Best Ad Blockers Guide – 2024 Edition

To write this guide, we tested 25 ad blockers, but only 7 won our hearts; Total Adblock was the best among all.

Having the aid of an ad blocker is a great relief, as it will keep disturbing and damaging ads at bay. But is it enough?

Go through this crisp guide to find out the answer and enrich your understanding of ad blockers. We included test results and a lot of information about adblockers to guide you about ad blocking.

Ad Blocker – The Basic Understanding

Ad blocker is designed to identify the web requests of an ad and filter the content based on these web requests only. It can help reduce distractions and improve the browsing experience for users, especially on sites with a high number of intrusive or annoying ads.

Some ad blockers are free to use, while others require a subscription or one-time payment. Free ad blockers can be a pocket-friendly deal. But, they rarely work as they have limited capabilities. Better service delivery is possible using paid ad blockers.

A Quick Guide to the Best Ad Blockers If You’ve Pressed For Time

Want to know about the best ad blockers but don’t have time to go through this elaborative guide? Well, this section will help you learn about only the information that matters as it explains the top ad blockers of all the time.

Total Adblock

It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to watch acceptable ads and blocks you don’t want to see. With great browser support, you can block ads on leading platforms. The ad blockers work on all the leading devices, have intuitive interfaces, and come with robust security features like VPN and malware blockers.


Whether blocking online ads or protecting user privacy while browsing the internet, AdLock is one of our best ad blockers.

It can help you block banner ads, pop-ups, video ads, and social media ads. Additionally, you can block tracking scripts, cookies, and other online tracking technologies with the same ease and perfection.


This is one of those seven ad blockers that can block almost all kinds of ads, such as banner ads, pop-ups, video ads, and social media ads. The built-in protection against malware, phishing, and other online threats is here to provide a safe browsing experience.

As AdGuard is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, you can use it anytime and on any device.

Our experts find these three best ad blockers, which are best-of-breed and filled with the best possible ad blocking technologies. Now, let’s start knowing how to use these ad blockers.

Here, we will explain the setup using Total Adblock, as this is a user-friendly tool.

Step #1 – Go to the official website of Total Adblock to get started.

TotalAdblock banner

Step #2 – Create the account if you’re a first-time user. If not, log in using the existing account details.

TotalAdblock registration

Step #3 – Once you’re successfully logged in, you will be asked to pay for the subscription.

TotalAdblock dashboard

The subscription is cost-effective, and you can block unlimited ads. All the leading payment methods, such as PayPal and cards, are accepted.

Step #4 – Install the adblocker on the device or browser of your choice. You can get the Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Extension Store.


Total Adblock on Chrome Store


When you click on Get, the YouTube Chrome extension will be downloaded instantly. Follow the instructions, and the setup will be finished in no time.

Similarly, you can get the Edge extension.

Total Adblock - Microsoft Edge

It also offers robust iOS and Android apps to provide ad-blocking features on the go.

Total Adblock on App Store


The setup and installation for both apps are very simple. It’s just you need to allow Google Play Store to accept downloads from untrusted sources.

Step #5 – Let’s start checking the functionality of the adblocker in real time. We opened YouTube and wanted to see if Total Adblock managed to block YouTube ads.

Before activating it, we saw two pre-roll ads.

YouTube with ads - no adblocker

However, when we opened the same video with the adblocker On, we could see that the adblocker became active instantly.

YouTube with TotalAdblock on

The video started without ads.

a YouTube video with TotalAdblock on

The same performance and ad-blocking abilities were delivered when we tested other ad-heavy websites. The basic ad blocking at zero cost is worth a try. If you want to block unlimited ads, then you can go for its paid subscription, which is not pocket-heavy.

Best Ad Blockers to Use in 2024

Ad blockers, if used correctly, can be of great use. But you must have the best ad blocker on your side. The market is flooded with options, and it’s not easy to pick one. After extensive research, we managed to find out some of the best adblocker extensions or software for 2024.

Quick Comparison





uBlock Origin

Threat Protection By NordVPN

AdBlock Plus

AdBlocker Ultimate

Free Trial









Edge, Chrome, Firefox

Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS versions.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex

Chrome, Firefox

Windows and macOS

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge

Blocking ability

YouTube, Facebook and other social media, tracker, and website ads

Facebook and website ads

YouTube pop-ups, website ads, trackers, malware

Ads and content of all sorts that feature malicious links

Adware, malware, tracker, Facebook, YouTube, social media ads

Website and Facebook ads

Website ads

Money-back Guarantee

Yes, 14-days

Yes, 30-days

Yes, 30-days


Yes, 30-days



Customer Support

Chat and email support

Email, live chat, and a ticketing system

Email, live chat, FAQ page, and ticketing system

Email support, live chat, and a knowledge base

uBlock Origin GitHub page, email, and FAQs

Email, social media, and a forum

Email, a contact form, and a community forum

#1 – TotalAdBlock


TotalAdBlock has to be first in this list of best ad blocker browser extensions in 2020. It works on Microsoft Edge. It’s a highly advanced solution that helps you improve the browsing experience by removing annoying ads.

