The Best VPN Service with Double VPN Feature in 2023

You know that a VPN is here to make the internet secure, keep the online identity hidden, and help with unblocking geo-restricted content. But do you know what’s required to make it more powerful?

Well, it’s a double VPN feature. With its addition, one can easily double up the offered security, enjoy better speed, use two VPN servers simultaneously, and improve the overall VPN experience. VPN service providers offering this feature definitely deserve a pat on the back. They have managed to go the extra mile to enhance the utility of the VPN and boost the end-user experience.

Suppose you’re a VPN user or planning to use one in the future and are still unaware of this beautiful feature. In that case, we recommend you pay attention to this post as it covers a detailed explanation of the double VPN connection, those offering it, and some FAQs you should know before using the feature. So, let’s get started.

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How Does Double VPN Work and What Are Its Pros and Cons?

Of course, knowing the double VPN in detail is what we should do at first. Double VPN is a feature using which VPN users can use two virtual networks simultaneously. In customary VPN, only one encrypted tunnel is placed between the client and the server.

Every traffic, which clients need to access, has to pass through this secure tunnel.

With a double VPN connection, there are two such encrypted tunnels and VPN servers. So, the traffic is filtered twice, resulting in better security. The primary purpose of using a double VPN is to hide the IP address better and improve the encryption power.

Double VPN is an in-built feature that some of the best VPN service providers offer. However, those with a detailed understanding of VPNs can also use triple or quadruple VPNs simply by extending the VPN server chain.

As this is not usually required or suggested, we’ll not discuss it in detail. Instead, we must know how a double VPN works’ to utilize the feature effectively.

First, let’s understand the functionality of a regular connection.

How Does a Regular VPN Connection Work?

The VPN tool encrypted the incoming traffic and diverted it to a VPN server upon activation. The server then decrypts the traffic and conceals the original IP address. The unencrypted traffic is passed to the website the client wants to access. The client receives the response from the website.

Now, things change a bit when a double VPN connection is added.

What is a Double VPN and What Makes it Different?

The traffic is encrypted by the VPN tool and is diverted to the first VPN server instead of the website. Here, the traffic is encrypted once again, and IP is concealed.

The double-encrypted traffic is then forwarded to a second VPN server that decrypts and diverts it to the website the client wants to access. The website receives the decrypted traffic and provides the response. This way, IP is hidden twice, and data is protected two times.

The core idea behind the functioning of a double VPN is VPN cascading. There is one more functional concept on the same idea: a multi-hop VPN or Double Hop VPN.

It has also become synonymous with double VPN as almost the same sort of operations are happening behind the screen in both features. So, to understand what is Double VPN, you must understand it too.

Understanding Multi-hopping in Double VPN

With multi-hop VPN, VPN users can use as many VPNs with a single connection. In place of two VPN servers, which is the case with double VPN, traffic is directed to multiple VPN servers before it’s released in the public internet space.

Multi-hop VPN does not restrict you to just two simultaneous VPN connections but lets you have multiple VPN connections simultaneously. Usually, three or four VPN servers are used at a time. Each time the traffic reaches a new VPN server, security and IP address protection are added. Only a few VPN service providers are offering this feature.

Now, this feature is further divided into two categories.

The first one is the “cascade” configuration that uses one primary VPN service in combination with two or more VPN servers. Each time traffic is diverted to a different VPN server, the IP address is changed, data is first decrypted, then re-encrypted, and then moved ahead.

In the second multi-hop VPN type, VPN servers are set up in a nested chain configuration. In this configuration type, two or more differently located VPNs are used. As different VPN servers are used, security is far better than in nested chain multi-hop VPN. This configuration is not offered by VPN service providers but is set up by technically sound professionals.

