TeamViewer: A Secure Service for Online Browsing (Is It Though?)

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Anyone seeking a free and safe way to transfer files to other devices and remote points of contact should be aware of TeamViewer, as the tool is used in over 40 million concurrent connections in 200 countries.

Over a single click, the tool lets others peep into your devices from miles away. While there’s no point in raising questions about its utility, we have all the reasons to probe into its security aspects, as TeamViewer VPN is not what it claims.

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What is TeamViewer, and How Does It Work?

Those who don’t know much about TeamViewer need to see that it’s a freemium collaboration tool that helps end-users connect with remote resources such as laptops and desktops without getting tangled in the web of online dangers.

  • As per the recent company reports, there is a significant rise of 28.6% in the number of active monthly devices on TeamViewer.
  • The total number of connections also increased by 25.6%.
  • India is leading the race for TeamViewer customers with over 96,000,000 installations.

One prominent reason behind the massive popularity of TeamViewer is its fantastic compatibility. Almost all desktop computers featuring OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux are compatible with this tool. Speaking of the browser, it works great with Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora Linux. In fact, the rare Debian variant, Raspberry Pi, also gets along with TeamViewer.

It goes the extra mile on the compatibility front by offering a solution for smartphones and tablets. Windows, Android, and iOS-based phones and tablets work well with TeamViewer.

Using the tool, one can efficiently conduct meetings, share files, carry out presentations, and even share the device screen. The tool is also most prominent in remote technical assistance.

Have you ever encountered any technical glitch in your laptop and contacted the customer support team?

If yes, then you probably know what TeamViewer is, as the technical team must have asked you to click on a click so that it can gain access to your device and fix the issue. TeamViewer can allow others to view and operate your devices remotely and perform actions like file download, software update, network setup, etc.

This is just an example. Here is a quick yet crisp view of TeamViewer’s usability.

TeamViewer Capabilities

  • Remote File Sharing

Once the tool is active and ready to help, users can share files of any size with others over a highly encrypted connection. This is useful for those who frequently travel, as TeamViewer’s remote sharing ability frees the user from the need to bring multiple devices along with them.

  • Remote Device Control

TeamViewer is a highly innovative technology that permits end-users to grant admin-like access to third-party resources stationed at any remote location. The only conditions for this are an active connection and TeamViewer installed on both parties.

This is an excellent boon for organizations with an outsourced team that needs continual technical assistance. This tool makes remote troubleshooting possible.

There are other market players in this domain. However, TeamViewer stands out from the crowd because of its unmatched cross-platform functionality. Its functionality is independent of the OS of users’ devices. As long as both devices have TeamViewer installed, remote assistance is possible.

Gaining access to your devices from someone else demands a high level of security. However, TeamViewer’s expense-free aspect is so dominant that people are least bothered to check its security and use it blindly.

  • Remote Document Printing

TeamViewer is one of the most dependable resources for printing documents from anywhere worldwide. All you need to do is link a printer with the computer you’re using and add it as a shared device. Once this is done, you’re all set to print desired documents remotely.

  • Conduct Remote Meetings

TeamViewer comes with a highly functional and easy-to-use video meet feature that sets the teammates free from the need to download a different video-conferencing application.

The tool is equipped with a very functional screen-sharing feature that permits end-users to share the screen and display the presentation, play a video, and even give a demo of a software/application.

While you plan to use TeamViewer for this task, understand that not more than 5 participants can participate in the meeting with its free version.

  • Run software remotely

The remote access feature of the tool is handy for running software remotely and conducting certain functions. This is a great way to enjoy enhanced collaboration and functionality, as one doesn’t need to have the necessary software at one’s disposal.

How To Setup TeamViewer VPN?

After hearing about all the rewards to enjoy with TeamViewer, you might be excited to bring it into action. Well, TeamViewer VPN setup is an easy job and doesn’t demand any specific expertise. Here are the steps to be followed.

Step 1: Get the tool from the official website of TeamViewer. If you need a mobile app, get it from the Play Store and Google App Store. The download is free for every user. As the tool is compact, the download will take only a few seconds.

Step 2: Once the respective solution is downloaded, follow the installation process per the instructions. The process is simple and doesn’t demand much technical expertise.

Step 3: Open the device and connect with other resources to completely set up VPN TeamViewer.

That’s it. Nothing else is required. If you still have difficulties getting started, you can ask for remote assistance, and TeamViewer’s expert will do the job for you. But keep in mind that TeamViewer should be installed on both sides of the collaboration.

How To Use TeamViewer VPN and the Software?

Once you know what is TeamViewer VPN and its installation is done successfully, you need to learn about the ways to use it. As TeamViewer works like a VPN, the first step is to obtain the IP addresses.

For this, one has to go to the Network Sharing Center section of the device and look for the VPN adaptor. Click on it, enter the remote computer ID, and establish a VPN connection.

The other way to make TeamViewer work is to select a remote PC and the desired VPN after logging into the TeamViewer account.

After that, you’re all set to use TeamViewer VPN.