Ads of all sorts, like pop-up ads, banners, and video ads, can be blocked easily with this adblocker extension. You can also disable the notifications and improve a peaceful online browsing experience.

If you’re worried about the trackers disguised as trackers, then there is nothing to worry about, as such ads are also identified early and blocked immediately.

As mentioned above, an ad blocker for Chrome can also block useful content. However, this is not the case with TotalAdBlock, as it allows you to make a list of acceptable ads. You can select the website and put it on the ‘Acceptable Ads’ list. That’s it. Content from that website won’t be blocked at all.

TotalAdBlock offers a highly intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. We checked the app rating on Google Play Store and App. Shockingly, the ratings are good. Both apps win people’s hearts because of the easy setup and installation process.


Its performance is best in the North American region as it can increase the page load speed up to 57%. The average page load speed in this region is 20819 seconds, which goes up to 5458 seconds with TotalAdBlock.

With its premium subscription, you enjoy a little more than standard service. For instance, there is an antivirus feature as well. In addition, it can help you block malicious websites. Its data encryption feature is highly useful for protecting sensitive data. As it works on all sorts of ads, it’s indeed the best choice to make.


  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Instant increase in page load speed and online privacy
  • Blocking of all sorts of ads
  • Dedicated app
  • Responsive customer care support


  • Limited browser support


$29 / Year

Get the Best Deal on Total AdBlocker

#2 – AdLock

AdLock banner

AdLock is a standalone ad-blocking solution for all your devices. This solution will help you block annoying and dangerous ads on websites and mobile apps. This is certainly a great feature that most other ad blockers miss out on.

There are dedicated browser extensions for Safari and Chrome that are very easy to set up and start. This Safari ad blocker can block ads, malware, and malicious websites in one go. So, you have to perform different scans. If you’re worried about trackers logging your information, then rejoice, as it is an effective tracker blocker solution as well.

You can stream ad-free on YouTube and streaming platforms like Netflix and download torrent files. This perfection is seen in mobile phone ad blocking as well. If you’re annoyed with ads during gameplay, the mobile version of this ad blocker is superb. You will experience hardly any ad annoyance on your mobile phone.


If you’re a hardcore gamer, then this ad blocker is a must-have for you, as you won’t experience lagging and too much bandwidth consumption.

As it’s a lightweight solution, you can easily run it on a mobile data connection. At the same time, it will block ads on websites and apps that are connected with a single internet connection. If you’re worried about the few websites that will end up blocking the ad blocker, don’t worry. This Firefox ad blocker can surpass these restrictions.


  • Free service for Android and Windows
  • The paid version can protect 5 devices at a time
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee


  • Customer support isn’t responsive


$3.50/month, $2.28/month for the yearly plan, $1.05/month for the 5-yearly plan

#3 – AdGuard Ad Blocker

AdGuard banner

Our next recommendation is AdGuard. It works on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac platforms. As far as ad blocker browser extensions are concerned, you have adblocker Safari, adblocker Chrome, ad blocker Opera, ad blocker Edge, and ad blocker Yandex.

Along with ad blocking and supporting safe internet browsing, it can easily handle ad-block circumvention scripts. Its assistance goes the extra mile and is delivered in the form of AdGuard Assistance.

AdGuard Ad Blocker is offered for full-fledged program users and keeps them free from the need to download an extension for browsers running on Windows or macOS. This one software is enough to perform various tasks.


With the AdGuard protection key, you can protect all sorts of devices with a single solution. This is a great option for those who use a different browser and want uncompromised protection on all of them.

What sets it apart from other browser extensions is its ability to provide only updated software versions. Recently, the AdGuard Browser extension 4.0.181 was released, and it certainly features some impressive improvements.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Constant release
  • Lightweight
  • Capable to remove social media ads


  • Apps become unresponsive at times


$0.99/month or $4.99/year or $12.99 for the lifetime

#4 – uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin banner

If you’re looking for an ultra-responsive and lightweight Twitch ad blocker, try uBlock Origin. This is one of the most powerful open-source Chrome adblockers that we have presently. Its cross-platform capabilities are impressive and go beyond ad blocking.

