VPNwelt: About Us

Believe it or not, we are huge fans of gaming and true enthusiasts of streaming movies no matter where we are across the globe.

Once we got to travel, thanks to Airbnb, cheap flights, and solid Wi-Fi connection, we noticed that surfing the net wasn’t as easy as we got used to in the US. 

We could barely access our favorite websites and even social networks. 

For example, in China, we were unable to use Facebook due to the censorship prevailing there or to log in to some German TV due to content restrictions.  For that reason, we started searching for software to help us with it. And here is how we got to know about VPNs. 

We did research and had a hard time finding the right solution. Lots of details, like servers, speed, legitimacy, etc., seemed to be missing. That’s why we started vpnwelt.com to help real users like us to overcome such challenges with ease.

Since then, it hasn’t only become an amateurish platform but more of a passion that we turned into a business. 

Our Team 

Florian Berg (55 years, CEO)

Florian Berg has more than 15 years of experience in the field of data protection & cybersecurity. This, in turn, has enabled him to create vpnwelt.com. With his knowledge in cybersecurity, Florian’s goal is to share his experience and to support you with questions regarding privacy policy and protection.

Alexander Klein (38 years, Business Analyst)

Alex is responsible for the analysis and optimization of our work processes. He has a lot of practical experience and, most importantly, the ability to think strategically. Besides, Alex is aware of new trends in the field of cybersecurity and clarifies them in his spare time.

Anastasia Mono (31 years, CMO)

Anastasia used to be the owner of a travel agency, so she knows all about geoblocking and security issues when web surfing from anywhere in the world. She is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the overall vpnwelt.com marketing strategy.

Christoph Leydolt (40 years, Web Designer)

10 years ago, Christoph started his career as a designer while creating design templates for IT companies and various creative agencies. Through these years, he strengthened his creative and programming skills to build and improve websites. Currently, he is an integral part of the team who establishes design guidelines, standards, and best practices.

Franziska Koch (28 years, Journalist and Expert in New Media)

Franziska has been working as a freelance journalist for a long time. Since graduating from the International School of Business, IT, and Management, Franzi has been trying to share her experiences with our readers. She is passionate about writing articles that help you protect your privacy.

Moritz Meyer (32 years, Cybersecurity Expert)

As an expert in cybersecurity, Moritz has excellent knowledge of network and system administration. He has a keen interest in technology and online privacy and believes that everyone has the right to anonymity. Moritz is concerned about the protection of your confidential data.

Philip Stein (26 years, Content Manager and SEO Copywriter)

Philip is a promising young author with a passion for language. He recently completed his Master’s degree in Digital Marketing in Berlin and is particularly knowledgeable about Internet security. Phil also enjoys creating videos and photos for marketing purposes.

Protect Your Online Privacy

Thanks to the World Wide Web, we have a long list of things that play in our day-to-day lives. Social interactions, entertainment, online studying, and so many other things come together with cyber threats. 

Hackers, Doxxers, phishing scams, and identity thieves daily put your data at risk. That’s why we want to secure your sensitive data and make your Internet experience safe.

We do our best to provide you with transparent, objective, and trustworthy content, as well as care about the agreements between you and us. Before sharing anything, our team of experts does comprehensive research, collects reviews from real users, and tests each software.

We follow the KISS Principle: Keep It Simple & Stupid. We believe that the content should be easily understood by any user, no matter their age, cultural background, or education.