How to Unblock Games – A Complete Guide

Whether a gaming freak or not, you will agree to the fact that an exciting game is a great stress-buster. But what if your favorite game is not accessible in your region or is blocked for multiple reasons?

It’s widespread to encounter banning or blocking of games. Sometimes a particular game is blocked, while in some regions, games of all sorts are inaccessible.

Institutes, organizations, and governments take two ways to block games:

  • A firewall that blocks certain content, including games. This software closely monitors traffic exchanged between the network and the user and unblocks the blocked traffic as per the pre-defined rules.
  • Putting a location-based ban. This sort of ban is imposed due to political and internet security reasons. For instance, Australia has banned the GTA 5 game’s Online Casino version as it promoted gambling.

Regardless of the reason for game banning, sometimes you crave hard to play your favorite or trending game. This is why you should learn how to unblock games on school computers or networks. This post is all about this skill.

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Learn The Art And Science of unblocking Computer Games Banned by Administrators and Institutes

how to unblock games

Places like schools, educational institutes, and organizations demand constant and unwavering attention to resources. Any disturbance at all these places will reduce productivity significantly. And computer games are one of the biggest trouble-makers.

This is why you aren’t surprised if you cannot play online games on your PC while being present in all these locations. Here is a detailed guide on how to unblock games at school.

How To Unblock Games Banned By Administrator?

If you’re trying to play games on a computer an organization offers, the odds are very high that the computer would be password-protected, and you won’t access the desired game. Making computers password-protected is a widespread practice to keep crucial information safe and secure.

Here is how you can lift those restrictions and play games of your choice:

Step #1 – Go to the ‘Control Panel’ of the computer and access the ‘User Accounts & Family Safety’ section.

Step #2 – Select ‘Change password’ and then ‘Remove password’ from the given option list.

Step #3 – Enter a new password if you know it.

Step #4 – Confirm to remove the password and restart the computer to check whether or not changes are applied.

Step #5 – Play the game of your choice.

The above option will work when you know the password. What if you don’t know the password and still want to play the game on an administrator’s computer? 

In that case, you can set up another login profile without any password requirements on the same computer. This has to be done when the computer is already on, and you’re using it. 

Here is how you can unblock games on a school computer that an admin banned:

Step #1 – Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Info. Here, select Sign in with a local account instead of the option from the list of options. 

Step #2 – Select the Next button and enter your Microsoft account password.

Step #3 – Create a username for the account and leave the password section blank.

Step #4 – Click on the Next option followed by Finish. Now, you can access the same computer without any password.

How To Unblock Games On School WiFi?

If you cannot play online games or access any gaming website while using school WiFi, then it’s because the school administrator has blocked these games and websites. The easiest way to lift the ban is to use a VPN. With a VPN, you get a new IP location and overcome all the WiFi geo-blocking.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step #1 – Get the VPN of your choice, say ExpressVPN, and sign up for its subscription.

Step #2 – Get the VPN app per the OS installed on the computer/PC/ tablet.

Step #3 – Complete the app installation and set-up.

Step #4 – Connect to the desired server and get the new IP address.

Step #5 – The WiFi ban is lifted, and you can easily play online games on our data-driven device.

How Do You Get And Play Games On A School Computer?

Computers that you use in a school library or computer lab are there for educational purposes. This is why those computers will not have games on them. But, if you want to get one, follow what this guide on how to unblock games on a school Chromebook or computer says.

Get a Game On School Computer

If there is no game on your school computer, follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to unblock games on your school Chromebook or computer easily:

Step #1 – Get Linux on the school computer. Make sure you install it on a thumb drive.

Step #2 – Boot once from the Linux thumb drive to ensure it’s working.

Step #3 – Connect to the internet and download games with less MB using the Linux thumb drive.

Step #4 – Plug that Linux Thumb Drive into the school computer.

Step #5 – Turn the school computer off once and turn it on. Enjoy the game.

What Games And Websites Are And Aren’t Blocked On School Computers?

Blocking of games and websites on school computers depends upon the governing authorities. There is no set rule. But, certain websites and games are blocked in most cases. Here is a crisp table featuring details of those websites:




Dino game



YouTube Videos with games details



Porn Sites


Illicit content



Any game that involves guns is not allowed



The use of a VPN will allow students to bypass restrictions

This is just an overview. Some schools even block different search engines and Wikipedia during exam times. While you won’t be able to access all these websites and games, don’t lose heart, as a lot is still available on school PCs and websites. Have a look at them:




Google, Bing, and Firebox

Search Engine

They are browsers connecting students to the internet.

Freeway Fury 2


No violence or illicit content is featured

The Impossible Quiz


Intellectual game with mind-bending puzzles.

Subway Surfer


Exciting game with no abusive content


It saddens the heart when you’re not allowed to enjoy your favorite game for XYZ reasons. Unless you’re not trying to access a copyrighted game, we suggest you unblock it using the tips mentioned above and enjoy whichever game you want. The ways we just discussed are easy and free from hassles. Try them today.


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  3. Disable this feature and go to the Privacy tab.
  4. Scroll down at the screen bottom and have a look at the blocked user list.
  5. Look for your name in the player list and unblock it. Save the changes, and you’re good to go.
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