Twitch Adblocker – The Must-Have Tool For Uninterrupted Entertainment

Are you a hardcore Twitch user? If so, you won’t wish to give up on this streaming platform just because of annoying ads. And we can help you in this case.

The post talks about everything about Twitch ad blocking. Check it out and learn how you can easily get rid of Twitch ads and stream hassle freely.

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Twitch Trivia

twitch banner

Launched in 2011, Twitch has become a synonym for flawless entertainment for many after a decade. With a focus on video game streaming, this streaming platform is now into movies, creative content, music, and live video streaming as well.

In 2013, the platform had over 43 million unique viewers, and by the time the world entered 2014, Twitch became the 4th largest internet traffic source. It didn’t stop here, as the platform featured over 1.5 million broadcasters and over 100 million views per month later on.

In 2020 people had over 4.9 billion hours of video on Twitch in the 1st quarter of 2020.

As the platform has such a huge viewer base, it’s the first choice of many marketers. They target the platform for promotion as they know that a single event can receive over 1 million views on Twitch. That’s where the problem starts.

Twitch Ads – A Migraine That Must Be Cured Early

No one likes watching ads, but streaming businesses prefer mixing them reasonably with their content. The same is not true in the case of Twitch. Commonly-reported problems with Twitch advertisements are:

  • Too Many Ads

Ads are a good way for Twitch streamers to make money. But viewers become annoyed and irksome if they are too much. Research says that an ad is displayed every 20 minutes on this platform. However, real-time users have something else to say.

Twitch ads- Reddit review

Twitch ads issues - Reddit review

People are fed-up seeing the ads. At times, ads are more than the content. It not only thus ruins the thrill but also wastes time and bandwidth.

Twitch advertisement issues - Reddit review

The other issues with Twitch ads are:

  • Illicit or inappropriate content

Ads have become obnoxious and can feature offensive content. It’s not safe to stream Twitch with kids or family as you never know what you might get on the screen next.

Twitch inappropriate content - Reddit review

  • Irrelevance

People can bear ads to an extent if the promotional products are of any use. Promoting poor-grade products or services no one wants to buy is just poor targeting. Even if you have to watch an ad, you gain nothing from it.

  • Continuous playing of one ad

One ad can run for a long time, which is too annoying and a sheer waste of time and resources. Imagine watching a 30-minute ad to get full access to a 10-minute-long video. Yes, Twitch people have faced it.

Continuous playing of one ad on Twitch - Reddit review

  • Risk of malware or virus injection

In times of cybercrimes, it’s not safe to let any advert play on your system as it might feature malware that will get secretly installed on your device.

Because of all these reasons, it’s wise to learn ways that can easily block ads on Twitch and can make things better than ever.

TwitchAds AdBlocking Is Not A Cakewalk

People complain about Adblock not working on twitch, mostly. Even though blocking Twitch ads completely is what every Twitch user wants, the job isn’t that easy. Ads are the major source of revenue for Twitch, and it won’t let anyone ruin it. It accounts for a 23% share of total online revenue.

In 2020 alone, the platform made nearly $231.8 million only with the help of ads.

The platform uses a highly advanced adblocker detection technique to make sure that the platform is available to use only if an ad blocker isn’t at work. If you use any run-of-the-mill adblocker that will fail to bypass the adblocker detection technique of Twitch, you get a purple-error message.

Twitch purple-error message

This error means Twitch knows that you’re using an ad blocker. Hence, the platform isn’t available for you. This error is so stubborn that it won’t go just like that. A Twitch adblock Reddit user who tried to skip an ad or use an adblocker faced a purple screen (here you can learn what Reddit users think about VPN services).

A Twitch purple screen - Reddit review

A Twitch purple screen issue - Reddit review

So, what’s the way out? Well, some Twitch adblock tools can fool Twitch and help you stream content without any ads.

Viable Ways For Twitch Adblock

Any Twitch adblock can’t work seamlessly due to the presence of the ultra-advance adblocker technology of the platform. You need something advanced and out-of-the-box solutions.

  • Go for the Twitch Turbo subscription

Twitch won’t bombard you with ads if you pay for a subscription, as you’re giving it a fixed revenue. Twitch Turbo is a paid subscription and will help you eliminate annoying ads in no time. However, you must understand that a subscription won’t help you eliminate streamer-offered ads. You will still have to bear them as they are part of the video.

