YouTube Proxy Guide To Refer in 2023

YouTube is an excellent platform for unlimited entertainment. It has no shortage of videos and content, but some content is restricted and blocked. That’s where people start hating YouTube. They don’t want to face restrictions and want to access anything at anytime. However, that isn’t possible all the time.

Legal implications and geo-restrictions forced will stop you from accessing the content of your choice. If you believe the data, YouTube is the platform that features the highest number of blocked websites. It irks many.

YouTube proxy could be a possible solution for you. By hiding your IP address and providing you with a brand new IP address, a YouTube proxy can help you enjoy YouTube in full swing. Learn more about this tool, how you can use it, and the best available options in this post.

What is YouTube Proxy?

When a device is linked to the internet, it gets a unique IP address. Tracking this IP address allows websites, ISP, and other internet-based services to find out from which part of the country you belong and what kind of content you browse on the internet.

IP address tracking is the base of geo-blocking and internet censorship (for instance, in Russia or China). If one manages to hide or replace the actual IP address with a fake IP address, it would be easy to have safe and unrestricted internet access.

A YouTube proxy is a proxy that sits between you and YouTube server and replaces the actual IP address with a different IP address. Granting you a new IP address, gives you a brand new identity that is not linked with you in reality. It prevents online activity tracking and helps you easily bypass geo-restrictions.

YouTube proxies are dedicated to proxies capable of providing you with IP addresses that are not blocked and banned by YouTube. This kind of proxy is compatible with YouTube’s server and will have no hassles involved regarding connection establishment. IP addresses are generally not shared with other users, further enhancing security.

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Why Use YouTube Proxy?

One might wonder if it is worth investing in a YouTube proxy just because it replaces the original IP address. Well, it is as if it does more than this.

Starting from improving the browsing experience to better security, the reasons for using a YouTube proxy are endless.

  • Get rid of content geo-blocking

If you’re a YouTube user that wants to stream global content, only a YouTube proxy will be able to relieve you. With its help, you can easily get the IP address of any global location and access the content of your choice.

Even global companies targeting global audiences will benefit highly from a YouTube proxy as it’s great to do specific area research. You can conduct a local YouTube marketing campaign in Berlin from your Toronto office.

  • Keep things private

In today’s digital world, all eyes are on you and your online activities. Businesses and hackers are interested to know what all sorts of content you’re watching so that they can pitch you accordingly. With a YouTube proxy, it’s easy to keep your online activities a secret and enjoy tracking-free browsing.

  • Bypass bans

Today’s internet isn’t without bans. While some bans are necessary and are for our good, few bans are just necessary and are imposed to snatch away the freedom of speech.

In fact, some websites are so annoying that they badly detect a real human as a bot and ban content access. YouTube isn’t without a ban. You can be banned by simply posting multiple comments on a single video. Well, you need to understand that it’s the IP address that is blocked or banned.

You can still continue using YouTube if you manage to replace your IP address. Gladly, a YouTube proxy does the same.

Talking about bypassing bans:

Web scraping is an easy way for organizations to collect useful public customer data. With rightly done web scrapping, one will easily access comments, searched keywords, and other data useful for digital marketing. If you want to scrap YouTube for all this data, try using a YouTube proxy with a web scrapper tool.

For this job, rotating the YouTube proxy is the best option to try, as it will ensure you get a new IP address every time a new connection is established. It reduces the ban possibilities.

All the above reasons are enough to make you fall in love with the utility of YouTube proxy. But it’s not all about all gain and no pain. Using a YouTube proxy has its fair share of drawbacks worth noting. For instance:

  • You will experience an inevitable speed drop as the traffic is filtered before reaching you.
  • Latency is certain as speed will be slow. So, if you’re expecting blazing buffering, drop your expectations right away.
  • Some of the free YouTube proxies will take the help of ads to generate revenue. As long as ads are not too many, things are fine. But, high ad annoyance might ruin your browsing experience for sure.

