ISP Proxies 101 [Updated for 2024 Readers]

Internet security enthusiasts are well aware of the term ‘ISP Proxies’ as they help maintain online secrecy by hiding the real IP address and location. However, it’s going to happen with the best ISP proxies. In this post, a proxy ISP seeker will learn about the significance of ISP proxies, the best options, their strengths & weaknesses, and everything else that’s crucial.

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What Are ISP Proxies?

Starting with the basics is always a good idea, and it helps one have a deeper understanding of the topic or the matter. So, let me explain what ISP proxies are.

Offered to improve online security, ISP proxies are data-server-hosted proxies or intermediate IP addresses that are backed by an ISP or Internet Service Provider network. They are the residential proxies hosted on datacenter. This way, they combine the power of residential and data center proxies. The general IP addresses that we all use are hosted on the devices we use to connect to the internet (like computers and laptops).

ISP proxies are hosted in data centers. This one minor change in the IP address hosting process leads to outcomes such as better speed than residential proxies and improved online secrecy.

Static residential proxy is another name for ISP proxies, as they are residential proxies hosted on the server and have static IP addresses (you may learn how to hide your IP address here).

Static residential proxies became ISP proxies when the sneakerhead community rediscovered the power of static residential proxies in hiding online presence. They started using them to purchase limited edition items.

The ISP proxy is an easy name to remember and use. So, it became more popular.

5 Things to Know About ISP Proxy Servers

  1. ISP or static residential proxies are proxy servers offering IP addresses attached to real-time ISPs. However, offered IP addresses are not attached or hosted over actual devices. Rather, ISP IP addresses are hosted on proxy servers.
  2. As IP addresses are linked with an authentic ISP,  ISP proxies seem genuine and have fewer ban possibilities.
  3. ISP proxies are perfect for private use as they are stable as data center IPs and are secured like static residential proxies.
  4. ISP proxy servers are perfect for maintaining the identity as they don’t rotate.  Hence, you can use them for social media management.
  5. ISP server proxies are often extensive and are charged based on the number of IPs purchased or bandwidth consumed.

Are ISP Proxies Secure and Legal?

Its usage is legally acceptable if you’re not indulged in any illegal activity. Its security entirely depends on the type of ISP proxy provider in use.

Most of the best providers use high-end protocols like HTTPS and SOCKS5 and military-grade encryption. Such ISP proxies are entirely safe to use. But security isn’t guaranteed when you use a run-of-the-mill ISP proxy that lacks protocols and encryption. Hence, the right choice is what matters the most.

How Do ISP Proxies Work?

Now that you’ve gained a basic understanding of ISP proxies, let’s begin by learning about their modus operandi.

When it comes to the operations of ISP proxies, they hardly differ from those of the customary proxy server. Similarly, an ISP proxy also forwards the connection requests from end-users using a different IP address (learn how to change your IP address here).

The actual IP address and location of end users are concealed with ISP proxies. Hence, when the connection request is accepted or carried forward, the website or internet world identifies the end-user as per the ISP proxy detail, not as per the actual IP address.

ISP proxies operate by leveraging the consumer ISP’s ASNs, a unique number that helps identify the owner of a specific IP address. This process keeps the involvement of end-users’ internet connection discreet, ensuring a secure and private browsing experience.

How Do ISP Proxies Differ From Other Types of Proxies?

ISP proxies are categorized based on different factors like price, the protocol used, rotation, exclusivity, and other factors. ISP proxies are one type out of many. So, before you think of using ISP proxies, it’s crucial to understand their key differences and similarities with other key types of proxies.

Note: Here, our key focus is finding differences between residential, ISP, and data center proxies, as all these proxy types are most widespread and interrelated.

ISP v/s Datacenter ISPs

Datacenter proxies get the IP addresses from servers hosted at centers and are not linked with any device in real time. They are best known for their high speed and low cost. They are generated in bulk by cloud servers. But they are easy to detect. One can easily find out that one is using a data center ISP.

Compared to ISP proxies, data centers have higher speeds but lower anonymity. ISP proxies are hard to spot as they are linked with real-time devices at a real-time location.

As far as price is concerned, data center proxies are picket-friendly as they are created in bulk. ISP proxies are dedicated proxies created slowly and steadily. Hence, they are costly.

Speaking of similarities, they both are hosted at data centers.

ISP v/s Residential Proxies

These two terms are most confusing as one is a part of the other. By definition, residential proxies are provided by ISPs and are linked with a home user. The end-user is defined and easy to spot. They are associated with the physical address/details of the end-users. By knowing the residential IP address, one can easily determine where the end-user resides and which device s/he is using.

