Unblock Rick and Morty with the Best Netflix VPN

Who doesn’t love watching Rick and Morty? It’s more than an adult animated TV show. It’s a way to feel the harsh reality of life humorously. No wonder why the series has a 9.2 rating on IMBd and winning the hearts of its viewers. Two-time Primetime Emmy winner Rick and Morty are hard to miss.

But not everyone is lucky to watch this series, as it’s geo-restricted and is only available in certain regions only.

In this case, the only resort is the best Rick and Morty Netflix VPN that will help one to watch this amazing series anytime and from anywhere.

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How to Get Access to Rick and Morty on Netflix with a VPN?

We know that Rick and Morty and Naruto is a must-watch. But we also know that the show isn’t available for everyone as Netflix has implemented geo-restrictions on its library. Presently, the UK, India, and Australian subscribers of Netflix are allowed to watch this amazing show. For the rest of the subscribers, it’s not accessible.

Actually, Netflix is very stringent regarding controlling the content library. For each show, it analyzes the viewership pattern and releases accordingly. If a show isn’t available in your region, you won’t be able to watch it, no matter how high-paying your subscription is. Netflix tracks the IP address of the user to know about the location and then makes the content available. This is why a UK Netflix subscriber won’t be able to watch US shows.

The only way to bypass this geo-restriction is to use a VPN. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that hides the actual IP address of the user and provides a new address. This new address will be the location where the VPN server is located.

Sounds too confusing? Let’s explain.

Suppose you live in the US and have a US Netflix subscription. Now, the Rick and Morty show isn’t available in your region. To watch it, all you need to do is use a quality VPN having servers all across the world. Once you have such a VPN, connect to it, and you’ll have a list of working servers.

As we know that the Rick and Morty show is available in the UK, it’s better to connect with a UK server and then log in to your Netflix account as usual. Now, Netflix will find out you are based in the UK as you’re connected to a UK server and have a UK IP address. So you’ll be able to access the show. It’s as simple as that.

But there is a catch.

For effective unblocking of the show and lifting the geo-restrictions, your Rick and Morty VPN needs to be top-notch. Traits like high-end encryption, streaming-optimized servers, no-log policy, multiple security protocols, and multiple device compatibility are necessary.

Netflix uses a very inventive technology to track users and their activities. And, if you get caught infringing its copyright rules, then your account can be suspended. So, the VPN you’re choosing has to be best-of-breed.

We don’t recommend using a free Rick and Morty VPN as it’s of no use, actually. Neither you’ll have adequate security, nor you’ll be able to bypass the geo-restrictions.

So, which is the best Netflix Rick and Morty VPN?

Well, we have hand-picked the best VPNs for you:








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ExpressVPN – The Winner For Obvious Reasons

  • Buffering-free streaming
  • Compatibility with almost every existing device
  • MediaStreamer for seamless streaming
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial
  • Pocket-heavy subscription

When it comes to ‘how to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix VPN’ without any restriction, ExpressVPN brings the best assistance as it’s the world’s most renowned streaming-friendly VPN having wide server coverage, military-grade encryption, and unmatched device support.

Why ExpressVPN for Watching Rick and Morty?

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ExpressVPN is one of those rare VPNs that offer the SmartDNS feature, which is a streaming-friendly facility. This technology combines DNS and proxy server technology for instant and secure lifting of any stringent geo-restrictions implications. It improves your streaming speed and helps you play 4K videos without any buffering. Its’ no-log policy is an audit that means no foul play is involved.

Its protocol profile is very impressive as it offers L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN UDP / TCP protocols. So, you’ll have no dearth of options when it comes to choosing security protocol.

Recently, a few new features have been added to this VPN. And it has made it more lucrative. For instance, it has added a protective layer for Log4J Shell vulnerability havoc. The protection is implemented already on all of its servers. Hence, you have ultimate peace of mind while using it.

There is more. Lightway is the brand-new protocol that seamlessly removes the bugs and performance issues of legacy protocols seamlessly. With the Double VPN feature, you have better protection.

All in all, ExpressVPN is the best option if you seek quick, speedy, and unrestricted streaming of Rick and Morty on Netflix. You can save big with long-term subscriptions.

Visit the ExpressVPN Website

NordVPN – Netflix-Friendly VPN For You

  • Works in more than 10 Netflix regions
  • Makes you stream on a local server for better speed
  • 5,509 VPN servers spread across 60 countries.
  • Fully integrated Smart DNS feature
  • Limited free trial

After ExpressVPN, if there is any VPN that can win your heart, then it’s NordVPN. That’s what makes it our second pick on this list.

Why NordVPN for Watching Rick and Morty?

NordVPN blue logo

It has everything that a streaming-friendly VPN must include. For instance, it has great connection speed, compatibility with the leading device, can unblock all the leading streaming platforms, keeps the streaming activities hidden, has a dedicated SmartDNS technology, and updated tunneling protocol.

It can stream videos in Ultra 4K quality on devices like SmartTV, RokuTV, Amazon FireTV, and gaming consoles. Its Japan, the UK, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands server are best for streaming Netflix.

Other than Netflix, it can help you unblock streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube. All in all, it’s one of the best Netflix Rick and Morty VPNs to try out.

All of its servers are RAM-based and don’t save a single user’s information. The no-log policy is audited and is implemented strongly. If you don’t want to get bothered by ads while watching your favorite show, then NordVPN has a powerful ad blocker to offer.

Almost every annoying content will be kept far away from you. NordVPN is also a great VPN for torrenting and supports P2P file sharing greatly. So, if you don’t want to live stream the show and want to download it to watch later, NordVPN will help you out. This deserves a try.

