These Top 5 Twitch VPNs Will Blow Your Mind

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Twitch’s overnight success makes many other streaming service providers jealous. The live video streaming platform received over 1.2 billion visits in August 2022 alone. Every month, 7.7 million streamers go live on Twitch.

Given the immense popularity of Twitch, it’s no surprise that it’s not without its share of challenges. From content restrictions in certain countries to security issues, there are compelling reasons to consider using a Twitch VPN for a safer and more unrestricted streaming experience.

The platform might feature violent content and abusive language. Hence, countries like Turkey, China, and Russia have blocked the platform. As Twitch is a craze amongst Gen Z, schools, colleges, and offices use firewalls to block it.

Twitch has recently tightened its platform usage policies, and violating these rules can lead to your account being blocked. It’s important to be aware of these policies and to stream responsibly, ensuring that your content aligns with Twitch’s guidelines to avoid any potential disruptions to your streaming experience.

Many hackers use this platform to find their prey. All in all, interrupted and secured Twitch streaming is a dream for many, and the only way to turn this dream into reality is to use a VPN for Twitch streaming.

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How to Unblock Twitch with a VPN?

While VPN solutions have so many features and facilities, their usage is simple. With a user-friendly Twitch VPN, anyone can get started and install a VPN for Twitch. Have a look at issues VPN is fixing for Twitch streamers.

How To Unblock Twitch With A VPN - a Twitter comment

We’ll explain the basic VPN installation steps using NordVPN, as this VPN provides dedicated app support for leading devices, detailed tutorials, and dedicated customer support.

  • Go to the official Nord VPN website, complete the sign-on process, and get a suitable subscription. You have many options to choose from. Also, it allows multiple payment options.
  • Pay for the subscription and activate it.
  • Download the app based on the device you will use to stream Twitch.
  • NordVPN provides user-friendly and feature-rich app support for devices like phones, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, and many other platforms.
  • Complete the setup and get the app ready to help you.
  • Connect with suitable servers and enjoy an uninterrupted Twitch streaming experience.

These are the standard VPN installation steps. However, certain apps will ask for a few more setup steps and processes. For instance, router apps have multiple installation processes. We strongly recommend referring to the official tutorials from the NordVPN website and contacting customer support to ensure you do the installation the right way.

Twitch streamers are rooting for VPN usage.

Twitch streamers are rooting for VPN usage - a Twitter comment

Best VPNs for Twitch

Now that you’re clear about whether ‘Should I use a VPN while streaming on Twitch’, your next step should be to know the best VPN for streaming. Here is a quick overview of our handpicked VPNs.

#1 – NordVPN

nordvpn logo

With a vast server network featuring specialty servers, NordVPN will help you stream speed Twitch from any region. To improve your streaming experience, this Twitch VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and streaming support for 4K and HD videos from any device.

  • Top-notch customer support
  • DNS leak protection
  • Kill switch

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#2 – PrivadoVPN

privadovpn logo

PrivadoVPN is worth a try because this VPN is ideal for streaming. With this VPN, you can easily unblock Twitch and stream videos in HD and 4K videos from any location. It has a free trial and a money-back guarantee to place your bet without hassle.

  • Kill switch
  • SmartDNS
  • Strict no log policy

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#3 – CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN logo

You can try CyberGhost without hesitation because it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. It has streaming and gaming-optimized servers to help you access Twitch and other gaming websites without restrictions.

  • Full HD with video streaming
  • No log policy
  • No ISP throttling

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#4 – ExpressVPN

expressvpn logo clear

No log policy, streaming, P2P optimized servers, streaming support for 4K and HD videos, SmartDNS, and unlimited bandwidth are the facilities that you will enjoy with ExpressVPN. Even though its subscription is a bit pocket-heavy, it delivers quality services.

  • Low latency
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • SmartDNS

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#5 – VeePN

VeePN VPN logo

Stream Twitch without any limitations with VeePN, as this VPN is here to help you bypass Twitch geo-restrictions, fix the ISP throttling, and stream at high speed. As the VPN works on all the leading devices, you can stream on the Twitch website from anywhere.

  • Split tunneling
  • 10 devices per subscription
  • Double VPN

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This table will help you know them better.

reasons to use a Twitch VPN - a Twitter comment



Privado VPN




Our Ranking












Streaming Optimized Servers






Countries Served










British Virgin Islands


HD Twitch Streaming






Log Keeping






Average Speed

100+ Mbps





Smart DNS






Free Trial






Encryption Used

AES with 256-bit keys

256-bit encryption.

AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA256 for authentication

4096-bit CA, AES-256-CBC encryption, and TLSv1.2

256-bit advanced encryption

Simultaneous Connections






Streaming Services

Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO Max, Sport1, EuroSports, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, BT Sport, and ESPN,

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, BT Sport, ESPN, and HBO Max

Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, BT Sport, ESPN, and HBO Max

YouTube, Sports1, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, BT Sport, ESPN, and HBO Max

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, and BT Sport

There are more reasons to use a Twitch VPN.

How We Selected and Tested These VPNs?

VPNs are mainstream security tools that both organizations and individuals use to have a secure and protected online presence. The market is flooded with VPN Twitch, but you can’t expect a quality VPN connection and required internet traffic security with any random VPN. An ideal VPN for Twitch streaming ought to have certain features and facilities.