With this best free ad blocker, you can enjoy precise content filtering done in a user-friendly method. Its CPU and memory efficiency is the talk of the town, as a recent study revealed that uOrigin customers would help save $1.8 billion per year in energy conservation.

While there are pre-configured solutions for browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox, it also allows manual configuration. This is a great offering for those looking for customized ad blocking ability.


The Chrome browser extension is very popular and features over 25,000 positive reviews on the Google Chrome Store. Its filter list is extensive and features various filtration factors. For instance, you’ve EasyList, which blocks ads, and EasyPrivacy list, which prevents tracking. If you want to block ads and tracking in one go, then you have Peter Lowe’s Ad Server list.

Regarding its data logging, you would be glad to know that it’s a very privacy-friendly adblocker for Chrome. The developer has disclosed that none of the user data is sold or leaked to 3rd party service providers.

Overall, it’s one of the best ad blockers you can try in 2024 and beyond.


  • Transparent privacy policy
  • No logging of customer data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Block ads on YouTube as well


  • In certain cases, images are not displayed when the ad blocker is active



#5 – Threat Protection By NordVPN

NordVPN - threat protection

We have already mentioned that a VPN can also be used as an effective ad blocker. So, let’s explain a VPN that offers the industry’s best ad blocker, Threat Protection. The ad blocker that NordVPN offers is very powerful. It helps you block adware, malware, trackers, and normal ads with full conviction.

Threat protection is very responsive, as it will help you block the ads before they can reach you. This way, you enjoy fast page loading and browsing speed. This YouTube adblocker works like an antivirus as well. So, you enjoy dual protection. Presently, this ad blocker, or antivirus, is offered for Windows or Mac users.


Its malware scanning is very extensive, as files and scripts are scanned very thoroughly. To reduce the risks, it will stop you from visiting a website with malicious links or ads. Its assistance doesn’t end here. It carefully scans the pre-downloaded internet files and helps you determine their safety.


  • Blocking of all types of ads
  • Highly encrypted internet connection
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Highly responsive customer care support


  • Limited browser compatibility


Comes as an embedded feature with NordVPN plans (starting from $3.29/month)

Get the Best Deal on NordVPN

#6 – AdBlock Plus

AdBlockPlus banner

AdBlock Plus of ABP is one of the most famous ad blockers of all time. The reason is its wide compatibility. This one solution can work on platforms like Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. Hardly any ad blocker has such impressive compatibility.

Regardless of the platform you choose, its setup and installation are flawless. In no time, it will be at your service. Its response time is also very quick. It features a highly extensive list of filter lists and filters web requests on its basis.

If you’re a sound ad blocker user, then you can also add or delete the filters from this list. This makes it one of the best-customized ad blockers for Safari or other browsers. Ads, adware, and malware can be blocked with the same ease and perfection.


If you want to use it on an Android device, then you will have to use a Firefox browser extension, as no app support for the Android platform is offered. However, iOS users can access native app support. The iOS ad blocker app, AdBlock Plus. It is highly intuitive and seamlessly integrates with the content blocker system. The setup hassles are minimal, it does allow certain ads to show up as these are the revenue means for this ad blocker browser extension. However, the permitted ads are of trusted names and brands. Hence, there is no harm to the data/device. This is one of the most preferred free ad blockers.


  • Detailed knowledge base
  • Compatibility with all the leading devices
  • Transparent policy


  • Not all the ads are blocked


Free, $1.99/Year, $19.99/year

#7 – AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate banner

Lastly, we suggest AdBlocker Ultimate as the best ad blocker for Safari, Chrome, and Edge. It protects devices running on Windows, Android, and iOS. It can block ads on Facebook and YouTube as well. People swear by its malware and tracking blocking ability, which makes the internet a safe place.


AdBlocker Ultimate offers separate extensions for all popular browsers. For your devices, it promises to save 40+ percent battery.


  • Free extension
  • Privacy protection
  • 30 million+ users per month


  • Certain ads can still annoy


Starting from $2.49 per 3 devices per month

Benefits of Using an Ad Blocker

With an ad blocker, you will experience benefits like:

Better speed

Ads are mostly in the form of videos, and loading these videos will take. Hence, a certain dip in speed is sure when you visit a website that is filled with ads. The webpage will have a slow speed and reduced responding time. At times, the page will break.

With an ad blocker, ads are longer to reduce the speed. So, you gain instant access to the websites you’re trying to visit.

Less bandwidth consumption

If you’re on limited bandwidth, then ads will consume most of your bandwidth and prevent you from accessing the content you really want to check out. The best adblocker extension or app optimizes the speed, stops ads from loading, and saves your bandwidth so that you can visit the pages you want to visit.

