Private Internet Access (PIA) Review 2024 – Is It Worth It?

Private Internet Access is a VPN service that has found some decent popularity in today’s VPN market. 

Private Internet Access has an impressive server collection. It currently boasts 14,144 servers across 75 international locations.

Earlier, its presence was in 78 countries. As a part of the expansion strategy, new servers were added in locations like Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Malaysia. All its servers are known for unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast speed, and strict no-log policy. There is a detailed list of servers and their features on the website.

One can easily browse the servers by location and country. With such an extensive server network, it’s easy to have a seamless internet connection in every part of the world.

Along with unlimited bandwidth, one gets dedicated IP addresses as well. With a dedicated IP address, you get a private server proffering private internet access with a high-end level of security and privacy. With dedicated IP addresses, you also enjoy great connection speed, and there is no need to worry about being blacklisted.

Moreover, the company has recently upgraded its servers’ capability. Now, they use 10 Gbps cards instead of 1 Gbps. As per the updates, servers are also updated as bare-metal.

The claim to fame that PIA has got is for providing some fantastic service with a comprehensive no-logging policy. Another redeeming aspect of this VPN is its industry-standard Open VPN encryption, combined with a very pleasing price tag.

I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t expect much when I first decided to give PIA a shot. It turns out I was dead wrong, and PIA should be a VPN tool for your consideration too. PIA has also been recently proven to be a real contender to NordVPN, one of the top 5 VPNs in 2024.

I’ll give you a detailed review of the program based on its price, speed, features, security, privacy, support, and compatibility. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

If you need some information on what a VPN is, I got your back:

Latest Updates About PIA

PIA was formed in 2010 by London Trust Media and is trying everything possible within the capacity to become a dependable VPN company. This is why new releases and updates keep on happening.

Have a look at new notable updates about the PIA VPN service:

  • In 2019, Kape Technology acquired PIA. This is the same company that offers other VPN services like ExpressVPN, ZenMate, and CyberGhost. As per the reports, PIA is likely to pay the debts of $32.1 million as a part of this acquisition.
  • In a review released in 2021, TechRadar declared PIA as a likable VPN offering tons of services and the best value for invested money.
  • In November 2021, Tom’s Guide also praised PIA for its torrenting-friendliness and streaming ability.
  • In 2020, PIA rolled out new RAM servers with highly encrypted OS. Called Next-Generation servers, these servers are backed by WireGuard protocol and take security to a whole new level. The servers underwent extensive testing and are now offered as a default option for 2.4.0 of PIA’s desktop clients and version 3.7.2 mobile apps. As I’ve already told you, these servers feature a 10GB of card that was previously 1GB. To improve the security of these updated servers, PIA has blocked the USB port access.
  • PIA’s SSH connections are now protected against MITM or man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • The PIA desktop client version 2.8 is now equipped with the Network Automation feature. This feature allows users to configure PIA as per their will and create an automatic connection with VPN as per pre-defined conditions.


PIA VPN has some fantastic features to its name, such as:

Complete IP masking

PIA provides you the facility of complete IP masking by removing real IP address details completely and providing users with dedicated IP addresses. The IP address is protected in a manner that no one will be able to identify it.

Learn more about:

✅ Torrent and Netflix capabilities

With P2P optimized servers and split tunneling, PIA is a boon for torrenting and Netflix lovers. From military-grade encryption to amazing geo-restriction unblocking, everything about PIA is streaming and torrenting-friendly. Unlimited bandwidth is the cherry on the cake.

✅ A built-in Kill-Switch

PIA offers a feature-rich kill switch that works on all devices. Yes, you have read it right. It doesn’t limit this crucial feature and offers it in abundance. It activates automatically as soon as an internet connection drops. It’s responsive and protects the data. You can use this facility on iOS, Android, and desktop clients. 

PIA Kill Switch

✅ A vast abundance of servers, 14,144 to be more precise

With such a wide network server, you have more opportunities. Its servers are strategically placed and have covered almost every location.

✅ Usable and simple GUI Interface

PIA is super-easy to use, even for first-timers. The website is neat and presents all the crucial information in a crisp manner. As far as its Android and iOS apps are concerned, they both are meticulously built. The iOS interface is sleek and a treat to the eyes as it’s very attractive.

✅ Fully customizable encryption standard

Starting from AES 126- Bit from AES 256 GCM, PIA offers you the best-grade encryption to protect the data. One can pick the encryption as per the need of the moment.

✅ Supports WireGuard, OpenVPN, PPTP & IPSec/L2TP

All these are the industry’s best protocols to use and are enough to make your browsing experience safe and sound.

✅ SOCKS5 Proxy

This feature is available to every user and can be accessed from port 1080. It’s part of its multi-hop VPN connection strategy and is very impressive. The feature became a part of PIA after the v1.4.0 release.

