5 Best VPN for iPhone That 100% Work in 2021

iPhone best VPN BannerMany people want to know what is the best VPN for iPhone. Even though this is difficult to say, we’ve made a list of some of the best VPN providers for you to try out. Once you have finalized one from here, you can visit that VPN’s site and learn how to use VPN on iPhone.

What makes the best iPhone VPN?

Impeccable security features like auto kill switch, DNS leak protection, & zero log policies, a wide range of servers, high speed at every stage, and excellent compatibility are few things that make any VPN for iPhone best of all. If it offers responsive customer care support, then it is the cherry on the cake. Unfortunately, iPhone VPN free won’t offer these.

What Is the Best VPN for iPhone?

  • CyberGhost – CyberGhost has a well-honed VPN application. It has quick-connect widgets, unique features, and double VPN protection.
  • PIA – This best VPN for iPad is a doddle to download, simple to use, and keeps no logs. 
  • IPVanish – IPVanish VPN for iOS has a trusted name in the VPN world. It is reliable and easy to use, which makes it a good choice for iOS users. 
  • HideMyAss – Using this VPN on iPhone lets you bypass censorship without being detected. On top of that, it has a malware blocker and ad-blocker.
  • Hotspot Shield – This powerful but simple VPN for iPhone is a great choice to access popular streaming services, keeping your browsing safe and anonymous.

CyberGhost – Best VPN for iPhone 

cyberghost-for-iphoneCyberGhost is the best VPN provider for iPhone based in Germany and Romania with a user pool of over 10 million people. It has around 5k servers spread out in 60 countries.

Apart from being a reliable VPN service, it also offers additional services like blocking trackers, ads, or websites.

It’s a reasonably popular VPN for Android devices as well.

CyberGhost cuts down on speed by 5% to 10%, and it’s overall a bit slower than its competitors. However, it offers better consistency, and you can always know what to expect. 

The site has a transparent privacy policy that backs up the no logs practice of the VPN. They claim that they don’t track their users in any way or have any information about their connections. 

CyberGhost transparently supports torrenting.

Similar to torrenting, when you choose the “streaming” filter, this VPN will give you a full list of servers that work best for Netflix.

+ Reliable kill switch  Short free trial
+ Responsive customer support on live chat   
+ Effective at unblocking iPlayer and Netflix   
+ Easy to use   

Visit CyberGhost

Private Internet Access – Best VPN for iPhone 

pia-for-iphonePrivate Internet Access or PIA VPN is the best VPN for iPhone free trial or premium solution version that provides a lot of useful features. It has around 3,500 servers throughout 30+ countries. It offers 10 simultaneous connections, which is quite unusual. 

The speed is excellent with PIA VPN. It connects almost instantly and indicates what you can expect. The furthest server we tested lost around 15% of speed, which is excellent. 

PIA VPN promises no logging or tracking of any kind. The site offers a lot of information on their practices as well. 

All servers support P2P connections. No matter what your location is, you can use torrents. 

Private Internet Access is effective at unblocking Netflix, no matter the location. However, it struggles with BBC’s iPlayer. 

+ Brings a lot of value for the price Doesn’t have a free trial 
+ Has amazing speed  7 days money-back-guarantee 
+ Can be customized extensively   
+ Effective at unblocking Netflix   

Test CyberGhost

IPVanish – Best VPN for iOS 


IPVanish VPN for iOS is also considered to be a top-notch VPN for gaming.

Its maximum speed loss is around 5%, while the pings are one of the lowest, no matter what server you connect to.

IPVanish is based in the US, and it has over 1300 servers located in more than 70 countries around the world. 

This VPN uses AES-256 encryption along with quality protocols like LKEv2 and OpenVPN.

They also offer IPv6 leak protection, DNS protection, and a kill switch. The VPN claims they do no logging. 

It supports torrenting on all servers without DNS or IP leaks. 

IPVanish unlocks Netflix only and with reliable performance. 

+ Split-tunneling feature Blocks iPlayer
+ Works with Netflix  
+ Consistent performance  
+ Effective kill switch  

Visit IPVanish

HideMyAss – Best VPN App for iPhone 

hidemyass-for-iphoneHideMyAss or HMA legal VPN service has been operating since 2005, and it’s owned by Avast. This best VPN app for iPhone has over 1000 servers across 200 countries with more than 300 locations. 

HMA offers reasonable connection times, and it takes 4 seconds to connect on average. The average speed reduction is around 4%, and for servers that are further away, you can expect about a 15% speed drop. 

HMA comes with PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP security protocols. It also relies on OpenSSL with 25-6bit, 246-bit, 3DES, or RC 5 encryption. It has session logging that doesn’t gather any information, except the time of connections. 

HMA has designated servers for P2P file sharing

It gives instant access to Netflix US but also works with other servers. 

+ Kill switch  A bit expensive 
+ 30-day money-back guarantee   
+ Reliable live chat support  
+ Good for unblocking streaming platforms   

Hotspot Shield – Good VPN for iPhone 

hotspot-shield-for-iphoneThis good VPN for iPhone is also one of the best free VPNs. It comes with ads, but when you switch to a premium subscription, the ads are removed.

With more than 3,300 servers in over 70 countries, it provides robust security features.

It can be set up to connect automatically. 

Hotspot Shield is probably one of the best VPNs when it comes to speed loss. It’s deceptively consistent, and many people are surprised by its performance.

Where it truly excels is at long distant connections where pings are very low. 

It has its VPN protocol called the Catapult Hydra Technology.

This technology is based on some of the best encryption methods and works well. It offers DNS leak protection and protects the user’s IP.

All the servers support P2P even though the company doesn’t openly state this. 

It’s effective at unblocking Netflix but doesn’t work with BBC iPlayer. 

+ Exceptional performance Blocks iPlayer
+ Extremely intuitive   
+ Supports P2P on all servers   
+ One of the best free VPN  

What All Things an iPhone VPN Can and Can’t Do

VPN for iPhone is not just like any other application. It’s a necessity nowadays. When speaking of its abilities, there are many. Using the best VPN for iPhone, one can easily:

There are loads of jobs. And all of this is possible as an iPhone VPN lets the traffic you’re using pass through highly secure encryption and allows you to get connected from a whole bunch of server networks.

However, not in every case can one relish all these facilities. VPN for iPhone has some limitations as well. For instance, if you’re using a free VPN for your iPhone, nothing from the above will be possible. Free VPN iPhone lacks security, server, and support.

Also, don’t try to use the iPhone VPN to increase the speed of the internet connection. Even if you’re using the best VPN app for iPhone, it is not going to happen. Rather, you’ll experience some dip in the network speed.


So, do you actually need a VPN on your iPhone?

Yes, you do. As various government institutions and hackers are breaching everyone’s privacy online, it’s become imperative to protect your data while browsing the web.

Pick one of the VPNs from our list and use it every time you connect.

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What is a mobile VPN?

Mobile VPN is a mobile-friendly version of any VPN. It comes with a smaller memory footprint to occupy less space, can perform actions by consuming less power, and run faster. The best free VPN for iPhone are mobile VPNs as well, and they work perfectly fine on iPhone.

Use a mobile-friendly VPN to avoid slower speeds and ensure greater data privacy for your whole device. Mobile VPNs generally have a smaller memory footprint and require less processing power than desktop VPNs, so they run faster and save more battery. You may download VPN for iPhone listed above (CyberGhost, IPVanish, PIA, HideMyAss, and HotSpot Shield) are all excellent and are mobile-compatible.

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