No compromise on Privacy

One can bear the annoyance of watching advertisements. But, privacy compromise is something that no one should ever bear. However, ads are great for bolt-on privacy as they can track what information they are searching on the internet, what websites they visit, and much more. This will happen if the ad you see features a tracker. And seeing the surge in the number of cyber-attacks, the possibility of this is very high.

With an adblocker extension, it’s easy to protect your data, as ads of all sorts will be away from you.

Malware attack prevention

An ad can also be disguised as malware, which is way more dangerous than a tracker. Malware, when active, can corrupt the entire system, steal crucial information, and even help a hacker to gain remote access to the targeted device. All these situations can prove fatal for any one of us.

An ad blocker can prevent all these hassles as ads, malware-infected or not, will be blocked by all means.

Save phone battery

Ad playing can consume too much phone battery as well. Playing ads is of no use, and they will have a high burden on the phone battery.

There are too many benefits. But it’s not always a good deal to make. Using an adblocker extension or app can make things go south in certain situations. 

Cons of Using Adblockers

An effective adblocker extension will stop ads from disturbing you. But, sometimes, they can be so effective that they can cause other side effects. For instance, the ad’s space will look blank or feature a broken link.

If you’re on an e-commerce website, then an ad blocker can prevent the cart from reloading. Also, the interface can feature missing listings. These are the downsides of using a highly active ad blocker.

You can throw a free website into the pit of the lost

Many free websites are useful and provide you access to tons of useful resources without any cost. Ads are the only source of income for free websites. If you block them, then these websites will have to face huge revenue losses.

No Surety of a 100% success rate

No matter how advanced an ad blocker seems or sounds, it won’t block all the ads. There will be certain stubborn ads that will find their way to you. So, you might face disappointment even with the best ad blocker.

Permission to paid ads

Some ad blockers allow certain ads. It’s been observed that few ad companies pay ad blockers to allow their ads. AdBlock Plus is famous for this. This is an unethical practice.

Stealth surveillance

You use an adblocker extension to prevent ads from logging your information. What if an ad blocker itself is logging your data? Yes, there are certain ad blocker apps and browser extensions that keep activity logs. Such ads are of no use.

That was an overview of ad blockers and their pros/cons. So, you need to make a wise choice accordingly.

6 Ways That You Can Take for Ad Blocking

Ad blocking is an extensive task and can be delivered in multiple ways. So, if you plan to use the best ad blockers, you must first learn how ad blocking can be done.

1. Via browser extension

There are adblocker extensions for different browsers. For instance, you can use AdBlock as an adblocker for Chrome or uBlock as an adblocker for Firefox. These extensions feature easy setup and installation. Once the setup is complete, ads of all sorts will be automatically blocked. A few ad blockers Chrome provides customization features as well.

Google also features an in-build adblocker for Chrome that is useful for blocking only selective ads. It’s been observed that ad blocking via browser extension is beneficial for Google only as many companies are paying Google to play their ads.

As our team found the Total Adblock interface to be the easiest of all, we’ll explain the process using the browser extension of Total Adblock as an example.

Step #1 – Go to the extension store of the browser you’re using. Total Adblock extension works with leading search engines like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Once you access the extension store, type ‘Total Adblock’ in the search bar.

TotalAdblock - a Chrome extension

Step #2 – Click on the ad blocker and tap on ‘Add To Chrome’.

As you tap, you will see a notification saying that the ad blocker will access the website data and a few other details. We recommend not to panic as the platform uses the best security measures to avoid data theft.

TotalAdblock - Add to Chrome

Step #3 – After the download, you will be asked to finish the setup manually or automatically. Don’t select manual setup unless you’re confident you can fix any errors.

TotalAdblock - Setting up on Chrome

Step #4 – Click on ‘Continue with the Setup’, and you will see the Setup Page with a few settings.

TotalAdlock on Chrome - Clear search history

You can customize these settings and decide which action the ‘Total Adblock’ should take while blocking ads. Once you’ve decided on the configurations, tap on ‘Clear & Continue’.

Step #5 – Activate the tool by clicking on ‘Start Blocking Ads Now’. The setup is finished, and the setup is all set to block ads according to your preferences.

TotalAdblock on Chrome - Activation

You will be able to see the icon of Total Adblock in the toolbar, suggesting that it’s blocking ads.

TotalAdblock is working

2. External programs/software

Ad blocking is also done with the help of ad blocking software or external software. Such solutions mostly use a customized HTTP proxy that filters the web requests.

