Residential Proxy Guide 2024 – Everything That You Must Know

Considering the surged number of cybersecurity dangers, online protection measures have become essential. Gladly, there is no dearth of cybersecurity solutions. You have VPNs, antivirus software, firewalls, and many other things.

A Proxy network is one of the most preferred ways to improve your standing on the cybersecurity front. As they are of many kinds and each acts differently, not many of us are comfortable using them. In this guide, we will explain an essential type of network: The residential proxy network.

Pay attention to the post and learn how a proxy server can make the internet secure for you. Let’s start with grasping the basic meaning of residential proxy.

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What Is a Residential Proxy?

This type of proxy network replaces the existing IP address with a proxy ISP-based IP address. As the replaced IP address is linked with a physical location, far away from your actual location, it’s not easy for a hacker to track your actual presence.

The residential proxy network’s IP addresses seem genuine. Websites or security tools used by the website do not block them. The reason is that it also won’t make you look like a bot, as the IP addresses supplied will be linked with an actual data-driven device. Because of all these traits, residential proxies help you hide the real-time presence of the end user and reduce the dangers.

It further has two categories – static and rotational residential proxy.

Static residential IP addresses are a middle path between residential and data center IPs, as they are data center proxies that are not created in the data center. Instead, they are associated with an ISP. With this trait, it maintains the fast speed of data center proxies and unmatched security of residential addresses.

Rotating residential proxy networks constantly changes the IP addresses and makes IP address tracking impossible. You get a new IP address whenever you start a new connection. While it seems a boon if you don’t want to get tracked, it increases your blocking and banned possibilities, as frequent IP address changes will make you look like a robot.

Are Residential Proxies Legal?

Having this thought in your mind is undeniable as you’re hiding the real-time information with dummy information.

As far as the legality of residential proxy is concerned, it depends on its usage. Using it to improve your internet security standing is not a crime. But, if you’re performing unethical data scraping, using it to access copyright content, or stealing data, you’re a culprit in the eyes of the law. We highly recommend checking what your country’s law says on data scraping and accessing copyright material before actually using a residential proxy.

How Does Residential Proxy Differ From Other Kinds of Proxies?

As mentioned above, the residential proxy is one of many kinds of proxy networks. But, it is more popular than other options because it surpasses its peers on multiple fronts.

Datacenter proxies are offered in bulk, but they fail to match the viability of residential proxies. Because data center proxies provide mechanical IP addresses and are designed in data centers, proxy server detectors soon spot their presence and block them.

Residential proxies provide IP addresses associated with actual devices and locations, giving a more human-like feel. So, blocking isn’t an issue with residential proxies.

Mobile proxies are also highly famous as they are optimized for mobile devices. But they only work when you have SIM-based internet connectivity. So, connectivity will be a massive issue if you’re at a location where your ISP has a weak presence.

Residential proxies can work over any Wi-Fi connection. So you will have extensive connectivity. When it comes to blocking, mobile proxies have the upper hand. The best use cases of mobile proxies are social media account monitoring and content localization. Residential proxy has wider use cases as they are helpful for web scraping, SEO optimization, e-commerce store management, and various other jobs.

Famous Use Cases of Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are users’ preferences in certain cases, such as:

  • Doing ad verification

One key aspect of advertisement strategy is ensuring the ad is in the right place and presented properly. The organization runs scripts and tests the ad’s display in real time to check it. A residential proxy is preferred here as it can cover multiple locations and protect you against cyber criminals.

  • CAPTCHA-free internet access

Doing CAPTCHA verification again and again is annoying and causes hindrances. In case you’re using a bot and don’t want it to get hindered because of CAPTCHA, buy a residential proxy, especially rotating residential proxies, as it will give your bot a human touch.

  • Scrap the web easily

Everyone is doing web scraping these days. With this, it’s easy to accumulate public data and use it further for SEO analysis, digital marketing, market research, and many other things. Get the best residential proxy and do web scraping without blocking and restrictions.

