VPN statistics: What should you know about VPNs in 2021 

There is a no-brainer that online is as risky as it seems. Having an unprotected online presence is like driving a sports bike with no safety gear; you will end up hurting yourself.

Also, we all know that tons of advertisers, government agencies, marketing companies, and other XYZ sources are keeping a watch over your online presence.

This is why one needs something to safeguard in the internet world, and nothing can beat VPN at this front. VPN or Virtual Private Network, you must have heard of this term multiple times and must have suggested using it for a secure online browsing experience.

But why is it so important? How much protection can a VPN grant us? Why a VPN is important statistics aspect in itself?

Well, we have summed some of the most notable VPN users statistics for you to have a better understanding of VPN viability and usability. Scroll down to know about them.

VPN and Essential Statistics Related to it [2021]

VPN is a tool, which when used, creates a secure tunnel between the end-user and the internet connection. Each communication, done from the end-user’s part, will pass through this protected tunnel and will not be prone to the threats like data theft, viruses or malware attacks, and data manipulation.

Besides, the use of VPN allows the end-user to conceal the IP address and location completely. Over the years, the use of VPN has become a norm and is highly recommended for a secure online presence.

Here are some VPN statistics to give you real-time insight into the market penetration of VPN and their usability. Pay attention to them, and you’ll be able to know how essential VPNs have become for us.

  • The global VPN market will hit the mark of $107.5 billion by the end of 2027
  • We told you that VPNs are becoming popular day by day and a recent prediction by Research and Market makes this a bit clearer. As per the research, the VPN market is growing at an annual growth rate of 17.2% over the past six years.
  • If the trend is followed, the global VPN market will cross $107.5 billion by 2027.
  • In 2020 VPN usages reached an all-time high of 27.1%.
  • The VPN usage reached its peak in 2020. A clear spike of nearly 10% was witnessed at the CAGR of VPN. Mostly, it was due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemics, which forced a huge workforce to work from their homes. This sudden shift had a positive impact on the use of VPN. Using it, people were making their home connections safe enough to conduct business communication.

Here is further breakage of VPN consumer reports’ data related to online privacy statistics and increasing awareness among people:

  • Italy witnessed an impeccable increase of 175.2% in VPN data usage.
  • USA was in the second spot as there was a 132.5% rise in VPN usage.
  • In Spain, VPN usage swelled up by 62.1 %, while there was a surge of 48.4% in Germany.

These VPN statistics made it clear that VPN is the need of the hour and will continue to be so in the upcoming time. So, if you haven’t started using it till now, then do it now.

VPN performance in numbers: 2021 stats

These are not the only VPN statistics that prospective and educated VPN users should know. There are many more. We have categorized these VPN statistics and are bringing them to you.

Reasons Why do People Use VPNs

While we cannot answer how many people use a VPN, the number of such users is very high. There are many reasons behind using a VPN, and knowing linked statistics will help you better understand them.

For uninterrupted entertainment

  • Almost 50% of VPN users get this powerful tool to have a better entertainment experience. They admit that usage of VPN has helped them to watch their favorite content without any restrictions.
  • 34% of VPN users use VPN to have secure and better access to social network websites. This way, they can protect their data while roaming around on multiple social network websites.
  • 31% of VPN users take the help of VPN just to stay hidden and browse anonymously. They don’t want their browsing history, IP addresses, locations, and other crucial details to be saved on any server and utilized later to send phishing emails.
  • 56% of VPN users access Netflix regularly and use it to watch geo-restricted content.
  • Out of all the VPN users, 12% access the dark web with its help.

For secure communication

  • 37% of UK-based VPN users take its help to make their business and personal communication utterly secure and safe.
  • Around 7% of internet users bank upon VPN to secure the VoIP calls.

For seamless work

  • 27% of VPN users have admitted that they use VPN only because they need to have a secure network for their job-related tasks.
  • 22% of users prefer using a VPN whenever they access business sites, share business-critical documents, and attend or arrange an official meeting. With the use of VPN, they have the mental peace that their crucial information is not shared without enough protection.
  • After the pandemic, many companies reviewed their work policies and made use of a VPN mandatory for remote working. The number of such enterprises is 74% of the total.
  • Around 68% of employees have admitted that their organization has increased the use of VPN after COVID-19.