They filter the content before it reaches the end user and blocks what seems fishy. This way, ads and various other offensive content is easily blocked. Ad blocker software like Squid, Privoxy, and Netnanny are a few examples of this category.

Ad blocking, done via this method, is advantageous as it sets you free from any implementation or setup requirements. Also, setup software can be used by many users. Its content filtration power is very powerful.

But, it’s not always a viable solution. However, it is not a viable solution for filtering the Transport Layer Security request. Also, full webpage context and JavaScript ads cannot be filtered.

Here, we’re going to explain the process of using Squid:

Install Squid on your server or network. You can use the below-mentioned command to download it.

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo apt install -y squid apache2-utils

You have to authenticate as a new user as well.

sudo touch /etc/squid/passwd

sudo chown proxy: /etc/squid/passwd

sudo htpasswd /etc/squid/passwd demowelt

Here, the new user name is ‘demowelt’.

Next, you need to configure it to block ads. This typically involves editing the squid.conf or “/etc/squid/squid.conf”  file as it contains the Squid configuration settings.

3. Ad blocking via host file and DNS manipulation

If you use a device that uses a DNS-based OS, then you can block ads via hosting files and DNS alterations. Such devices feature backward compatibility and limited hostnames or IP addresses.

With a basic understanding, it’s easy to modify the host file and is a viable method to block the ads. You can also store the black hole entries present in the host and prevent advertisers from displaying ads.

A DNS sinkhole is also useful for modifying the host file. All these options are useful for blocking ads.

4. DNS filtering-based ad blocking

It’s possible to block the ads by using a DNS server that is designed to restrict the domain and hostnames linked with resources that are famous for producing ads. You can also use dedicated software like Pi-hole or Raspberry Pi to manipulate the DNS server.

5. Using a VPN

VPN is an advanced technology that is designed to filter traffic, block malicious content, and encrypt traffic. Some advanced VPNs come with an ad blocker. When active, these ad blockers of VPNs will help you prevent ads from loading and causing a disturbance. This approach is very much hassle-free and very effective. The only drawback of this method is that you might experience a speed slowdown with a VPN as the traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel before reaching the end users.

Here is how you can use a VPN to block ads. We’re going to explain the process using NordVPN.

Step #1 – Download and install the NordVPN application on your device to connect to the internet.

Step #2 – Launch the NordVPN app and log in to your account.

Step #3 – Go to the “Settings” and select “CyberSec” from the list of options. Activate it.

Step #4 – Toggle the “Block ads” and “Block malicious websites” options to block ads.

6. Ad blocking via external parties and Internet providers

Some internet providers automatically block advertisements. External-party solutions like Mackeeper help you block the ads on Mac devices. They both demand very few efforts to bring into action and are highly viable.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Best Ad Blocker

While all the above-mentioned ad blockers are the ideal pick in many senses, selecting the best ad blocker demands attention to certain things. So, you need to know about them as well. This crisp table presents every crucial piece of information that you should keep in mind when selecting ad blockers for your devices.

Feature to watch out 

What makes it important?

Ad blocking ability

Check which kinds of ads the tool can block. Pop-ups, pre-roll, video, display, and banner ads are the most annoying.

Usage complexity

The tool shouldn’t have a complex setup and must come with a superactive user interface so that anyone can use it to block annoying ads.


Check the compatibility of the ad blocker and find out which platforms it can support. On a minimum side, the tool must block ads directly from web browsers. App support is an added advantage.

Privacy and Security

Check out the security measures the ad blockers take to protect your data.   Encryption, zero data logging, and secured data management are excellent ways to ensure that there is no harm to stored data.

Customer support

To fix all your hassles and troubles, leading ad blockers offer email support, a live chat feature, and a knowledge base.

By the way, if you are searching for more information about adblockers, the following articles will interest you:


Safe online presence is a key priority today, and no excuses are entertained in this regard. Ads, which might seem harmless on the surface, can be highly troublesome. This is why it’s essential to block them early. Ad blockers are a great solution in this regard. This piece of technology is here to make the internet a safe place to be by removing the hidden hazards that are linked with an ad.

However, its intelligent use is the most important aspect. Also, you must try using a viable solution. This guide unfolded every aspect of ad blocking and the best ad blockers of 2024. Make a choice that fits your needs, and we guarantee that you won’t be disheartened.

Other proven ways to protect yourself online:


Is it illegal to use an ad blocker?

No. Using an ad blocker isn’t a crime and is perfectly legal. In fact, countries like the US. UK, Australia, and many more suggest using an ad blocker as a part of an internet safety strategy. However, you must not use an ad blocker to deliver malware or adware to the end-users’ devices. This is a punishable offense.

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