How to Change Location on Snap?

Snapchat will sound like a usual term unless you’re live under a rock. It is indeed one of the most famous social media apps that the world has presently. Over 2 million snaps are created in a single minute on it, and 3 billion photos and videos go live daily.

It’s quite famous amongst tech-savvy teenagers and adults up to 30 years old. But not everything about this app is pleasant. If you’re a privacy-conscious internet user, it will break your heart to know that Snapchat always tracks your location.

Also, the app is not accessible to everyone. It’s banned or restricted in some countries. What would be your reaction if we told you that you could fix both issues by simply changing the location on Snap?

Yes, that’s the only way out. Whether you want to protect your privacy or access Snap in restricted areas, you must learn ‘how to change your location on Snap.’ Don’t worry! We are going to help you with this.

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How to Fake Snapchat Location – The Viable Options

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Let’s start by telling you which options you have to change Snap location. Mainly, two options are preferred. The first option is to use a GPS-changing app.

These apps help you spoof your actual GPS location and prevent data logging. But, when it comes to protecting your online identity and accessing restricted features, this won’t help you much.

You need a VPN to help you replace the actual IP address and spoof the real IP address. Also, a VPN adds powerful encryption and advanced security features to your internet traffic. While this is a great way to ensure improved online identity, it’s not great for GPF spoofing.

The best way to change location on Snap is to club the GPS spoofing app and a VPN. These two will work together to improve your Snapchat experience.

Why Would You Spoof Your Snapchat GPS Location?

Many people try to spoof Snapchat locations because of many reasons. For instance:

  • Few want to try it just to fool their friends, as we all know that Snapchat shows the location history. They could be at home and spoof the real location with the location of a pub to make their friends jealous or prank them.
  • Recently, people have started respecting online privacy, and they don’t want people to know about their activities. Hence, they spoof the location.
  • Those who want to access all sorts of features and filters often try spoofing the location.
  • Whatever your reasons are, try only a Snapchat VPN to make the job go smoothly.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Snapchat?

Those using Snapchat must know Snap Map, an advanced geo-location tracking feature. Snap Map is the core of Snapchat, as it’s this feature that lets Snapchat users find where their friends are presently physically located.

Snapchat is blocked at school - a Twitter comment

So basically, if someone tries to find out your physical location, all they need to do is to have a Snapchat account. You can be added to people’s friend lists as you want. While this seems a great idea, it becomes a headache when one tries to stalk you, invade your privacy, or intend to harm you by tracking your location.

Not only will Snap Map have its eyes on you, but most of the badges, filters, and other features that Snapchat offers will track your region and provide facilities according to regional availability.

Both these situations are irksome, and VPN is the only way out. With a reliable VPN, it’s easy to use Snap in stealth mode, as it will hide the actual IP address.

Now, hiding real IP addresses provides multiple offers. For instance, even if a tracker is after you, it will never be able to find your actual physical location as it will be behind your proxy IP address, i.e., the fake GPS location (the list of the best proxies can be found here).

Unblock Snapchat with a VPN - a Twitter comment

Snapchat features that are heavily geo-restricted use the IP address only to decide which feature should be offered to whom. VPN servers are often present globally, and you can select a region of your choice.

The world will be all yours with a quality VPN having:

  • Global server network
  • Easy server switch
  • Compatibility with leading devices, especially with mobile phones and tablets
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple simultaneous connections

These are non-negotiable aspects when you want to learn about ‘how to change my location on Snap using VPN.’ Keep these things in mind, hunt for an ideal VPN, and Snapchat map and geo-restriction won’t be any hassles.

Best VPNs for Snapchat

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As of now, we told you that a VPN is a great tool to use when you need to get rid of Snap Map or any other kind of location tracking. But you have to focus only on quality and reliable VPNs. We have handpicked a few VPNs for you.

#1 – Privado VPN

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Privado is a leading VPN that you can try to change the location on Snap Map without any hassle or hurdles. The VPN strongly focuses on security and ensures that your location is not leaking by all means possible. It provides IP leak and DNS leak protection with dedicated app support for many leading data-driver devices.

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#2 – ExpressVPN

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With a wide range of servers and sound security features, ExpressVPN is a great choice when you need to unblock Snapchat or change its region. It works on almost all the leading devices and ensures that snaps are shared with full secrecy and security.

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#3 – CyberGhost VPN

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Bypass geo-restrictions, disable features, and unblock Snapchat blocking with CyberGhost. This VPN will help you connect with the server of your choice and change your Snapchat location in no time. With a 45-day long money-back guarantee, this is indeed the best choice to make.

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#4 – NordVPN

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NordVPN has over 8,000 VPN servers to help you when you need to change your Snapchat location. The app comes with effortless interfaces and doesn’t demand much set-up. With a free trial and money-back guarantee, NordVPN ensures you get the best value for your money invested.

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#5 – VeePN

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Lastly, we will suggest that VeePN to change Snapchat location in easy steps. It operates seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device, tablet, and browser and will help you change Snap location from there.

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Trick the Snapchat Location on Your Device

Now that you know which VPNs are worthy of your trust and time, it’s time to understand how to use them to change the Snap location on Android and iOS devices.

Change your Snapchat location on Android devices

Android is the most-loved OS for data-driven devices, and you can change your Snapchat location on Android devices to the target location by following these steps.

  • Get a reliable one like PrivadoVPN and download its app for your Android phone from the Google Play Store.
  • Open Settings > GPS Location and enable it for the app.
  • Go to the Android phone Settings menu and find the build number.
  • Once you’ve got the Build Number, tap on it 7 times or until a message stating ‘Developer Mode On’ appears.
  • As you enter the Developer options, scroll down until you see the Select Mock Location App.
  • Look for PrivadoVPN here and select it.

Look for PrivadoVPN here and select it

That’s it. No one on Snapchat will now be able to know your actual location.

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Change your Snapchat location on iOS device

If you’re using any iOS-based device to access Snapchat, this is how you change your Snap location.

  • Get PrivadoVPN and pay for a convenient subscription service.
  • Activate the subscription and download the iOS app.
  • Open the VPN app and find a suitable server from the list.
  • Connect to the server and open Snapchat. Now, your actual location or Snapchat region is hidden.

Now, your actual location or Snapchat region is hidden - PrivadoVPN

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Can’t Change Location on Snapchat with a VPN?

Even if you do your best and use the best VPN to change snap location, it’s not certain that things will turn out well. Snapchat is heavily based on the GPS location of the end-user and requires it to make certain features easily accessible.

Hence, we won’t be surprised if you say that you cannot use a fake location with a VPN for your iOS or Android device, as the social media platform will use VPN or GPS spoofing blockage technologies.

Also, a few other reasons may lead to failure in your attempts. For instance:

  • The VPN you have picked fails to bypass the Snapchat restrictions
  • Saved cookies are leaking the actual location details
  • An actual IP address is leaking
  • The real GPS location matches do not match with the IP address

To ensure these issues are not causing severe troubles, try out these resolutions:

  • Contact your VPN’s customer support team to resolve the issue, as, at times, it happens because of a technical problem.
  • Clear saved to cache and cookies and try once again
  • Make efforts to stop IP address leak
  • If nothing works, it’s time to change the current VPN

Our Final Thoughts

Since its launch, Snapchat has taken the world by storm and won millions of hearts in no time. There is hardly any teenager-owned phone that doesn’t have Snapchat downloaded. However, it’s better not to reveal your actual location while using this application on your iOS or Android device. Hope this article guides you well about the same.

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