SmartProxy Review – Is This Proxy Provider Worth a Try?

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The Internet is one of the most dangerous places to be, as cyberattacks are becoming as common as dirt. Proxies are a great way to hide the original IP address and protect online data and presence.

In the world of proxies, SmartProxy is one of the most effortless ways to remain safe and scrape the web. With a 4.7 TrustPilot score, the proxy provider seems promising. But is it that reliable and trustworthy?

To find the answer, check out this detailed SmartProxy review.

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What Is SmartProxy?

SmartProxy is a premium proxy provider offering data center, residential, and dedicated data center IP addresses that people can use to scrape the internet and stay safe. It also provides a reliable no-code scraper with a single-click setup and a Chrome extension.

The service provider offers an extensive IP address database across the world. Its users can access as many as 40 million IP addresses per month from over 195 locations. With its robust and reliable proxy management tools, proxies are no longer a tough job.

SmartProxy homepage

It’s known as a reliable self-service proxy infrastructure offering a wide range of data scraping solutions. As far as its customer base is concerned, over 50K users have already tried it. Its users come from various backgrounds, including Fortune 500 companies and solopreneurs.

The most common usages of this proxy service are web crawling, ad verification, data extraction from social media sites, and sneaker site scraping. In addition, people also use it to hide their IP address so that they can access geo-restricted content and remain safe while online.

Key Features of SmartProxy

After a quick overview of SmartProxy, let’s move to the features the SmartProxy service provider offers.

Wide Range Of Proxies

The best part about SmartProxy is that it offers multiple varieties of proxies so that you can scrape the web in a better way and access the internet the way you want. There are rotating residential proxies, anonymous proxies, residential proxies, datacenter proxies, backconnect proxies, and dedicated datacenter proxies to enjoy as a SmartProxy user.

This way, it addresses a wide range of proxy server requirements and can cater to a vast customer pool.

Access City-Wise Proxies

You can access the proxy of your choice from preferred locations. There are 195+ locations where proxies are located, and you can access preferred servers without any hassles and hurdles.

No Subnets Sharing

The residential proxies of SmartProxy are so smart that they prevent subnetwork sharing. This way, you can easily bypass the IP address bans.

Best IPv4 Addresses

Like any other best VPN service provider, SmartProxy allows you to access reliable IPv4 addresses from a wide range of proxy databases.

Use of HTTP Requests

For every connection request, SmartProxy allows you to access HTTP/HTTPS requests and enjoy the benefits of unlimited connectivity.

Threads Without Any Restrictions

By allowing advanced rotation for every connection, SmartProxy allows its users to access unlimited threads. This way, by using rotating proxies, you can scrape the web as much as you want and automate any workflow.

Traffic Usage Statistics

Wondering how much traffic you’re accessing or scraping? Don’t worry! You get a free traffic report that includes details like average traffic connection time and bandwidth received.

Scraping API

To ease down the web scraping process, SmartProxy offers a wide range of APIs like web scraping API, SERP scraping API, and eCommerce scraping API. These APIs are handy and are ready to help you with a single click.

Money-back Guarantee

You get to enjoy a 3-day money-back guarantee on all of its subscriptions and plans. This money-back guarantee makes you forget the free trial, which is not offered. So, you can try it without fear, as you can reclaim your money if you’re unsatisfied with its performance.

Plan and Pricing of SmartProxy

As we went to the Price and Plan section of SmartProxy, we got to see that it has received the Best Quality-Price Ratio award from Proxyway and Crozdesk.

the Price and Plan section of SmartProxy

Residential Proxies

There are 4 pre-made (1 Pay as You Go plan and 3 regular plans) and one custom-made subscription if you use residential proxies of SmartProxy. All these plans provide sticky sessions (up to 30 minutes) and unlimited threads and connections.

SmartProxy - residential proxy

Datacenter Proxy Plan

The datacenter proxy facility of SmartProxy is praiseworthy as you can access unlimited datacenter proxy IP addresses from 400+ subnetworks. Its pricing is per IP and GB. For per IP address, you need to pay $10 or more per connection, wherein you’re offering worldwide geo-targeting and 30 minutes of sticky sessions.

The datacenter proxy facility of SmartProxy

The per GB plan starts from $30 and lets you access Smart DNS from 100K locations across the US and Europe.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxy Plan

This plan starts from $7.50 and provides features such as 400K US IP addresses, private proxies, and sequential & non-sequential IP addresses.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxy Plan

Whichever subscription you pick, you also have a wide range of payment options. You can choose from options like Alipay, credit cards, PayPal, Smart Wallet, cryptocurrencies, and online wallets.

SmartProxy - payment options

Getting Started with SmartProxy

SmartProxy is a user-friendly tool to use. No manual configuration is required to use any of its services and facilities. To get started, you need to visit the SmartProxy website and log in using a verified email address. You can use a Google account or create a dedicated SmartProxy email to get started.

SmartProxy - create account

Set your password.

SmartProxy - setting a password

Choose the presented options to personalize your experience with SmartProxy.

personalize your experience with SmartProxy

An activation email is sent to your account to help you complete the registration.

SmartProxy - complete the registration

Access the email and do as instructed.

SmartProxy - Access the email

Start using SmartProxy as per your needs and preferences.

Start using SmartProxy

Once the sign-up is complete, you will be directed to Smart Dashboard, where all your activities, features, products, and facilities will be available.

