ISP Proxies 101 [Updated for 2023 Readers]

Internet security enthusiasts are well aware of the term ‘ISP Proxies’ as they help maintain online secrecy by hiding the real IP address and location. However, it’s going to happen with the best ISP proxies. In this post, a proxy ISP seeker will learn about the significance of ISP proxies, the best options, their strengths & weaknesses, and everything else that’s crucial.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Review of Top ISP Proxies

Though we have reviewed every top ISP proxy in detail, not everyone is up for in-depth information in this busy world. For those who are pressed for time, here’s a quick overview:

  • SOAX

Considering the price and features, I have no qualms to admit that SOAX deserves all your attention. ISP proxies seekers across the world can use this ISP provider and can enjoy decent speed and advanced security. Its scalable plan brings the best ROI. I am sure you will not be disappointed with it.

  • Bright Data

Bright Data brings a lot to the table. If you know how to make most ISP proxies, then you’ll be glad to have Bright Data by your side. More than 110,000 ISP proxies are available. If you’re having a tough time handling proxies, its proxy manager has your back. You can’t afford to ignore it.

  • Blazing SEO

With features like a free trial and unlimited bandwidth, Blazing SEO has made itself ultra-lucrative. Its usage is 100% legal and seamless. So, even if you’re new to ISP proxy usage, there is nothing to worry about. For all your queries and concerns, there is a team to assist. All in all, it’s a great deal to make.

  • OxyLabs

The claims of the OxyLabs to offer a 99.2% success rate and 0.6s proxy speed is indeed true and is what forces me to suggest it without any doubt. It justifies its cost with ample features and intelligent web scraping technology. The use of CAPTCHA handling and adaptive HTML parsing has certainly helped it gain an edge over others. Go and get it today.

What Are ISP Proxies? Are They Secure And Legal?

Starting with the basics is always a good idea, and it helps one have a deeper understanding of the topic or concerning the matter. So, let me explain what ISP proxies are.

Offered to improve online security, ISP proxies are data-server-hosted proxies or intermediate IP addresses that are backed by an ISP or Internet Service Provider network. They combine the power of residential and data center proxies. The general IP addresses that we all use are hosted on the devices we use for connecting to the internet.

ISP proxies are hosted in data centers. This one minor change in the IP address hosting process leads to outcomes such as better speed than residential proxies and improved online secrecy.

They are often considered the other name for static residential proxies, as ISP proxies are residential proxies hosted on the server and have static IP addresses (you may learn how to hide your IP address here).

In this case, proxy providers need to register a residential IP address over the proxy server hosted in the data center. Static residential proxies became ISP proxies when the sneakerhead community rediscovered the power of static residential proxies in hiding online presence. They started using them to purchase limited edition items.

The ISP proxy is an easy name to remember and use. So, it became more popular. Its usage is legally acceptable if you’re not indulged in any illegal activity. Its security entirely depends on the type of ISP proxy provider in use.

Most of the best providers use high-end protocols like HTTPS and SOCKS5 and military-grade encryption. Such ISP proxies are entirely safe to use. But security isn’t guaranteed when you use a run-of-the-mill ISP proxy that lacks protocols and encryption. Hence, the right choice is what matters the most.

How Do ISP Proxies Work?

Now that you’ve gained a basic understanding of ISP proxies, let’s begin with knowing their modus operandi.

When it comes to the operations of ISP proxies, it hardly differs from the customary proxy server. Similarly, an ISP proxy also forwards the connection requests made by end-users using a different IP address (learn how to change your IP address here).

The actual IP address and location of the end users are concealed with ISP proxies. Hence, when the connection request is accepted or carried forward, the website or internet world identifies the end-user as per the ISP proxy detail, not as per the actual IP address.

For this to happen, ISP proxies take the help of consumer ISP’s ASNs while keeping the involvement of end-users internet connection at bay. Now, if you’re not aware of ASN, it’s the distinct number helping others to learn about the owner of a particular IP address.

How do ISP Proxies Differ From Other Types of Proxies?

ISP proxies are categorized based on different factors like price, the protocol used, rotation, exclusivity, and other factors. ISP proxies are one type out of many. So, before you think of using ISP proxies, it’s crucial to understand the key differences and similarities they share with other key types of proxies.

