You won’t notice, but you will silently fall into the trap as the hacker can steal data or track your online activities with the help of that installed malicious code or virus.

Ad blocker is a great way to keep this nuisance at bay. It even stops marketers from keeping an eye on you. So, if you’re a privacy –fanatic, then an ad blocker is what you need to protect it. You can get it as a browser extension or as a dedicated app. Either way, a cutting–edge ad blocker will help you to endow distraction-free and secured access to YouTube.

ad blocker + YouTube - Reddit comment

But, the key here is using only the quality ad blocker. Poor-quality ad blockers are more of a pain than relief as they often steal your data and make way for corrupted links. So, you should go with a verified ad blocker. You can learn more about the best ad blockers here.

AdBlocker is worth a try. It’s a highly advanced ad blocker that offers in-built ad blocking, real-time notification when an ad features ill content, in-browser support, and the ability to block videos, pop-ups, banners, and various kinds of ads. Having it by your side means 100% assurance of easy, secure, and ad-free access to YouTube.

adblocker for YouTube - Reddit review


  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility with all the leading devices
  • Stops malware
  • Customization is possible


#5 – Use an ad-blocking browser

While an ad blocker is the best way to keep YouTube ads at bay, we will still suggest one more option, and it’s using an ad-free browser.

Many browsers come with in-built ad-blocking capabilities. Such browsers will redirect the incoming traffic first on their servers and will filter it to remove the ads. You can try browsers like Brave, AVG, and TOR to block YouTube ads. But you need to understand that you must use YouTube in the browser only if you’re adopting this option.


  • Freeway to block YouTube ads


  • It will not work on the YouTube app

Which Ad Blocker is the Best of All?

Total AdBlock is worth a try. It’s a highly advanced ad blocker that offers in-built ad blocking, in-browser support, and a better browsing experience. The tool comes with the ability to block videos, pop-ups, banners, and various kinds of ads.

Total AdBlock is really good when it comes to Youtube. Not just the premium users but even the free extension users love it very much. Having it by your side means 100% assurance of easy, secure, and ad-free access to YouTube.

Total Adblock Youtube adblocking


  • Easy installation
  • Compatibility with all the leading devices
  • You can use the available extensions for free
  • Has iOS as well as Android app
  • Stops malware
  • Customization is possible


  • If you keep using the free version for a long, you may start seeing a few ads.

Say Goodbye To YouTube Ads

Let’s admit it. YouTube ads are not pleasant anymore, and we all want to figure out how to block ads on Youtube Android. They are annoying, distracting, and dangerous at times. If you’re not learning to get rid of them, you’ll get in huge trouble sooner or later. ‘How to block ads on YouTube app Android’ is no longer a mystery, as the post suggested the best possible ways to make it happen.

While each way works best in its sense, our vote goes to using an ad blocker, as it’s the specialty of this task. AdBlocker is worth a try as it comes with a dedicated browser extension and Android apps. Use it to keep all sorts of ads at bay. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it, we promise.

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