Smart Dashboard

On the left-hand side of the Dashboard, you can access all the products like SmartProxy Chrome extension, Scraper API, residential IP addresses, no code scraper, and many more.

SmartProxy Apps

Other than being a reliable proxy IP address provider, SmartProxy offers a wide range of apps you can use to access internet data better. Let’s review these apps and their viability.

No Code Scraper Extension/Add-on

This is an advanced scraper with minimal manual configuration. It lets you export data in CSV and JSON format and bypass IP bans & Captcha as you scrape the web. With its unique fingerprints galore, you won’t have any hassles in web scraping (these web scraping tools can be helpful as well).

It comes with an inventive task scheduling option to prioritize your desired tasks. With thousands of pre-made scraping templates, scraping is quick.

SmartProxy - No Code Scraper Extension

The scraper extension works well with MacOS and Windows OS. The SmartProxy extension is free and easily accessible from the Chrome Store. The installation is also pretty simple. As we referred to the installation guide, we did not face any hassle completing its setup.

The task-scheduling tool and pre-made scraping templates are worth praise. We managed to process up to 3k connection requests during the trial period.

SmartProxy - scraping templates

In no time, you can automate your entire web scraping process with this inventive No Code Scraper, which demands hardly any manual configuration and is easy to use.

SmartProxy Chrome and Firefox Extension

You can unblock streaming services directly from your Chrome-based device with the SmartProxy Chrome and Firefox extension, a free add-on with every residential and data center proxy subscription. You can access streaming sites on Chrome-driven internet-capable devices with a 2-click setup process.

We loved the dark theme of this extension.

SmartProxy - a dark theme of the extension

We totally love the unique IP addresses that this extension was offering. It’s doing a great job, but it can’t beat the functionality of the VPN server because it won’t work on all devices like Apple TV and gaming consoles.

SmartProxy Chrome Extension

X Browser by the Proxy Service

With a residential proxy plan, you get a Desktop app, X Browser, that enables you to create multiple profiles for web scraping. It provides unlimited unique fingerprints, customized anonymity settings, data sync across devices, and lightning-fast proxy setup.

X Browser is compatible with Windows and macOS. Feature-wise, both versions are fantastic and offer a user-friendly interface.

SmartProxy - X Browser

Address Generator

It is a desktop application that people can use to generate proxy lists in bulk. The application comes with every datacenter and residential proxy plan. The app is so effective that it lets you access or create as many as 49,999 proxy list lines simultaneously. The 3-step setup is quick and smooth.

SmartProxy - Address Generator

Customer Support of SmartProxy

SmartProxy is a customer-oriented proxy service provider, which is not equal to a reliable and encrypted VPN service but is a great way to improve online security. Regarding customer support, you have options like FAQs, tutorials, and live chat features to help you. There are some code examples offered to help you how to scrape the web.

But you need to enter the email details even if you’re logged in. It is a little bit annoying if compared with other proxy providers.

Customer Support Of SmartProxy

As soon as you provide these details, the chatbot becomes active.

LiveChat Of SmartProxy

We inquired about login issues, and we got a pre-set issues list.

LiveChat of SmartProxy - a pre-set issues list

The responses we got were quick, but they appeared very mechanical to us. They missed the human touch.

LiveChat of SmartProxy - responses

Even though most of its apps come with a one-step setup process, the service provider also offers Setup Guides to refer to. So, people won’t have any hassles getting started with SmartProxy. There is a discord community support offered that one can access from SmartDashboard.

Pros and Cons of SmartProxy

After reading all the above text, if you’re convinced that SmartProxy is worth a try, which it is, you need to learn about the pros and cons of this proxy service provider. Let’s discuss the pros first.

  • Wide coverage – As mentioned above, SmartProxy offers 40 million IP addresses from 195 locations. As they are all real residential IP addresses, the chances of being blocked are significantly less.
  • Search engine proxies – This Proxy feature was launched in 2021. It helps you scrape Google Searches.
  • City-level scrapping – With residential proxies of SmartProxy, users can easily do city-based web scrapping.
  • Setup offering – Whether using its proxies or the web scraper, manual setup hassles are not much for SmartProxy users. It makes it useful for beginners.

Despite all these positive points, certain drawbacks come as part and parcel of SmartProxy service. For instance, we found its geo-targeting capabilities are very limited. You can only use this feature in 8 cities.

Its protocol profile could be way better because only HTTP and HTTPS are supported. We miss advanced protocols like SOCKS5 while using SmartProxy.

Even though it has a live chat feature, it’s not as responsive as it should be. We dropped a message, and the reply was not instant.

There is no free trial, which is a huge drawback because people deserve a free trial to check out the real-world viability of a proxy service.

Try SmartProxy here >

Final Verdict

To conclude, we would say that you can try this international proxy provider to improve online security and scrape the web. We were impressed with its high-performing proxies, the wide range of servers, and superb access to geo-targeting streaming services. But if you’re willing to enjoy full-fledged VPN features, SmartProxy is not the one.

There are many better VPN apps that you can use to stay protected and access geo-restricted streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, unblock Netflix and many more. Smart Proxy should start offering a free trial facility so that people can test this service provider.

Nonetheless, we hope this SmartProxy review will help you find out SmartProxy’s functionalities.

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