TikTok Privacy Violation: Protect Your Personal Data with the Best VPNs

TikTok rose to fame overnight and fell to the ground in the same way when it faced allegations of compromising the privacy rights of the users. American superior authorities have claimed that this Chinese app is stealing crucial information. This led to massive TikTok privacy concerns.

It was heartbreaking news for all TikTok lovers. If you are also one and wondering how to bypass the TikTok ban, this article is just the right thing for you.

Before we get into the details of overcoming the TikTok ban, let’s learn more about TikTok privacy in China.

The year 2019 was tough for TikTok as this social media giant was bound to settle a lawsuit of a whooping sum of $1.1 million against the children’s privacy allegation, jeopardizing the TikTok privacy policy. After that, we will talk about the VPN TikTok aids that will let you access it from anywhere.

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How does TikTok collect its users’ private data?

If the word of the wise is to be believed, then TikTok gathers the user’s private information from its users’ phonebooks. The moment an end-user permits it to access contacts, the data is leaked, as per TikTok’s new privacy policy. Also, data from a user’s social network contact will be fetched if their login details are linked with a social media account.

User data exchange with governments and other companies: Does TikTok do it?

Government has the right to ask for any data for various purposes. TikTok and many other apps are bound to share the user’s data when the government asks. As far as selling data to other companies is concerned, TikTok denies this allegation, but there are rumors that it does it. Though we have no solid proof to comment on this, the higher number of accusations made us believe it must be doing this.

Top 5 TikTok VPNs for privacy protection

It is clear that using TikTok is a potential threat to the privacy of your crucial data.

Using a VPN for TikTok is the only viable way to protect the data and stay out of one’s ability to track your activity. We have tested multiple VPNs and figured out that there are five VPNs that have managed to provide high-end security.

Here is a quick review of each of them:

IPVanish – The Best-of-breed TikTok VPN

ipvanish it

With high-end security, a strict zero-log policy, and a global presence, IPVanish has everything a reliable TikTok VPN should have. The more we explore this VPN, the former our faith becomes.

It is in the first place because of its unique password generator. Because of this feature, one can ensure zero threat to crucial data as every bit of information will remain protected. The numbers, when we talk about owned servers, are awe-inspiring.

There are over 40,000 shared IPs and 1,500 P2P dedicated servers at 75 global locations.

Working a VPN in Windows, iOS, and Android is widespread. IPVanish goes beyond and allows you to use it on routers and Chromebooks easily.

Its privacy is rock-solid, and never let TikTok steal anything from you. AES-256 encryption, highly secure protocol, OpenVPN, zero DNS leak, and a kill switch are some viable means that will protect your privacy.


  • Can support unlimited devices at a time
  • An automated kill switch is fabulous
  • No connection records are stored


  • Speed fluctuates a lot
  • Have poor performance on iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video
  • Not every frequently updated app

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Surfshark – Access TikTok without Any Restrictions


TikTok fans are in love with this TikTok VPN as it lets an end-user unblock TikTok without worrying about the borders. It has a dedicated built-in NoBorder mode that allows one to easily bypass censorship. You can use TikTok without getting worried about the government tracking you.

Fooling local firewalls is also possible with Surfshark. So, you can watch TikTok anywhere and anytime. With more than 3,200 servers, Surfshark is here to endow you with a limitless experience.

With Surfshark, there is nothing to worry about using TikTok when it is banned in your location. It has a GPS spoofing feature that can return your original location coordinate to the server of your choice.

It will help you abolish the TikTok ban in more than 160 locations and 63 countries. Some of its laudable features are ad blocking, P2P support, VPN chaining, split tunneling, and zero-knowledge DNS servers.

Surfshark is not bound to save users’ data to meet any legal implications. It is because of the flexible jurisdiction. Hence, you will experience TikTok data privacy of the highest kind.


  • All apps come with WireGuard connections
  • Affordable introductory deal
  • Responsive chat support


  • A consistent issue in OpenVPN speed
  • Limited security audits

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NordVPN – Easy and Effortless TikTok Unblocking


The reason we have included NordVPN in the list is its SmartPlay DNS. Using this feature, bypassing the TikTok ban becomes an easy job. There is no time-squandering when configuring the settings. We have a deep dig into its security features and figured out that it stands out on this front as well. Its operations are backed with 256-bit AES encryption. So, all your TikTok activity is hidden.

The astringent no-log policy will let you have a good night’s sleep as nothing can be tracked down, and no information is passed to any other party.

While it does all of this, there is no compromise on the speed. Throughout the testing period, it has managed to maintain a constant speed. You can upload videos on TikTok easily. There won’t be any buffering or lag ruining your experience.

As far as eliminating the TikTok ban is concerned, it lets you connect over a wide range of servers where using TikTok is not banned.


  • Lightning speed for faster TikTok video uploads
  • A wide range of servers where TikTok isn’t banned
  • Can work on 6 devices at a time
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee gives excellent peace of mind and a free trial


  • Browser extensions are fundamental
  • Some end-users have UI issues with it
  • The price is comparatively high

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ExpressVPN – Secure VPN for Better Peace Of Mind


ExpressVPN needs no introduction. With its impeccable features, global presence, and high speed, this tool has gained an edge over competitors.

The reason why we and many others are suggesting ExpressVPN for TikTok is its ability to protect your internet traffic by all means. It has a vast network of DNS servers and a bunch of high-end encryption technologies. Its security system is so robust no hacker and a team of TikTok’s engineers can find out about your crucial information.

The clever split tunneling system will let you switch apps over a VPN. As it is present in around 93 countries, the TikTok ban in all these countries can be abolished easily.

Have trouble using TikTok VPN? Don’t worry. ExpressVPN has a first-class chat support system capable of resolving all your worries and tensions. What we love about ExpressVPN is that it has made it very clear what it stores and whatnot. Its zero-log policy is not a marketing gimmick. It does what it says, which makes it rule over our hearts.

ExpressVPN has also given a clear picture of the security practices and protocols that it adopts. Presently, it uses a 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate along with AES-256-CBC. This security practice is used to encrypt its control channel. Then, there is HMAC (Hash Message Authentication Code) to protect regular data from any alteration.


  • Better handling of drop-outs
  • Quick and faster connection time
  • Mac localized service means it is available in many local languages
  • Continuous support for Perfect Forward Secrecy ads.


  • Own codes have bug issues
  • No browser extensions

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CyberGhost- A Bliss for Beginners


Not everyone is a pro at using a TikTok VPN. Some might face issues in getting started. This is where CyberGhost comes to your rescue. It is a super user-friendly VPN that one can use without any glitches.

The set-up and installation process won’t consume much of your time. We were able to use TikTok within five minutes. You can keep your worries about data leaks and privacy issues out of your mind as it comes with military-grade encryption and a zero-log policy.

It is so dedicated to its customers that no data is revealed by it, even if the government asks for it. The extensive server web allows you to access TikTok despite the strict ban. Already, 10 million users have experienced its impeccable performance.



  • A very limited trial period for desktops. Only 24 hours are allowed
  • It doesn’t work on BBC iPlayer

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The Final Word

Dealing with the TikTok ban is easy if you’re using a dedicated TikTok VPN. With the help of this tool, you can bypass all kinds of restrictions and use TikTok without letting anyone know about it. We have hand-picked a few for you that will also save you against TikTok privacy issues. With any of the VPNs we mentioned above, your TikTok experience will be smooth and hassle-free.

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Will a TikTok VPN be illegal?

Using TikTok VPN for any other VPN is a perfectly legal activity as long as it is not used for illegal activities. Many countries support using this tool to protect their privacy and information-critical data.

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