  • Have multiple accounts

Those who need to have multiple social media or e-commerce accounts must use residential proxies as they make numerous account management and generation possible. Even if one person creates a bulk account over a single device and platform, there won’t be any hassle.

  • Sneaker scalping

Residential proxies are very famous in the sneakerheads community as they let them grab a limited deal quickly. You can make bulk purchases as it helps you have multiple real-time IP addresses.

  • Do real-time SEO Monitoring

SEO agencies buy residential proxies to scrape Google, Microsoft Bing, Firefox, and multiple other search engines. It’s done to find trending keywords, keep track of position changes, and keep an eye on the competitors.

  • E-commerce business management

With the help of residential proxies, it’s easy to manage an e-commerce business residential proxy as it assists in trending product finding, price fluctuation, product positioning, and various other tasks.

Pros and Cons of Residential Proxies


Residential proxies are mixed bags with a fair share of pros and cons. Before you buy residential proxies, you need to know both these aspects well in advance. Have a look at the pros first.

  • Residential proxies easily bypass proxy detection tools. As residential proxies are attached to actual devices and have connections with real-time locations, proxy detectors cannot detect their presence.
  • With the best residential proxy service provider, you don’t have any shortage of IP addresses.
  • Residential proxies feature flexible API settings that create different profiles for different geo websites.
  • Residential proxies are useful in accurate geo-targeting.
  • They can work with mobile and desktops with the same ease and perfection.
  • Their usage is simple, and first-time users won’t have trouble getting started.


We wish residential proxies could all gain no pain, but they are not. They have certain cons as well.

  • Residential proxies are unstable, so your connection tends to break frequently.
  • Avoid a residential proxy if you’re looking for a dedicated IP address. In this case, IP addresses keep changing.
  • As a residential proxy server user, be ready to pay for traffic volume separately.
  • If considering the cost, residential proxies are a pocket-pinching option.

How Do Residential Proxies Work?

Speaking of the modus operandi of residential proxies, it’s simple and similar to any other proxy server. It is placed between the server and the customer and is responsible for internet traffic routing.

It replaces the actual IP address of the user with a different but real-time IP address linked with a device. This way, the real online presence of the end-users remains hidden.

To start using this, you need to take the help of backconnect gateway servers with similar IP addresses. There is a probability that DNS will replace the IP address, but that doesn’t make the installation more different.

You need to enter the IP address to back-connect the server software. From there, the gateway server will get IP address details automatically. Keep note of the fact that the IP address rotation will not change the server. The original server will remain the same.

In case multiple connections are required, you only need to ping the server again and again. Servers can hold a specific IP address long and establish continuous connections using altered ports.

How to Get a Residential Proxy?

If you’re convinced with the features and facilities offered by residential proxy, it’s time to find out how to get it. Well, getting residential proxies isn’t a challenging task, as there are multiple online service providers.

You must pick the best residential proxy service provider and forward your request. Based on your requirements, you’ll be able to get a quality option in no time. While you plan to buy a residential proxy, you must ensure that taking the free route will cost you more than you can ever imagine.

A free residential proxy provider can rarely provide quality services. You ought to experience data theft, poor speed, fewer IP addresses, insufficient technical support, and other hassles with most free options. So, it’s better to stay away from this option.

With online paid providers, there is nothing to worry about, as you can get custom solutions. When setup is concerned, not many technical competencies are required. The process is easy. The best residential proxy providers offering device-based solutions usually have a one-step installation procedure.

Best 5 Residential Proxy Server Providers

Considering the wider use cases and copious benefits, it’s evident that there’s a deeper penetration of residential proxies in the world of cybersecurity. When you decide to use it, make sure you take the help of the only trusted market player.

Gladly, there is no dearth of options. However, only a few service providers maintain the quality and excellence needed while using residential proxies.

Here, we present the top 5 proxy service providers that deserve your money and trust.

