ExpressVPN Review 2024: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying It

As more and more people want to access the internet securely and privately, the number of reliable VPN providers keeps growing. Finding a VPN today is not a problem, as so many are out there.

However, finding the right one can be tricky as they all promise many things. But do they deliver on these promises?

This is what I want to find out and help you make the right decision.

Today, I will do an ExpressVPN review as it is one of the most popular free VPN services at the moment. 

When it comes to important indicators to take note of, especially when deciding which VPN subscription to go for, users should consider speed, security, streaming features, server locations, support, and ease of use.

Here’s how ExpressVPN sets itself apart from other competitors:

  • Speed  – ExpressVPN is known to be one of the fastest VPN solutions out there. When the ExpressVPN test was performed,  its average download speed resulted in 58 Mbps, which is impressive for a VPN.
  • Security – It has the industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption, and it supports PPTP, SSTP, L2TP0IPsec, and OpenVPN protocols
  • Streaming  – ExpressVPN works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.
  • Server locations  – The ExpressVPN server list boasts over 3000 servers across 94 international locations
  • Ease-of-use  – The setup and installation process takes less than five minutes to complete, making ExpressVPN an excellent choice for both new and advanced users.
  • Removing geo-restrictions  – ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for bypassing geo-restrictions. Unlike many other VPNs on the market, ExpressVPN also works in China, which is known for banning VPNs and censoring content.
  • Support  – They offer ExpressVPN chat support that runs 24/7, 7 days per week. ExpressVPN customer service review has shown that the service is prompt and reliable.

ExpressVPN – A Quick Overview

Owned by Kape Technologies, ExpressVPN is indeed one of the most renowned and time-tested VPNs that the world has till today. Kape Technologies is also the creator of VPN solutions like CyberGhost, PIA, and ZenMate.

This VPN service came into being in 2009 and is operated under Express Technologies Limited, which is based out in the British Virgin Islands. On September 13, 2021, Kape Technologies acquired this VPN company. As per the market data for 2021, ExpressVPN was found to be trusted by 3 million users.

Speaking of its server network and coverage, this VPN service owns 3,000 servers in 94 countries. The server network covers 160 locations in total. Its servers are present in all the leading and lucrative locations, such as the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, etc.

There is an extensive list of VPN servers and their location details on the website. This is something that I witness very rarely. Most VPN service providers just mention the total number of servers and countries covered. No one wants to take the pain of explaining the server location with meticulous details. This is where I lost my heart to ExpressVPN.

In 2019, the officials of ExpressVPN announced that its servers ran on RAM-disk memory and didn’t feature any hard drive.

ExpressVPN was the first VPN to launch the concept of RAM-based servers and contributed heavily to the users’ privacy policy. Such servers don’t log any user data or information.

Awards and Recognition

When a VPN has been in the industry for so long, its performance may be reviewed. Many leading media houses provided detailed ExpressVPN reviews and figured out its efficacy. I tried to keep track of all of these and have mentioned the most promising one below:

  • TorrentFreak has mentioned ExpressVPN in its annual comparison of Best VPN providers. ExpressVPN has been a constant player since 2015.
  • Max Eddy, the editor of PCMagUK, rated ExpressVPN as 4 out of 5 stars in 2017. In his editor’s note, he mentioned that ExpressVPN might not be as fast as he thought, but it is undoubtedly a privacy-friendly tool.
  • In 2017, PC World reviewed ExpressVPN and gave a 3½ out of 5 ratings. As per the editor’s note, its user-friendliness and ease of usage are praiseworthy.
  • Not long before, in 2020, TechRadar awarded ExpressVPN an Editor’s Choice award.
  • Recently, CNET named ExpressVPN in its Editor’s Choice award

All in all, ExpressVPN is doing a great job and improving its functionalities per the needs of the hour and customers’ demands.

Latest Updates About ExpressVPN

When Kape Technologies purchased ExpressVPN in 2021, the deal happened for $936 million. The sum was the highest amount that any company paid to buy a VPN service.