Now, those who are wondering how TeamViewer VPN works must learn that the tool uses a one-on-one connection controlled by a remote connection. Using the connection, the tool finds a VPN with IP addresses. IP addresses are already allotted a specific TeamViewer ID. It’s more like a VLAN and connects devices sharing the same network.


TeamViewer is offered as a freemium tool. Its free version is competent enough for personal use. While you want to collaborate with your friends and family remotely in the least possible hassle, the free version is just the right thing.

In fact, start-ups and small businesses can also go with the free version. Those with more complex commercial needs have three paid versions to pick from.

There are Business, Premium, and Corporate subscriptions. Each one is priced differently and comes with different features.

Business License

This subscription is billed annually at $610.80 and costs $50.60 per month. Only one licensed user can access TeamViewer at the time with this subscription, and a maximum of 10 participants can be joined.

The basic features offered with this subscription are file sharing, secure unattended access, access & control of computers remotely, remote printing for Mac & Windows, cross-platform access, and tech support.

At a time, one concurrent connection is allowed while several managed devices are capped at 200.

Premium License

For multi-users, the viable choice is the Premium License, which is billed annually at $1,234.80 and $102.90 per month. Businesses seeking up to 50 user access at a time can go for this subscription. It supports 10 participants, 15 licensed users, and up to 300 managed devices.

Besides all the Business subscription features, one enjoys an extra number of features that include customized device information and a web client.

Corporate License

As the name suggests, this subscription is for corporations with huge teams. The subscription will cost $206.90 monthly while billed annually at $2,482.80. The subscription is perfect for teams seeking real-time remote collaboration and access, as it supports 25 meeting participants and 200 users. Also, support for up to 500 managed devices is offered.

The subscription provides three concurrent channels and 30 licensed users. As far as features are concerned, all the Premium subscription features are offered along with mass deployment, device access reporting, and third-party integration.

Pros and Cons of TeamViewer VPN

TeamViewer has gained massive popularity at a global level and is undoubtedly a good tool for enjoying seamless remote data sharing. But it’s a mixed bag of pros and cons, and understanding both aspects is crucial.


  • The tool is comparatively easy and very beginner-friendly. So anyone can use it.
  • The free version is far better than one’s expectation. Speed and features are sufficient.
  • The universal compatibility of the tool has expanded its reach. Anyone can bring it into action without sticking to a specific device type.
  • Encryption is strong enough to keep common cyber threats.
  • File transfer is possible across all devices
  • Grants full control over remote devices


  • It’s in no way near to an actual VPN and is not suitable for streaming, torrenting, and complete online anonymity
  • Other than encryption, no other security features are offered
  • Can’t transfer large files
  • Accessing remote access in sleep mode is very difficult

TeamViewer VS VPN? What TeamViewer Can and Can’t Do?

There are certain traits based on which TeamViewer promotes itself as a VPN. For instance, the connection is backed with AES-256-bit encryption. Hence, hackers and threat attackers won’t be able to decode the transferred information. Sensitive data shared remains protected from beginning to end.

But this one quality doesn’t make it a counterpart of a dedicated VPN. It’s a remote desktop protocol with limited VPN functionality. It’s good to view and operate the devices remotely, but it’s not competent to replace the functionality of a VPN.

When we checked the official website of TeamViewer, we found out that the service provider also admits that it’s not like a full-fledged VPN. The best it can do, like a VPN, is to create a secure ecosystem for connecting devices so that file or data sharing can be done without any fear. The virtual network of TeamViewer VPN makes the linked devices think they are all sharing the same network so that remote access and information transfer are possible.

Unlike a traditional VPN, TeamViewer VPN won’t provide random IP addresses, hide the real IP details, unblock restricted content, and support users in P2P file sharing.

TeamViewer VPN v/s Real VPN

To bring you more clarity on this front, let’s compare actual VPN Vs. TeamViewer VPN on some of the key fronts.


Even though TeamViewer VPN is packed with powerful encryption, it can’t beat an actual VPN. For instance, there is no kill switch, multiple security protocols, IP leak protection, and a no-log policy.

A decent and dependable VPN has all these and many more features to make internet browsing safer than ever.


Speed is a major differentiator between actual VPN and TeamViewer VPN. With TeamViewer, speed is inconsistent, and large file transfer is nearly impossible. The worst part is that users don’t have the option to switch or increase the speed. You’ve to make peace with what you have.

This is not the case with a real VPN, as you’ve got substantial server networks to choose from. Even though the speed of a reliable VPN is blazing, one can switch to other servers at any point in time. In some cases, there are too many options. For instance, ExpressVPN has more than 3,000 servers worldwide, while PIA has more than 30,000 servers.


TeamViewer keeps certain logs like IP addresses, user personal details, and types of activities performed. In that case, one can’t expect 100% privacy, and there is always some fear lurking around you of getting caught or tracked. Every time you use TeamViewer VPN, your personal information has an odd chance of being exposed to malicious resources.

TeamViewer is headquartered in Germany and is a member of the 14-Eyes Alliance. Being a member of this organization, it’s bound to share the stored information with authorities and the other countries included in the alliance. It stores the information on Germany and Austria servers. All of this is enough to make you understand that your data is unsafe.