1 – Bright Data (Luminati)


Previously known as Luminati, Bright Data is a name to trust, as this service provider will help you have over 40 million residential IP addresses without hassle. Being in the market since 2014 makes it a trusted name to bank upon. Along with residential proxies, you can also get data center and mobile IP addresses. This makes it a perfect choice for people with diverse proxy network needs.

It comes with a 7-day trial that will help you use most of its features (in case you want to try premium VPNs – Top 7 Free VPN Trials That Are Worth Your Time in 2024). The trial gains an edge by giving end-users the confidence to try it without hesitations. However, you must understand that it’s not for beginners. It offers certain upscale programming features that are very useful. So, if you want to make the most of your investments, you should be a programmer.


  • The speed drop with residential proxies isn’t a matter of concern as it maintains speedy consistency.
  • The technical support is worth noting, it can fix any basic and advanced technology glitch with remote assistance.
  • Compared with others, residential proxies from BrightData will have the highest uptime. It’s observed that the network time is nearly 99.9% with this option.
  • It offers a dedicated proxy manager to help you keep tabs on your proxy usage, change settings, and control the usage types.


You can’t use it until manual account activation is complete.

Rating & Reviews

We checked BrightData’s company profile on Trust Pilot to learn the public’s opinion of this proxy provider.

More than five hundred people have provided feedback and talked about the proxy pool, unlimited bandwidth, and other features. Mostly, people are happy with its premium residential proxies.

BrightData - a Trustpilot review

Bright Data is so strategically offering its residential and datacenter IPs that businesses and students from every background are able to make the most of its proxy pool.

BrightData - a Trustpilot comment

It is indeed a reputable provider.

The world is going ga-ga over BrightData because it’s certainly better than many other cheap residential proxies. TechRadar rates it 4/5.

BrightData - a TechRadar Verdict

Verdict by VPNWelt

It’s an advanced residential proxy provider designed for professional programmers. Its network server is extensive and offers ample options. If you don’t want to get involved in proxy usage management, this is the right choice, as its interactive dashboard will clarify everything. It’s worth a try.

Get the Best Deal on BrightData

2 – Smartproxy

Smartproxy logo

Are you looking for an affordable deal without compromising on quality? Try Smartproxy, as this residential proxy server provider offers over 10 million residential IP addresses at over 190 locations at $75 per month.

It’s a great deal to make, as all its IP addresses feature 995 uptime, uninterrupted speed, and unmatched security. Its ability to create multiple parallel connections that add up to the speed makes it stand out from the crowd. Hence, speed drop isn’t that much annoying with this service provider.

You can buy residential proxies from SmartProxy when you need unlimited connections, as this proxy provider can do so.


  • Provides both residential rotating proxy and static proxy IP addresses
  • Tracks the proxy usage even for sub-users
  • Enjoy dedicated social media proxies for effective social media marketing
  • Various authentication methods


  • Lacks free trial facility
  • The advanced SOCKS5 protocol isn’t supported.

Rating & Reviews

We searched Trustpilot extensively to find out what people are saying about SmartProxy. Many users found it reliable.

Smartproxy - a Trustpilot review

But, few are dissatisfied with its performance. We came across one user who was not happy with its Pay as You Go model. Well, this is something we also felt. It seems like this model is misleading and charges you more.

Smartproxy - a Trustpilot comment

It scores 3.5 ratings at TechRadar.

Smartproxy - a TechRadar Verdict

Another user on the internet appreciated Smartproxy as it could help him buy limited edition shoes without fail, confirming that the proxy server is reliable.


Ditch a free residential proxy provider and use SmartProxy, as it’s a cost-optimized option to try. Even though the SOCKS5 protocol isn’t there, its security features are amazing. It can effectively conceal your online presence. But, no static or residential proxy free trial feature can bother a few. Still, it deserves a try.

Get the Best Deal on SmartProxy

3 – Oxylabs

Oxylabs logo

With an average 0.6-second connection speed, OxyLabs is winning people’s hearts. The proxy provider permits you to search IP addresses as per the locations. It seems so genuine that it can easily bypass IP blocking and CAPTCHA. With extensive proxy usage, this service provides a jump-in for help by permitting unlimited concurrent sessions.

