VeePN VPN 2021 Review: Is It Any Good?

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VeePN VPN is a Panama-based VPN that has gained a significant name in the VPN world in a short span because of many reasons. You can count on the great compatibility, decent server size, and app support. 

But, is it the best one? Will you be always satisfied with its performance? 

Answers to all these questions are hidden in this crisp VeePN review. Read it and find out what your takeaway is with VeePN.  

What is VeePN?

VeePN is an ultra-modern VPN that has a presence in 50 worldwide locations. The VeePN server list is long and includes 2500+ servers. With its high-end security encryption, it claims to keep you safe and secure in the virtual world and tries every piece of technology to hide your online presence. With the commendable app support, it becomes easily accessible.

This was a quick overview of VeePN. To know more about it, I am going to explain some of its key features:

  • Limitless server switching – Using this feature, you can make endless switches between multiple servers over a single click. 
  • Double VPN – With the help of this feature, you can enjoy extra secure online browsing as there are two servers. It’s like VPN chaining which means more protection.
  • No-log VPN – No-log VPN feature lets you enjoy an anonymous browsing experience by saving no information about your data and IP address.
  • Net Guard – This exclusive feature is available in VeePN Firefox, and the VeePN app free of cost. Because of this feature, you can block ads, malicious websites, and trackers effortlessly and enjoy an undisturbed browsing experience.
  • Shadowsocks Protocol – It allows you to bypass the Great Wall of China easily and swiftly. 

How Fast is VeePN?

There is no point in having a VPN if you face multiple glitches in the speed and it doesn’t connect. Thus, I tested VeePN speed extensively on different servers and observed what it brings when ping, download, and upload speed is concerned.

Before I start, let me tell you that it’s natural to lose some speed when you VPN as data travels faster than ever. Also, encryption and decryption of the traffic take time. Hence, speed lowers down a bit. As I already mentioned that VeePN lets you get connected in 50 locations across the globe, I tested the US, Australia, and Japan.

On the US server, my ping, download, and upload speeds were 31 ms, 12.89 Mbps, and 2.66 respectively. It was of the moderate range. 

veepn speeds

  On the Australian server, the difference after connecting to the VeePN server was not that noticeable. I experienced 67 Mbps download speed and 1.54 Mbps upload speed. The ping speed was 46 ms.  

veepn vpn test speed

  Its performance in Japan was the worst. Rather than increasing the speed, it decreased my existing one. My download speed was only 2.67 Mbps which was 70% of my average speed. 

VeePN Privacy and Logging Policy

The very purpose of VPN existence is to maintain the users’ privacy in the online world. If it fails at this front then its whole existence is dubious. I did extensive research on this front and tried very hard to find out how true it claims to offer a no-log privacy policy.

veepn security

My research made me learn that VeePN doesn’t use any third-party server. Hence, the odds of getting exposed to any malicious activities are very less.

As I already mentioned, it has a feature called  Double VPN. This feature makes you undetectable completely . I was able to hide my identity from beginning to end. It passed the DNS leak test and concealed my location details completely.

As far as its logging policy is concerned, it keeps a log of your details like login and account details. As per the privacy policy mentioned on the website, logs of total data transmitted and the number of devices connected will be recorded. 

The policy clearly states that the website keeps personal-private data for references. Hence, the no-log claim is actually not that much true.  Also, what made me more dubious about the authenticity of its claim is its inability to cross-checked the privacy details. There are  no third-party audits.  

Is VeePN Safe to Use?

As far as safety is concerned, VeePN did a good job. It has military-level encryption. The  256-bit encryption keeps sensitive information safe . The in-built kill switches to keep you safer. But, it is faulty. During my testing, it didn’t activate a couple of times.


The built-in malware and ad blocker keeps your connection extra secure. There are three protocols.  OpenVPN by default, IKEv2, and Shadowsocks . It makes its security feature robust enough to bear any online threat.

Pricing and Compatibility

I must admit that the pricing plan of VeePN is good and is total value for money if you subscribe to a two-year plan. With this plan, your monthly expenses would be only $ 1.67 month which is a peanut amount.

1 month 2 years 6 months
$10.99/mo $1.34/mo $3.39/mo

The  30-days money-back guarantee  makes it extra lucrative. Though VeePN is not a huge brand, its payment support system is impressive. It gives you the freedom to pay via credit cards, PayPal, PaymentWall, and even via popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple which is highly impressive.  

If you’re wondering what do you get with free VeePN then you must know that a  7-days VeePN free trial is satisfactory. During my trial period, I was able to get connected to the 50 locations and use multiple app support.

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Does VeePN Work with Netflix?

If you love watching Netflix content and want to have geo-unrestricted content then try the VeePN Chrome extension. It will be able to unblock Netflix. Over a few taps, you will be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows without any restriction. Effortlessly, I was able to unblock US Netflix from multiple locations.

However, if you are looking for an extensive streaming experience and expect it to unlock streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer then I would advise also looking for other VPN options for streaming

Is Torrenting Possible With VeePN?

Surprisingly, it is. While torrenting is prohibited and restricted by many countries and VPNs. VeePN supports torrenting activities.

It works amazingly fine with torrenting software like BitTorrent. As it has bank-level security encryption, you can share the files anonymously. However, don’t expect a blazingly high speed.

Can You Try VeePN for Gaming?

Honestly speaking, I wasn’t impressed with its performance on this front. I tried streaming the War of Cry and my ping speed was very poor. For this reason, I would recommend looking for other alternatives.

Customer Support

Not everyone has hands-on experience in using a VPN and using it is not a cakewalk. Hence, we all might need customer support at any point in time. While using the app, I had a tough time getting connected to a US-based server.

I utilized this opportunity to test the customer support of VeePN. The online chat was offline. So, live support failed for me. I contacted them via email. Thankfully, they responded quickly and swiftly. There was an instant response and my issue was resolved. All in all, I liked its customer support. 


VeePN can be used on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and multiple browsers with ease. The bank-level encryption ensures a secure and well-guarded online presence. It allows you to get connected to the different servers at ten devices at a time.

Here are the main pros and cons that I’ve found out:

✔️ Impressive security features ✘Auto-renewed payment system 
✔️ In-built Net Guard feature   
✔️ Auto pop-up add elimination ability  
✔️ Works in China  

VeePN VPN is improving its performance and market reach with each passing day. But, it has to cover another few miles to secure a place in the list of most trustworthy and reliable VPNs. 

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