Oxylabs Proxy Service Review 2024 – Recommended or not Recommended?!

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Oxylabs is one of the most premium proxy service providers that offers inventive proxy solutions for various processes like web scraping, data collection, and many more. The claims are enormous and sometimes sound too true to believe.

In this detailed Oxylabs review, you will be able to learn about the authenticity of these claims. Read it before you plan to use Oxylabs proxies.

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Key Oxylabs Statistics to Know

  • Countries Covered – 195
  • Residential proxy pool – Over 100 million
  • Datacenter proxy pool – Over 2 million
  • Shared Datacenter proxy pool – Over 29K
  • Language Supported – Chinese and English
  • Types of Proxies – Datacenter, shared datacenter, dedicated datacenter, residential, static residential, SOCKS5, mobile, and rotating ISP proxies
  • IP Rotation – Each session and sticky session
  • Free Trial – 7 days
  • Refund Policy – 7 days
  • Jurisdiction – Lithuania
  • Oxylabs API –Web Scraper

Oxylabs Proxy Overview

Oxylabs is a Lithuania-based proxy provider that provides a wide range of proxies, web crawlers, web unblockers, Proxy rotators, Proxy Chrome Extensions, and Proxy Managers. This proxy provider is best known for its huge IP pool and secure IP addresses.

Oxylabs Overview

The proxy services of Oxylabs find applications in web scraping, search engine scraping, SEO auditing, ad verification, and email protection, most commonly.

According to the Oxylabs website, all the IP addresses are ethically sourced, highly compliant, and made available under strict obligations.

It’s far better than run-of-the-mill proxy providers, as IP addresses are obtained only from certified and upstream providers. All the Oxylabs pricing plans are even insured by Lloyds and Cyber insurance. Hence, quality service is certain.

Oxylabs Proxy Usage & Services

The proxy solutions of Oxylabs are extensive and the best in the market. We tested all these proxy solutions and will now educate you about their functioning.

Residential Proxies

Oxylabs provides wide residential proxy networks that are stable and easy to use. As verified, ISPs offer these proxies, so IP bans are very unlikely.

We used them to bypass city and state-level geo-restriction and operated without any bans and Captcha. The proxy network is spread over 195 countries and can access blocked websites anywhere.

What we liked the most about Oxylabs’s residential proxy solution is that there is no need to pay if concurrent sessions are more than the recommended limit because it supports unlimited concurrent sessions. This way, web scraping is easy to scale through its proxy servers.

While testing the Oxylabs residential proxies, we experienced an incredible speed of 0.06 seconds. This better speed is possible because a reliable proxy infrastructure supports them.

Shared Datacenter Proxies

With over 29,000 shared IP address pool, Oxylabs offers a reliable shared datacenter proxy service that you can use to scrap web data at multiple geo-locations. We know that shared datacenter proxies locations are not as comprehensive as residential proxies are. Only 15 locations are covered, and this is what Oxylabs should fix ASAP.

The service is backed with an automatic proxy rotation that allows us to get a new IP address for every new request. As it supports sticky sessions, you can reuse the IPs for various requests as long as your session is active. You can create unlimited concurrent connections and manage multiple sub-users from the dedicated account manager.

Oxylabs - Shared Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

You can choose dedicated datacenter proxies from an extensive proxy pool of 2 million proxies. The dedicated datacenter proxy network of Oxylabs covers 188 locations and offers 780 subnets. As inventive protocols like SOCKS5, HTTPS, and HTTP are supported, secured web scraping is certain.

We experienced stable performance and high uptime with these proxies. As there are no bandwidth limits, we can scrape as much data as you want.

What’s worth mentioning here is the impressive integration that you tend to enjoy with these proxies. They are easy to integrate with IP address management tools and browser extensions.

The outstanding developer resource support by Oxylabs allows you to scrape the web with endless possibilities (tools for web scraping).

Oxylabs - Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Mobile Proxies

Get ready to enjoy a wide pool of mobile proxies that you can use to unblock geo-restricted sites without facing any IP block or IP ban. With automatic IP rotation, you will get a new set of IP addresses with every new request. You can filter the IP address according to ASN and countries.

Getting started and using mobile proxies is easy as these mobile proxies are well integrated and can be managed by a single endpoint. Without importing proxy lists, you can use pre-checked mobile proxies. The mobile proxies are backed by automatic mobile IP rotation and are compatible with 3G, 4G and 5G.

SOCKS5 Proxies

Not every proxy provider offers SOCKS5 proxies. But Oxylabs does, which gives it an edge over its peers.

You can enjoy a vast pool of premium proxies perfect for traffic-intensive tasks. With unlimited bandwidth, domains, and concurrent sessions, these proxies are worth a try.

These proxies are helpful when HTTP proxies are insufficient to handle your web scraping requirements. These proxies let you use a UDP connection to ease the scraping of video streaming sites, live calls, and other videos.

Rotating ISP Oxylabs Proxies

You can easily trust Oxylabs when you need reliable rotating ISP proxies. They let you enjoy the benefits of residential and datacenter IPs in one go and perform real-time web scraping at high speed.

These proxies have a longer session time. We could scrape for over 2 hours without connection breaks or connection errors. This connection stability is excellent and can help continue scraping without any glitches.

Static Residential Proxies

Lastly, we have a static residential proxy solution of Oxylabs to discuss. These proxies combine the offerings of datacenter and residential IPs to make human-like scraping possible. These are highly anonymous proxies with impressive premium features.

You can choose from a 100K+ static IP proxy pool and gather public data from the most rigid and challenging targets. The average uptime is 99.9%, and protocol support includes HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS5 protocols.