During the testing, we learned that its IP address pool features more than 100 million IP addresses. With a wide pool, you’ve got a higher exploration chance. Geo-blocking won’t be an issue with such an IP pool. For first-time users, it provides detailed developer documentation to make it easy to start.


  • Provide default support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS 4/5 protocols
  • Compatible with scraping bots
  • Offers multiple session control features
  • Public API for proxy management
  • Easy proxy subscription management


  • Refund isn’t entertained despite the high cost
  • Rating and Reviews

Review & Ratings

We started our search by finding its feedback on Trust Pilot.

Oxylabs - a Trustpilot review

This user is happy with its customer support team. The same is the feedback of another user.

Oxylabs - a Trustpilot comment

Considering this, it’s very clear that OxyLabs’s customer support team is dependable and will help you get access to blocked websites even if you have never worked with ethically sourced proxies.


OxyLabs provides a 7-day trial to try its advanced features. It misses the refund feature, but it provides such extensive features that hardly any refund is required.

Get the Best Deal on OxyLabs

4 – Proxy Seller



Proxy Seller is winning proxy users’ hearts because of its extensive subnet network. Its subnet network features over 900 subnets and 350 networks. With such an extensive network, it’s hard to miss it.

This service provider caters to every end-user group. Whether you need residential proxies for personal or commercial usage, it can provide customized solutions that promise to deliver the maximum possible ROI. Even though its usefulness is seamless, there is effective technical support to offer.

Its technical support is available around the clock with full ease and perfection.


  • Assorted user control panel with ample features
  • All kinds of payment methods are supported
  • Permits using coupons to save a huge deal of money on a long-term subscription
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connection


  • Lacks reliable technical support

Reviews & Ratings

A user on Trustpilot confirmed that she received the ordered proxies almost instantly. The experience was great too.

Proxy Seller - a Trustpilot review

And this is how Trust Pilot itself rates Proxy Seller and its services.

Proxy Seller TrustPilot Review


For limited and pre-defined requirements, Proxy Seller is worth a try. The service provider is security conscious and offers IPv4 and IPv6 support. Making payments is not a tough task; it accepts multiple payment options such as PayPal, credit card VISA / Mastercard, Bitcoin, Skrill, Alipay, etc. Things could have been better with a free trial option. Still, it’s far better than many cheap residential proxies.

Get the Best Deal on Proxy-Seller

5 – Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy logo

Lastly, we have Smart DNS Proxy to offer. It’s a package deal, as the proxy servers of these service providers also work as a VPN. Praised by leading media giants like Forbes, Techno, TechGuru, and many more, Smart DNS Proxy can bypass certain geo-restrictions easily.

It’s highly compatible and can work with devices like mobile, computers, routers, and home theater systems. In short, you enjoy a secure connection on every device. Its setup is simple, and detailed guides are offered on the website. Even if a few complications exist, you can contact the technical team and enjoy a quick fix.

When it comes to security, it’s hard to beat what Smart DNS Proxy is offering. It encrypts the traffic and secures the internet connection with advanced protocols like L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN.


  • Can support unlimited devices at a time
  • A smart dashboard that helps you monitor proxy usage from a unified place
  • It supports streaming and can easily unblock Netflix (Netflix VPN), Hulu (Hulu VPN), BBC iPlayer, and various other streaming platforms (Free streaming platforms)


  • The live help desk fails to provide an exact resolution.

Ratings & Reviews

A few are very angry, as you can see.

Smart DNS Proxy - a negative comment on Trustpilot

However, we were impressed with the number of reviews that are present on TrustPilot about Smart DNS Proxy, as they were a lot. People are happy with its tech support. Most of them got immediate help.

Smart DNS Proxy - a positive comment on Trustpilot

But, not every Smart DNS Proxy user is happy with its complex configuration for rotating proxies.