If you’re not using the right kind of YouTube proxy, you might have to deal with data theft and tracking issues.

Even if we compare the pros and cons, the pros win the battle. The drawbacks are also easily managed when you take the help of a trusted and quality YouTube proxy service provider.

What To Keep In Mind While Getting a YouTube Proxy?

A YouTube proxy is a blessing in disguise for those who want to access the internet without any restrictions. But you’ll be able to enjoy the claimed benefits only when you make the right choice. When trying to get a YouTube proxy, don’t forget to pay attention to the type of web protocol the proxy is supporting.

Web protocol is what makes a proxy capable of communicating with other internet-based solutions. The offered protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS. As HTTP and HTTPS protocols are more communicative, it’s better to pick a YouTube proxy that supports these two or one out of these two proxies.

The next thing to keep in mind is device compatibility. You need to make sure that the proxy you’re trying to use for YouTube is compatible with the device on which you access YouTube. Even though most of the proxies can work on all the devices, it’s better to pick an option that offers device-specific solutions.

As YouTube is all about videos, it’s better to have a YouTube proxy subscription that provides a solid data plan. It will take your YouTube browsing experience to a new level, as you don’t have to worry about data running out.

YouTube proxies offering rotational and residential IP addresses are preferred for YouTube as these proxies will prevent bans and give your new fake IP address a more humane feel. Also, these two kinds of IP addresses help unblock YouTube proxy by changing your IP addresses again and again and giving them a realistic feel.

Encryption is something that is required when we talk about improved security. IP addresses that are backed 256-Bit encryptions are obviously a blessing in disguise.

Lastly, we will suggest you pay attention to the subscription cost. The cost should be affordable, and the service provider should accept payment via multiple modes.

These are just the overview of what matters during a YouTube proxy selection process. One can add more details to it as per the need of the hour.

For instance, some might prefer an extensive IP data pool over security, or a megabyte offered is more important than the privacy of the IP address. Hence, the best way to buy a YouTube proxy is to understand what exactly you need and what’s offered. Compare these two and select an option that matches most of the selection criteria.

Is Using a YouTube Proxy Legal?

Using a proxy, YouTube, or any other kind is legal in most countries. In fact, countries with a high number of cyberattacks and dangers suggest using a proxy to have an improved internet presence. But, be careful while using a proxy, as you can get into serious trouble if you get caught using it to access copyright material.

How Does A YouTube Proxy Work?

YouTube proxy works like any other proxy (for instance, ISP, torrentresidential proxies). It’s an intermediary placed remotely between the end user and the YouTube server. The proxy server will have its own list of IP addresses that it uses when an end-user makes a request to YouTube. As soon as the request is made, the proxy server jumps in and receives that request before it reaches the YouTube server.

Once the request is received, the real IP address is replaced by the proxy server IP address, and then the request is forwarded to the YouTube server. The YouTube server accepts the request and responds. As the IP address that the YouTube server receives will be of the proxy server, it won’t be possible for the YouTube server to track the real location of the end user.

The proxy server even analyzes the response received and makes sure that no malicious content is present in the response. Based on the features offered, it even adds encryption to the response and makes it more secure.

This way, a YouTube proxy prevents direct end-user and YouTube server interaction which can be troublesome in many ways.

How To Get A YouTube Proxy?

By now, you must have a clear idea of the real-time viability of the YouTube proxy and must be ready to get ready to use it. While you plan to get a YouTube proxy, you’ve two options. You can either visit a free YouTube proxy website or subscribe to a normal proxy that works with YouTube.

Even though free proxies are not very much recommended, many free YouTube proxy sites have managed to maintain the quality of operations without charging you a single penny. They are the ideal choice to make when you don’t use YouTube extensively.

If you’re an extensive YouTube user and want more out of the proxy used, you can try the subscription to a full-fledged paid proxy. Other than replacing the IP address, an advanced YouTube proxy will be able to add encryption and other security features.

