How to Get a Fake IP Mask Your Online Presence in 4 Easy Steps

We wish the internet to be only helpful for us, and its usage shouldn’t come with a feeling of terror. However, seeing the growth of cybercrimes and data breaches, it’s hard to say that the internet is a boon. Having an online presence with no adequate security is no less than outing your feet on an ax these days. Experts say one can trim down the online danger by simply hiding, faking, or concealing the fake IP address.

IP tells others about one’s online presence, starting from the user’s location or router. If one manages to decode it, a lot of mess can be created. Fake IP is an IP that’s not usable as per the internet protocols and doesn’t disperse any authentic information about the end-user. Its usage grants a safe and secure online presence.


What are the Reasons for Getting a Fake IP?

A fake IP address is one of the most common and sure-shot ways to keep many online hassles at bay. They are widespread in places like the USA or Europe, where cyber laws are flexible.

Besides playing fake IP address pranks on friends, here are the other top reasons to get fake IP.

  • Enjoy a secure and discreet gaming session

Some MMORPG gamers seek command anonymity so that other players won’t be able to figure out the command source. In that case, the IP address fake is used. Additionally, gamers can have trouble enjoying a gaming session as security-concerned organizations monitor MMORPG gamers to spot any in-pipeline malware attacks.

Online games are among the most preferred resources for hackers to conduct an attack. Hackers can steal any gamer’s account and implant malware in it. With a fake ID, one can fool hackers.

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  • Great online anonymity 

As mentioned previously, a useful fake IP generator can create a real-looking IP address and conceal crucial details like user location. This is one step towards a hidden online presence and avoiding hackers’ reach. One can also hide behind a proxy server and remain far away from one’s prying eyes.

  • Accessing blocked websites 

Based on location, certain services and websites may not be offered to everyone. For instance, the US Netflix library is different from the UK Netflix library. Also, few games are provided in the US only. These service providers track an end user’s IP address and block access accordingly. With a fake IP address and free or paid configuration, one can unblock the blocked services/platform.

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Best Solutions for Fake IP Address

Now that it’s clear that a fake IP address is a real savior for everyone seeking excellent online security, let’s learn about how to fake IP address easily:

  • Use a VPN

VPN has become a synonym for excellent online security because it keeps the end-user secure and protected.

This fake IP address generator grants a new IP address each time end-users connect with it without requiring any high-end competency and prior expertise. In contrast, the actual IP address is concealed.

The tool is so powerful and viable on this front that you can get tons of dedicated fake IP addresses. With the best VPN services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, you have the freedom to connect to the server of any country. The high-end encryption and multiple protocol features enjoyed by a VPN are noteworthy. 

  • Use a Web Proxy

A web proxy can be called a viable alternative to a VPN as it works similarly. The end user installs the web proxy, gets connected with it, and enjoys a new fake IP address. The actual IP address remains hidden. 

But if you expect great encryption and seamless streaming activity, you’ll be disappointed. Only a VPN can do that. So, you remain unprotected.

Websites like PremProxy and Proxy List have trusted ways to find a suitable web proxy. Here, you can get fake IP Chrome and Firefox quickly.

  • Use Public Wi-Fi

If routing your traffic to someone else’s network, you can get connected directly to the targeted network. This can happen with the help of public Wi-Fi.

When connected to public Wi-Fi, no one can find the home address. It’s not exactly getting fake IP addresses. It’s more of hiding the actual IP address. But remember that you won’t be backed with excellent security as no encryption and security protocol features are offered.

  • Use Tor Browser

TOR or Onion Router is a precisely designed browser that doesn’t track the IP address details of end-users. Conventional browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firebox will track and store the IP address details. Hackers can use this information to con you. Tor is a globally offered free browser that hides IP details. However, some countries are against its usage.

  • Random IP Address Generators

Specific fake ID address generator tools allow end-users to quickly generate fake IP numbers. Websites like IPVoid, IPLookUpTools, and CodeBeautify are some examples of this.

These fake IP address generator websites claim to offer a wide range of fake IP addresses based on the valid street, location/area, city, and pin code.

However, we have a tough time trusting these websites, as they are often infected and used by hackers to lure users. So, we’re not much of a supporter of this option.

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Need a crisp overview of all these options? Have a look at this table.




VPN for Fake IP Address

  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of choice
  • Enough security features
  • Complete online anonymity
  • Ability to perform streaming, gaming, torrenting, and other activities with one package

Free VPNs can be huge trouble-makers due to their unlimited risks.

Web Proxy

  • Easy setup
  • No cost involved
  • Fast speed
  • No online security
  • Can’t lift geo-restrictions
  • Speed in other countries might be  slow

Public Wi-FI

  • Free usage
  • No setup required
  • It can be used for a more extended period
  • Connecting to a giant hotspot can increase the risk of obfuscation by other users
  • No encryption facility is offered
  • Higher risk of malware and virus attacks

Tor Browser

  • No investment is required
  • Setup is easy
  • Hides the  IP details completely
  • Countries like China and Iran are against TOR and can take serious action against you for using it.
  • Other than hidden IP, no other facility like encryption is offered.

Random IP Address Generator Tool

A more comprehensive range of IP address

  • The odds of malware and virus presence are higher.
  • No added security is offered.


In a world of tons of online vulnerabilities, leaving your IP address open is nothing but a blunder. It’s a treat for hackers, and you can fall prey to malware, viruses, or phishing attacks. The only way out is to get a fake IP address.

With solutions like VPN, web proxy, TOR, and random fake IP address generators, one can quickly obtain a fake IP. While all these are viable solutions, remember that online security is only offered with a VPN. So, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, VPN is a great choice.


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