Bright Data Review – Finding out the Real Viability of This Proxy Service Provider

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Bright Data is not an unfamiliar name for those using proxy servers and proxy IP addresses. Founded in 2014, Bright Data is famous for its wide range of IP addresses and extensive server coverage. It was formerly known as Luminati Networks.

Over the years, Bright Data managed to cater to a wide range of requirements and needs with its four varieties of proxies. At present, the proxy service provider is best known for its user-friendliness, interactive dashboard, and 99% uptime.

Claims are solid, but we must cross-check them before trusting them. That’s why we’re presenting you with this detailed Bright Data review.

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Bright Data Statistics to Know

  1. Customer Databases – 15,000 +
  2. Proxy Servers – 3,000+
  3. Granted Patent – 3,300+
  4. Compliance Achieved – GDPR and CCPA
  5. Uptime – 99.99%
  6. Partnered Originations – 600+
  7. Language Supported – English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese
  8. Free Trial – 7-days
  9. Bright Data Support for Customers – 24*7
  10. Proxy Type – Datacenter, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies
  11. Products – Datasets, Proxy Manager, Proxy API, SERP API, Web Scraper IDE, Proxy Browser Extension, and Web Unlocker

Bright Data Overview

Bright Data - Proxies and Scraping Infra

Bright Data is one of the most reliable proxy providers that people can use to access a vast proxy IP address pool at an affordable price. The service provider offers over 700,000+ proxy databases. It does so through the 3,000+ subnets located at the country and city levels.

Other than proxy solutions, you also get to enjoy advanced tools like Web Unlocker, SERP API, Proxy Manager, and Proxy Browser Extensions that people can use to encrypt the IP address, diligent routing, and scrape the web according to the need of the hour.

Proxy Types

As mentioned above, there are 4 proxies that you can enjoy with Bright Data proxy provider. Let’s find out how good these proxies are.

Residential Proxies

Bright Data provides one of the best and most real-time residential proxy networks that people can use to get rid of geo-restrictions and access blocked streaming services such as Amazon Prime and many more. With nearly 99.99 uptime, residential proxies of Bright Data are highly stable and can be used from anywhere.

As the residential proxy network of Bright Data features over 72 million IP addresses, there is no way that you won’t be able to have a proxy of your choice. We loved the fact that these IPs are 1005 ethically sourced. Hence, there is no fear of being blocked.

You can send unlimited concurrent requests, target websites according to the Zip Codes, and use these proxies in 195 countries.

Bright Data - Residential Proxies

As far as the performance of residential proxies is concerned, you have nothing to worry about as they come with next-gen proprietary technology support, can manage the proxy network with inventive Proxy Manager, and enjoy the GDPR and CCPA privacy compliance operations.

Datacenter Proxies

The datacenter proxy network of Bright Data is famous for its high-quality performance and easy website unblocking. As there are 770,000+ data center IPs to offer, the geographical coverage is perhaps the highest in the industry.

Despite the wide location coverage, quality is good because the data center proxy network offers enterprise-grade scaling, 99,99% network uptime, easy scalability, zero bandwidth and target limitation, and unlimited concurrent sessions.

Bright Data - Datacenter Proxies

The support is excellent, as you can manage the proxies from the control panel or using the Proxy API. For developers, it provides enough documentation support, and there is impressive 3rd party software integration as well. You are even allowed to generate and manage sub-users.

ISP Proxies

As we tested its ISP proxy network, we learned that over 700,000 ISP proxies are used. All these are fully GDRP and CCPA compliant and are preferred among Fortune 500 companies. These ISP proxies are bound to deliver the best performance with a 99.9% success rate and 99.99% uptime.

The ISP proxy network is spread over 195 countries and is backed by a possible proxy infrastructure for easy scalability. With this ISP proxy network, users can easily unblock geo-restricted websites without being blocked, as IPs are 100% ethically sourced. You can continue using the same IP address to complete the data collection per session. This way, delays and obstructions are not there to face.

Bright Data - ISP Proxies

Mobile Proxies

Lastly, we have Bright Data mobile proxy network to review. As it provides verified and authentic 3G, 4G, and 5G IP addresses, it is the most trusted and progressive real-peer mobile proxy provider. You can target carriers, cities, and ASNs of your choice with this mobile proxy network.