Smart DNS Proxy configuration - a Trustpilot comment


Enjoy the double power of proxy and VPN at an affordable cost. But things can get complicated if you’re a skilled user.

Get the Best Deal on Smart DNS

How to Select a Reliable Residential Proxy?

If you want to experience a seamless experience with a residential proxy, you need to make sure that you have made the right choice, and to make the right choice, pay attention to the below-mentioned factors.

Check the proxy pool network and server coverage

Your residential proxy service experience hugely depends on how wide is the proxy pool of the service provider you’re going to use. The wider the proxy pool network, the more opportunities you will have.

Also, you need to make sure that the proxy servers are placed strategically so that you will enjoy worldwide coverage. This information helps find the residential proxies for the preferred locations.

BrightData Top residential proxy IP locations

Bright Data has done a great job on this front. It has explained the proxy details on all 195 locations.

From this table, you can find out how many residential proxy IP addresses are available in a country. If this information is clearly mentioned, then you should try that service provider.

Guidance and technical support

Proxy server setup requires a huge deal of manual configuration, and if you’re not technically sound, the complex configuration of residential or other servers can confuse you a lot. This is why you need reliable tech support and detailed guidance.

You can test customer support before making any payment. The best practice to adopt here is to use customer support during the free trial period.

Guides and tutorials are available on the website. You can gather this information from there. Conduct enough research on this part, as many users end up ditching an advanced proxy provider just because of poor customer support.

Make a Close Price Comparison

If you’re not a one-time residential proxy user, then you need to check the prices.

Most of the proxy providers offer pocket-friendly long-term subscriptions. Gather the pricing details of all the proxy services and compare them. Pick the one that fits your budget.

Payment Methods

You need to check the payment methods the proxy provider is offering. The more payment options you have, the better the payment flexibility will be. If you want to keep your residential proxy usage a secret, you should go with a service provider offering payment via cryptocurrencies.

Keep these facts in mind; you will mostly have your hands on a reputable proxy provider.

How Much Do Residential Proxies Cost?

Learning about the expenses involved in using residential proxies is important so that you can know whether or not you can afford this technology.

Well, the cost of residential proxies depends on multiple factors like the IP pool, number of proxies offered, server network in state and city, how much the proxy is charging per GB, and many other factors.

While reviewing all these proxy providers, we learned that the cost of residential proxies could be anywhere between $1 and $20 per GB.

Proxy Provider

Pay As Go





Bright Data





Not Disclosed


$12.5/GB for 1 GB

$80/month for 8GB (Regular)

$225 GB/month for 25 GB (Starter)

$400/month for 50 GB

$700/month for 100GB (Advanced)







Smart DNS Proxy

$5.90 (Monthly)

$15.58 for 3 months

$48.14 for 12 months

$59.47 for 24 months

$200 for a lifetime

Proxy Seller

$0.16 for 5 pieces (Monthly)

$5.50 for 50 pieces (Monthly)

$40 for 500 pieces (Monthly)

$120 for 2000 pieces (Monthly)

$250 for 5000 pieces (Monthly)

If you’re using proxies regularly, going for long-term payment plans is perfect, as you will save huge amounts this way.

Let’s understand this with the help of Bright Data’s residential proxy plans. If you go with its Pay as You Go subscription, you have to pay $15 per GB. You can enjoy the same features and even more flexibility if you go with a Starter subscription at $11.25/GB. Clearly, you will save $4.

Go with an Advanced+ subscription and save more because this charges you $9.75 per GB. Clearly, long-term usage of residential proxies is more pocket-friendly.

While estimating the expenses, you need to understand that the final cost depends on city-level targeting and dedicated IP addresses that you will avail.

Setting up Residential Proxy On Different Devices

Private residential proxies are here to make your internet presence safe and sound. But this will only happen when you complete its setup perfectly. Here is a quick proxy setup guide. We took SmartProxy as an example. The setup process is more or less the same as any other private residential proxy provider.