  • Subscribe to the streamer’s channel

You can get rid of streamer-offered ads by subscribing to the channel. But doing so will not help you get rid of Twitch ads.

Both the above-mentioned solutions have limited functionality and are only good enough for limited ad blocking. Also, the Twitch Turbo is a costly affair for many. You need to pay $8.99 per month for this service. Not everyone is ready to spend that much. Hence, you need something better.

VPN as Twitch adblocker

The problem with ordinary adblockers is that they won’t be able to hide their online presence and stop ISP or others from tracking the online activities they are doing. This is why Twitch’s adblocking technology spots them and blocks them. This isn’t the case with VPNs. In many cases, using a VPN helps one to experience fewer ads on Twitch.

VPN as Twitch adblocker - Reddit review

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an internet security tool that lets one connect with a server of a different location and is virtually present elsewhere.

For instance, you can be physically present in the US but use a UK server to browse the internet (VPN for the UK). Changing geographical locations can make a huge difference in your Twitch ad experience.

Certain locations like Poland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Serbia, and many more are not that must revenue-heavy for Twitch. Hence, viewers from these locations get to see fewer ads. You can use a VPN to be virtually present at these locations, and it will automatically reduce a few ads.

It keeps its online presence and activities completely hidden.

As the traffic that passes through VPN is highly encrypted, no one can find out what all you are searching for online. Hence, marketers won’t be able to find out what services you’re looking for and won’t be able to do targeted marketing.

Some of the best VPNs with in-built adblocker features are so powerful that they can easily bypass the adblocker blocking technology or any other firewall and can remain functional. Once the Twitch adblock tool remains active, it will filter the streaming and block ads for you.

  • Proxy servers such as Twitch adblock

Proxy servers are the intermediary servers that sit between the end user and the website server. It filters the incoming traffic and is useful for hiding the real IP address. You can use it to be virtually present at the location of your choice. Use a server in a location where Twitch ads are not too many and enjoy fewer ads. But you won’t get a dedicated adblocker with a proxy server in most cases.

  • Browser extensions such as Twitch adblock

Some adblocker browser extensions can help you get rid of Twitch ads. The best thing about a browser extension is that you can activate it at once and can filter the entire traffic that you access using that specific browser. There are dedicated Twitch adblock Firefox (VPN for Firefox), Chrome (VPN for Chrome), and for Edge. Some of the best Twitch adblock extensions can easily keep pre-roll and midroll ads at bay.

Browser extensions as Twitch adblock - Reddit review

Out of all the above-mentioned ways, using a VPN with an in-built ad-blocking facility seems to be the best Twitch adblock solution. It works in most situations and can help you get rid of Twitch’s purple error message.

List Of Best Adblock For Twitch (5 Paid + 5 Free Options)

By now, you must be aware of the fact that Twitch ads are not only annoying but also dangerous. If you click on something malicious, there won’t be an end to your misery. You must understand that no ordinary adblocker can keep you safe and sound. You need an adblock that works on Twitch without any glitches.

Finding such an option is hard because most of the offered adblockers will end up displaying a Twitch purple error message, which is an annoyance of a different level.

However, we still managed to find some viable and workable adblock for Twitch 2023 and beyond. Check them out now.

5 Paid Adblock For Twitch

With paid Twitch adblock, you have nothing to worry about as you get to have the help of the best adblocking technology that remains unnoticed for a longer time and can keep all sorts of ad annoyance at bay. Here are the top 5 options to check out today.

#1 – CyberSec by NordVPN

CyberSec by NordVPN banner

As mentioned above, there is hardly anything that can beat a VPN-enabled ad blocker when it comes to blocking video ads on Twitch. CyberSec by NordVPN – now a part of the Threat Protection feature – is the best Twitch adblock that anyone can try out at an affordable cost.

Offered as a premium security feature, CyberSec is a comprehensive tool that can block ads, keep malware at bay, and prevent trackers from finding out what you’re doing while being present online. As a part of NordVPN’s advanced Threat Protection service, CyberSec uses advanced encryption, quick malware detection, and smooth operation to bypass Twitch’s detection technology.

Now, let’s find out how good CyberSec is as a video adblocker on Twitch.