According to Bright Data, all these mobile proxies are allocated by real-time mobile operators, which means they are authentic and have a rare possibility of getting blocked. As we tested this mobile IP, we could unblock geo-restricted sites without a single glitch.

How to Create a Proxy Using BrightData?

Follow these steps once you log in to your BrightData dashboard.

  • Go to “Proxies and Scraping Infra”> My Proxies section.
  • Select the type of proxies you want to buy. It will redirect you to the “Create a New Proxy” page. You can still change the proxy type on this page.

Bright Data - create a new proxy

  • Add a name for the proxy you are creating.

Bright Data - add a name for the proxy

  • Select your preferred IP type.

Bright Data - IP type

  • If you want 100% uptime for your proxy, enable the related settings from the Permissions section.

Bright Data - the Permissions section

  • Specify the Number of IPs you want to buy.

Bright Data - the Number of IPs

  • If you want IP(s) with geolocation targeting ability, select your desired location(s) too.

Bright Data - IP(s) with geolocation

  • Once all information is filled in, review the cost of your order.

Bright Data - Estimated cost

  • Click on the “Add Proxy” button to confirm your purchase. After this, you can enjoy using the proxies as required for your business.

Bright Data - click on the Add Proxy button to confirm your purchase

Other Products and Facilities

Along with offering four key types of proxies, Bright Data provides a wide range of tools and products that people can use for data collection or access to restricted websites. Let’s check them out.

Web Unlocker

Bright Data’s web unlocker is an innovative software that people can use to unblock targeted sites automatically. You can access a vast pile of reliable information simply by submitting one request. You can send your request with full authenticity and get a 100% response rate.

One of the excellent data collection tools, it is good to own for massive data collection and conducting web scraping at a large scale. The best part about this tool is that you will only be charged for successful requests. Hence, you invest only when you’re getting output.

Bright Data - Web Unlocker

While scraping the web, it lets you deal with captcha, cookies, and site-specific browser user agents. You can use rotational IP addresses to scrape the targeted sites.

The tool is so advanced that you can scrape the web without being caught or detected (you will find these free tools useful), as it provides an expanding repository of browser cookies and HTTP header requests. Get ready to gather real-time web data with unlimited concurrent requests.


For easy and hassle-free search engine scraping, Bright Data offers an inventive SERP API that easily converts the results page into reliable data insights and is highly customizable. The tool lets you access structured data in HTML and JSON format.

Bright Data - SERP API

You get to enjoy SERP APIs for all the leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Naver, and many more. We tested its Google Search API and managed to access structured data for multiple shopping websites. The tool is compatible with numerous devices and is fully compliant.

Proxy Manager

Bright Data offers a feature-rich Proxy Manager to manage all your proxies. With one tool, you can easily control the user’s access to the exclusive and blacking IPs. It comes with an automated rules feature and extensive request logs to ease down the debugging.

Bright Data - Proxy Manager

While testing Bright Data’s Proxy Manager tool, we had no troubles as it comes with a user-friendly interface and one-step installation. Some of the key features of these tools are:

  • Waterfall Routing lets you use the most cost-efficient proxy server as you create a request. You will be directed to another working server if that service connection fails.
  • Request Viewer lets you view the requests shared to a particular proxy server.
  • Reduce Bandwidth as the tool aims to reduce traffic.

You have got 2 options here:

Bright Data - Proxy Manager and hosting options

Browser Extension

Bright Data offers an advanced proxy browser extension for Chrome and all the leading browsers. With the proxy browser extension tool, you can easily rotate the proxy type and protocol by passing the geolocation restriction. With one-click IP rotation, this browser extension is easy to get started. 

Bright Data Browser Extension

You can easily switch the IPs and connect to any location of your choice. As it skips you all the cookies, it works like Incognito Mode. It’s well-integrated with Proxy Manager and easily helps you avoid complex location restrictions.

Pricing and Subscription

Bright Data offers multiple options for all proxy types with monthly and yearly subscriptions. This way, you get to enjoy excellent payment flexibility with this service provider. Let’s learn about the plans that Bright Data offers.

You have plans like Pay as Go, Starter, Advanced, Advanced +, and Enterprise – a custom-made subscription. Expenses are the same for all the proxy types. It’s just the GB usage charges are different.