As we tested over 100 VPNs, we analyzed their performance on the below-mentioned factors.

  • Global server network with blazing speed

Server network matters. The more extensive it is, the better accessibility you will have with a Twitch VPN. We thoroughly checked the server network of tested VPNs and listed only those with more servers. Not having hundreds of servers is not enough. The server locations and countries covered also matter.

A VPN with 100 servers across the globe is far better than a VPN with 500 servers only in the US. With the first option, people from every nook and corner of the world can unblock Twitch easily.

Now, the speed of the servers also matters. As mentioned above, Twitch is a live-streaming platform, and you won’t be able to stream if the VPN is lagging and facing too much latency.

We did the VPN server speed test using tools like and listed only those offering the least possible latency and lagging.

  • Security features

Twitch is also an all-time favorite of hackers, as they know that some people on this platform are so busy streaming that they even end up downloading malware and adware quickly. Then, there are DDoS attacks to ruin your streaming experience. Hence, we closely checked the security features of the given VPNs.

We listed VPNs backed with AES 256-bit encryption, widely recognized protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN, automated kill switches, IP and DNS leak protection, and obfuscated servers. With these features, you will have secure and protected internet access.

  • No log policy 

This is very important. Using a VPN that doesn’t adhere to a no-log policy is far worse than using no VPN. Such VPNs will keep a log of your online activities and even sell your critical data to 3rd parties. It is the last thing that you will ever want to face.

  • Multiple device support

People use laptops, mobile phones, desktops, and SmartTVs to stream on Twitch. Hence, it’s essential that the VPN Twitch you’re planning to get much work on all these platforms so that you will enjoy secured internet traffic on all the platforms. We listed VPN service providers offering dedicated app support for a maximum number of possible devices.

  • Streaming specific features

If you’re a hardcore Twitch streamer, your VPN provider has to provide some streaming-optimized features like streaming dedicated servers, SmartDNS, split tunneling, no data capping, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to deal with ISP throttling. All these features ensure you can access streaming platforms without any hassles.

  • Money-back guarantee and free trial

VPN is often a long-term association and takes care of your online security. Hence, you must be sure about the quality and that your money isn’t wasted. This is possible when you pick a VPN for Twitch with a money-back guarantee and a free trial. Our hand-picked VPNs for Twitch feature this facility.

  • Responsive customer support

Even if a VPN seems effortless, technical errors and troubles can appear at times. That’s why the best VPN for Twitch must provide robust support via emails, tickets, tutorials, and other means.

Is It Illegal to Use a Twitch VPN?

Using a VPN for Twitch is 100% legal. However, there are certain factors that one has to keep in mind while deciding the legality of VPNs for streaming platforms like Twitch and many more.

For instance, it might be against the policies of streaming platforms. So, if the platform figures out you’re using a VPN, it can even block your access.

The above happens all the time with Netflix. The leading streaming platform even uses VPN detection technology to ensure its users are not using it.

Twitch also doesn’t link to a VPN and can block your access. However, this won’t be a matter of concern once you use a VPN with obfuscated servers. These servers make VPN connections look normal. Hence, Twitch won’t suspect you at all.

The next factor related to VPN legality is the country’s law regarding using VPNs.

Many countries like China (VPN China), Turkey (VPN Turkey), and Russia (VPN Russia) don’t allow VPNs. So, if you’re using Twitch VPNs in these regions and get caught, you could be in trouble. You must check what your country’s law says about VPNs and start using the best VPN for Twitch, which provides advanced security features and facilities.

VPNs That Do not Work with Twitch

Along with knowing the workable Twitch VPNs, you must get familiar with VPNs that will disappoint you. This information is essential so you don’t waste your time and effort on something useless.

During our testing, we found a few Twitch VPNs that disappointed us greatly during our testing—for instance, ProtonVPN. The VPN was so poor that we dumped it in the middle of the testing. None of its servers was working, the security features were only good on paper, and the customer support hardly bothered.

Windscribe VPN was another disappointment that we faced. Even though this free Twitch VPN is very famous, we didn’t find it any good as it has no streaming-optimized servers, comes with very limited IP address options, and no kill switch. is the worst free VPN that one can ever try. It hardly features any qualities. However, this is not the main reason for not recommending this VPN. We won’t suggest this VPN because it keeps logs of your data and sells to others. Therefore, we don’t trust this free Twitch VPN.


Being on Twitch is remarkable unless hassles like ISP throttling, geoblocks, certain bans, DDoS attacks, and excessive bandwidth consumption are not there to pull you down. You can fix all these hurdles using a VPN to stream Twitch. By providing you with a global server network, you will be able to have Twitch unblocked in the blink of an eye.

In this Twitch guide, you explained the best VPNs for Twitch streaming to help you broadcast content without lagging, stream from anywhere, and save bandwidth. They are already tried and tested by thousands of people globally. So, you can rest assured they are doing a great job.

We believe this guide has answered all the questions about ‘how to watch Twitch with VPN.’ Have many more queries or concerns? Do let us know in the comments, and we will help you.

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Is it possible to use Twitch Prime with a VPN?

Yes, you can easily use a Twitch VPN and access Twitch Prime—some of the premium Twitch servers mentioned in this post feature wide server networks with great speed. Hence, you will have no hassles in enjoying a smooth gaming experience. However, we recommend connecting to a server in a country where Twitch Prime is accessible easily.

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