In August 2021, ExpressVPN launched its much-talked-about and lucrative proprietary, open-source protocol, Lightway, on GitHub.

ExpressVPN lightway protocol

Edward Snowden, former NSA whistleblower and privacy advocate, warned people about ExpressVPN and told them not to use it. In his Twitter post, Snowden said:

“If you’re an ExpressVPN customer, you shouldn’t be.”

One of the CIOs of ExpressVPN, Daniel Gericke, was charged with creating a spying tool for the UAE.

On January 26, 2022, ExpressVPN launched a new feature, Parallel Connections. Using the feature, one can easily connect with a virtual private network as all possible internet connection methods are tried simultaneously. This feature lifts up geographic restrictions imposed on hospitals, airports, schools, and other places. Presently, only iPhone users are allowed to use this feature.

How Does ExpressVPN Work? 

ExpressVPN works by encrypting your web traffic, ensuring that no data is being collected on you when browsing the web. To do so, they use strong 256-bit AES encryption. The setup and usage process are pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is purchase a plan, install the app, and connect to a specific server, and that’s it.

One interesting thing to note is that ExpressVPN has a cool ExpressVPN intelligent location feature, which makes the server-choosing process much more manageable. This smart feature automatically connects the user to the most suitable server once enabled.

Speed Test and Performance 

Of course, speed is one of the most critical aspects of every VPN.

This is why I first tested ExpressVPN for speed.

In my experience, this is one of the fastest VPNs I have tried. My connection is 100 Mbps, and I checked the download speed several times. It was always above 90 Mbps

I’ve turned on the Quick Connect feature to access UK servers and got a 26.7 Mbps download, which is higher than the average speed of other VPN providers.


I also started with long-distance ExpressVPN speeds across the US, Australia (VPN for Australia), and China.

My speed was 15.5 Mbps without buffering while connecting to US servers.


Hong Kong speed tests showed me a speed of 16.2 Mbps, I even had success with some gaming.


After all, I decided to connect to servers in Australia to test the distance fully. The speed tests showed 10.3 Mbps. 


Given the fact that my connection is usually in this domain, even without a VPN, I can safely say that ExpressVPN has impressive speeds. What is fascinating about this VPN is that it offers constant speeds.

I’ve tested many others with high speeds but can’t maintain them very well. With ExpressVPN, this isn’t an issue. 

Those using its Android or iOS app can perform the speed test efficiently as these apps come with in-built speed test tools. All you need to do is click on the “Speed Test” options. When you select this option, you can check the speed of a given server or all the server locations.

When I was testing this feature, I was impressed with its speed. It only took 4-5 minutes to test the UK and US servers of ExpressVPN. But you must disconnect the VPN before trying this feature.

For an instant latency update, this test is excellent. Gamers can get an idea about the ping speed with this quick speed test.

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How Good is ExpressVPN?

Another reason why my ExpressVPN ratings are so high is because of the features it offers.

It’s a well-equipped VPN with stable features and functionalities that make the user’s life easier.

They aren’t just big words that don’t mean anything. 

  • Private DNS

ExpressVPN comes with self-owned or private DNS, which is a scarce thing. Most of the run-of-the-mill and free VPNs use public DNS that lacks encryption and protocols.

ExpressVPN, with its private DNS, offers high-end encryption, private internet access, and updated protocols for the rest of the internet connection.

  • Kill switch

A kill switch is essential for a trusted VPN to protect internet identity when the internet connection drops suddenly. Network Lock is the kill switch feature of ExpressVPN that works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and routers. It’s an automated feature that activates automatically when a connection drops.

While one can easily disable this feature in Windows, Linux, and Mac, it can’t be disabled in the router ExpressVPN app. I wish ExpressVPN clients could also have this feature on their Android and iOS apps.

  • Live chat support

Its 24*7 live chat features are at par and are highly responsive. It takes only a fraction of a second to get the prompt and appropriate answer to your queries. The response is polite as well.

  • 3000+ P2P and streaming-optimized servers

I must admire ExpressVPN for offering a highly optimized server network. All of its servers are useful for streaming and torrenting. It’s a rare feature to spot.