For instance:

  • The residential proxy subscription charges $15/GB, $11.25/GB, $10.05/GB, and $9.75/GB for Pay as Go, Starter, Advanced, and Advanced + subscriptions.
  • For Datacenter proxies, the per GB expenses are $0.80/IP + $0.110/GB( Pay as Go), $0.60/IP + $0.083/GB( Starter), $0.56/IP + $0.077/GB( Advanced), and $0.52/IP + $0.072/GB( Advanced Plus).
  • ISP proxies expenses are 0.50/IP + $15.00/GB, $0.50/IP + $11.25/GB, $0.50/IP + $10.05/GB, $0.50/IP + $9.75/GB for all the respective plans. Lastly, we have mobile proxies to discuss, which are the costlier of all. You have to spend  $40.00 GB if you pick the Pay as Go plan, $30.00 GB for the Starter plan, $28.00/GB for the Advanced plan, and $26.00/GB for Advanced +.

You need to understand one thing here: if you’re planning to use the residential or mobile IP network of Bright Data, you have to go through the KYC process.

Signing Up

Convinced that Bright Data is the right platform to access exclusive IPs with enough developer resources?

If yes, then you must know about its sign-up process, which is easy. You need to provide your email to create an account on Bright Data.

Bright Data - Signing Up

You can also continue directly with the Google account. Provide a password.

Bright Data - Set a password

That’s it. The sign-up process is complete. You will be directed to Bright Data Dashboard, where you can choose what you want to do. As soon as you click on View Proxy Products, a Proxy Dashboard will appear, where you can select a wide range of proxies.

Bright Data Dashboard

As soon as you click on View Proxy Products, a Proxy Dashboard will appear, where you can select a wide range of proxies.

Bright Data - View Proxy Products


To manage all your proxies and other services, Bright Data provides an interactive Dashboard where you can view your proxy usage. The Dashboard is interactive and includes a list of all the proxies, IP rotation, API set-up, account settings, Chrome Extension, management tools, and much other information.

Bright Data - Proxies and Scraping

As you’ve planned to use the proxy services, you must set up a Zone first. The zone is basically a section that talks about your project, like the kind of IPs you’re using, IP country, management tools, and many more details.

You can set up multiple Zones for different projects with different settings. As many as 50 zone set-ups are permitted for free. Zones are 100% customizable and can feature all your data collection needs.


There is a live support system to help you out.

Bright Data - Support System

We asked them about residential plans and got a list of issues.

Bright Data - Support - a list of issues response

If you’re not satisfied with the resolutions offered by this, you can contact the team further. For this, you have to provide details like name, email, and so on again. This seems too daunting as you’re already logged in and still have to provide these details.

Bright Data - Support - Contact us

As we submitted a query about Proxy Manager, this is what we got.

Bright Data - submit a query

The resolution was nowhere to be seen instantly. We got a response a little later.

Bright Data - email response

This has to be fixed. A veteran proxy provider claims to provide reliable customer support.

Pros and Cons of Bright Data

During our extensive Bright Data review process, we learned about some of its strengths and weaknesses that we would like to share with you. Let’s start with the plus points that Bright Data’s website and services scored.

  • It provides a powerful and inventive Proxy Manager to manage all your proxies, just like a reliable VPN service provider.
  • All its exclusive IPs are fully compliant, patented, and legally sourced. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • You get to enjoy a wide range of developer resources, management tools, and reliable customer support to resolve any concerns and queries.
  • The proxy server network is backed with robust infrastructure and extensive geo-distribution.
  • A 7-day long trial period with a money-back guarantee.
  • Flexible pricing and multiple subscriptions to cater to all sorts of needs.
  • Unlimited IP rotation, dedicated account manager, and precise location coverage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and concurrent sessions.

All these pros are impressive. But that doesn’t mean that Bright Data is flawless. Certain loopholes are irksome for many.

For instance, Bright Data’s Dashboard could be a little tacky for beginners. The mobile proxy prices are a little on the higher side. Hence, small businesses and individuals might not be able to use them with a free mind. Even though its live chat feature is impressive, we found its email response a little sluggish. Responses are delayed for sure.

Try BrightData here >

Final Verdict

Bright Data Proxy is a reliable name in the proxy industry. With fully compliant and 100% legally sourced IPs, the service provider promises quality service and delivers the same.

Even though its cost can be pocket-pinching for small businesses, its extensive network and reliable coverage make it worth a try. People can look for some Bright Data alternatives to deal with the costly ones.

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