Smart DNS Proxy Review – Read This Before Buying the Proxy Service

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Smart DNS Proxy, a Global Stealth Inc. privacy brand, is in vast global demand because of its excellent unblocking services. It combines the power of DNS and VPN, and it’s a huge plus point for this service provider.

Its claims are very impressive. But you need to verify whether all these claims are valid or just a bluff. Read this extensive Smart DNS proxy review to find the truth.

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Smart DNS Proxy Statistics to Know

  • Free Trial – 14 Days
  • Anonymity – 100%
  • Services Supported – 400+
  • Device Access – Unlimited access
  • Simultaneous connections – 5
  • Encryption support – PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN
  • Customer support – 24*7
  • Language support – English, Turkish, Polish, and Polish
  • Streaming platform unblocking – Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Peacock TV, and many more
  • App Support – macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers

Smart DNS Proxy Overview

Smart DNS Proxy is a mix of VPN and proxy services and is a great way to unblock streaming services and gaming websites. It also provides a Smart DNS service that is great for streaming. The proxy service provider has good geo-location coverage and allows users to access this tool on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices using native apps.

Smart DNS Proxy homepage

It also provides routers and Linux app support, which is great, as these devices improve streaming. It features a great network of streaming and P2P servers at affordable costs.

Its server network is limited and is spread over 37 countries. However, the good thing about it is that even rare locations like Nepal and Mozambique are covered.

Compared to leading VPN providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, the server network is tiny and must be fixed.

If you’re using its proxy services, you need to understand that it helps you access blocked websites by changing the DNS of the device. When trying to access a blocked site, the proxy server of Smart DNS Proxy routes your traffic to the server located elsewhere. So, your traffic now appears to be coming from a different location, which helps unblock websites.

The Key Smart DNS Proxy Features

Smart DNS Proxy is a feature-rich proxy and VPN service provider. Loads of features are there to enjoy. Let’s get familiar with the key features.

Simultaneous device support

As far as simultaneous device support is concerned, it can work on 5 devices simultaneously. The app setup is simple, and the service provider offers enough introductory support.

While using Smart DNS Proxy on all the devices, you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth as unlimited bandwidth is offered. So, you can stream and torrent as much as you want.

Encrypted connection

Smart DNS Proxy ensures your traffic and connection are completely secure with its support for PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN encryption. Your data is protected, giving you peace of mind.

Great streaming and torrenting capabilities

Whether you use its Smart DNS Proxy or VPN, you will have no hassles accessing geo-restricted streaming websites like Amazon Prime Videos, HBO, and many more. However, you will be highly disappointed if you want to unblock Netflix, and Smart DNS Proxy is very clear about it.

You can clearly see the lists of channels it can unblock from the Smart DNS Proxy’s Dashboard, and Netflix is marked as off, which means unblocked.

Smart DNS Proxy - streaming and torrenting capabilities

From that list only, we learned that BBC Free is the only version it can unblock. BBC Paid will remain unblocked. All in all, Smart DNS Proxy works well if you want to unblock streaming websites, as more than 400 geo-restricted channels and websites are accessible with its streaming servers.

Amazing torrenting support

Smart DNS Proxy supports torrenting on all of its servers only if you’re using its VPN service. You also get unlimited bandwidth to download torrent files as much as you want.

Its VPN app does strong encryption and, thus, supports safe torrenting.

Its Windows app has decent filters to find ideal streaming and torrenting servers. Even though the torrenting feature is available on a small server network, the facility is good because you can manually configure the SOCKS5 proxy.

Superb device compatibility

If you’re using the SmartDNS proxy feature of this tool, you get to enjoy superb device compatibility.

With a quick manual setup and configuration process, you can easily use the proxy service on SmartTV, smartphones, media players, computers, routers, and routers. The setup and installation are already effortless. But there are detailed guides to guide you.

Smart DNS Proxy - device compatibility

Regarding device support of the VPN app of Smart DNS Proxy, the device compatibility is not so strong. There is native app support for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. You can easily make manual configuration work on Ubuntu, routers, ChromeOS, and AndroidTV.

Works in China

The Smart DNS service for Smart DNS Proxy works in China, which is excellent. It can easily bypass the Great Firewall of China.

How Secure Is SmartDNSProxy?

Smart DNS Proxy, as it claims to be a VPN service, must offer good encryption. Its proxy service is not security concerned. But its VPN app has some security features to secure your internet connection.

For instance, there are multiple internet protocols, an active kill switch, a wide range of encryption, and protection against DNS leaks. Let’s review the encryption and protocols the SmartDNSProxy offers.