Internet service providers also offer ISP proxies. This is the similarity that both proxies share. However, ISP proxies differ from residential proxies in terms of end-user involvement. There is no involvement of the end-users. One can’t find out who the actual end-user is and the user’s location. That’s how the secrecy is maintained.

While residential proxies are hosted on the end-user device, ISP proxies are hosted in the data center.

Residential proxies are offered in abundance, while ISP proxies are limited. In a nutshell, ISP proxies are a middle path between data centers and residential proxies and bring the best of both worlds (you can mask your IP with this easy guide).

Pressed for time, and want to understand which one is better out of ISP, residential, and datacenter proxies?  This table will help you.





Ban Rate

Low to Medium

Medium to High

Low to Medium

Proxy Generation








Data Consumption









As set by a Proxy Provider



Why Should People Use ISP Proxies?

When used in the proper way or manner, ISP proxies can prove highly beneficial and help an end-user get rid of multiple hassles. Here is the list of benefits that ISP proxies bring along with them.

  1. As ISP proxies run on data centers, not end-user devices, speed is better as data centers use 1Gbps or even faster lines. When such a high-speed resource is at the back, response time becomes quick, and the connection is established faster.
  2. ISP proxies have high uptime.
  3. ISP proxies offer an optional rotation facility because of back-connect servers. So, one can rotate them as per the need of hours.
  4. ISP proxies are known for better anonymity as they are backed by consumer ISPs and look legitimate in the eyes of the internet/website. It improves the security mechanism that is solely based on IP reputation.
  5. With some smart moves, an ISP proxy user can save a huge amount of money while enjoying unlimited bandwidth. It’s because ISP proxies have full control over individual ISPs, and they don’t charge end-users based on the consumed traffic.
  6. If you need to get involved in sneaker copping or shopping for any limited–edition items, get an ISP proxy, especially a residential proxy, as they are fast and hard to detect.
  7. Get yourself the best ISP proxy if you want to experience quick and hassle-free data scraping, as it will help you get the job done quickly and secretly.

Use Cases of ISP Proxies

Because of their unmatched qualities like ISP proxies like blazing speed, high uptime, and low ban rate, ISP proxies are a preferred choice for many mission-critical workflows like:

Web Scraping

Businesses need customer data available on the internet to learn about market size, business performance, customer reviews, and other key details. For this, web scraping is required, which is the process of analyzing the HTML code so that relative data is easily extracted.

To carry out scraping at a large scale, businesses need an expanded online presence and ISP proxy servers can make it happen. Users can have different proxies to gain a real-time online presence. They can easily build a web scraping bot with ISP proxies and scrape data in abundance.

As ISP proxies look more genuine and have ISP-provided IP addresses, they have fewer possibilities of being blocked. Hence, businesses can continue scraping without any break or stop.

Extensive SEO monitoring

For a business, doing well on the SEO front is equally important.  Enterprises have to score high SEO rankings to get noticed by the targeted audience. ISP proxy servers help businesses do extensive SEO monitoring that involves tracking the performance of the website, articles, content, and other factors that decide the SEO rank.

With ISP proxies, you can maintain the connection anonymity as you perform SEO monitoring. It’s of great help you avoid the ban during the process. Search Engines are smart and keep an eye on the activities of every IP address. If they find one IP address frequently visiting one website page, they will block that address. ISP proxies can help you keep this ban at bay as you can switch IP addresses and hide your activities.

Ad Verification

For effective marketing, businesses have to measure the performance of marketing and ad campaigns in real time. Ad verification is one of the many ways to test marketing outcomes.  It involves tracking metrics like how the ad is displayed on various sites, how frequently it’s displayed, and whether or not it’s reaching the right audience.

Accessing more and more websites is part of the process, and ISP proxies can help you carry on with this job without any ban or restrictions.

Social Media Monitoring

As Social Media is now an indispensable part of business marketing strategies, businesses need to make sure that they have an impressive social media presence as well.

Social media monitoring helps businesses understand how well a brand performs in social media, the target audience, content performance, and other performance metrics. Businesses can maintain multiple social media accounts and improve their social media presence.

Alternative data collection

It is a budding form of data collection that involves collecting data from out-of-ordinary resources to assist investors and financial managers. Businesses can use ISP proxies to collect data from invoices, cash receipts, sensors, purchase orders, web data, and so on.

