Hulu Ad Blocker – Everything That You Should Know

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Hulu is winning the hearts of millions of streaming lovers. It has an extensive library, affordable subscription costs, and the backing of Walt Disney.

Over 43 million paid subscriptions are using this platform to get entertained by more than 70,000 TV shows and movies. Nearly 70% of its content is from Walt Disney. Hence, unmatched entertainment is assured.

While all these impressive statistics paint a picture that Hulu is a leading streaming platform, there is also one ugly side.

Don’t fret! We meant by high ad annoyance here.

Yes, Hulu is filled with ads, and this is not a good thing, as your streaming experience and online presence are severely hampered when there are too many ads.

In this post, we’ll explain what a Hulu ad blocker is, why one must use it, and which one is worth trying. So, let’s get started.

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Hulu Ad Blocker – What and Why

Hulu, no ads! It is something every Hulu watcher wants to experience.

Hulu provides both ad-supported and ad-free subscriptions. Of course, the ad-supported subscription is cost-effective. Hence, it has more subscribers. Nearly 64% of Hulu subscribers watch ads while streaming.

Trustpilot - review of Hulu

What’s the problem with this?

#1 – Annoyance and time-killing

While ads are informative, too many are annoying. For example, the first ad is okay, but frequent or long ads interrupt the flow.

People have to watch ads after 5 minutes of streaming at times. It is a sheer waste of time and resources. See how Hulu users describe their experience with the platform. (you may find it interesting: Free Streaming Platforms)

Hulu ads - a Trustpilot review

#2 – Support is not responsive enough

Even if a Hulu ad blocker claims to be an effortless tool, reliable customer support is required. Sadly, Hulu disappoints many on this front. Its users are finding it hard to get resolutions via phone or chat.

Hulu support - a Trustpilot review

#3 – Ads may contain threats

We can still manage with the first problem, but the genuine concern about Hulu ads is possible malware delivery.

Risk is Involved; the ad may be more than just ads. They could feature malware, as nearly 73% of malware is adware only.

It’s easy for a cyberpunk to deliver a virus or malware using an ad.

Ads provide anything from a virus to trackers. It is the real danger of ads, and if you want to protect your online identity, you must learn to deal with Hulu ads.

How We Selected and Tested Hulu Ad Blockers?

We have conducted a comprehensive test to identify and eliminate inadequate or dysfunctional ad blockers for Hulu. We kept these factors in mind while testing the best ad blockers for Hulu:

  • We checked the viability of Hulu ad blockers in real time and saw whether they actually block ads or make vague claims.
  • As cyber security remains the priority, we checked the security profile of the blockers before using them. Ad blockers with additional security features, such as dark web and data breach monitoring, anti-malware, VPN, and so on, are certainly the best picks.
  • Hulu ads are on every device. Hence, the ad skipper should work on all data-driven devices as well. We ensured that our selected Hulu ad blockers would work on all popular operating systems and commonly used browsers, whether as extensions or as standalone applications.
  • Lastly, we check the pricing aspect of the Hulu ad blocker. We want you to enjoy Hulu ad free without spending too much. Hence, only an affordable and viable solution is recommended.

The Solution: Getting Rid of Hulu Ads

The most preferred and viable way is to use a Hulu ad blocker app. Compatible with Hulu, an ad blocker for Hulu is a technology that blocks the traffic featuring ad scripts. This way, you will have to experience ads while streaming on Hulu.

The best Hulu ad blocker is the one that can work as a web browser, application, or network blocking tool so that corrupted or ad-filled traffic can’t reach internet users. For instance, you have Total Adblock.

TotalAdblock banner

The Hulu adblocker Chrome and Microsoft will help remove unwanted ads in your browser. Hence, ads are avoided overall, not only when you stream Hulu. It comes with a 7-day trial.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything. Along with blocking ads, it ensures that your online privacy is intact. This Hulu adblocker iPhone can block 3rdy party hackers and prevent information leaks.