Pros of Double VPN

  • Improved security as high-end encryption and multiple security protocols are at work
  • No data leak
  • Zero online traces as IP is completely hidden. ISPs and third-party service providers won’t be able to find out about your location
  • More mental peace as you’re safe than ever

Cons of Double VPN

  • Dip in speed as traffic has to pass from multiple tunnels
  • You can’t use a double VPN if you’re using Tor
  • Using two servers at a time leads to more power consumption
  • You become restricted when it comes to server choices, as not every server is paired or is suitable for pairing

Do You Need a Double VPN? How To Use it?

When a quality VPN is handling most of the job and is enough to keep you safe during online activities, it’s obvious to get curious about why to use a double VPN.

Well, we will bring some clarity on this front as well. Honestly speaking, usage of a double VPN depends on the kind of activities one is performing in public internet space. In some situations, double VPN is imperative, while in a few, it’s purely redundant.

You need a double VPN if:

You’re using public Wi-Fi

It’s great to have an internet connection without paying for internet plans. We all want that, and this is what public Wi-Fi offers. But there is more. With public Wi-Fi, you get viruses, malware, and other corrupted items free as well. It’s a hub for hackers.

At times, the dangers of public Wi-Fi are so notorious that not even a trusted VPN is enough to deal with them. This is when you need the power of two VPNs. While using public Wi-Fi, double encryption and VPN address hiding is undoubtedly a wise move to make.

You’re trying to avoid surveillance by all means

In countries like Russia and China, there is no internet usage freedom is granted, and every internet activity is tracked and marked.

Government agencies keep a tap on the online activities of the citizens and will put them behind bars if something banned or restricted is accessed by them. With a double VPN, one can conceal the online presence more confidently because traffic is encrypted twice. Neither government agencies nor third-party services can track what you’re doing.

You’re a whistleblower or actively involved in journalism and activism

Even in countries where internet activities are not tracked or restricted, it’s impossible to have complete freedom of speech. One can’t post or talk about sensitive topics like politics, scandals, controversies, and many more in the open.

Journalists, activists, and whistleblowers must hide their identities while bringing any hidden truth to the surface. With a double VPN, it’s possible and easy to hide the online presence and ultimate peace of mind.

In all these situations, using a double VPN will make things better than ever for VPN users. However, there is a specific scenario in which using a double VPN is not required or can degrade the overall experience.

You shouldn’t use a double VPN if:

You’re browsing the internet casually and don’t need extra protection

Let’s say you’re visiting your social media accounts (like Facebook and TikTok), sending official emails, buying things online, or accessing non-geo-restricted content. As all these online activities are safe and legal, a regular VPN is enough to keep things under control. A double VPN is extra here and can slow down the actual speed, impacting the further browsing experience.

You’re accessing streaming platforms

So, you’re eager to watch your favorite show on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Well, if you want to watch the content with zero buffering, then don’t use a double VPN. As traffic passes through two encrypted tunnels, the speed slows down a bit. This will ruin the whole enthusiasm or excitement of watching shows or movies.

Now that it’s clear when to use and when not to use a double VPN, let’s discuss how to use it.

How to Use Double VPN?

surfshark homepage

Well, using a double VPN is not rocket science. Even though the job it does is pretty technical and tricky, it doesn’t expect the end-user to be a tech whiz.

As long as you’re using a VPN service with an in-built double VPN, no hassles and hurdles are here to face. It’s a three-step simple task.

Let’s explain the process with the help of Surfshark. Surfhark is one of the most notable VPN service providers offering double VPN features. Its double VPN is known as MultiHop. Here is how you can use it.

Step #1: Sign-up on Surfshark, make an account, and get the relevant app/solution. It works on all the leading devices.

Step #2: Once the app or browser extension is downloaded and active, go to the Menu of Surfshark and look for the MultiHop feature.

Step #3: The feature will present the VPN server chain or combination to you, and you can choose whatever you want.

It’s as simple as that.

The Best Services That Offer Double VPN

While it’s clear and confirmed that double VPN promises better security, not all VPN service providers have taken the initiative to implement it. We checked over a hundred VPN service providers and were able to figure out only around 15-20 VPNs have this facility.

