VPN Kill Switch – A Powerful Tool You Must Definitely Try in 2024

VPN is an online security tool that protects internet users from the muck and threats of the cyber world. But what happens if a VPN connection drops in between? Does your internet connection always remain safe?

Well, it won’t if your VPN lacks a robust kill switch. Designed to protect internet connections in every situation, kill switch VPN is committed to protecting against data leaks. It brings a lot to the table.

You can make the most of this advanced security feature only when you know what it means, how it works, and all its capabilities. This guide is going to make all these things clear to you. Read it to become aware of VPN kill switch capabilities and ensure you have its advantage and power by your side.

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How Does a Kill Switch Work for Your VPN Connection?

VPN Kill Switch, as already mentioned, is a powerful feature to own. The job of this feature is to ensure that there is no data leak if the VPN connection drops for any reason. It becomes active as soon as a VPN connection trips and prevents IP address (mask your IP), geolocation, online activities, and other sensitive information from getting leaked in extremely dangerous cyberspace.

Now, you must be curious to know how it accomplishes such a critical and complex-looking job. Well, it makes it happen by monitoring the VPN connection around the clock. The VPN kill switch will have Hawk’s eyes on the VPN connection so that any minor or significant problem/glitch is spotted instantly. But it’s more than this.

Here are the four stages of a VPN’s kill switch operation:

  • Constant monitoring: As mentioned above, monitoring is the first stage of the VPN kill switch’s function. The IP address status and activeness of VPN connections are monitored constantly.
  • Issue detection: While monitoring, the VPN kill switch looks for any abnormalities in the VPN’s functions.
  • Issue blockage: Once any errors or issues are spotted, a VPN kill switch instantly blocks the connected apps or devices from connecting to the internet. This blocking continues as long as the issue persists.
  • Connection restoring: Once the trouble is fully resolved, a kill switch restores VPN connections automatically.

All this happens so quickly and seamlessly that VPN users won’t be able to find out any of this. But not all kill switches provide such quality protection. Some even don’t become active when the internet connection drops. Hence, you must pick the ideal and best VPN kill switch.

What Can Cause the Internet Connection to Drop?

We know that a VPN kill switch is a savior when a VPN connection fails or drops in between. But why it happens? Why did the internet connection break in the first place? There are three major events causing this issue.

The first and most prominent one is poor firewall or router settings. Even though VPN comes as a pre-built tool, certain setting changes are required to function properly. If these settings are not proper, VPN connections will drop abruptly.

To ensure this isn’t causing a connection drop, you need to optimize these settings and relaunch the VPN connection.

The other 2 are:

VPN protocol picked: The kind of VPN protocol you pick decides the VPN connectivity. Specific protocols like TCP make the connection stable. Default UDP is generally not very much functional. So, you must check if you’re using the right internet protocol.

Improper signal strength or network congestion: VPN services allow end-users to connect with distant servers. But this doesn’t mean that local WiFi connections are not adequate. Connecting with distant servers often has connectivity issues unless you use a powerful VPN.

Also, if you’re connected to WiFi shared by multiple people at a time, the VPN connections will surely drop.

Types of VPN Kill Switches

A VPN kill switch is a highly pivotal technology offered in two varieties to meet all sorts of requirements. Here are those two types.

  • System-level Kill Switches

An elementary variety, a system-level kill switch for VPN tracks the activeness of VPN service providers. It ensures that internet connectivity is not via mobile data or WiFi.

It completely disconnects the internet connectivity to the concerned devices unless the VPN connection is restored completely. Hence, connectivity is not restored even with weak VPN connectivity, and the possibility of an IP leak is nearly negligible. Its setup is seamless and hardly requires any setup and installation.

  • Application-level Kill Switches

Even though it’s not as safe as a system-level kill switch, this variety is often preferred when only two applications are concerned. It lets you decide which app needs kill switch VPN’s protection and prevent it from connecting with the internet with poor or no VPN protection.

It works great when you don’t want VPN security for every application but want to protect IP leaks from specific apps. It’s mainly used for solutions like browsers, video calling apps, email apps, and torrent clients.

Who Must Use a Kill Switch Feature?

While hiding real IP addresses is recommended for everyone willing to access safely and keep cyber threats at bay, certain people must not have an internet connection without the aid of a VPN kill switch. What we mean is:

  • Activists, whistleblowers, and journalists must use a VPN kill switch to hide their online identities.
  • Those using P2P tools must use this technology to ensure their P2P activities are not exposed, as it’s not allowed in many countries.
  • Anyone sharing confidential documents and data online should use an advanced VPN kill switch to ensure sensitive information is not leaked when the connection drops suddenly.

VPN Kill Switch – Why to Use It at First Place

We have greatly praised the utility of the VPN kill switch, but why should one be bothered about using it? Is IP address leak prevention the only reason?

There are many reasons behind adopting this technology – other than protecting against IP address leaks.