If one wants to keep the data safe all through internet usage, nothing can beat the performance of a VPN. Some of the best options in the market, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, offer a no-log policy and maintain data integrity. No user data is stored and shared with such dependable VPNs. Some VPNs even conduct third-party audits to prove the utility of this no-log claim. So, if you need unmatched peace of mind on this front, then do so with trusted VPNs.

Streaming And Torrenting

Safe streaming and torrenting are the two most commonly used reasons behind using a VPN. When we tested the utility of TeamViewer VPN on this front, it disappointed us big time.

Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, and many more have a geo-restricted library. Streaming lovers need to replace the actual IP address with the IP address of the location whose library they want to access. TeamViewer VPN won’t hide the actual VPN and replace it with a dummy IP address, which is crucial to enjoying unrestricted streaming.

Like streaming, torrenting is not possible with TeamViewer. Torrenting is restricted in many countries. If you get red-handed while torrenting in restricted areas, then get ready to face dire consequences.

Even in countries where torrenting is legal, there are many risks involved, as content present on torrenting websites is likely to be packed up with viruses and malware.

Accessing such corrupted content needs an extra layer of protection and auto malware and pop-up blockers. Sadly, TeamViewer is not capable on this front. There is no ad or malware blocker.

As told previously, it can’t replace the real IP address. Also, it fails to keep user data and activity a secret. Seeing all these, it’s easy to declare that TeamViewer VPN is unsuitable for torrenting.

Those who need to enjoy stress-free and safe streaming and torrenting need only a traditional VPN. It has what it takes. Whether it’s replacing the original IP address with a dummy one or providing the assistance of an ad or malware blocker, some of the best VPNs will do all of this and many more

User Experience

The utility of a tool is decided by its user experience. If a tool is easy-to-use, provides maximum device support, and doesn’t involve you in a tedious setup, then users will be able to use it without any hassle. Let’s assess the performance of TeamViewer and VPN on this front.

We have already quoted above and won’t mind saying once again that it’s hard to beat TeamViewer VPN on device compatibility. Almost all kinds of leading OS and device types are supported by it. But, only data-driven devices like tablets, laptops, phones, and PCs are compatible. You can’t use it on devices like routers, SmartTVs, and gaming consoles.

This high-end connectivity can only be enjoyed with a VPN. The most-loved options, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, are capable of working on almost all kinds of devices that users use these days.

The following important factor in assessing is the simultaneous device connection, which decides the tool’s usability. With the free version, you can use TeamViewer only on one device at a time. For multiple connections, you need to go with paid versions. Even in that case, it can’t match up with the real VPNs, as some of the dependable names even support unlimited simultaneous connections simultaneously.

Lastly, let’s talk about the setup and installation. TeamViewer performs well on this front as its installation is easy and doesn’t involve you in tedious installation. Its VPN server setup is also a few-step job. You can do it manually to get it installed remotely with the help of TeamViewer’s technical assistance.

A leading VPN offers the same ease. They are plug-and-play tools with a simple setup and a dedicated technical team to help.

Quick Comparison of TeamViewer VPN and Traditional VPN


TeamViewer VPN


Security of web connection



P2P File Sharing



Simultaneous Connection



24/7 Live Chat



Compatibility with leading OS



Easy Setup



Video Calling



Remote Printing



TeamViewer VPN Alternatives

We have gathered so much information about TeamViewer’s utility and have compared it with a real VPN. Gauging this information must have made one thing clear to you TeamViewer VPN is anything but as good as an actual VPN.

Suppose you need a quality VPN to unblock geo-restricted content, access streaming platforms, download torrents, and complete online anonymity. In that case, you must seek the help of a trusted VPN.

Here are some of the most dependable VPNs:


expressvpn logo red

One of the most famed VPNs in the market, ExpressVPN is best known for its blazing speed, comprehensive server network coverage, streaming-optimized servers, and compatibility with all the leading devices.

When security is concerned, it’s far better than TeamViewer VPN as it offers an auto kill switch, protection against IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, a no-log policy, and multiple security protocols. With these features, ExpressVPN is undoubtedly an ideal TeamViewer VPN alternative.

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nordvpn logo


If there is anything that can match ExpressVPN, then it’s NordVPN, as it’s equally safe and helpful. You can use it for streaming and torrenting without any fear, as it also has optimized servers.


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surfshark logo

With features like ad and malware blocker, double VPN, stealth mode, and complete anonymity, Surfshark is certainly an excellent choice to make when you want to use a VPN with TeamViewer.

The VPN can work on unlimited devices at a time, allowing users to make the most of their investment.

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Final Say

TeamViewer is many things, but it is not a dependable VPN. While you can expect decent security from TeamViewer VPN, it won’t be able to replace a full-fledged VPN. If you seek to unblock streaming services or want to torrent without any fear, go with a proper VPN.

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TeamViewer won’t track every online activity and will not be able to see what sort of information and details you’re sharing. But it keeps logs of certain details. For instance, it will record your IP address, personal details, and features used along with the frequency.

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