Key Features to Enjoy

One main reason behind the massive popularity of Oxylabs is its wide range of features. Let’s review all of them.

  • Unlimited bandwidth and concurrent sessions so you can scrape as much as you want without any added charges.
  • The extensive geo-targeting feature allows accessing geo-restricted content according to country, city, and state. Multiple locations are covered.
  • There are no restrictions on concurrent sessions. For instance, you won’t pay extra, either. Just do what you need to do, and Oxylabs should be able to cope.
  • It offers unlimited subnets – As many as 1000 proxies and subnets.
  • You can authenticate the proxy access using the username and password to avoid misuse of proxies.
  • The structured data is accessible in CSV and JSON file format.
  • There is extensive knowledgebase to help you at every step. It features enough FAQs, tutorials, and developer resources to guide you.
  • As soon as you avail of the proxy services of Oxylabs, you will have a dedicated account manager at your service. You will get instant replies to your queries and concerns.

Considering all these, we have no problem admitting that Oxylabs is a feature-rich service provider. All these features are super easy to use and beginner-friendly. So, you don’t have to hesitate.

Free Trial and Refund Policy of Oxylabs

Oxylabs provides a limited period free trial and refund policy. Both these facilities are offered within 7 days of purchase. This limited period is because of the increasing number of fraudsters. People end up using services by availing of free trials. To avail of the 7-day free trial feature, you must contact the team using a contact form. The refund policy is seamless.

Using Oxylabs Proxy

To start using this proxy provider, you first have to complete the sign-up process, which is easy.

  • Use your email address to begin the registration process.

Oxylabs - the registration process

  • To complete the registration process, provide basic details like name, surname, and contact details.

Oxylabs - registration

  • Provide inputs related to your uses of Oxylabs. For instance, explain why you need proxy services and how you will use them.

inputs related to Oxylabs uses

  • Once the registration process is completed, email verification is required.

Oxylabs - email verification

  • The signup process will be completed as you click the link in the verification email.

Oxylabs - click the link in the verification email

  • Registration is done, and you can now use Oxylabs as you prefer.

Oxylabs - choose product

  • Access the Dashboard to track all your proxies, documentation, support, and other features.

Oxylabs dashboard

Resources and Support

It seems Oxylabs understands its responsibility towards its users and provides the best possible help and support. Regarding developer resources, you can enjoy extensive documentation, detailed FAQs, Quick Start guides, and GitHub community support to help you out.

There is a live chat feature, which is bot-based. It could be improved, as chatbots often provide irrelevant resolutions. We tested the chatbot support.

Oxylabs chat

As we selected Chat Now, the bot replied to us this.

Oxylabs - a chat bot

Soon, a human agent replaced the chatbot, as the proxy provider claimed. The response was prompt.

Oxylabs - a human agent support

Also, only email-based support seems a little outdated.

Other Tools and Products

Oxylabs is more than a proxy provider. It’s an inventive data scraping solution offering a wide range of services, such as:

Web Unblocker

The web unblocker tools of Oxylabs are easy-to-use tools to access public data from restricted sites and targets.

Oxylabs - Web Unblocker

You will only pay for successfully extracted data. Hence, not a single penny will be wasted on this. The tool is backed with advanced AI and ML to bypass the most stubborn geo-restrictions and anti-bot systems. As IPs are rotational, you won’t get blocked and will always have a high connection time.

Everything that can help in human-like scraping is offered by this tool. For instance, advanced fingerprinting technology will automatically pick suitable headers, cookies, and JavaScript rendering. This way, you won’t have to deal with CAPTCHA and will always get reliable results.

As it uses a simple back-connect proxy, it will become compatible with all your current codes and infrastructure.

Oxy Proxy Extension

With the Oxy Proxy Extension tool, you can enjoy one-click proxy management over a single click. The Oxylabs Chrome extension is a free tool that will help you manage all your proxies from browsers.

It works well as a proxy provider of your choice and uses all the available resources with a one-click setup.

Oxy Proxy Extension

Oxy Proxy Manager App

To make sure you don’t get lost in such a vast pool of IP addresses, Oxylabs provides an inventive Oxy Proxy Manager app for Android devices. It works with all the proxies and provides you with a comprehensive platform to manage your proxy usage. A one-click connection lets you access all the proxy sessions and switch between multiple IPs.

Oxy Proxy Manager App

The best part is that no rooting is required to use this app. It’s a 100% legit app you can download from the Google Play Store. The app set-up is easy and is compatible with all the leading Android versions. The tool is free. Yes, no hidden costs are there to pay.

You can manage an unlimited number of proxies with this tool. It supports light-dark mode so that you can use the app according to your mood. It’s a lightweight tool and won’t consume much phone space. It works with all the leading proxy providers.

Oxylabs - a proxy list

Price and Subscriptions

Multiple subscriptions are offered to cater to diverse needs. For instance, you will have 4 subscriptions for residential proxies.

Oxylabs - subscription options

The cost for Shared datacenter proxies is also diverse.

Oxylabs - the costing for Shared datacenter proxies

Regarding payment methods, you can use PayPal, Visa, and many other means.

Oxylabs - payment methods

Try Oxylabs here >

Oxylabs Review Verdict

As the review revealed, Oxylabs is worth a try and is an excellent proxy service to own by small businesses, freelancers, enterprises, and other professionals. Though it does not offer the cheapest residential proxy plans, all of its proxy solutions are the best in the market and feature superior quality offerings. We strongly recommend Oxylabs for reliable proxy services.

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