  • PPTP Protocol & AES-128-bit encryption – Even though this feature is present, we won’t recommend using the service because it’s outdated and provides less possible security.
  • L2TP Protocol & AES-256-bit encryption – This provides more security than PPTP and will only work when paired with IPSec. Its setup is straightforward, and there is customer support to help you at every step. You can set it up on all the leading OS and mobile devices. With 256-bit encryption, it’s strong enough to protect the traffic against brute force.
  • IKEv2 Protocol & AES-256-bit encryption – This is the speediest protocol and is best known for its more stable connection. This protocol is also supported by most of the leading OS and works best when used over mobile devices. This protocol is capable of connecting automatically if you switch between networks.
  • SSTP Protocol & 2048-bit encryption – This is the most secure protocol, but it is only offered for Windows.
  • OpenVPN Protocol & 2048-bit encryption – A robust and secure protocol compatible with almost every device. This encryption method is available for all devices and OS. Even though the speed is a little low, it’s still preferred the most because the security is considerable.

How Good Is the Customer Support of Smart DNS Proxy?

We tested the customer support of SmartDNSProxy, and we were impressed. The live chat feature goes active as soon as you visit the Smart DNS Proxy website. There is a Contact Us page where you can leave your queries and concerns.

We left a query about slow internet speed, and we received a reply from EOD, which was a little high. Live chat is better because it’s powered by Zendesk. But you need to provide email details to get started.

Smart DNS Proxy - Live Support

We asked about setting up the proxy and got a referral link immediately. We enquired about residential proxies’ use cases and learned that the site does not offer residential proxies.

The Smart DNS Proxy support via chat

The Smart DNS Proxy support via chat seems utterly honest, which is good.

There is enough support provided related to app installation and setup. You can visit the How to Setup section of the Smart DNS Proxy’s website and select a device to view its setup guide.

Alternatively, you can refer to SmartDNSProxy Setup, VPN and Proxy Setup, and Troubleshooting related content to resolve your queries and concerns.

The Smart DNS Proxy support

Strengths and Weaknesses of SmartDNSProxy

SmartDNSProxy is a mixed bag with enough good things and few restrictions. As you plan to try this service, we suggest you weigh down the pros and cons of this proxy provider. We’re presenting this next for you.

Let’s begin with SmartDNSProxy’s advantages:

  • Its speed is good across all the server locations.
  • The combination of Smart DNS and VPN makes it a great tool to own for streaming services.
  • It supports P2P optimization on many of its servers. Hence, you can enjoy torrenting as well.
  • The connection is 100% anonymous. So, you don’t have to worry about privacy or data leaks as you access geo-restricted streaming and torrenting websites.
  • It works in China, which is a great thing.
  • To avail of its free trial, you don’t have to provide credit card details.

These strengths are good and make it a dependable proxy provider. But, they are not enough to make us forget this proxy provider’s downsides.

  • For instance, a 100% no-log privacy policy is not there. Some data is still logged. The date when VPN services are connected, VPN server location, traffic transferred, and connection time are a few data that this proxy provider will surely log.
  • Even though it claims to have zero IP and DNS leaks, we experienced an inevitable leak.
  • If it claims to have a VPN service provider, it needs to improve its security features since it lacks basic VPN security features such as split tunneling.

How Much Does Smart DNS Proxy Cost?

Smart DNS Proxy offers multiple subscriptions and payment options. Let’s check out the offerings.

  • Monthly: $5.90
  • Three months: $15.58
  • One year: $48.14
  • Two years: $59.47
  • Lifetime: $200

All these subscriptions are offered with a 14-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, you will enjoy ultimate peace of mind regarding your investment.

Smart DNS Proxy - pricing options

It offers various payment choices, such as Visa, Master Card, GPay, Apple Pay, American Express, and PayPal. So you won’t have to face any payment processing issues.

Smart DNS Proxy - payment choices

How to Get Started with SmartDNSProxy?

Smart DNS Proxy offers a very simple and easy Getting Started process that anyone can easily follow. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to complete the signup process. Here is how you can start using the services of Smart DNS Proxy.

Step #1 – Go to the official website of Smart DNS Proxy, and you will see the Login section on the top right side of the page. Click on it to open the login page.

the official website of Smart DNS Proxy

Step #2 – As you are now landing on the Login page, provide the details like name, email, and password for the signup process.

Smart DNS Proxy - the Login page

Step #3 – You will receive the account activation email on the provided email. Go to the email and follow the instructions.

Smart DNS Proxy - the account activation email

Step #4 – Signup is complete as soon as you finish the above-mentioned steps. You will now enter the Smart DNS Proxy Dashboard.

the Dashboard of the Smart DNS Proxy


Step #5 – From the Dashboard, you can track all your services and their usage.

That’s it. Getting started with the Smart DNS Proxy website seems like a piece of cake. It’s improbable that you will face any troubles. If some hassles remain, you can contact customer support and refer to the detailed guides.

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Summing up SmartDNSProxy Review: The Final Verdict

Smart DNS Proxy is a great proxy service provider that will help you unblock gaming and streaming sites. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for a streaming service unblocker. But don’t consider it a dependable service when looking for a VPN.

As a VPN service provider, there is a long way to go for Smart DNS Proxy VPN. It has to fix a few loopholes, such as IP address leaks and logging. But, a free trial facility and affordable cost compel you to try it once. And, if you use it as a Smart DNS tool and streaming unblocker tool, you won’t be disappointed.

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