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The entire world loves YouTube for its cost-free entertainment. However, nothing comes for free in life. You have to pay the price to use this open-source platform.

As a free YouTube license user, you have to pay the price by bearing the ads. But, when ad annoyance is too high, you get annoyed. Also, ads are not only annoying but also highly dangerous. Read the post to find out how you can keep YouTube ads under control and which tool can help you with ad blocking.

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YouTube Ads – Silent Killers that Push Us for Ad Blocking

Premium YouTube sparren Tipps

Ads are the revenue-earning medium for YouTube, and the platform never lets any opportunity go away. As per recent market research, YouTube managed to earn over $7 billion only in the 3rd quarter of 2021. This is a huge amount to ignore. This is why ads have increased in the recent past so much so that everyone wants to block YouTube ads. However, this seems good news for YouTube. It’s too annoying and dangerous for viewers. Here is why.

Too many ads are a sheer waste of resources and time. Even though you can skip YouTube ads, skipping is only possible if you play the ad for a certain time. This compulsion can force people to invest time and resources even if they don’t want to. People would also want to purchase the premium or go for ad blocking.

YouTube ads - Reddit review

YouTube adblocking - Reddit review

Ads have become ugly these days. Cybercriminals use ads to deliver malicious content on devices. Corrupted ads will feature viruses and malware as links. When a viewer clicks on such links, viruses and malware get installed automatically and start causing havoc. Avoiding such ads is the only way out.

YouTube malware - Reddit review

YouTube ads streaming impacts the speed. Some ads can be too heavy, and when they play, they decrease the overall speed of the network. So, it’s better to block ads at times.

Even though YouTube has strict guidelines for what content can be included in ads and what content calls for ad blocking, inappropriate or offensive content sometimes slips through the cracks. This can be particularly concerning for children or sensitive viewers who may be exposed to content unsuitable for their age or emotional state.

With all these and many other reasons, people want to eliminate YouTube ads as early as possible. But is ad blocking really possible?

How to Reduce the Ad Annoyance on YouTube?

YouTube ads are not worth your time, and you must start learning creative ways to block ads. Gladly, both these things are possible. Here is a list of some technical and non-technical creative ways to block YouTube ads completely or partially.

Skip the Ads 

Watching YouTube videos too infrequently? It is not mandatory for you to block YouTube ads.

You can skip the ads and stop them from playing completely by simply clicking on the “Skip Ad” button that will show up after a few seconds as the YouTube video loads.

Page Refresh

You can’t block YouTube ads with the help of a technical tool. But can skip or reduce the frequency by simply refreshing the page.

Create a YouTube Playlist

If you use a free YouTube Music subscription and want to skip ads, then you can create a playlist. With this, YouTube ads will be fewer as music videos will play one after another. Plus, it’s easier than ad blocking.

Use Adblock Browser Extension

If you watch YouTube videos in a web browser a lot, then you can use a video as a blocker extension and keep annoying ads at bay.

Go for Premium to Block YouTube Ads

Like any other streaming service, YouTube has also started offering a paid premium version, YouTube Premium, which claims to provide an ad-free streaming experience. You can avail of it at $11.99 per month, which is not a small amount.

There is a one-month free trial as well. However, we’re not sure whether paying nearly $12 per month can help you get rid of ads completely, as a Reddit user claims that you still get to see ads on the YouTube homepage after paying for the Premium subscription. So, its viability is dubious.

YouTube Premium - Reddit review

YouTube Premium and ads - Reddit review

Try Answering the Questionnaire

It’s observed that many YouTube users have claimed to start seeing fewer ads after filling out a questionnaire. This questionnaire generally appears once you complete watching a video. You can try this way as it costs nothing.

Use the “Mute This Ad” Feature

If you find one ad highly annoying and don’t want to see it repeatedly, then you can mute it. At the corner of every ad, you can find a small ‘i’ icon. Click on it and mute the ad. This way, you can reduce the frequency of specific and similar ads.