Its servers are present in 94 countries and are RAM-disk based. Even if its servers are not very high in numbers, they are strategically placed so that almost everyone in the world will find a server nearby. ExpressVPN also covers even rare locations like Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka. Its server network is strongest in North America and Europe.

For locations with oppressive internet laws or unstable infrastructure, ExpressVPN has virtual servers that account for 3% of the total servers. However, I won’t suggest you connect with a virtual server unless and until it’s not urgent, as you may face unblocking hassles.

It also features obfuscated servers.

While all the things are highly impressive, I was disappointed to learn that its server network lacks dedicated IP addresses.

  • Strong Protocol profile 

When it comes to security protocols, ExpressVPN is highly diverse and offers protocols like PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and Lightway. Lightway is the most recent addition to the protocol profile or ExpressVPN, and I will explain it later in the article.

ExpressVPN protocol

We all know what wonders OpenVPN can do for a secure and fast internet connection. This protocol is delivered as TCP and UDP connections. During my testing, I figured out TCP is slower than UDP. But you must use OpenVPN TCP if you want to bypass the Great Firewall of China. Also, this protocol is beneficial for the easy retransmission of lost data packets. It ensures faster data delivery.

IKEv2 is also a high-speed protocol. But, I was bothered by the fact that ExpressVPN is using IPSec encryption for this protocol. Because of this, it becomes prone to a man-in-the-middle attack.

  • Unlimited bandwidth

For break-free downloads, you have ExpressVPN, which comes with unlimited bandwidth. You can browse, download, and stream as much as you want without worrying about running out of data.

With the unlimited bandwidth facility, you don’t have to face ISP throttling, which could be too annoying. 

That’s not the only thing that you get unlimited with ExpressVPN. You also get unlimited speed and server switching. All in all, you will have a gala while using ExpressVPN.

  • Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a great feature to own as it permits you to route your internet traffic of certain apps via VPN while others access the internet like regular. This feature is required in certain use cases, such as streaming and torrenting, to ensure that speed dip is manageable.

While many other VPN industry players also offer split tunneling features, ExpressVPN’s offerings are a bit more advanced as two types of split tunneling features are offered. 

The first type is the regular split tunneling that safeguards all the connected apps. The second type is inverse split tunneling, protecting only the selected apps outside the connected app. 

  • Money-back guarantee and risk-free trial 

A free trial is a must-have for new VPN usersExpressVPN offers a 100% risk-free trial for 30 days – The 30-day money-back guarantee is activated without asking for any coupons or credit card details. ExpressVPN’s free trial is not the first trial that I’ve tested.

I have tested some of the big names in this industry, like TunnelBear, PIA, Surfshark, and Zenmate as well. But what impressed me about ExpressVPN’s trial period was that there were no compromises.

You get access to all the features and facilities to check its overall utility. This is not the case with every VPN service, as many free trials are limited and restricted. So, I was highly satisfied on this front.

  • Wide range of security tools 

With a VPN, you get more than internet connection protection. You get a wide range of security tools like an IP address checker, DNS Leak test, WebRTC leak test, and password generator. Using these tools, you can be more aware of your internet presence and take appropriate actions to improve it.

How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost? 

Now, let’s talk about the most crucial part: money. ExpressVPN remained one of the costliest VPN services available for a long time. Its one-month plan is way too high than the industry’s standard cost.

Even its 1-year and 3-month plans are on the higher side only. I guess ExpressVPN heard the users’ dissatisfaction on this front. This is why ExpressVPN subscription costs are modified.

As per the recent updates, ExpressVPN has dropped the price of the 1-year plan significantly. You will get it at $6.67 per month + 3 months free.

With a one-year subscription, you also get a 1-year free cloud backup facility from Backblaze.

Its every plan is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means you have 30 days after paying for your plan to decide if you like their services or ask them to return your money. They offer some free services, such as proxies and Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

They offer three payment plans: 

1-month  6-months 12-months
$12.95 / mo $9.99 / mo $6.67 /mo 

If you’re a regular VPN user, then a 1-year plan is the best. However, its subscription options are limited when a VPN service offers so many things and is confident about its credibility.