Setup on Android

android blue icon

  1. Go to the Settings section and select Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap on the existing Wi-Fi connection and select the Modify Network option.
  3. Go To Advanced> Manual.
  4. Change the proxy settings as required and enter the proxy port and hostname you get with the SmartProxy subscription.
  5. Save the newly entered details.
  6. Check the new proxy settings and verify their functioning.

Setup on Windows

windows logo blue

  • Start by going to Change Proxy Settings > Manual Proxy Setup. Check whether Use a Proxy Server is on.
  • Provide accurate Address and Port details of SmartProxy and Save new details.

Setup on Chrome

chrome blue logo

  • Go to Google Chrome > Settings > Advanced > System
  • Once you reach the System section, access the computer’s proxy setting section and enter the SmartProxy residential proxy details.

Setup on MacOS


If you want to set up SmartProxy on macOS, follow the first step explained in the Chrome setup.

Once you access the proxy details, edit by changing the URL mentioned in the Address field:

  • Provide accurate SmartProxy username and password
  • Save the details and start using the proxy

Setup for D-Link Router

D-Link Router

By setting up a proxy on the router, you can protect the entire network, which is a great relief. Here is how you can set up a private residential proxy on the router.

  • Go to Router Administration and provide accurate login credentials.
  • Once you access the dashboard, click on Manual Internet Connection Setup or the WAN option.
  • Provide DNS Server details with the SmartProxy residential proxy details and save the newly entered information.
  • Press the OK button, and you’re good to go.

Residential IP Proxies vs. Datacenter IP Proxies

When the concept of using proxy came into being, the very first two choices we had to obtain new IP addresses were residential IP proxies and the data center. Even though both proxies can hide the real IP address of the user, they have different mechanisms and various other differences.

Residential proxies use rotating IP addresses, are more secure, and have wider use cases. On the other hand, data center proxies provide a static IP address, don’t feature much encryption, are more pocket-friendly than residential proxies, and have limited use cases.

Let’s understand more about residential v/s datacenter IP proxies.

  • Authenticity: As residential IP proxies are offered by real-time ISP providers, they look more authentic and genuine. If you’re getting it from trusted resources, you can even have the same IP address when connected with a proxy. Datacenter proxies are created in bulk in the data centers. Hence, some overlapping is obvious. Because of this, data center proxies look more mechanical and less actual.
  • Blocking possibility: You are less likely to be banned if you use residential proxies as they look more authentic. Datacenter IP proxies are more likely to be banned or blocked.
  • Cost: You have to spend more when you’re using residential proxies because these proxies are hard to maintain and procure. Datacenter IP proxies are affordable compared to residential proxies.
  • Security: Residential IP proxies are more secure than data center IP proxies as they don’t leave any footprints or traces.

Pressed for time? Don’t worry! We have this table for you.


Residential IP Proxy

Datacenter IP Proxy


Expensive as only a limited quantity is available

Pocket-friendly as they are created in bulk


Offered by authenticated ISPs

Created by cloud providers in the datacenters

Use cases

As they are more secure and have less blocking possibility, people use them for ad verification, review monitoring, and gathering a large amount of public data.

Datacenter proxies are useful for market research, email marketing, and accessing geo-restricted content


More unique as each IP address is different, like a phone number

Less unique, as IP addresses will have minor variations


More secure as IP addresses are unique, look more authentic, and leave no traces

Less secure as IP addresses look similar and are easy to detect


The future is all about strengthening online security and improving your digital footprints. Residential proxies are of great help when your aim is getting rid of geo-restriction, concealing actual IP addresses, and having access to multiple IP addresses. With residential proxy IP addresses, these aims are effectively achieved. 

Try the above-mentioned options when you need private residential proxies. All these options have already earned a huge reputation in the industry for providing quality services. With them, you’re going to enjoy the best ROI.

Learn more about how to improve your cybersecurity:


Are residential proxies good?

Yes, residential proxies are suitable for online privacy and security, provided you use the best residential proxies. As they are linked with the real device and specific location, they look more genuine and authentic. This makes it impossible for proxy detectors to track them.

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