The Internet Health Test: What is It and How to Perform It?

Just as we humans have to look after our health to enjoy life and live longer, it’s wise to pay attention to internet health if you don’t want to wait for a page to reload or a video to play. Better internet health makes your browsing experience seamless.

What Is A Healthy Internet, And How Can You Test It?

A healthy internet refers to having internet access that is not limited in terms of speed or control. The user is granted complete freedom while being present online. However, such internet access rarely exists. Mostly, the browsing experience is limited with the help of throttling. It is tough to determine whether the internet you’re using is healthy.

One must take an Internet connection Health Test or speed test to figure this out.

There are tech-infused online tools you may find out by trying keywords like ‘test my internet health’ to find reliable ones quickly.

These tools are designed to calculate multiple metrics like speed, connection availability, and so on to determine how healthy the internet service is. With them, you can also figure out the presence of bandwidth throttling imposed by the ISP.

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Why Is the Internet Health Test Important?

Awareness of performing Internet Health Tests increases the credibility of Internet delivery. The more people will take the test, the more compelled ISPs will be to provide a better internet experience.

The content will be offered without restrictions, speed will be greatly intensified, and browsing will be without ads. Performing an Internet Health Test allows end-users to ensure they are getting everything for what they are paying.

What Is Net Neutrality And How to Detect Its Violations?

Net Neutrality refers to the idea of using the internet and offering content without any restrictions and blocking. Both internet services should be offered like that, paid or free. However, ISPs rarely adhere to this practice.

Some of the most common activities blocked by ISPs include the use of P2P services, video streaming, and tethering applications.

If you want to maximize your internet service, you need to determine the intensity of net neutrality. The Internet Health Test does this job. It helps you determine whether the ISP’s interconnections are congested with multiple other networks.

Here, by other networks, we mean networks used for hosting famous services and content. The congestion of Open internet interconnection is a significant issue these days as most ISPs use it as a tactic to fetch more subscribers and payments from different service providers.

Not only is the content accessibility restricted, but the speed is also below the standard. Because of this, end-users fail to get most of the invested amount.

The more frequently this test is performed, the more data will be collected on interconnection congestions. This data will help Battle For The Net and Net Neutrality supporters spot the intensity of congestion and force ISPs to provide a better internet experience.

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How to Improve Your Browsing Experience?

We all want to have a fantastic browsing experience where every piece of content is easily accessible and the speed is impressive. However, such an experience exists only in dreams, which shatter immediately as soon as you try out the internet connection stability test for your connection. 

Thinking about how to test the stability of the internet connection?

Well, the health test can also test internet connection stability. And if it’s terrible, we have some viable tips to improve your current browsing experience and make it near to top-notch.

  • The router is the route that the internet connection takes to reach you. If there is any issue with the router, then your browsing experience will indeed be ruined. Ensure you’re using an updated router and placing it at an appropriate location, free from any restrictions.
  • Allowing cookies cuts down the time to access a website or content that has been browsed previously. Suppose privacy is not much of a concern, grant access to cookies and enjoy better speed and accuracy.
  • Pop-up ads consume bytes and slow down the internet speed. They also kill the browser. So, if you don’t want any nuisance, block pop-up ads.
  • To ensure that your Wi-Fi has extended reach and is accessible from a long distance, we suggest using a Wi-Fi extender. It will boost the Wi-Fi router’s reach and speed.
  • If the cache storage is full, your device and browser will crash, degrading your internet experience. So, don’t let it be full.


You’re paying for internet services, and ISPs don’t have the right to stop you from making the most of your invested money. The Internet Speed Health Test can help you check for internet stability. The more people take this test, the better internet services will become. So, test the internet connection stability with the help of the Health Test and make the world a better place.


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Where does the data go?

The data gathered by the Internet Health Test is stored in the public domain. M-Lab, a highly famed network measurement platform designed to manage multiple open-source and reproductive Internet science, manages the domain.

Representatives of Net Neutrality and Battle For The Net can access this data anytime from M-lab and use it as viable evidence for their fight.

How is this different than other speed tests?
What am I supposed to do if it says my connection is slow or inconsistent?


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