Test ExpressVPN

Is ExpressVPN Secure? 

ExpressVPN has super-strong encryption, AES-256 cipher. It’s known as the “Advanced Encryption Standard“, which is impossible to break into with a brute force attack while it is also really effective against all other types of attacks.

All the leading banks, military organizations, and other institutes handling sensitive user data use this encryption.


I won’t get into technical details and nerd talk, but I will say this: big intelligence agencies like the CIA use this kind of encryption when transmitting sensitive data.

ExpressVPN also offers tunneling protocols to connect users safely to the web. 

The most secure option is OpenVPN, and most people use it. However, you can also use the PPTP, SSTP, or L2TP0IPsec protocols

To add up the security, ExpressVPN launched the Lightway protocol, which I’ve only mentioned above. The protocol was found on GitHub. It is open-source and is independently audited. WireGuard inspires this protocol.

The concept is the same but is delivered with more advancements. It’s very lightweight compared to WireGuard. Only 2,000 lines of code are there. This means the speed would be higher, and the device’s battery won’t be exhausted too much. The sleek code also indicates that it’s easy to audit and maintain. This also led to quick vulnerability fixation.

The protocol is supported by ChaCha20 cipher encryption, along with AES-256. With these high-end security features, ExpressVPN creates a secured VPN tunnel and keeps many hassles at bay. But, the ChaCha20 cipher is only used for entry-level mobile devices and routers.

ExpressVPN encryption

Regarding encryption and security, Lightway is superb as data is protected with WolfSSL cryptography library and military-grade encryption SSL/TLS protocols. NSA implements such high-end security measures. Hence, I was convinced that things were safe and sound with ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN protocols

Cure53, a well-known cybersecurity firm, extensively audited Lightway’s code. The report was posted on Cure53’s website.

I reviewed the report and discovered that the protocols weren’t flawless. There were 14 issues spotted. But not a single one was too serious. I am glad that ExpressVPN took these findings and worked on them. As per recent updates, almost all of the spotted issues were well taken care of.

Wait! I am not done yet. Lightway is capable of preserving perfect forward secrecy with updated encryption keys. As these keys are continuously updated and regenerated, you always get the best assistance.

Considering all these facts, it’s easy to conclude that ExpressVPN has worked hard to improve its security profile and has done a commendable job. With this, there is nothing that will cause trouble for you. You’re in safe hands.

Is ExpressVPN Safe? 

ExpressVPN has a strict no-logging policy, meaning that none of your data and browsing information is stored nor tracked while you are using the VPN.

Most of your data gets encrypted when you get onto your VPN server, and any government agencies, cyber-criminals, or your VPN provider can’t see it. 


But does it really save zero data or keep zero connection logs?

Well, I am afraid to say that, but there is no such thing as zero logs. The service provider always stores and saves some of the end-user information.

However, the privacy policy of the company states that they do collect some data from their users, including:

  • Dates of connection to the VPN 
  • Server location choices 
  • Amount of data transferred each day 
  • Current app versions 

In addition to this, every business-customer correspondence information is recorded as well. Whatever questions/complaints/compliments you pass on to the customer care of ExpressVPN are stored, along with your email address.

The privacy policy explains that Zendesk and SnapEngage, which are third-party platforms, are used for email and live chat correspondence simultaneously. As both these platforms are top players in the industry and use HTTPS encryption, security isn’t going to be an issue.

It doesn’t save the real IP address, user activity, time duration of the session, websites visited, files downloaded, DNS queries, connection timestamps, or everything else that can help anyone understand what kind of activities an end-user is doing while being online.

Even if the data it collects is handled and stored diligently to avoid leaks, I have already mentioned that RAM-disk servers are used, and high-end military-grade encryption is enforced. So, security isn’t a matter of concern. No user data is traded with a third party.

As I quoted above, ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN company. The country has no mandatory data retention laws in place. However, it’s also mentioned in the privacy policy that if there is a legal emergency to access a particular end-user or many end-users, the company will cooperate with the Court of Law and hold the right to hand over the collected data.