The sad part is some of them claim to offer double VPN but fail to deliver it. Half of the time, their double VPN feature is not working. It’s just a marketing gimmick to grab the attention of more customers.

If you’ve decided to use the double VPN feature, then you need to look at our top 5 VPN service providers offering this feature.

NordVPN Double VPN – A Solution With Specialty Servers

nordvpn logo

NordVPN is one of the most trusted VPN services of all time. It has much to offer if you need high-end encryption, multiple security protocols, comprehensive server coverage, and around-the-clock customer support.

It’s one of the top-rated VPNs for secure and speedy streaming and torrenting. With dedicated IP, P2P, obfuscated servers, Onion over VPN, and double VPN servers, it won our hearts a little more as you’ve got a wide range of server utilities into action.

Now, let’s talk about the Double VPN NordVPN feature. It’s undoubtedly one of the best we have today in the market, as all of its servers are known for the best speed and encryption. So, no matter which server you use, quality is assured. Affordable pricing makes it extra lucrative. Also, you’ve got a 30-days money-back guarantee. Using NordVPN’s double VPN is pretty straightforward, as no added configurations are required.

Visit the NordVPN Website

Surfshark – Cross-platform Double VPN

surfshark logo

With or without the double VPN feature, Surfshark is a beautiful VPN service to use. Its double VPN feature, known as MultiHop, permits you to connect with two different servers at a time.

The best part about this feature is that you can use servers located in two different countries. But the name of the double VPN is a little misleading. As explained above, multi-hop is a VPN cascading type allowing clients to use more than two VPNs. So, one might think you can use three or four VPNs with Surfshark. But this is not what happens.

Only two VPN hopping is allowed. Other than this, everything about this VPN is outstanding, as we managed to get good speed even when the double VPN feature was activated. There are 14 server pairs to use under this feature, and we’ve tested all these pairs and got satisfactory performance.

Visit the Surfshark Website

PIA – Double VPN With The Protection of Shadowsocks

pia vpn logoPerhaps there is any other VPN service that can beat PIA or Private Internet Access on the server coverage front. This VPN has more than 30,000 servers worldwide and is one of the oldest players in the VPN industry. Despite that, the cost of PIA is not at all pocket-pinching.

What makes its double VPN stand out from the crowd is Shadowsocks and SOCKS5 support. These two features allow double VPN users to create a proxy connection with Shadowsocks, offering more security.

Visit the PIA Website

Windscribe – Free Double VPN

Windscribe VPN logo

We rarely find a free VPN to be as good as a paid VPN. Most of the time, free VPNs are nothing but a headache. But, Windscribe is an exception, as this free VPN is highly functional, provides excellent security features, and offers good speed. Its AES-256 encryption is ciphered with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key.

It even provides features like split tunneling and dedicated browser extensions. The desktop-browser combination of this VPN is fantastic. This is what delivers the double VPN facility permitting end-users to connect with any two servers of their choice.

Even though its free plan is enough to address personal requirements, it also offers cost-effective paid plans for commercial requirements. – Simple and Effective Double VPN vpn logo

With military-grade AES encryption and Stealth Guard, up keeps its promises to keep your data safe. Its enormous global server network ensures that you’re never out of choice. The VPN belongs to Malaysia, which is not a part of the 14-Eyes alliance. It means that the no-log policy is maintained by all means.

Its multi-hop VPN feature is backed by some of the most notable VPN service providers and is very easy to use. It works on almost all the leading OS.


Seeing the increased dangers that one might encounter in the public internet space without limited security, it’s wise to use a double VPN feature. If one VPN server lacks a bit to hide the IP address and encrypt the traffic, the second VPN will cover it up. However, not every VPN service provider understands its utility and offers the feature.

Only a few reliable ones, like Surfshark, NordVPN, and the rest discussed in the post, offer double VPN. Get their VPN assistance and enjoy better security and peace of mind while using the internet.

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