Take the Help of YouTube Ad Blocker

All the above-mentioned ways can sometimes fail and are not 100% viable. The only way to get rid of ads completely, then the only savior here, is to use the best YouTube ad blocker. It’s a tool built on DNS filtering techniques and removing ad scripts. This way, users get to stream without any ads.

Offered as a web browser, extension, and mobile app, YouTube adblocker is viable for keeping pop-up, mid-roll, and pre-roll ads. With an advanced YouTube ad blocker, you can block or track banners, ad trackers, and redirects. By far, this is one of the best ways to block YouTube ads.

What is the Best Ad Blocker for YouTube

Ad blocker is the only way to keep YouTube ad annoyance under control, provided you’re using the right kind of tool. In a world of abundance, choosing which tool to use to block YouTube ads is tough. However, we have worked hard to hand-pick the best YouTube Adblocker that is more than effective at ad blocking.

Total Adblock – The Best Method to Block Ads

TotalAdblock banner

Total Adblock is a great way to keep YouTube ads under control, as it notifies you immediately when you spot unwanted ads or intrusive notifications. This is a powerful ad blocker browser extension and mobile app with great features.

Not only YouTube, but it can also remove ads from websites like Facebook, CNN, Yahoo, and ESPN as well.

As far as its user-friendliness is concerned, it’s not a tricky tool. You can get the browser extension from the respective extension store and follow the setup instructions, and the tool will be all set to help you. No External coding or configuration is required.

Its DNS filtering technology is of the best breed and maintains a huge list of ad-extensive servers and domains. It can easily block pop-up ads, audio & video ads, Facebook ads, and auto-play ads. It does have strong anti-virus protection that makes your online browsing experience a bit more seamless.

Total Adblock review - Trustpilot

What impressed us the most was its unmatched customization. You’re allowed to change the abilities as per the need of the hour. If there are a few YouTube video ads that you want to see as you watch YouTube, then you can set up ‘Acceptable ads’.

The Quiet Mode feature is a superb way to prevent ads and push notifications from a pop-up in the YouTube app or browser. Activate the feature to block YouTube ads and enjoy adless YouTube videos.

With the subscription, you can skip as many ads as you want using the YouTube app. The IOS ad blocker app does more than block YouTube ads and make YouTube ad-free. It warns when too many cookies are stored or an unsafe website is browsed. So, it works like a safety tool as well.

Available On

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera
  • As a Mobile App: iOS and Android


  • Download-free operations
  • Effectively eliminated trackers
  • Fully customized settings
  • Works on most browsers


  • There is no app support, and hence, reduced functionality.



User Views

Total Adblock - review

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Is YouTube Ad Blocker Enough?

Even though a reliable and feature-rich adblocker like Total Adblocker will do a great job protecting your data and keeping YouTube ads away alone, it might sometimes fail or remain inefficient. Hence, you must use the help of a VPN or, better, a VPN with an in-built adblocker (NordVPN can be helpful). Such a tool will make things more sorted and seamless.

How To Use An Adblocker For YouTube?

It’s confirmed that the best way to block YouTube ads is to use a YouTube ad blocker. The tool can easily control or reduce  YouTube Ads at a significant rate. The great part of this tool is that it’s super easy to use. Not many hassles, setup, and installation are required. Here is how you can make it happen.

Step #1 – Get a reliable adblocker of your choice. We would say Total Adblock is a great bet to make as this is the best YouTube adblocker in the market with a dedicated app, browser, and web-based support.

Step #2 – As you land on the official website of this ad blocker, you will be asked to log in.

Total Adblock login

You can either ‘Create the account’ or log in using the existing account details. If this is your first time using this adblocker, you can create an account by providing basic information like email address, full name, and password.

TotalAdblock registration

Step #3 – Once you’re successfully logged in, you will be asked to pay for the subscription.