In 2021, ExpressVPN went under the ownership of Kape Technologies. Yet, the VPN company announced it remains an independent entity with no hold of Kape Technologies at the infrastructural level.

What impressed me greatly about ExpressVPN is its regularly-audited privacy and security policy. In 2019, PwC conducted a third-party audit of this company. The audited operational aspects were the technology stack used, privacy policy, TrustedServer technology, and compliance with the privacy policy clause. Gladly, no flaws were spotted.

In 2020, ExpressVPN went through a third-party audit by PwC. This time, the focus was on the company’s code and practices. These third-party audits help a VPN company maintain transparency in its operations and win over the customers’ hearts. It’s great to see that ExpressVPN is concerned about its end-users’ privacy rights and is doing everything possible to maintain clarity.


An ideal VPN must be able to work with all the available devices so that the clients don’t feel any hassles. ExpressVPN is a superb VPN for device compatibility with all major platforms and a wide range of devices. It offers dedicated apps for these platforms:

✅  Windows 

✅  iOS 

✅  Android

✅  Mac

✅  Linux

✅  Router

✅  Kindle Fire

✅  Chromebook

✅  BlackBerry 

Regarding browsers, ExpressVPN is optimized to work securely with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Additionally, it offers extensions for these browsers, meaning you don’t have to use the client. 

These are just some of the platforms you get out-of-the-box, and if you use some other platform, ExpressVPN offers a detailed installation guide on how to set it up on Windows or Mac.

Now, let’s talk about the performance of these apps and solutions. The ExpressVPN client offers a Windows app for Windows 7,8, 10, and Windows 11 and supports Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec protocols.

The only thing that was missing was the customization. It’s a pre-built solution and doesn’t grant much freedom to end-users from adding/deleting features. Its interface is pretty basic.

ExpressVPN for PC

Its macOS app is impressive and is compatible with Big Sur, High Sierra, Monterey, and Mojave. It works with all Macbook and iMac models. Both these apps work on desktops and laptops.

There are dedicated iOS and Android mobile phones. Its iOS app is compatible with Phone SE (3rd, 2nd, and 1st generation), iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus phone models. It’s such wide-range compatibility.

The app is robust enough to work over Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers. One can also choose between UDP, TCP, and IKEv2 encryption protocols. If you don’t want to pick the protocol, the mobile app will select the best one for you. It works with the iPad as well.

ExpressVPN for iOS

Both its iOS and Android apps are user-friendly and have a clean interface. Its activation and usage are straightforward. The apps are designed with utmost simplicity. Even first-time users won’t have any hassles getting started.

The Express VPN client for Linux is compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, and Arch. Keep in mind that only 64-bit and 32-bit versions of these are compatible. This solution is compatible with the command-line tool. You get a whole new IP address and the freedom to enjoy high-end encryption.

ExpressVPN for Linux

Besides Amazon Fire TV, there is no dedicated app for smart TVs like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sony, and Samsung. However, one can still use a VPN service on all these devices after manual configuration.

ExpressVPN for SmartTV

ExpressVPN can work seamlessly on gaming consoles as well. One can use it on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch devices. You can use ExpressVPN on all these devices using the MediaStreamer feature. With this feature, you can hide the real IP address details and help you stream without zero buffering.

ExpressVPN for gaming consoles

Is ExpressVPN Good for Torrenting? 

There are a lot of VPNs that don’t allow torrenting, and this is not the case with ExpressVPN.


Their service offers benefits for torrenting: 

  • No traffic restrictions. You can download as many torrent files as you want, as ISP throttling isn’t an issue.
  • No bandwidth limitation. There is no cap on bandwidth, and you can browse and download all day long.
  • Secured data means protection against various vulnerabilities and leaks that can happen while torrenting. At the same time, this also protects you from any DMCA notices or copyright issues. 
  • They aren’t subjected to copyright demands or DMCA requests. 
  • It is a vast, stable network that offers consistently fast speeds. 