For impeccable security

The growing online security threats and huge losses incurred because of one are forcing people to use VPN more than ever. Here are some of the vital cybersecurity VPN statistics that you should know right now.

  • In 2020, the cost of cybersecurity in the United States swelled by 25%. This came into the public’s eye by a survey conducted by Accenture Security. Around 4,644 executives of companies with annual revenues of $1 billion or more participated in this survey. They admitted that they need to work upon security monitoring, network security, and threat detection to reduce such high costs.
  • A study by Cybit revealed that 60% of companies have experienced cyber threats like DDoS attacks, social engineering, and phishing at least once.
  • A recent study by Verizon made us learn that out of all the data breaches, 72% targets large enterprises while 28% eye on small businesses.
  • As per IT Governance’s report, 76 billion records were exposed and leaked in January 2019.
  • The first quarter of 2020 witnessed the worst data breach of all the time. Around 8 billion records were leaked during that period, says SelfKey report.
  • IBM says that the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million.
  • The mobile cybersecurity products, developed by Kaspersky, were able to spot 1,152,662 malicious installations in the first quarter of 2020. Mobile banking Trojans tops the list of malicious installations. There were 42,115 in numbers.

VPN Statistics about Usage – User genders, used devices, and the like

I was wondering which group of people uses VPN the most or on which device VPN is widely used?

Pay attention to these statistics:

  • Almost 26% of users have tried VPN at least once in their lifetime.
  • 35% of total VPN users are from the 16-24 age group.
  • 33% of VPN users belong to the 25-34 age group.
  • 62% of VPN users are male, and 38% are female.

Now, there is one more interesting VPN statistic that you must know, and it is that 64% of VPN users access VPN over mobile. This was revealed by Global Web Index market research. The report also revealed that 62% of VPN users access it over desktop.

It clearly shows that accessing a VPN over mobile phones is easy and effortless.

VPN usage frequency related statistics

Thinking about how much data does VPN use? Or, does a VPN use data by itself?

Well, it depends on what you are doing through it and how frequently you are using it. The service itself consumes no explicit data. See these VPN usage frequency related stats:

  • 47% of total VPN users use it on a semi-regularly basis. Such users use VPN mostly when they are traveling. Business-related travel has improved the usage of VPN in the past years. Most of the time, professionals traveling to the Asia-pacific regions, where multiple restrictions are there, use VPN.
  • Around a quarter of total VPN users use this powerful tool daily.
  • 41% of UK and US-based users use VPN weekly, while 36% use it every day. Only 10% of users use it once a month.
  • Indonesia has the highest VPN users. Around 61% of its total population use this technology. India comes next with 45% of users.
  • Australia has the least VPN users. Only 4% of its population uses this tool. In the UK and US, only 5% of the total population bank upon VPN.

VPN Statistics Related to Market Worth & Growth

Seeing such extensive help, impeccable security, and impressive performance, we can easily conclude that VPN’s market will be experiencing a huge surge and will not see a decline in the future. Here are some internet privacy statistics about VPN usage to support this statement:

  • As per Grand View Research, the global VPN market will reach the mark of $92.6 billion by 20.
  • If the words of IDC are to be believed, the global consumer VPN market will reach $834.1 million by 2024.
  • Prescient & Strategic Intelligence’s recent report reveals that the global mobile VPN market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 19.7% during 2018 -2023.


VPN is becoming an essential tool to stay safe and sound in the dangerous online world, and the above-mentioned VPN statistics are proof of this. Survival in today’s vulnerable online world, with a VPN, is not possible and suggested. So, start using it today.


Who uses VPN? Do I need a VPN?

If you want to enjoy a safe and secure browsing experience without compromising on your data’s security, hide your location, keep many cybersecurity risks by then, you need a VPN. It is a proven way to have a secure online presence.

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