VPN for the UK: The Best VPN Solutions to Choose from in 2021

Wondering how you can fool the online predators and prevent unwanted access to the information? Well, VPN is one tool that can do all of these and many other things to make the virtual space a little safer to be. But, to relish all these benefits, one must use nothing but the best VPN. If you’re looking for one for the UK, then scroll down as this post introduces the best VPN UK.

Why do you need a VPN in the UK?

Let’s inform you of the purpose of using a VPN in the first place. VPN, or Virtual Private Network, encrypts all internet connections between the user and the ISP. With this action, the best cheap VPN UK can:

Top 7 VPNs for the UK users

If you must have read the above piece, then it would be clear to you, Do I need a VPN UK or not. Other than using a VPN, there is no way to remain safe and sound in the online world. For UK users, these are our top 7 choices:

#1 – NordVPN – All-time favorite of everyone

nordvpn banner

NordVPN is the gold standard of VPN UK and has gained worldwide popularity for obvious reasons. It is backed with the best security protocols and encryption. You can count 256- Bit AES encryption, OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and NordLynx protocol.

As if this was not enough, Nord VPN UK has incorporated smart security features like DNS leak protection, automatic kill switch, and strict zero-log policy. The great thing about its zero-log policy is that it is audited from a third party. So, there is no chance of goof-ups and loopholes.

Its performance is fantastic in blocking and streaming, unlike unsecure VPN free UK. Its server locations are in more than 80 locations in the world. With its dedicated extension for Chrome and Firefox, it is going to be a great way to have an uninterrupted experience.


  • Custom-made NordLynx protocol
  • Amazing cryptocurrency support

Visit the NordVPN Website

#2 – VeePN – A boon for torrenting lovers


If you want to have seamless torrenting or P2P activity, then try VeePN, as it offers the best support on this front. Its app has a clean and straightforward interface. So, if you’re a first-timer, then you will face no hassles at all. It impresses us with features like an automatic kill switch, full DNS leak protection, and no compromised zero-log facility.

If you decide to go with its 5-year plan, get ready to enjoy the best deal in the market as you pay a monthly VPN UK subscription fee.

With monthly expenses as low as $1.97, it wins the race of cheap UK VPN. It supports Bitcoins, so you can make payments without leaving a trace.


  • Full freedom regarding the security features customization has been granted to the user
  • Smart VeePN feature offers a double blanket of security as it combines the best of both OpenVPN and IKEv

Visit the VeePN Website

#3 – ExpressVPN – A power-packed solution

ExpressVPN homepage

As long as ExpressVPN is backing your online activities, there is nothing to worry about as it is out of those rare VPN UK, which offers a whole suite of security features. It features a zero-logging policy audited by a third party. It has incredible HTTP download speed in UK servers, so end-users can unblock Netflix & other streaming websites, watch their favorite content, and have a pleasant experience.

As long as Express VPN UK is helping you out, you can be doubly sure about the information security as it easily nullifies the ISP data retention policy. So, no one, not even your ISP, will be able to track your activities. Very few best UK VPNs have this ability.


  • Enterprise-grade encryption
  • Simultaneous support for five devices
  • Strict no-log policy

Visit the ExpressVPN Website

#4 – Surfshark – Making no compromising on device support

surfshark homepage

Choosing Surfshark VPN UK is the wisest move to make if you have many devices to protect and want to have a cumbersome VPN plan. You may consider it the best VPN for Firestick UK.

With one single place of Surfshark, you can protect an endless number of devices. Yes, it’s true, and this is what makes it stand out from the crowd. We have to admit that its performance on the security front is impressive as there is a private DNS, double encryption, and a huge range of security protocols. For any online threat, surpassing all these restrictions won’t be an easy job.


  • Stripped back interface
  • Quick connect feature that supports instant connection with the pool of servers
  • Private DNS and double VPN hop facilities

Visit the Surfshark Website

#5 – CyberGhost – Get it for the best value

cyberghost homepage

Not willing to go for a high VPN cost UK? Don’t worry. You have CyberGhost to help you. Its UK-based users can pay as little as $2.25/month and enjoy a whole suite of features. Despite the affordable cost, it hasn’t made any compromise on the offerings. Its security protocol list is extensive; servers are widely spread and comes with an in-built Smart DNS service.

It is one of the best deals on the cheapest VPN UK.


  • The best free VPN UK trial that lasts longer than anyone else
  • Facility to switch plans any time
  • Incredible download/upload speed

Visit the CyberGhost Website

#6 – PIA – Leader in number of servers

pia it 1

PIA is reliable because of its extensive server network. So, no matter in which part of the UK you’re, you can have your back and protect yourself. All these servers are spread in 100+ locations. Practically, we can say that it’s omnipresent.

The cherry on the cake is an in-built malware tacker. With this feature, you can have ultimate peace of mind as nothing can cause harm to you. Use it as your VPN for Firestick UK or for other purposes, and PIA is a trustworthy choice. 


  • Apps are highly feature-filled
  • Despite the huge server network, no compromise is made on the speed. Almost all of its servers are great when it comes to speed.

#7 – Windscribe – Most generous free VPN UK

windscribe homepage

With free 10GB VPN bandwidth, Windscribe is a great choice to make when looking for the best UK VPN free. One more thing that makes it more desirable is its ability to support unlimited connections. In short, end-users will be in a win-win situation.

Windscribe shines bright when we talk about security because it comes with SHA512 authentication, a 4096-bit RSA key, and full support for forwarding secrecy.


  • Generous free plan
  • Impressive security features

The Final Say

Being present in the online world will become a little less scary if one is wholly backed by the best VPN UK. But, making a wise choice matters the most on this front as this will only help you out. Picking one out of thousands is a challenging and tiring job. So, don’t do that much hard work. Just refer to which we just recommended for you.


What is the best VPN service for the UK?

VPN UK is feature-packed, easy-to-use, and comes with a free trial that is considered the best in the market. During our research, we figured out that all the above-mentioned VPNs meet these standards. So, it won’t be erroneous to say that NordVPN UK, VeePN, ExpressVPN, and others are the best VPN services for the UK.

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