In both options (free and paid), you only have to contact the proxy provider and get the proxy of your choice online. Simple login and online payment, in the case of paid proxy provider, are enough.

Top 5 TRULY Free YouTube Proxies

Free YouTube proxies have earned a bad reputation. But not every free YouTube proxy works so badly. Some are even better than paid ones. It’s just people aren’t aware of the kind of right to a free YouTube proxy. Well, we’re here to fix this issue as we present you with the top 5 free YouTube proxy sites worthy of your trust and time.

#1 – GenMirror

GenMirror Web Proxy banner

Want to experience less trouble and easy access to block YouTube? Try GenMirror.

This best free YouTube proxy website is worth your trust as it proffers end-users a high SSL encrypted web proxy that works well with YouTube. The website has a simple interface and provides essential information immediately. The web proxy is powerful enough to help you play restriction–free videos on mobile, computers, and smartphones.

You don’t require any particular technical competency to use it. All you need to do is enter YouTube video URL you want to access, and you are good to go. In no time, the website will be unblocked with the help of this youtube-proxy unblocker.

When using it on mobile, you’ll experience huge bandwidth saving as it consumes significantly-less bandwidth. Despite a free YouTube proxy, it hasn’t compromised on quality and security. It completely hides the IP address and provides SSL encryption.


  • No installation is required
  • 100% anonymity is maintained
  • Supports high-quality video streaming
  • Consumes very less bandwidth


  • The web proxy isn’t very functional when used in the Opera browser.
  • So many pop-ups can cause great annoyance.

Ratings & Reviews

78/100 is what GenMirror scored in an extensive review on Website Checker.

Website Cracker Review on Genmirror proxy


GenMirror is worth a try as it doesn’t charge a single penny and helps you have quick access to blocked YouTube content. As no installation is required, anyone is all set to use this web proxy to access blocked YouTube content. Try it once, and we know you won’t regret it.

#2 – HMA YouTube Proxy

HMA YouTube Proxy banner

HMA YouTube proxy is the most advanced YouTube proxy because of many reasons like impressive IP address masking, protecting personal information, wide server network, and 8 P2P servers. It even offers streaming-optimized servers in Germany, the UK (VPN for the UK), and the US. So, if you use its Germany-based servers, you can unblock YouTube with more ease.



  • Customer care support isn’t that effective.

Rating and Review

Read this tweet praising HMA, and you will realize how good this proxy is.


It’s worth a try, as its exceptional features make it desirable.

#3 – Proxysite

ProxySite banner

Proxysite is a dependable proxy YouTube to try when you don’t want to complicate things. The platform’s ease of usage has already won many hearts. Both free and paid version exists.

The proxy has managed to improve its service delivery as per the video quality of YouTube. The website keeps on improving and optimizing as YouTube’s video quality changes. It has an extensive YouTube server list that ensures you don’t have restrictions. It is available in many languages. Hence, it’s suitable for global audiences.


  • Less ad intrusion
  • It Plays high-quality videos with ease
  • No installation to keep you engaged for long
  • Over 20 servers are used as proxy sites for YouTube.


  • More IP addresses are needed.
  • Ratings & Reviews

Reviews & Ratings

It made it to a top-10 list by Koniat for obvious reasons.


What else could one ever ask for if you’re experiencing fewer ads with a free YouTube proxy site? Well, this is what made us and many more fall in love with Proxysite. Without keeping too many hassles and strong IP masking, it will help you bypass the YouTube proxy blocker easily.

#4 – CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy banner

CroxyProxy is a proxy YouTube website that will help you access YouTube without restrictions. Its YouTube unblocking facility is so advanced that it can easily bypass ISP and government-imposed restrictions. It will help you unblock almost all kinds of content.


  • It will help you play HTML5 video and audio playback
  • Installation-free operations
  • Offers dedicated Chrome extension (VPN for Chrome)


  • Other than Chrome, no other browser has dedicated extension support offered

Ratings & Reviews


With a Chrome extension, this proxy website has managed to firm its feet in the industry. You can’t ignore it as it even supports HTML5 videos. All in all, get ready to experience the best YouTube unblocking.