It can help you stop seeing frequent video ads on Twitch and YouTube. It does DNS filtering of the contents and blocks the ad scripts. Its DNS servers are so strong that they can easily spot the notorious domain and hostnames that are best known for ads and block them. This way, you won’t be able to see pre-roll and post-roll ads. However, certain embedded ads can still reach you.

Not only is the ad script stopped from playing, but also it’s checked extensively for the presence of any malicious or corrupted link. If anything suspicious is spotted, it’s eliminated soon. This is the beauty of this ad blocker. Effectively, it can keep any malware from reaching you. Hence, it can prevent dangers like DDoS attacks, identity theft, and ransomware easily.

Despite offering so many features, its usage isn’t tedious and complex. You can activate it by simply logging into your NordVPN account. As the feature is the default, no set-up and configuration is required. That’s it. Your job is done. Rest will be taken care of by the adblocker.

  • Effectively reduces the Twitch ad annoyance.
  • Huge server network that covers the countries with low Twitch ad annoyance
  • Keeps a check on the presence of malicious links and content
  • Boosts up speed by stopping unwanted content from being played
  • It can be used on all the leading devices
  • High-end encryption to keep data safe


  • Can’t stop embedded ads

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CyberSec by NordVPN - Reddit review

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Try CyberSec by NordVPN

#2 – BrightData

Bright Data proxy homepage

If you don’t want the advanced facilities of a VPN, your best bet is BrightData. Best known for offering assorted proxies, BrightData is a trusted name. It offers Twitch-dedicated proxy servers that can help you spoof your actual IP address and get connected with a server located in a country where Twitch offers fewer ads by default.

It provides over 72 million residential IP addresses (a residential proxy) that will help you bypass the Twitch adblocker detection technique with ease. With this Twitch proxy, it’s possible to stream Twitch content via multiple accounts simultaneously.

Not only it’s useful to keep Twitch ad annoyance less, but also it does a great job of making Twitch accessible in geo-restricted areas.


  • Wide server network
  • Ability to bypass CAPTCHA and detection
  • It can allow you to make unlimited concurrent requests


User views

BrightData - Trustpilot review

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Try BrightData

#3 – AdLock

AdLock banner

AdLock is a consider-worthy Twitch adblock 2023 as it serves as a standalone stool. You can block ads and keep malicious content at bay.

It is a web-based tool with dedicated app support for Android (VPN for Android). As you can access it from, there is no need to get indulged in tedious set-up and configuration.

As far as its adblocking capabilities are concerned, they are great. It can block pop-up ads, in–video ads, and various other types of ads with the same ease and perfection. With its user-friendly interface, it’s easy for every user to enjoy the high-end Twitch ad-blocking facilities.


  • Provide detailed insights on blocked traffic
  • Features are easy to customize


  • It causes Twitch to have purple screen features at times.

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AdLock - Reddit review

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#4 – AdGuard

AdGuard banner

AdGuard is a highly advanced Twitch adblock for 2023, and beyond that, anyone wishing to experience safe and sound Twitch ad blocking must try it.

The tool works great on Windows (VPN Windows), macOS (VPN Mac), iOS (VPN iPhone), and Android. As you get dedicated app support for all these platforms, outstanding performance is a certain thing. This multi-purpose tool comes with easy usability, a friendly interface, and unmatched ad-blocking capabilities.


  • Dedicated app support for leading devices
  • Quick malware detection
  • 14-days free trial


  • No browser extension support

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AdGuard - Reddit review

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#5 – Total AdBlock

TotalAdblock banner

Lastly, we suggest Total AdBlock, which is a freemium adblock for Twitch. With its Premium subscription, you block unlimited Twitch ads at a highly affordable cost. The Premium subscription also offers an anti-virus tool.

The tool is super easy to install and comes with sound threat protection.


  • Offer antivirus and ad-blocking facilities together
  • Can stop mid-roll ads
  • Has extensions for all popular browsers


  • You may see pop-up ads at times

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Total Adblock review on Microsoft Edge

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Try Total AdBlock

5 Free Twitch Adblock

Even though we’re not supporting using free Twitch adblock all the time, as some options are quite risky, there are a few trustworthy options that you can certainly try.