Note: Here, our key focus is on finding differences between residential, ISP, and data center proxies, as all these proxy types are most widely and interrelatedly.

ISP v/s Datacenter ISPs

Datacenter proxies get the IP addresses from servers hosted at centers and are not linked with any device in real-time. They are best known for their high speed and low cost. They are generated in bulk by cloud servers. But they are easy to detect. One can easily find out that one is using a datacenter ISP.

Compared to ISP proxies, data centers have higher speeds but lower anonymity. ISP proxies are hard to spot as they are linked with real-time devices at a real-time location.

As far as price is concerned, data center proxies are picket friendly as they are created in bulk. ISP proxies are dedicated proxies created slowly and steadily. Hence, they are costly.

Speaking of similarities, they both are hosted at data centers.

ISP v/s Residential Proxies

These two terms are most confusing as one is a part of the other. By definition, residential proxies are provided by ISP and are linked with a home user. The end-user is defined and easy to spot. They are associated with the physical address/details of the end-users. By knowing the residential IP address, one can easily determine where the end-user resides and which device s/he is using.

Internet service providers also offer ISP proxies. This is the similarity that both proxies share. But, ISP proxies differ from residential proxies regarding end-user involvement. There is no involvement of the end-users. One can’t find out who the actual end-user is and the user’s location. That’s how the secrecy is maintained.

While residential proxies are hosted on the end-user device, ISP proxies are hosted in the data center.

Residential proxies are offered in abundance, while ISP proxies are limited. In a nutshell, ISP proxies are a middle path between data centers and residential proxies and bring the best of both worlds (you can mask your IP with this easy guide).

Why Should People Use ISP Proxies?

When used in the proper way or manner, ISP proxies can prove highly beneficial and help an end-user get rid of multiple hassles. Here is the list of benefits that ISP proxies bring along with them.

  • As ISP proxies run on data centers, not on end-user devices, speed is better as data centers use 1Gbps or even faster lines. When such a high-speed resource is at the back, response time becomes quick, and the connection is established faster.
  • ISP proxies have high uptime.
  • ISP proxies offer an optional rotation facility because of back-connect servers. So, one can rotate them as per the need of hours.
  • ISP proxies are known for better anonymity as they are backed by consumer ISPs and look legitimate in the eyes of the internet/website. It improves the security mechanism that is solely based on IP reputation.
  • With some smart moves, an ISP proxy user can save a huge amount of money while enjoying unlimited bandwidth. It’s because ISP proxies have full control over individual ISPs, and they don’t charge end-users based on the consumed traffic.
  • If you need to get involved in sneaker copping or shopping for any limited–edition items, get an ISP proxy, especially a residential proxy, as they are fast and hard to detect.
  • Get yourself the best ISP proxy if you want to experience quick and hassle-free data scraping, as it will help you get the job done quickly and secretly.

What Are The Best ISP Proxy Providers?

Considering the benefits and significance of ISP proxies, it’s hard to stay away from this beneficial technology. However, you must get the best ISP proxies. Without reliable and workable ISP proxies, it’s not easy to enjoy the claimed benefits. So, making a wise choice is imperative here. But, as the market is flooded with options, it’s not an easy task for the buyers.

Well, don’t worry! I, along with my team, did extensive research on the most reliable and famous ISP proxies in the market, checked their promised utilities, and figured out whether or not they are worthy of your trust and money. So, let’s find out what I learned during my research.

1 – Bright Data

Bright Data proxy homepage

Formally known as Luminati Proxy Network, Bright Data stands second in the list because it delivers quality service and all types of ISP proxies. Here, there is no dearth of ISP proxies as its proxy pool features more than 100K IP addresses. Such a huge number of IP addresses indicates that the service provider has been in the industry for a very long time.

When I searched about it, I learned that Bright Data came in 2014 at the hands of an Israeli organization. Back then, it was known as Luminati Proxy Network.

Proxies available

With Bright Data, you’ll have no shortage of proxies as you’ll get data center, mobile, shared, ISP, and residential proxies.