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for torrenting. If you like torrenting often and have ways of doing it, there is a torrenting page on where you can get more helpful information. 

Torrent lovers will be glad to know that multiple torrent clients like Vuze, BitTorrent, uTorrent, Transmission, and many more. I could download Squid Game on uTorrent with a decent seeding speed.

While its performance was decent, I was disappointed to learn that port forwarding wasn’t available for everyone except router users. In case you don’t know what it means to have port forwarding for torrenting, port forwarding is required for direct uTorrent traffic transmission on the computer.

Such direct traffic transmission is required for quick P2P file sharing. Also, the SOCKS5 proxy isn’t supported. As per the records, port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxy are required for fast torrenting. However, without them, ExpressVPN also supported torrenting far better than many free VPNs.

We all are aware of the not-so-friendly attitude of countries towards torrenting. Some even have enforced strict policies against it. So, one must do everything possible to hide the torrenting activity. Gladly, the security profile of ExpressVPN is imposing and has everything that is required for secure browsing.

As mentioned above, there are features like kill-switch, split tunneling, military-grade encryption, geo-spoofing, no-log policy, and many more to protect your online presence and keep things under control.

Can You Use ExpressVPN For Gaming?

Even if a VPN is great for streaming and torrenting, it tends to disappoint when it comes to gaming. Being a trusted gaming VPN demands more than just a regular VPN, as ping speed, robust geo-spoofing, and high-end security are non-negotiable.

So, I decided to test ExpressVPN for gaming separately. I tested it for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, as it’s heavily built and consumes a huge amount of bandwidth. I experienced slight latency while using its Australia and New Zealand servers. However, its US servers were perfect.

As far as ping speed is concerned, the lower the ping, the better the gaming experience. Anything below 50ms is acceptable. With its UK and US servers, the ping speed was below 50ms all the time.

Lagging wasn’t an issue at all in HD quality. But if you want to stream a game in 4K quality, then get ready to expect a certain latency or lag. ISP throttling isn’t an issue. Here’s how to unblock any game in case you are interested.

Does ExpressVPN Work with Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms? 

This is one of the rare VPN providers that support Netflix no matter where in the world you might be or which server you are using.

Using Netflix is quite simple: connect to your desired server where Netflix is available, and then only stream whatever you want on Netflix as you would anywhere else. 

ExpressVPN is excellent for Netflix streaming because it offers superior quality without interruptions and gives you constant access.

You can stream content in HD quality without any lagging. The VPN service is capable of dealing with traffic throttling done by ISPs and helps you enjoy restriction-free Netflix streaming. Recently, it started offering unlimited bandwidth. So, you don’t have to worry about running out of data while watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

When it comes to accessing blocked or restricted Netflix libraries, ExpressVPN hardly disappoints. During the testing, I was able to unblock more than 10 geo-restricted Netflix libraries, such as Netflix UK, Netflix US, Netflix Japan, Netflix Australia, and so on.

You might get a proxy error when trying to use Netflix, and the only thing you will have to do is reconnect, and it will work.

Also, you might have a tough time unblocking Netflix on its virtual servers. You won’t be able to get much access to Netflix with the virtual servers. So, it’s wise to use normal servers.

Of course, streaming isn’t restricted to Netflix. It goes beyond that. So, I decided to check the streaming ability of ExpressVPN as a whole. Disney+ HotStar has incredible content, and its viewership is expanding daily. So, I decided to unblock it with ExpressVPN. Gladly, it didn’t disappoint me. I was able to stream Pirates of the Caribbean in ultra-HD quality. I was able to stream Disney+ HotStar on its US, UK, and Australia servers. While these servers were quick, I faced latency issues with Canada-based servers.

In addition, I was able to unblock Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, BBCiPlayer, Kodi, Crunchyroll, Peacock, ESPN+, and more. All in all, a wide range of content and streaming platforms can be accessed using ExpressVPN.

To make your streaming experience more gratifying, ExpressVPN comes with amazing device compatibility. In case you want to stream content on devices like Apple TV and gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, I would suggest using the MediaStreamer feature of ExpressVPN.