You can build a web-scraping tool with an ISP proxy to collect such data and convert the data to any required format. The collected alternative data is further used to make investment predictions, decide the stock performance, and design multiple investment plans.

What Is the Best ISP Proxy Provider?

Businesses can use ISP proxies for multiple purposes like improving online presence and scraping data at larger. With reliable and workable ISP proxies, possibilities are endless. As the market is flooded with options, it’s not an easy task to find the best ISP proxy provider. And after thorough analysis, we found Bright Data to be the best one.

All About Bright Data – The Best Option for ISP Proxies

Bright Data proxy homepage

Bright Data brings a lot to the table. If you know how to make most ISP proxies, then you’ll be glad to have Bright Data by your side, as more than 110,000 ISP proxies are available. If you’re having a tough time handling proxies, its proxy manager has your back. You can’t afford to ignore it.

Formally known as Luminati Proxy Network, Bright Data stands second in the list because it delivers quality service and all types of ISP proxies. Here, there is no dearth of ISP proxies as its proxy pool features more than 100K IP addresses. Such a huge number of IP addresses indicates that the service provider has been in the industry for a very long time.

When I searched about it, I learned that Bright Data came in 2014 at the hands of an Israeli organization. Back then, it was known as the Luminati Proxy Network.

BrightData Top residential proxy IP locations

Proxies available

With Bright Data, you’ll have no shortage of proxies as you’ll get data center, mobile, shared, ISP, and residential proxies.

In addition, there are two proxy-based tools, Data Unblocker and Search Engine Crawler. These tools are best known for their 100% data-returning success rate. If you’re having trouble deciding which proxy is best for your intention, use the Proxy Waterfall feature of Bright Data. Based on the task defined, it’ll help you pick the most suitable proxy type.

ISP Proxies of Bright Data

Bright Data offers an extensive ISP proxy pool with impressive geographic coverage, offering stable and 100% compliant proxies. As all of its proxies are 100% ethically sourced, you will have fewer possibilities of being banned. You can maintain the online identity throughout the scraping process as you get a stable IP address that does not rotate frequently.

There is a dedicated Control Panel and APIs to manage your ISP proxies. You can use BrighData’s proxies for purposes like ad verification, quality assurance, accessing blocked websites, and many more.

You have three plan choices to make for ISP proxies. You can have shared ISP proxies according to Pay Per Usage and Pay Per IP basis.  The third choice is to get dedicated IP addresses for dedicated domains.

You have a Chrome browser extension that allows you to use ISP proxies directly from the browser. You can select the country and number of proxies per connection while scraping the web or running searches.

With Customized DNS, it’s easy for ISP proxy users to share the extension access without handing over the login details.

Using ISP proxies of Bright Data is easy. You can log in to your account and access ISP proxies. Select the zone and countries to get started. You can customize ISP proxies in multiple ways, such as limiting the zones or adding specific domains.

One is allowed to create various zones with customized settings.  Up to 50 zones are free, and additional zones are chargeable. The cost per IP address of IPS proxies is $0.50/Month.

Features and other factors

Bright Data has been in this industry for a very long and is known for its ample features and facilities. For instance, you’ve got an API feature to help you manage the proxy servers.

There is a Google Chrome extension offered. I checked its functionality and was impressed with the customization that this tool brings to the table. One can define the proxy preference based on multiple factors.

For hard-core proxy users, you’ve Proxy Manager. All your proxy networks can be managed from one place.

Its dashboard supports languages: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. You won’t be disappointed when its live chat support is concerned as it’s highly responsive.

With a 7-day trial and 3-day refund facility, it’s worth trying.

Key Statistics

Locations: All countries in the world
Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GB
Cost: Starts from $500 monthly for 40GB
Customer Support – 24/7
Protocols Supported – HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5
Rating – 9.5/10


  • It offers all sorts of proxies and a wide range of IP addresses
  • Impressive interface
  • Amazing proxy control


  • It comes with a high cost.
  • One has to comply with strict KYC compliance before becoming a customer

Try BrightData Here >

Concluding words

ISP proxies are the hybrid of residential and data center proxies and are here to make the internet browsing experience better than ever. They are utterly secure and are known for improved speed. If you get it from a trusted source, you’re going to have an amazing browsing experience.

In the post, we mentioned the top ISP proxy providers that deserve your attention in 2024 and beyond. Try them, and I am certain that you won’t be disappointed at all. Besides the above, you may also try AT&T or Sprint ІSP proxies for your high-end needs.

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