In addition, there are two proxy-based tools, Data Unblocker and Search Engine Crawler. These tools are best known for their 100% data-returning success rate. If you’re having trouble deciding which proxy is best for your intention, use the Proxy Waterfall feature of Bright Data. Based on the task defined, it’ll help you pick the most suitable proxy type.

Features and other factors

Bright Data has been in this industry for a very long and is known for its ample features and facilities. For instance, you’ve got an API feature to help you manage the proxy servers.

There is a Google Chrome extension offered. I checked its functionality and was impressed with the customization that this tool brings to the table. One can define the proxy preference based on multiple factors.

For hard-core proxy users, you’ve Proxy Manager. All your proxy networks can be managed from one place.

Its dashboard supports languages: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. You won’t be disappointed when its live chat support is concerned as it’s highly responsive.

With a 7-day trial and 3-day refund facility, it’s worth trying.

Key Statistics

Locations: All countries in the world
Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GB
Cost: Starts from $500 monthly for 40GB
Customer Support – 24/7
Protocols Supported – HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5
Rating – 9.5/10


  • It offers all sorts of proxies and a wide range of IP addresses
  • Impressive interface
  • Amazing proxy control


  • It comes with a high cost.
  • One has to comply with strict KYC compliance before becoming a customer.

BrightData Website

2 – SOAX

SOAX proxy homepage

Probably the best ISP proxies provider, SOAX is a well-known name in the industry when one needs to get residential and mobile proxies. The best part is that one gets utterly flexible ISP proxies, and end users can get ISP proxies as per country, city, ISP, and region. No wonder why this ISP provider has been 4.8/5 by Trust Pilot and awarded as Discovery of the Year 2021 by Proxyway.

Proxies available

When it comes to ISP proxies offered, SOAX has ample to offer. One can get residential, mobile, and data center proxies with this ISP proxy provider. When I checked its residential ISP proxies, I was impressed with its offerings. You’ve got the freedom to choose from 5 million residential proxies packed with features like ISP-level targeting and routing logic.

The same goes for mobile proxies. Datacenter proxies are yet to go live. But, as per the website, one will enjoy facilities like zero IP block and routing logic with data center proxies.

Features and other factors

One of the most notable features to recognize here is that 8.5 million IPs of SOAX are only residential proxies. Its mobile and data center proxies are not included in this number.

SOAX proxies rotate automatically to ensure that end-users always get the best reliability. In addition, you’ll get static IPs using its Node functionality. This feature is considered worthy because a node-based IP address remains the same during the entire process. But this facility isn’t promoted online. I get to learn about it via its customer support. You need to specify that you need static IPs.

SOAX has an impressive profile as both the HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols are supported regarding security. Both are high-end protocols and are known to offer unmatched security. It also deploys military-grade encryption for data encryption. Hence, security isn’t compromised at all.

While you use SOAX as an ISP proxy provider, you’ll have the facility to use multiple ports. This ISP provider supports as many as 600 ports. However, note that a port can only handle a maximum of 30 requests per second. So, I would suggest using the port accordingly. I once had an overloading issue, because of which I want to learn to process new requests.

Its’ website comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface. Even if you’re a first-timer, you won’t have hassles and hurdles in using ISP proxies, as detailed tutorials and assistance are offered by SOAX. As such abundance is offered, one can use city, country, and ANS-based filtering features to filter the ISP proxies and get the exact match to your requirements.

While I was impressed most of the time with SOAX’s performance, the missing extensions and app support were bothering me greatly. I think it’s high time that this ISP proxies provider must start working in a direction. All in all, it’s a trustworthy ISP service provider.

Key Statistics

IP Pool Size: Over 8.5 million
Locations: All countries in the world
Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 8GB
Cost: $99 monthly for 8GB
Customer Support – 24/7
Protocols Supported – HTTPS and SOCKS5
Rating – 9.8/10


  • 100% whitelisted IP addresses
  • No usage limitations enforced
  • A maximum of 600 ports are supported
  • Custom ISP proxies are available
  • Ample technical support offered


  • There is no extension or app support offered

3 – Blazing SEO

Blazing SEO proxy homepage

If you’re interested in US-based static residential IP addresses, nothing can beat the performance of Blazing SEO. It provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited connection facilities on its ISP proxies.