Even though you won’t be able to enjoy the high-end protection of a VPN with this feature, you’ll be able to stream buffer-free content on devices that aren’t generally VPN-friendly.

UK and US servers are best for this service to be activated. For smart TVs like Amazon Fire TV stick and Android TV, you get a dedicated ExpressVPN app.

Customer Support 

Customer support is one of the most significant issues with all larger VPN service providers.

However, this is not the case with ExpressVPN, which surprised me, to be honest.

I’ve been particularly surprised by their live chat support. I contacted them with several tasks to ask questions about torrenting and Netflix streaming. 

They were swift to respond, polite, and offered me a lot of helpful information. The resolution was also quick.

ExpressVPN customer support

You even get a chance to review the live chat. In case you’re unsatisfied, you have the right to report it. Even better, they can share documents and links with you so that you can find what you’re looking for easily.

The only thing that irked me was the constant asking for email addresses. Almost every question was answered with a request for an email address.

Nonetheless, the chat support was still impressive. Other than this, there are detailed video tutorials on the website. I must admit that the tutorials are detailed and explain almost everything important. Step by step, the process is explained.

ExpressVPN Setup Tuturials

In the Help Center, you also get a detailed FAQ section and a Support section. Both these sections feature expert-curated content to solve your issues, answer your queries, and guide you at every step.

ExpressVPN support section

You also get email support with ExpressVPN. But it’s not as speedy as the 24*7 live chat feature. You might also end up waiting for 24 hours to receive a response. I suggest you take its help when you don’t get answers from the live chat feature.

Despite all of this, its customer support isn’t entirely flawless. There is no customer care number as well. I understand that you’ll rarely get a customer-care number regarding VPN service. But we all need this, and it’s high time that VPN service providers must consider this aspect.

What Could Be Better?

Through my detailed analysis of ExpressVPN, I was pretty impressed with its performance. Starting from VPN servers to customer care support, everything is nearly perfect.

However, there is always some scope for improvement, and ExpressVPN is no exception.

There are certain places where it can do better than the present situation. For instance:

  • There are no unlimited simultaneous connections supported. At a time, you can only use this service on up to 5 devices. Market players like Surfshark, which came into being almost a decade after ExpressVPN, are offering this facility. This could be a major setback for ExpressVPN if not sorted out now.
  • ExpressVPN lacks long-term plans. The only 1-year plan is the longest-running subscription. Both NordVPN and SurfShark offer a plan for 2 years, whereas CyberGhost provides a 3-year plan. With a one-year plan, ExpressVPN can lose customers as other VPN services offer better deals and long-term subscriptions.
  • Lightway has to improve a lot. It’s just recently launched and has come a long way to be a game-changer. I feel that things need to be improved a lot before ExpressVPN uses it as a VIP card. NordVPN also has a proprietary VPN, NordLynx, that makes OpenVPN seven times faster. Lightway improves OpenVPN’s performance only by two times.
  • I couldn’t find any ad or malware blocker during my testing. This is a must these days. I understand that ExpressVPN’s security is of the highest grade, and it’s hard for a hacker to bypass it. But an ad/malware blocker is a necessity for sure. You will be disturbed by direct ads during your streaming or torrenting experience. Those who hate ads can switch to VPN options like NordVPN and SurfShark, as they have an in-built ad blocker.
  • Dark web monitoring is also missing. When ExpressVPN was launched in 2009, the dark web wasn’t that accessible, and not many people were aware of it. But, presently, many use the dark web. Not everything about the dark web is illegal. So, many of us require a VPN that can make the dark web safer than before. Sadly, ExpressVPN is missing this out. It’s high time that ExpressVPN should roll up its sleeves and added this feature, as its competitor, NordVPN, is already offering this facility.
  • ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free trial facility for desktop clients, which could be improved.
  • Even though its server coverage is very decent and covers almost every leading location, it can be way better. More servers should have been added to its server network to beat what PIA and NordVPN are offering.
  • A Custom DNS facility is also not offered by ExpressVPN. Custom DNS improves the internet connection and is a great way to increase the customer experience.
  • ExpressVPN apps are better than many free VPNs and other service providers. But I felt some minor glitches while testing its apps. For instance, the size of the desktop app isn’t adjustable. Also, you need to open the second window to switch the servers. This could be a bit annoying for some. Customization is not up to the mark. I felt SurfShark’s desktop is way more customization-friendly.
  • Double VPN, a highly desirable feature for improved security, is also missing. With Double VPN, you get the power of two VPN servers at a time and enjoy improved encryption and security.