Whether you’re in a heavily censored country like Russia (VPN for Russia), Turkey, or North Korea, your location can still restrict your internet freedom and monitor your online activities. The VPN kill switch technology ensures that your IP address remains protected from the sudden non-functionality of VPN connections, no matter where you are.

It will keep your data and secrets covered no matter what, which is very important these days. Every Redditor has the same opinion as us:

Reddit comments on VPN Kill Switch

How to Make a Wise Choice?

By now, it’s clear that if you want to protect your real IP address and keep your online presence hidden, using a VPN kill switch is the only way out. But you need to play smart and pick the best and most reliable VPN kill switch that can do everything it is supposed to do. While you hunt down a reliable VPN kill switch, focus on these aspects.

Kill switch with customization ensures that you’ve control over its usage. You should be able to control its activation and inactivation.

An ideal VPN kill switch is backed with multiple security features, as alone it’s not enough to safeguard you completely. Ensure that it offers features like IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, robust protocols, and advanced encryption.

Compatibility with leading devices is a must-have aspect. Generally, VPN is used to protect the maximum number of possible devices, and you must ensure that the kill switches you’re picking work on, at least for mobile and laptops.

A VPN kill switch should come with a no-log policy. There is no point in using a VPN if the IP address is saved and later leaked. Even though we have provided a crisp list of traits of the best VPN kill switch, finding one such VPN is not easy in the overcrowded market. Hence, we present a quick rundown of the best and most reliable VPN kill switches.

You need to pick a VPN that will activate the kill switch feature. It is recommended because when an internet user realizes that a VPN connection is out and the kill switch is not activated, the damage has been done.

5 Best VPNs with Powerful Kill Switch

It takes a lot to stay protected and avoid cyber dangers while having a safe internet browsing experience. Things are excessively sorted when you have the aid of a VPN offering a viable kill switch. We analyzed a couple of VPNs (see a VPN comparison here), and these 5 are the winners:

#1 – PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN banner

PrivadoVPN provides you with a responsive kill switch to all the leading browsers and applications. As it has advertised, the kill switch is responsive and blocks internet traffic. But its iOS app doesn’t have this feature.

This Swiss-based VPN provides a highly secure internet connection. It has over 100 servers across 46 countries. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, and Android TV and can support up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Need a crisp comparison? This table might help.

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#2 – ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN homepage

ExpressVPN is a highly famous online security tool with good security features and a vast server network. The in-built kill switch of this VPN is called Network Lock. Regardless of the reason behind the connection drop, this kill switch will surely work. The feature support is available in Windows, router, Linux, and Mac devices (VPN Mac). Basically, almost every key device will have the aid of a kill switch if you pick the ExpressVPN kill switch.

Its activation is automatic and will hardly ask for any human intervention. So, you will enjoy non-compromised online safety. Check it out without fear, as it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with its performance, claim your money back.

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#3 – NordVPN

NordVPN banner

NordVPN is our best pick if you’re looking for a reliable kill switch that activates automatically. Yes, you don’t have to make efforts to track the VPN connection drop and activate the NordVPN kill switch.

It’s a great tool to protect online activities and real IP addresses. It works with most apps. But, there is no kill switch with the router app, which is present in ExpressVPN. Besides this, everything about this VPN is great and worth the praise the world is giving for this VPN.

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#4 – PIA

PIA banner

PIA, or Private Internet Access, is a long-established VPN with impressive features. On Linux/Windows/Mac, PIA comes with a highly impressive GUI to activate the kill switch and protect the internet presence.

With the power of a kill switch, you also enjoy maximum privacy and security, best-in-class protocols, and advanced encryption. Hence, online security is certain once you have PIA by your side.

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#5 – VeePN

VeePN banner

If you’re not in the mood to make heavy investments, you can try VeePN, as the VPN kill switch feature of this VPN is high-performing. It works on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices with an automatic activation process.

The kill switch feature is fully automatic and can block any data leakage when the VPN connection drops. Along with IP leaks, it prevents DNS leaks as well.

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#6 – Surfshark

Surfshark banner

With an in-built kill switch on Android and iOS that won’t ask for device setting customization, Surfshark is an excellent choice. Its activation is automatic and is not at all fussy. Over a single click, you will enjoy better software or network security.

Need a crisp comparison? This table might help.

Get the Best Deal on Surfshark















Apps with this feature

Android app, Windows app, iOS app, Linux app, macOS, and router app.

Android app, Windows app, iOS app, Linux app, and Mac OS app.

Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

Windows, macOS, and Android

Money-back Guarantee








An internet kill switch is a VPN’s promise to you that the real IP address is not leaked to others or your internet service provider when the VPN connection fails or drops because of XYZ reasons. As soon as there are any glitches in the protection offered, the kill switch disconnects the device’s internet connection. This way, the device’s internet connection and IP address will always remain safe. But, you have to have the assistance of a reliable VPN kill switch.

The top 5 choices, just mentioned above, will never disappoint you. Check them out today, and we promise you won’t regret them.

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