Benefits of Using Web Scraping as a Service

Call it web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction. Each of these names refers to the single act of gathering public internet data in bulk.

The process will help you procure website data in large quantities and gain an edge over others. However, obtaining such huge data isn’t an easy job. When done manually, it’s tedious and erroneous. This is where Web Scraping As A Service comes into being.

Haven’t you heard about it? Read this post to gather every detail about this service.

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Why Invest in Web Scraping?

Before we talk about the benefits of web scraping as a service, let’s learn about web scraping benefits to enjoy.

  • It’s a very cost-effective process

It lets you capture essential assets and data in a very inexpensive way. As data is always needed, it’s essential to have a cost-effective way to capture it. Gladly, web scraping is one such way. Unless you go for bots or high-end software, it’s usually within your budget. It’s a boon for market research teams, as this Redditor confirms.

Benefits of web scraping - Reddit comment

  • It’s a hassle-free process

Implementing web scraping is not a very tedious job and won’t ask for very high-end technical expertise. Basic technical understanding is enough to bring it into action. The pre-designed APIs make the job more accessible than before. The end-user does not need to do much hard work.

  • It’s a one-time investment

Web scraping is literally a one-time investment for every kind of data capturing required. Once you implement it successfully, it will take care of your present and future data-capturing needs. It will capture the data from the entire domain name for as long as you want.

  • It won’t ask for extensive maintenance

Web scraping is not very demanding when it comes to maintenance. It hardly asks for any specific maintenance. So, you don’t have to spend too much money when you’re doing it for a long time.

  • It’s speedy

Web scraping is an entirely automated process. Automated web scraping will make it done in the blink of an eye for a job that will take weeks and months to get completed by humans. It’s a time-saver for many.

Web scraping is a time saver - a Reddit comment

  • It’s mostly accurate

When discussing data, we must understand that its collection should be accurate. Even a minor error will cause a severe problem in the future. So, there is no point in having inaccurate data. Web scraping is preferred because it manages to maintain data accuracy at every stage.

Limitations of Web Scraping

We have already covered what web scraping is in our previous post. In the above section, we also explained the benefits of web scraping for businesses. But, we haven’t talked about the factors that make one take a step back when someone suggests web scraping. The fair deal is when you know both the pros and cons of web scraping. Well, let’s do it right now.

The first thing to consider regarding web scraping is its learning curve, as pointed out by this Reddit user. You might take time before you start scraping like a pro.

Limitations of Web Scraping - a Reddit comment

At times, when data becomes too much, it’s not easy for people to analyze the captured data. Few people might find it too confusing to sort the data.

When data is present in a considerable amount, people will have a tough time analyzing it. They have to invest extensively to make sense of the data.

When using a web scraping software/application, you must invest in training.

If you are trying to capture data from a website that doesn’t permit screen scraping, web scraping would be useless.

It’s not easy to handle such extensive data and check the authenticity of the data resource. One night, I get confused about which website is worth extracting the data from and which is not.

Extracting data manually is a labor-intensive task. It could consume days and even months, and when you’re extracting data regularly, your team might get overtired and end up making mistakes like overlapping the data or missing some pages during extraction.

Creating a web scraper seems easy. But it’s not that easy. You will have a tough time developing it if you’re not well-versed in the technique and tools used in the process. Also, procuring the right kind of resourcing will exert tremendous cost pressure on you. Not every business is ready to invest in bot licenses, extensions, and other resources.

Because of all these and many other reasons, not everyone starts loving web scraping at first sight. Some even try to avoid it.

Web Scraping as a Service – A Must-try Facility

Indeed, you can’t overlook the importance of web scraping. But, it’s also certain that manual and in-house handling of web scraping as a service is a tedious job. Then, what’s the middle path to help you enjoy the benefits of web scraping as a service without facing the challenges?

We would suggest web scraping as a service. It’s a type of service that involves outsourcing the web scrapping facilities from third-party vendor vendor or company. The outsourced resource will be already equipped with web scraping infrastructures such as browser extensions, a skilled IT workforce, bot licenses, and many more.

As a customer, you can avail yourself of full-fledged web scraping assistance on a subscription basis.

You don’t have to worry about anything. Just forward your web scraping requirements, and you’re all set to go.

Advantages of Web Scraping as a Service

The benefits of web scraping are clear. Let’s clear one more thing: the benefits of web scraping as a service. Here are some certain benefits to enjoy with the trusted web scraping service provider.

Fully automated and accurate web scraping

With reliable web scraping as a service partner, you can enjoy fully automated web scraping service on a large scale. The service provider will use efficient bots to collect bulk data with complete accuracy.

Easy scalability

Unlike an in-house web scraping team or web scraper, where scaling can be a challenge, web scraping as a service offers flexibility. You can increase the data extraction intensity over a single command as the service provider already has the required resources. This empowers you to manage your data needs efficiently.

Optimized expenses

By opting for web scraping as a service, you can avoid heavy investments in infrastructure and training. You only pay for the services you use, allowing you to control and fully utilize your web scraping expenses. This cost-effectiveness instills confidence in your financial decisions.

Try Web Scraping as a Service Today

You can’t escape from data and the hard work one has to invest in web scraping in bulk.

But you can make it less tiring and tedious with the help of hiring quality web scraping as a service facility. It deploys a highly skilled web scraper team at your service and helps you control the expenses. Try it today and experience top-notch web scraping.

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What are the best web scraping applications?

The kind of web scraping application you will use depends on your requirements. But you can try tools like ParseHub, Scraper, Data Scraper, ScrapeHero Cloud, and many more to enjoy risk-free and accurate web scraping. All these tools are already used by many and have proved their excellence.


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