It is the best ad blocker for Hulu that will help you keep pesky ads away as you stream on Hulu. Once you have it, you can have an ad-free tier experience with Hulu ad-supported tier while watching live TV.

This Hulu ad blocker comes with a robust browser extension and native app support for Android and iOS. You can install Hulu ad blocker in a single click, activate it, and skip Hulu ads as you watch your favorite movies and shows.

To block Hulu ads, this ad blocker continues intercepting requests made by a website to load ads and blocking those requests before they can be fulfilled. It also keeps an eye on other types of content, such as pop-ups, tracking scripts, and social media widgets that can cause ad interruptions on Hulu.

Some of the most viable ad-blocking techniques that Total Adblock uses to block Hulu ads are blacklisting, whitelisting, element hiding, and script blocking.

Here is a quick overview of how you can use Total Adblock to block Hulu ads.

  • Go to the official website of Total Adblock and click on Login.
  • Provide your name, email, and password. Don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions to complete the registration.

TotalAdblock registration

  • As you enter these details, you will be directed to the Dashboard, where you can see the available subscription options.

TotalAdblock dashboard

  • The subscription only costs $29 and offers unlimited ad blocking on Hulu, YouTube, and other streaming apps. Pay for this with preferred payment methods like PayPal and cards.
  • Once the payment is done, the ad blocker will be ready to block Hulu ads. Download the browser extension or mobile app on your device to stream Hulu. If you download the browser extension, it will block all the browser ads.
  • The mobile apps will work on your Hulu app. Just app the ad blocker as you stream Hulu on your mobile phone or tablet.

Other Ways to Skip or Block Hulu Ads

Besides a feature-rich adblocker that works with Hulu, you can also block ads on Hulu differently. The most viable Hulu ad skipper tricks are:

#1 – Use two tabs

You can avoid ads on Hulu by using two tabs at a time. Keep switching tabs, and you will be able to skip the ads. But this is too tiring.

The steps are:

  • Open Hulu in one tab and start watching live TV.
  • Now, open the same program (or the same Hulu video) in the second tab and mute it fast forward to the content in the second tab before 1st ad plays.
  • Once this is done, go to the first tab and watch content until 1st ad shows up.
  • Switch the tab and stream until the next ad shows.
  • Repeat.

Use two tabs - Hulu adblock

#2 – Try reloading the Hulu Program page

The average ad length on Hulu is 3 minutes, which is too much.

3-minute long ads waste resources and time. You can shorten the ads on Hulu by reloading the Program page of Hulu.

To use this Hulu ad-blocking trick, check the ad duration in the Ad section in the upper right corner.

When an ad is too long, reload the program. This time, the ad duration will be less.

#3 – Try ad-blocking browsers

There are browsers like Brave and Tor to reduce ad annoyance while streaming on Hulu.

Unlike Google Chrome, these browsers don’t keep online activity logs and prevent tracking. Hence, ad annoyance will be significantly less. Only video-embedded ads will be players as you watch your favorite shows or movies on Hulu.

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#4 – Try web filtering

You can block ads on Hulu if you know how to do web filtering. Many cutting-edge web routers come with built-in web filtering capabilities. Such browsers will block the ad-filled websites and services.

Try web filtering - Hulu adlocking

When done on Hulu, web filtering will help you block the ads on Hulu. You need to enter the router-setting menu to make it work. In the router setting, look for the Web Filtering option. Add the below-mentioned domain details to the web filtering option.

Save the done setting changes and restart the router. This domain is responsible for most of the Hulu ads traffic. As you have blocked it, you are likely to see fewer ads. Restart your router after this and stream on Hulu. You will likely get to see fewer ads. It is the standard process of blocking ads on Hulu with web filtering. But, steps might vary according to the router type and setting.

#5 – Try Hulu Premium to block ads

Lastly, we recommend Hulu Premium. It is an ad-free tier of Hulu – a sure-shot way to remove Hulu ads.