#1 – Twitch Adblock

twitch adblock banner

If you’re looking for a Twitch adblock extension, we will recommend you Twitch Adblock. It’s a reliable adblock Twitch Firefox and Chrome extension that effectively eliminates the ads without compromising on the streaming quality.

It’s loved by many as it’s doing a great job of blocking pre-roll and post-roll video ads. However, it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to use this Twitch adblock Chrome and Firefox extension every time without any hassle. It has been observed in the past that some of its users faced Twitch’s purple screen error. Still, as it doesn’t charge a single penny, it’s worth a try.


  • Doesn’t log user data
  • Easy to use


  • Can get blocked by Twitch at times

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Twitch Adblock - Google review

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#2 – uBlock

uBlock Origin banner

uBlock is one of the most commonly used open-source video adblock for Twitch.

It can prevent adverts and trackers from finding out what you’re up to and bombarding you with unwanted ads. If you’re technically strong and can configure adblocker on your own, uBlock allows you to expand its capabilities.

uBlock follows the DNS filtering techniques and blocks the domains and hostnames best known for ads. It does a great job in ad blocking by letting users create a customized block list.


  • Users can create custom blacklists.
  • Can block malicious websites along with ads


  • No customer support

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uBlock adblocker - Reddit review

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#3 – Purple Adblock

Purple Adblock banner

Looking for an effective adblock that works on Twitch? Try Purple Adblock. This is a famous adblock Twitch extension solution for Chrome and Firefox. You can download it for free from the respective browser extension stores.

If you’re looking for a customized installation, you can easily get the code from Github.

The adblock Twitch Chrome and Firefox extension keep a list of intermediary servers that are located in the countries that feature Twitch with fewer or no ads. Once you use the browser extension, it diverts your traffic to one such server.


  • An open-source way to block ads
  • No heavy setup and configuration


Becomes unresponsive at times

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Purple Adblock - Reddit review

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#4 – TwitchIs

TwitchIs banner

Try Twitchls when you want to get rid of Twitch ads in an embedded player. This is a free adblock Twitch 2023 that is super easy to use. It won’t keep any data logs and won’t cause further tension. However, this is a 3rd party platform, and a certain risk of data loss or leak is always there.


  • Can prevent Twitch ads in the embedded player
  • Compatibility with modern web


  • This can lead to stream buffering

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TwitchIs review

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#5 – TTV AdEraser

TTV AdEraser banner

This adblock Twitch extension works smoothly on Chrome and Firefox. Even though it can be buggy sometimes, it’s still worth a try. TTV AdEraser makes Twitch play in an embedded player and stops the ads.

  • Dedicated extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • No expenses


Can get blocked at times

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TTV AdEraser - Google review

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How To Use Adblock Twitch?

Twitch is certainly only pleasurable when it’s ad-free, and the most preferred way to make it ad-free is using an adblocker with VPN capabilities. Here is how you can use such a Twitch ad blocker.

We will explain the process using CyberSec / Threat Protection from NordVPN.

Step #1 – Login to your NordVPN account and access Settings. If you’re using its Android or iOS app, open the apps and visit the Settings section.

Step #2 – On the left side of the Setting panel, you can see CyberSec / Threat Protection under the Features section. Click on Enable, and the Twitch AdBlock will become active. That’s it. The ad blocker is activated now.

A simpler way is:

CyberSec - how to unblock Twitch TV

In conclusion

Your time and resources are not meant to be getting wasted on something useless and meaningless. Twitch ads are fine as long as they are shown within limits and as per the relevancy. When they surpass the limits, they become annoying. With the help of viable methods like using a VPN adblocker, proxy server, Twitch Turbo subscription, and subscribing to the channel, you can reduce the ad annoyance or completely eliminate it.

Out of all these ways, what impresses the most is the adblocker offered by VPN. Its functionality is matchless in terms of keeping ads at bay on Twitch or any other platform. However, one must play smart and always pick the best VPN ad blocker.

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Can ads on Twitch bring viruses to my browser or device?

Of course, they can. Ads are the most potent way for a threat actor to spread the virus. Cybercriminals can introduce a corrupted link on the ads, and if you click on it, you can become prey to a virus attack. Hence, it’s wise to use video adblock for Twitch.

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How do I get around the Twitch purple error screen?


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