Why Are YouTube Videos Blocked? [Unblock YouTube Trick]

It is hard to imagine a world without YouTube. From education to entertainment, YouTube has been people’s go-to platform. But, specific YouTube videos are blocked, either by the admin or the server. In that case, learning about ways to unblock YouTube is the only viable option.

Moreover, unblocking YouTube is completely legal unless you’re not doing it to download copyrighted content. You need not worry about it if you are not misusing it or going against the law. So feel free to use a VPN while streaming YouTube.

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The Reason Why YouTube Videos are Blocked

Before we come to the point, let’s learn about YouTube and unblock videos on YouTube. Owned by Google, YouTube is a free online video-sharing platform. People worldwide use this platform to share and watch videos of multiple genres.

This online video streaming platform has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide.

Every day, around 30 million people visit YouTube and watch videos of their choice.

In 2019, around 500 hours of video content was added to YouTube.

These figures show how popular YouTube is. However, not everyone is lucky enough to access YouTube easily or watch YouTube unblock. Some countries like China and Iran don’t have a friendly attitude toward YouTube and have imposed multiple restrictions on its access.

Also, some companies and colleges won’t let you access YouTube during work hours. This YouTube block can be frustrating for some.

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How to Unblock YouTube Videos in 2024?

It is heartbreaking to see the sign “Blocked” or the message “This YouTube video is blocked in your country” when you’re trying to watch a YouTube video. But don’t lose heart, as we will tell you about some viable ways to overcome this hurdle and have a seamless YouTube-watching experience.

Way #1 – Unblock YouTube with a VPN

One of the most viable and suggested ways to curb a YouTube ban and unblock it easily is using a VPN. With a VPN, one can connect to a server outside its country or location and access YouTube.

As your IP address and other identity credentials will be concealed, no one can determine that you’re accessing YouTube. There is no other way that can beat this one. With a reliable VPN, you’ll have ultimate peace of mind. Here are some of our top picks:



High speed, a wide range of servers, and strong encryption are what we will tell you about NordVPN. It is compatible with all leading devices and can help you unblock YouTube in the blink of an eye. Its high speed will also help you download the desirable YouTube videos.

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ExpressVPN has been the first choice of many to unblock YouTube without any hassles. It comes with unlimited bandwidth so you can also download YouTube videos of your choice. Unblocking YouTube Premium is also possible with the help of ExpressVPN. There are some dedicated YouTube servers of ExpressVPN. These servers will help you unblock YouTube instantly.

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Surfshark does a great job when unblocking the streaming services is a matter of concern. It has more than 3,200+ streaming-optimized servers spread across 65 countries. So you will have no hassles unblocking YouTube. Its stable connection and zero speed drops will give you a better YouTube unblocking experience.

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With CyberGhost, unblocking the geo-blocked YouTube content, even in countries like China and Iran, is possible. It will help you unblock YouTube Premium as well.

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Way #2 – Unblock YouTube with a proxy

With a web proxy, you can easily prevent your IP address tracking and unblock YouTube. An unblocked YouTube proxy is a viable mediator between you and the internet and lets you access YouTube from other places.

Way #3 – Unblock YouTube using browser extensions

Some specific browser extensions will help you unblock YouTube US.

Way #4 – Unblock YouTube by modifying the URL

This one is a simple trick. Usually, the HTTP version of YouTube videos is blocked. If you modify it a bit by adding an S, you can unblock YouTube.

Way #5 – Unblock YouTube with SmartDNS

SmartDNS is yet another viable way to spoof the location and access YouTube easily. As there is no encryption support, the SmartDNS connections are always fast but risky.

Way #6 – Download YouTube videos directly

You can download the YouTube videos directly and watch them at your convenience. For this, you must add ss at the beginning of the targeted video’s URL and hit enter. You will be directed to the “saveform.net” official site and download the video.

Final words

Gone are those days when you had no choice but to sit back and do nothing if YouTube was blocked in your country. Now, we have some viable ways to unblock YouTube quickly and easily. For instance, you can use a VPN or a browser extension. Out of these ways that we stated in this post, the safest of all is using a VPN. Using it will be a hassle-free job.

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