TotalAdblock dashboard

The subscription is cost-effective, and you can block unlimited ads on YouTube videos at a mere expense of $29. You can pay for this ad blocker subscription with leading payment methods like PayPal and cards. Each method is secured as communication is fully encrypted.

Step #4 – As the payment is successful, you need to install the adblocker on the device or browser of your choice to block ads on YouTube videos easily as you use YouTube. Let’s explain how to set up Total Adblock on different devices/browsers and block YouTube ads.

Download on Chrome

This YouTube ad blocker provides a cutting-edge browser extension so that you can block YouTube ads as you watch YouTube. The setup is simple.

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Total Adblock.

Total Adblock on Chrome Store

  • As you click ‘Get’ the YouTube Chrome extension will be downloaded instantly. Follow the instructions, and the setup will be finished in no time.
  • You can see the Total Adblock Chrome extension in the browser. Activate it to have an ad-free browser. Open the YouTube browser and watch videos without ads.

Download on Edge

If you prefer using Edge to watch YouTube videos, you can easily block YouTube ads and reduce annoyance with Total Adblock.

  • Go to the Microsoft Edge Add-on store to get the latest version of Total Adblock.

Total Adblock on Chrome Store

  • Get the extension and follow the instructions to block YouTube ads.
  • With a few commands and setup steps, the extension will be ready, and you can watch YouTube content without ads.

Download on iOS

The adblocker offers a powerful iOS app that you can use to have an ad-free experience. The app is available on the iOS store. Here is how you can complete the setup of the Total Adblock iOS app:

  • Go to the Apple App Store and search for Total Adblock.

Total Adblock on App Store

  • Click on Install and follow the setup instructions, which are very easy to understand and follow.
  • Go to the Settings of your iPhone or iPad and locate Tap Safari.

Settings of your iPhone - Tap Safari

Tap on Content Blockers and activate all the Total Adblocker Content Blocker.

Total Adblocker Content Blocker

Download on Android

If you have an Android device to watch YouTube videos, you need an Android-compatible adblocker to enjoy ad-free YouTube. But Total Adblocker is not available on the Google Play Store. So, you will get a warning message if you try to download this adblocker directly.

This is how you can download it on Android devices if you still wish to block ads.

  • Get the Android device of your choice and enter this link: ttps://
  • As you click on this click, you might see a warning message something like this: ‘The file might be harmful.’
  • Click on ‘Download anyway’ to continue the download.
  • Wait as the download completes. Open the downloaded file.

If you’re receiving an error message like ‘For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source’ then you need to change download settings on your Android phone to download such apps.

  • Go to Settings > Downloads > Enable From This Source > Back Arrow > Install > Open. Now, the Android adblocker will be fully downloaded on your Android phone or tablet.

Next, you need to activate the tool. For this, tap on the Power button to toggle on ad blocking.

  • Click on OK as you see the ‘Connection Request prompt’. You need to set up a connection for the ad blocker so that it works like a VPN and filters the video ads on YouTube and other sites.
  • Enable full ad blocking by clicking on Enable Now.
  • Click on Generate & Save.
  • Enter the phone’s security PIN and tap on Next > OK to block ads smoothly from now on.

With these steps, Total Adblocker content filtering must be fully activated, and you will be able to block ads directly from the web browser.


YouTube ads are no longer entertaining. They are annoying, a waste of time & resources, and can even put you in grave danger. So, when you block YouTube ads, it can save you from all the mentioned troubles in one go. In fact, it is mandatory to block YouTube ads now, and it is successfully possible with the help of the best YouTube ad blockers. The best tool to block youtube ads is just shared with you. Check them out today and enjoy distraction-free and ad-free YouTube streaming.

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Is there a YouTube ad blocker that works?

Yes, you can block YouTube ads with the best YouTube ad blocker that we discussed in the post. For any ad blocker to keep YouTube ads at bay, it’s essential that DNS filtering is done. TotalAdBlocker is a worthy option for blocking ads. It can easily keep YouTube ads at bay.

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