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Data protection on the Internet is no longer a precaution for emergencies, but a daily MUST for all users. There are lots of VPN providers on the market, so which one fits you the most? Our team has tested the most popular VPN services and prepared a VPN comparison.


Protect Your Data Now

Data protection on the Internet is no longer a precaution for emergencies, but a daily MUST for all users. There are lots of VPN providers on the market, so which one fits you the most? Our team has tested the most popular VPN services and prepared a VPN comparison!

Protect Your Data Now

The best VPN providers

  • CyberGhostCyberGhost

    • No log files
    • High transparency
    • High security through
    • 256-bit encryption
    • 5700 servers in 90 countries
  • ExpressVPN ExpressVPN

    • P2P allowed
    • Great support
    • Servers in 94 countries
    • Fastest VPN in the world
    • No storage of log files

    • Low price
    • Money back guarantee
    • Built-in advertising blocker
    • Fast and reliable servers
    • Good for streaming
  • IPVanishIPVanish

    • Good for streaming
    • Good for routers
    • Easy to use
    • Reliable server network
    • Good speed
  • NordVPNNordVPN

    • 6 devices
    • Kill Switch
    • Double VPN
    • High security
    • No-Logs Policy

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a publicly available network that enables users to connect via a so-called IP tunnel and link their networks. For security reasons, the private network connection encrypts data so that only authorized users could gain access to the VPN. That, in turn, makes Internet browsing entirely protected from hacking attacks or unauthorized access.

Whether you need a VPN for personal or business use, many options on the market will make your web surfing safe, secure, and affordable compared to some comprehensive security services. When choosing a VPN provider, make sure that it has a no-log policy, uses the most current protocol to provide strong security and no data limits.

Another thing we recommend is checking whether it offers a mobile version as well, since phones have become a frequent target for hackers. They use them to install phone tracker apps, perform man-in-the-middle attacks, or remove malware, plant ransomware.


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Benefits of VPNs

Safe Internet Browsing icon

Safe Internet Browsing

Your personal information as emails, bank details, or other credentials, is optimally protected against identity theft. All of your data traffic is encrypted and transmitted quickly, making it out of reach of cyberthieves.

Protected File Sharing icon

Protected File Sharing

There is no need to worry about data leaks. Using a VPN, whether in the office or at home, makes your file-sharing more secure and convenient.Easily exchange files, documents, confidential information at your disposal while connecting to the virtual private network.

Anonymity icon


Maintain your anonymity on the Internet from any place in the world. If you visit a website via a VPN server, your location is not recognized, and your request appears as if it came from the country of origin of the VPN server.

Bypass Blockers and Filters icon

Bypass Blockers and Filters

If a website restricts the service to the country of origin, you can still access it with a VPN. You can enjoy the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, online TV, live sports, news, and radio anytime, anywhere in the world. Basically, the VPN connection hides the location where the actual internet connection is made. Make sure to check for its Terms and Conditions as some countries might have penalties for using a VPN.

Affordability icon


Using a VPN is surprisingly affordable. Different companies offer long-term and short-term plans for any need: personal or business usage that is extremely convenient to pay for total privacy. If you believe that a totally free VPN is the right solution, remember that some VPN providers may not cost you money but you can pay in other ways: frequent ads, having your data collected, and so on.

Speed icon


When it comes to the Internet’s safety and security, VPN’s speed is always prioritized. With a reliable VPN service, there is no need to make any configuration. All you need to do is simply click on the button and let the VPN transmit your data fast whether you’re on a business trip, have an online conference, or participate in gaming streaming.

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