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Edge is user-friendly, loved by many, super-fast, and provides accurate search results. But, there is one aspect of this browser that no one discusses, and it’s a high ad annoyance. Yes, Edge users have to deal with endless ads, banner ads, popup ads, banner ads, and many more. Whether you want or not, ads are there to disturb you.

We wish ads could be only a disturbance. They are threats as the majority of malware is adware only. The easy way to get rid of ads on the Edge browser is to use an adblocker. In this guide, we’re going to discuss this technology in detail.

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Why an Adblocker for Microsoft Edge? Best Reasons Ever

Microsoft Edge

First, let’s understand why to avoid ads on Edge.

  • Ads playing consumes bandwidth. If you’re using an internet plan with limited bandwidth, most of your bandwidth will go to waste to play ads.
  • Of course, ads are mostly a sheer waste of time. Who has time to watch a 3-minute-long ad in a 6-minute-long YouTube video? No one.
  • Ads increase the page load time of a webpage so that you will get delayed search results.

Ads increase the page load time of a webpage so that you will get delayed search results - a Twitter comment

  • Avoid intrusive ads, as, unlike acceptable ads, such ads might feature a tracker. If a tracker is successfully installed on your device, your online privacy will be at stake.
  • Video ads could be adware. Many cyberpunks include malware and viruses in ad scripts. Such ads are very dangerous for you.

Video ads could be adware - a Twitter comment

Considering all these reasons, it’s easy to conclude that such ads are only troublemakers and an intelligent Edge user who knows how to get rid of them and improve browser performance.

Adblocker for Edge is capable of this. By blocking traffic with ad scripts, AdBlock for Edge blocks the ads, improves browser performance, and protects your online identity.

How We Tested and Picked the Best Microsoft Edge Adblockers

While thousands of options exist, we managed to pick the best Microsoft Edge ad blocker. This happened because we carefully tested the adblocker on parameters like –

  • A dedicated Microsoft Edge browser extension
  • One-click set-up
  • Ability to block pop-up ads, video ads, and annoying ads in one go
  • Dedicated customer support so that any technical glitches are fixed immediately
  • Strong security features for safe browsing
  • Compatibility with leading devices

Top 3 Adblockers for Microsoft Edge

#1 – Total Adblock: block ads hassle-freely

TotalAdblock banner

Loved by thousands and downloaded by millions, Total Adblock is a feature-rich adblocker for Edge that will help you get rid of unwanted ads, pop-up ads, and video ads on YouTube and other platforms.

As ads and trackers are blocked, you will experience a better browser experience. It’s compatible with Windows 10 and 11 (you may be interested: Windows VPN). It’s far better than an ad blocker for Edge free because it comes with an affordable cost and a free trial (you may be interested: VPN Free Trial).

Try it once, and we are sure that malicious ads and other hassles are nowhere to disturb you.

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#2 – AdGuard: Favorite Adblock for Edge as per social media

AdGuard banner

AdGuard is an advanced adblocker with a dedicated Edge browser extension. The extension takes only a fraction of a second to download and install on your device fully.

Along with blocking malicious ads, it blocks trackers. It helps you remove all your browsing history traces.

Adguard Ad blocker even provides impressive parental control capabilities, which parents can use to ensure their kids have safe and secure access to the internet. It offers dedicated app support to fix all sorts of technical glitches and hassles.

#3 – Private Internet Access: works well for text ads and video ads

PIA adblocker banner

Lastly, we recommend PIA or Private Internet Access as a Microsoft Edge Adblocker. It is mainly a VPN with an in-built ad blocker (you may be interested: What is VPN?). This way, you can enjoy the power of a VPN and an ad blocker. PIA adblocker for Microsoft Edge works for everything – it can block ads, trackers, and corrupted websites so that you can browse faster than ever.

As this adblocker works on all leading devices, you can access your favorite websites or web pages from anywhere. Its VPN server network is extensive and is backed by leading security features. Get it now, and don’t let third-party trackers bother you.

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How to Install an Adblocker for Edge?

Now that you’re convinced that using adblocker for Edge is the best way to enjoy a secure and hassle-free browsing experience, it’s time to understand how to bring ad blocker for Edge into action.

The steps are easy, and we will explain them using Total Adblock.

  • Go to the Total Adblocker website and get the browser extension.
  • Complete the setup and activate the extension.
  • The adblock’s settings will block annoying ads for every incoming traffic automatically.

How to Block Pop-ups in New Microsoft Edge?

Pop-ups are annoying, and you can block them with PIA. Here are steps to bring PIA into action.

  • Get the PIA subscription.
  • Install the app based on the type of device you’re using and activate PIA MACE, the adblocker.
  • Connect with the server of your choice.
  • Enjoy secure browsing.


Ads are annoying and dangerous. You can’t take them for granted. Secure browsing is possible only when you use a powerful adblocker for Edge. This guide explained the importance of using an adblocker for Edge and the top 3 choices. They are all worth a try.

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Are there any good free adblockers for Microsoft Edge?

No! There is no best free adblocker for Microsoft Edge because the free adblocker tool lacks compatibility and features. Free adblockers hardly have any dedicated browser extensions. It’s even observed that free adblockers keep a log of browsing history. So, it’s better to avoid using the free adblocker for Edge.

Which Adblockers are the best suited for Microsoft Edge?


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