#5 – AtoZProxy

AtoZProxy banner

Do you need to enter the YouTube proxy world? Ditch all the inhibitions and start using AtozProxy, as this tool is helpful for first-time users. The user-friendly interface ensures that no one faces trouble accessing this proxy website. By keeping its operations download-free, it took its viability to a whole new level.

All you need to do is enter the YouTube URL. Rest will be taken care of by its advanced proxy technology.


  • Advanced SSL encryption technology
  • It perfectly hides your digital footprint.


  • No app support.

Ratings & Reviews

That’s what ScamAdvisor thinks about the proxy in question:

ScamAdvisor atozproxy review


Even if it’s a free YouTube proxy, you have the assistance of powerful encryption. Hence, data security isn’t a matter of concern. You’ll have a very friendly user interface at your disposal as well.

Have A Backup Plan

We’re more than sure that above mentioned free YouTube proxy sites won’t disappoint you. But, if your YouTube proxy requirements are more than customary, you might get disappointed with the offerings of these free YouTube proxies. Hence, you should always be aware of some of the most functional and cost-effective paid YouTube proxies that will provide extensive assistance. Well, we have something to recommend on this front as well.

  • Try BrightData when you need unlimited concurrent connection, various kinds of proxies, a wide IP pool, and dependable security. It always grabs the first spot when we talk about the best-paid YouTube proxies because of all these features only. It provides pay-as-you-go features for its assorted subscriptions. Enjoy its 7-day trial before paying for the subscription cost (VPN with free trial periods).
  • Smartproxy is another suitable choice as it is one of the largest residential IP proxy providers. The best part about this YouTube proxy provider is that it is based on consumption. You only pay for the services consumed. With its servers present in more than 195 countries, Smartproxy provides great security features at an affordable cost.
  • SmartDNS is the right choice as this proxy provider masks the IP address effectively and bypasses geo-restrictions with great ease. Its users are endowed with Hulu (VPN for Hulu) and HBO premium memberships with a subscription.

You can keep these paid subscriptions as a backup in case your YouTube proxy requirements are extensive and beyond the reach of free YouTube proxies.

How To Set up YouTube Proxies?

Setting up YouTube proxies isn’t a challenging task. Most of the free YouTube proxies are web proxies and won’t ask for any heavy installation. Simply entering a YouTube URL is enough. But, before you start using a YouTube proxy site, you must prepare your device and browser proxy compatibility. Here is what you have to do to make it happen.

Configure Proxy Settings in Chrome


Chrome uses the device’s proxy settings to become proxy server friendly. Here are the steps that you need to follow to activate proxy in Chrome:

  • Open the Chrome browser and click on the three-dot icon in the top-right corner.

google chrome homepage

  • Go to Settings > System > Open your computer’s proxy settings. It will take you to the Settings option of the device.

chrome settings picture

  • On the displaying page, you will be able to see that you have automatic and manual proxy activation options available.
  • For automatic activations, you need a script address. Enter it, and the proxy set-up will be finished automatically.
  • You must enter your IP address and hostname if you want manual activation.
  • Save the entered details, and proxy settings are done.

proxy settings on picture

Use a YouTube proxy website

Once the browser and device are ready for proxy, access a free YouTube proxy website. We’re using GenMirror as an example.

Enter the YouTube URL in the search bar on the home page and hit on Browse. In no time, you’ll be able to access blocked YouTube.


We wish YouTube could be as pleasing as it seems. Ads, legal implications, geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, and many more things are there to hinder your YouTube viewing experience.

With the help of a trusted YouTube proxy site, you have a chance to improve your YouTube browsing experience. With one right kind of YouTube proxy, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions, stay away from the reach of scammers and hackers, stream as much as you want, and improve your digital presence.

All the about mentioned free YouTube proxy websites are of great help. Try them out today and share your experience with us.

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