Web Scraping Tutorials – List of Your Top Resources for Scraping

Those who need to use the power of public data in full swing have to bank upon web scraping. Capable of gathering valuable public data in bulk, web scraping is no less than a boon in today’s data-driven world. However, you can only make the most out of it when you know how to do it correctly.

Gladly, you don’t need to join a course to master web scraping art. If you have some good online resources to refer to, you can perform web scraping like a doyen. In this post, we will talk about some of the best web scraping tools that every learner should refer to.

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Why Learn Web Scraping?

With each passing day, data is becoming an asset to businesses. As it helps one understand customer needs and preferences and predict buying behavior, it’s not wise to overlook the power of data. Data is crucial even for internal operations. Basically, data is the weapon that will help a business gain an edge over its peers.

If data is the winning weapon, web scraping is what you need to operate that weapon.

With the help of web scraping, it’s possible to:

  • Meet the growing need for data with ease
  • Learn about the new data trends and technologies
  • Predict the future needs
  • Extract data that is useful
  • Make data extraction customized and limit-free.

Top Tutorials/Manuals about Web Scraping

It’s certain that if you need to have data in abundance, you must try web scraping. Now, the legit question comes: Which is the best way to learn web scraping? Well, you have no dearth of learning resources. The only effort you need to make is to pick the best tutorials. We have created a list of helpful tutorials.

Python Web Scraping

Web scraping Python is a preferred no-code resource. It allows one to have easy downloading and various pre-built and highly advanced libraries that reduce the coding burden. Python Web Scraping Tutorial – GeeksforGeeks is what you can refer to understand web scraping with Python in detail.

You will be able to understand and learn about Request Module installation, response objects, and many other things. The best part of this free web scraping tutorial is that it features examples. For beginners, the example illustration makes understanding the concept easy. So, it’s worth a try.

If you want to take your web scraping understanding to a top-notch level, then you must try Web Scraping and API Fundamentals in Python 2021 on Udemy. This is a very detailed course to refer to. In 12 detailed sections, this course talks about web scraping purpose, scope, generating HTTP requests, limiting the rate of requests, and many other things in detail.


JS Web sraping

JS or JavaScript is a very famous tool for web scraping. In the case of a DOM featuring JavaScript running in the background, Selenium web scraping can be of great use.

Introduction to Web Scraping with Selenium and Python is useful for Python Selenium web scraping, while you can refer to Introduction to Web Scraping using Selenium for Selenium web scraping.

The first course talks about the purpose of using Selenium web scraping at length. All the leading concepts are covered with full perfection and ease. The text is in plain language, which makes it understandable for novices.

The second tutorial is preferred only if you’re interested in Selenium web scraping. The author taught the readers to develop a web scraping program to scrap the Github profile—the program aimed to extract the Repository Names and the Languages. Everything from project requirements and outcomes is explained in detail. You should refer to it for sure.

Node JS

Web Scraping With NodeJS

Web scraping with NodeJS is easy and preferred because of the Puppeteer browser automation toolkit that it provides. Refer to the Web Scraping With NodeJS Tutorial by Scrapfly.io to learn more about web scraping Node JS.

The tutorials are preferred because of their detailed topic coverage. You will be able to learn everything about making a connection and parsing the HTML. There are examples provided to explain each step in detail. The HTTP protocol, generating POST and GET requests, cookie tracking, Cheerio with CSS Selectors, and using Xpath are some of the web scraping topics that are covered in the tutorial in detail.


Java Web Scraping picture

Java is an open-source and object-oriented language that makes it highly famous for web scraping. This tutorial is helpful if you want to understand how to use Java for web scraping. The tutorial, The Complete Guide to Web Scraping with Java, explains everything about web scraping and gives a crisp overview of Java.

If you’re interested in learning how to create your web scraper with the help of Java, this tutorial is a great option. Step-by-step instructions are provided to set up the environment, page inspection, and other procedures involved in the process.

If you want a full-fledged certificate-based tutorial, you can try Professional Web Scraping with Java. Available for free on Udemy, the course is divided into 6 sections and features 13 sections.

All these sections talk about topics like calling web APIs in Java, data exporting, stealth web scraper building, data downloading and parsing, and many other topics.


Excel Web Scraping picture

Excel is outstanding in every sense. When used for web scraping, it leads to easy dealing with data in a highly structured format. People love web scraping because of simultaneous data collection and analysis. It is handy for data filtering, grouping, and data outlining. Beginner’s guide to Web Scraping using Excel – ProWebScraper is of great help in understanding how to scrape with Excel.

The tutorial first explains why Excel should be used for web scraping. This understanding is helpful to understand whether you’re investing time and effort in something good. As the tutorial proceeds, you will learn how to extract data via Excel, create Excel web queries, customize the web query, and many other related topics. It’s pretty detailed and is worth a try.


PHP Web Scraping picture

PHP is a web-scraping tool to use; it’s indeed the preferable coding language for a web scraper. Beginner’s guide to Web Scraping with PHP – ProWebScraper and Web Scraping with PHP at Zenscrape.com are two handy tutorials to refer to.

For beginners in PHP web scraping, the first tutorial is a perfect starting point. It provides a solid foundation by covering the basics in a straightforward manner. If you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, the second tutorial is for you. It delves deeper into PHP tools for web scraping, guides you through the step-by-step process of building a web scraper using PHP, and even includes a guide on installing the composer. It’s a comprehensive resource for those looking to expand their PHP web scraping skills.


C# Web Scraping picture

When extracting data from multiple sites, try C#, as it will help you manage effective risk. With this resource, web scraping is quick. Web Scraping with C# | ScrapingBee will help you understand more about it.

What we loved the most about this tutorial is its detailed explanation of static and dynamic page web scraping with the help of C#.


C++ Web Scraping picture

Use C++ to build a highly effective and powerful web scraper that is hard to match. It’s been there for a very long time and has ample pre-build resources that reduce the need for extensive coding. Ultimate Guide C++ Web Scraping (rayobyte.com) is a detailed tutorial to refer to. You will thoroughly understand the reasons for useing C++ as a web scraping tool. Then, further steps are explained.


Ruby Web Scraping picture

Ruby is a very cost-effective and highly secure way to do web scraping. As it’s very flexible, it allows other resources to be a part of the web scraping strategy. Read Ruby Scraping (How To Do It And Why It’s Useful) | Rayobyte and Web Scraping With Ruby | Oxylabs for more details on this topic.

Both these tutorials are highly detailed and will help you understand how to use Ruby for effective web scraping.


R Web Scraping picture

R is an open-source language and is highly versatile. It will let you create scrapping programs that will collect data of all sorts in no time. Take the help of The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping in R and Web Scraping With R (scrapfly.io) to understand how web scraping with R works.

In Conclusion

Web scraping, when done in the right manner, can make any business data-rich. The best part about this technology is that it’s not hard to tame. With the proper guidance, you have the chance to master it. In this post, we presented you with some of the most recent and informative web scraping tutorials. Referring to them is easy and helpful for beginners. Try them out today and share your experience with us. If you have any more resources, suggest them right away.

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Can you learn web scraping for free?

Yes, you can quickly learn web scraping free with the help of helpful open-source tutorials that are present in abundance. But, before you want to learn it, ensure which language you will use for the process. Once you’re confident you will learn about Python or R web scraping, refer to the relevant tutorials.


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