Visit the NordVPN Website

CyberGhost – VPN With Longest Money Back Guarantee

  • 7,830 servers to access Netflix
  • Smart Rule feature for VPN preference customization
  • Great Wi-fi protection
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard
  • Split tunneling is only offered for the Android app

For those who are looking for a pocket-friendly and money-safe alternative to Netflix Rick And Morty VPN, CyberGhost is the best choice to make, as this VPN offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. The subscriptions are very affordable too. So, money isn’t going to be a hurdle between you and this show.

Why CyberGhost VPN for Watching Rick and Morty?

CyberGhost VPN logo

Despite the affordable cost, quality isn’t compromised. Even though its speed can’t match with the ExpressVPN speed, it’s decent, and latency is rarely experienced. Server coverage is wide enough to help you.

At a time, it can work on 7 devices. Speaking of a streaming-platform unblocking ability can help you access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, and more platforms easily.

With security features like an in-built kill switch, IP leak protection, ad blocker, and DNS leak, CyberGhost will help you have a secure streaming experience from beginning to end.

Its customer support is decent, like the live chat feature, detailed tutorials, and email support. If you face any hassles, your concerns will be heard.

Visit the CyberGhost Website

Surfshark – Unlimited Device Support For Unlimited Streaming

  • Double VPN
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted for payment
  • Shadowshock protocol supported
  • RAM-based servers
  • Amazing GPS-spoofing feature
  • Not responsive split tunneling

For hard-core Netflix users, Surfshark can be the best bet to make as the VPN supports unlimited device connections at a time. Yes, you heard it right. You can watch Netflix or any other streaming platform on as many as the device you want. This makes it the best choice for a family or a greater number of user scenarios.

Why Surfshark VPN for Watching Rick and Morty?

surfshark logo

Its WireGuard protocol is amazing and helps you have great speed while streaming. To make sure you can watch Rick and Morty show anytime and anywhere, Surfshark has a NoBorder feature. The feature will help access geo-restricted content from any part of the world.

While it will let you stream the Rick and Morty show on unlimited devices, the speed & quality of service isn’t compromised. Certain speed slowdown is realistic. But it won’t let you wait for long to watch the episode. It features many streaming-optimized servers that grant you a buffering-free streaming experience.

Visit the Surfshark Website

PrivateVPN – Get It For Unlimited Streaming

  • Dedicated dynamic IP addresses
  • Streaming and torrenting friendly
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Streaming-optimized servers
  • Small server network, when compared to the rest of the options

It’s hardly a little longer than a decade since PrivateVPN came into being. But, it has managed to firm its feet in the VPN industry with some of its exceptional offerings and features.

Why PrivateVPN for Watching Rick and Morty?

private vpn mini logo

What attracted customers the most was its unlimited bandwidth. Yes, you have no cap on data/bandwidth. So, you can stream as long as you want. You can watch one season of Rick and Morty in one day, if you want, without worrying about excessive internet consumption.

Other than this, this VPN is winning its customers’ hearts with assorted security features, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2 protocols, responsive kill switch, no-log policy, and compatibility with all the leading devices.

As its set-up is straightforward, a beginner can use it like a pro and will have no hassles to face. Its super-cheap 3-year plan will help you save big. With a 5-day free trial, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Along with Netflix, it works great with platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. When it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions, its bespoke Shadowsocks proxy server deserves special mention. The VPN offers dedicated apps for platforms like Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, and routers. So you’ll have no hassles in using it.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Unblock Rick and Morty with a VPN?

By now, you would be clear that if the Rick and Morty show isn’t available in your location and you still want to watch it then a Netflix Rick and Morty VPN is the best help at hand.

But how to use it?

How to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix with VPN?

This mystery isn’t solved yet.

Well, we are coming to it next. Gladly, the job isn’t a tough one. With a user-friendly VPN like ExpressVPN, you’ll have no hassles in watching Rick and Morty season 5, the recent release, or any other season you choose. The steps to use a VPN are simple:

Step 1 – Go to the official website of ExpressVPN and look for the Getting Started section, mentioned on the top right side of the website.

Step 2 – Once you click on Get Started option, you’ll be directed to a subscription page.

Step 3 – From the page, choose the subscription you want and pay for it. You need to provide details like your email address and payment details.

Step 4 – Provide all the details and proceed. Your ExpressVPN subscription will be activated within a fraction of a second after making payments.

Step 5 – Now, you need to get the app as per the device you’re going to use to watch the Rick and Morty show. ExpressVPN works on almost all available devices, such as iOS/Android phones, smart TVs, tablets, laptops, routers, and everything else. Hence, there is nothing to worry about.

Step 6 – Download the respective app and complete the installation. Usually, the process is simple for all the apps. If there are any hassles, then there are detailed tutorials and guides available.

Step 7 – Once the app is installed, open it, and a list of working servers will display. As ExpressVPN features streaming-optimized servers, we suggest you connect with such servers only for a seamless streaming experience.

Step 8 – Open your Netflix account device as usual, and you can watch the Rick and Morty show.

Other VPNs also work almost in the same manner. It’s not rocket science as long as you have the right VPN by your side. so, no more asking about where to watch Rick and Morty Season 5. Just follow the above steps and thank us later.


Rick and Morty is a work of art, and watching it will certainly day. But it isn’t available in your region, so don’t lose heart. Go and get the best Rick and Morty Netflix VPN. With the help of this tool, you can watch this and many other geo-restricted shows on your existing Netflix subscription without any hassle. VPNs that we discussed at length above are good for the job. Avail of a free trial today and enjoy secure and unrestricted streaming.

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