Using this tier, you can enjoy an ad-free streaming experience at an added cost. You don’t have to do anything extra to eliminate the Hulu ads.

Besides an ad-free experience, Hulu Premium provides a wide range of features and facilities. However, you need to be ready to spend a great deal of money to use this ad skipper. The monthly expenses with Hulu No Ads are $12.99. But, with this subscription, you can’t skip ads on live TV.

Here is a quick overview of the pricing of this Hulu ad blocker.


Monthly Price

Are there Ads?




Hulu (No Ads)



Hulu + Live TV



Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV


No ads in Hulu content, but there are ads when you watch Live TV.

Is Hulu No Ads Worth It?

The Hulu ad blocker free version is highly troublesome. This is why people think that investing in Hulu No Ads can be useful for blocking Hulu ads. But, this paid version of Hulu Adblocker also disappoints because it doesn’t justify the price and fails to block ads completely.

Here are a few limitations for Hulu No Ads:

  • You can block video ads only on Hulu-specific content. There may still be some shows or movies that include ads due to licensing agreements with content providers. This way, you can only experience very limited usability with Hulu ad blocker solutions because most of the Hulu content is from big entertainment studios like Walt Disney or Fox.
  • There is only a handful of Hulu content that you can effectively block.
  • If you subscribe to Hulu + Live TV, you will still see ads during live TV broadcasts. Hulu subscribers with Hulu No Ads subscription can only lock video ads and on-demand content.
  • While a great quantity of video ads are removed with the No Ads subscription, there may still be some video ads included in certain types of content, such as movie trailers or promotional material for other Hulu shows and favorite movies.
  • You won’t be able to reduce the ads disturbance on cloud DVR recordings with the Hulu ad blocker, No Ads version, because the ads of these recordings are the same as ads during live TV. So, annoying ads will be there to bother you. But, you fast-forward them.

Clearly, the offering of Hulu No Ads is very limited, and you can’t use it on any of your favorite streaming websites except for completely blocking video ads. You need something advanced for an ad-free viewing experience.

Total Adblock is a better choice to make when you wish to install Hulu ad blocker.

Investing money in this ad blocker will pay off well because the ad blocker does a great job of blocking ads on the Hulu streaming service with more perfection. It has a dedicated browser extension for various browsers.

So, install Hulu ad blocker extension by Total Adblock in a fraction of a second and block annoying ads on Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other streaming services.

What to Do if Your Hulu (No Ads) Still Has Ads?

Paid the amount for the Hulu ad blocker and still deal with annoying ads? Well, here are the possible fixes that you can try to block Hulu ads.

If you are still seeing Hulu ads on all the streaming content, it is possible that there was an issue with your subscription or that it has expired. Check the validity and make sure the subscription is working fine.

You need to check whether you’re accessing content that is available for ad blocking. Not every content works with a Hulu ad blocker. Hulu clearly says that some of the ads will still be there if an ad blocker is there.

At times, too much saved cache and cookies can stop Hulu ad blocker extensions from performing as they should. Try cleaning your cache and cookies and logging in to Hulu ad blocker once you have gained access.

Make sure that only one ad blocker is working at a time. Two Hulu ad blocker tools won’t work simultaneously.


Hulu, without ads, is very addictive and has content that can keep you glued to the screen for hours. However, Hulu, with ads, is precisely the opposite of this. It’s a headache, and adware might break into your device.

In this Hulu adblocker guide, we explained what differences the best ad blockers for Hulu can make on your streaming experience. Total Adblocker is a consider-worthy choice as it blocks ads on Hulu, does effective web filtering, works with Google Chrome, and lets you watch Hulu without disruptions.

We also shared other ways to block ads on Hulu. Check them out as well, as they all are viable.

Try all these ways to share your experience with us.

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What is the best Hulu ad blocker?

Total Adblock is the best adblocker for Hulu as it’s easy to use, comes with dedicated browser extensions, and works for other streaming platforms. No heavy setup and configuration are required to get started with Total Adblocker.

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