Even though it’s a new entrant in the ISP proxy market, it impressed me and many others with its impressive offerings. It’s considered the best ISP proxy provider in the US, as it offers better control and customization facilities. Recently, it started showing ISP proxies for the UK and German locations as well.

What impresses me the most is the declaration that this ISP service provider made on the website regarding the ethical resourcing of the ISP proxies. When I paid attention to this, I learned that Blazing SEO doesn’t procure ISP proxies from any third-party service provider. The company owns itself-owned hardware to maintain security and performance.

Proxies available

As per the website, the ISP proxies of this service provider have fewer ban possibilities. With ISP proxies, you get residential, data center, and mobile proxies. Among ISP proxies, you get rotational ISP proxies as well. These are easy to manage as compared to their rotating counterparts.

Features and other factors

Even though it’s not very long since Bright SEO came into being, still, this ISP provider has managed to offer decent features. For instance, you have instant API access. You can download the latest proxy list and make need-based customizations in the IP address. With API, it’s easy to get need-based IP addresses.

To use and control all the ISP proxies used, you get a highly intuitive dashboard that is super-easy to use.

It will bring critical data from all the ISP proxies to a unified place and make control and management more effortless.

There is a Pass Authorization process used for IP and user authentication. This ensures that no unauthorized and unverified user uses the ISP proxies.

A 2-day free trial facility is offered as well. So, go ahead and make your bet on this ISP service provider without any fear.

Key Statistics

Locations: US
Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
Bandwidth Allowed: Not disclosed
Cost: Starts from $5.00 per IP
Customer Support – 24/7
Protocols Supported – HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5
Rating – 9/10


  • Secured ISP proxies for the UK, the US, and German regions
  • Free trial
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Unmanaged IP distribution system

4 – OxyLabs

OxyLabs proxy homepage

Primarily famous as residential proxies, OxyLabs has recently started selling ISP proxies. And I must admit that this Lithuanian proxy provider is also doing a great job on this front. Its main focus is on offering ISP and other types of proxies to businesses. Hence, high-priced and higher bandwidth subscriptions are offered. For personal use, it would be very costly.

Proxies available

OxyLabs is a leading ISP proxy provider. It offers static or non-rotational ISP proxies to its end users. As far as its database of ISP proxies is concerned, it houses more than 100,000 static residential proxies.

The best part about its ISP proxies is that they come directly from the ISP. There is no role of the third-party service provider. Its ISP proxies remain online and don’t require manual rotation. As far as my research goes, most of the ISP proxies are from US regions.

In addition to this, you get more than 2 million data center proxies and a wide range of shared residential IP addresses.

Features and other factors

OxyLabs is a technically sound ISP proxy provider and offers 3 high-end web scraping APIs. Each one serves a different purpose. For instance, SERP Scraper API is useful for search engines, while Web Scraper API can be used to scrape any other website. Lastly, you have the E-commerce Scraper API useful for e-commerce web scraping.

These web-scraping tools are built using the NextGen Residential proxies and are very easy to use. As these tools are packed with anti-CAPTCHA mechanisms and run on JavaScript, high performance and 100% delivery are certain.

The ISP proxy provider helps end-users sort out the proxy requirements by offering proxy filtering based on country, city, and ASN.

There is an impressive and easy third-party integration facility offered. Using the integration, one can easily customize the ISP proxies.

It comes with a 3-days money-back guarantee. Everything seems fine, as the service provider claims to offer 99.9% uptime. It deserves a try for sure.

Key Statistics

Locations: Global, present in 185+ countries
Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
Bandwidth Allowed: Not disclosed
Cost: Starts from $300 per month
Customer Support – 24/7 and account manager
Protocols Supported – HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5
Rating – 8.8/10


  • Wide range of ISPs
  • Easy interface


  • Chat support needs improvement

Concluding words

ISP proxies are the hybrid of residential and data center proxies and are here to make the internet browsing experience better than ever. They are utterly secure and are known for improved speed. If you get it from a trusted source, you’re going to have an amazing browsing experience.

In the post, we mentioned the top ISP proxies providers that deserve your attention in 2023 and beyond. Try them and I am certain that you won’t be disappointed at all. Besides the above, you may also try AT&T or Sprint ІSP proxies for your high-end needs.

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