All the above features are missing in ExpressVPN. However, it’s still a leading player in the industry as it compensates for many other outstanding features, which many other VPNs lack. It’s going strong. But, adding these features will certainly improve the market presence and customer experience.

Is ExpressVPN Worth It? 

Although in the comparison between ExpessVPN and IPVanish, I share other different side backs, in this review, I was lucky enough to determine its most common pros and cons: 

High and constant speed Some packages are a bit expensive
It offers excellent apps for mobile users Little information is available about the company
Fantastic security features with secure encryption  
Reliable no logs VPN  
It works great for streaming, notably Netflix  

All in all, ExpressVPN is one of the top 5 legit VPN providers today. It offers impressive performance, exceptional security, and a lot of privacy. Seeing its speed and security, I can’t imagine anything other than a VPN for streaming/torrenting lovers. Unlimited bandwidth is the cherry on the cake. However, limited simultaneous connection availability can be a huge setback.

I admit that its cost is on the higher side. But its glitch-free performance justifies it completely. It certainly deserves a try. And, with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee, it gives you the ultimate peace of mind. As far as my analysis is held accountable, I am sure you would hardly be disappointed. Its setup is easy, and if troubles and glitches exist, its responsive customer care team has your back.

Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN as per Reddit Users

In a world of abundance, it’s not easy to make a choice. As a VPN is something that you can’t afford to get a faulty one, I decided to gather real-time inputs about ExpressVPN.

For this job, there is no place better than Reddit (the best VPN, according to Reddit). Here, one will hear from the actual users and analyze the actual performance of a VPN. I researched the top 100 comments on Reddit and have concluded a few inputs. So, let’s dig in.




Located in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is one of the top-notch VPNs that one can use in today’s time. But, this is what the literature says. Let’s figure out where things stand:

  • When it comes to speed, ExpressVPN is doing an amazing job. While browsing people’s take on ExpressVPN speed, I concluded that many people switched their previous VPNs with ExpressVPN and are happy with their choice.


  • ExpressVPN delivers exactly the same as it promises on the security front. All of its servers are backed with AES 256-bit encryption and passed the DNS leak test. Users have ultimate peace of mind while using ExpressVPN.
  • Customer service is one aspect that ExpressVPN needs to work out. Recently, there have been many unhappy incidents on Reddit. People are having trouble accessing the live chat. Some even have figured out that their concerns are not listened to carefully.
  • Torrenting and P2P activities are one aspect where ExpressVPN receives mixed reactions from the customers side. Few find it wonderful, while some think it is not cut out for torrenting.

See the comments for yourself to make your own conclusion:

Positive Comments

ExpressVPN Reddit Positive Feedback

ExpressVPN Reddit Positive Feedback 2

ExpressVPN Reddit Positive Feedback 3

Negative Comments

ExpressVPN Reddit Negative Feedback

ExpressVPN Reddit Negative Feedback 2

ExpressVPN Reddit Negative Feedback 3

Neutral Comments

ExpressVPN Reddit Neutral Feedback

ExpressVPN Reddit Neutral Feedback 2

ExpressVPN Reddit Neutral Feedback 3

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Is ExpressVPN part of the 14 Eyes?

No, ExpressVPN is not a part of the fourteen eyes.

They follow a strict no-log policy, which was proven effective when the Turkish government tried to force the provider to hand over personal data about a specific user as a part of an investigation.

The authorities were unable to find any information because of the no-log policy.

Where is ExpressVPN located?
Is it legal to use ExpressVPN?


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