PIA Multi-hop

✅ Unlimited bandwidth

You’re allowed to browse and download as much as you want, as there is no bandwidth cap. This is a great feature for hardcore streaming and torrenting lovers.

✅ Supports up to ten simultaneous connections

It supports 10 simultaneous connections. Even though an unlimited simultaneous connection facility isn’t available, it’s still considered worthy.

✅ Malware and ad blocker

MACE is what you need to keep all sorts of hassles at bay. Blocking ads at the DNS level improves your overall browsing experience. It can even block YouTube ads.

✅ Port forwarding

Port forwarding is a rare VPN service feature and is only offered by the masters of the industry. Gladly, I spotted it in PIA. Using the feature, it’s easy to access any external device on the private network. This makes a huge difference when one tries to use a VPN for gaming and torrenting.

The feature is also useful when one tries to gain access to any remote desktop or remote camera footage. But, the feature is only available on its non-US servers. So, if you want to use this feature, you need to use any server outside the US. 

PIA DNS leaks

✅ Smart DNS

This is a recent update to the feature list. For those who don’t know what a Smart DNS is, it’s a handy technology that makes every website unblocking a piece of cake. Most commonly, it supports streaming as it makes devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and many other devices that aren’t VPN-supportive by default.

✅ Snooze feature

Although an unlimited bandwidth keeps you free from the tension of complete bandwidth exhaustion, the snooze feature is useful if you want to keep tabs on VPN connections. Available only on the Desktop client, the feature helps you turn off the VPN connection.

PIA Snooze feature

✅ Private DNS

To reduce the probability of DNS leaks and strengthen its privacy, PIA offers private DNS. Also, one has the freedom to customize the DNS as well. However, its Windows client comes with in-built DNS.

✅ Shadowsocks

Along with the SOCKS5 proxy, you have a Shadowsocks connection facility as well to establish a multi-hop connection on the VPN. This feature is only available on its desktop version 1.7 onwards. 

PIA Shadowsocks

How Much Does PIA VPN Cost?

Money matters, and those who are saying it don’t are lying for sure. VPN is essential for impressive online security. However, many internet users aren’t able to get a VPN just because of the cost involved. This is why they try free VPNs, which are way too dangerous. So, you must also be aware of the cost involved with PIA.

One of the main appeals of this and any VPN service out there is the price. While some top-tier VPN services might offer some premium features and unmatched speeds, they offer it at a pretty steep price tag.

VPN awareness has only gone up in the modern times of location-based censorship and geoblocking, and the first names in the industry have exploited this phenomenon through inflated prices.

PIA is by far the best option in this price range.

This excellent service comes at:

Monthly Two Years Yearly
9,29 € /mo 2,50 €/mo 3,10 €/mo

The prices have recently been revised and have become more affordable. If its one-month plan is taken into consideration, it’s a little less than the industry’s average. This holds for rest plans as well. There is no three-year deal. But, the two-year deal is a steal deal at just $2.03 per month. You pay for 24 months and get the service for 26 months. Even though the plans are already very pocket-friendly, they are also known for often having discounts on their packages.

I highly recommend subscribing to its newsletters to get recent updates about upcoming offers and grab a lucrative deal. If you’re not in a hurry, waiting for the discount season might be good advice. Purchasing PIA also gives you a 7-day free trial. But, the free trial is only available for Android and iOS apps. For other apps and solutions, no free trial is offered. All the features and facilities will be provided during the trial period.

If you need this VPN service for other devices like desktops and smart TVs, you can still place your bet on this VPN service, as there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s completely risk-free. You can get its subscription and try it for 30 days.

If you’re in any way dissatisfied with their service, you’re eligible to receive a refund.  This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

Regardless of the subscription you choose, you’re allowed to make safe and sound payments. All the leading credit cards like American Express, Visa, and more are accepted. You can also pay via PayPal and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency payments lead to better security and secrecy.

It accepts payments via Bitpay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and LiteCoin. With PIA subscriptions, you have the freedom to add two add-ons, an anti-virus, and a dedicated IP address. One can avail of these features at an affordable cost. For instance, a dedicated IP address comes at the cost of $4.25 per month with its one-year plan, while one has to pay only $3.75 per month with its 2 year-plan.

What makes PIA’s money-back guarantee outstanding is the double refund. Yes, you can get it. This isn’t directly promoted. But, I managed to learn about it from its Terms and Conditions documents. Private Internet Access customers can get a double refund if one customer gets a new account within three months of the first account. This sounds interesting, right?

What you will find interesting as well:

How Fast Is PIA VPN? 

Another critical aspect of any proper VPN service is the speed at which it performs. When you’re using any VPN service, you’re bound to experience a minimal loss of speed.

Before I give you my verdict about PIA speed, let me clarify one thing. No matter how perfect a VPN service seems, a certain speed dip is inevitable. It’s because the traffic has to pass through an encrypted tunnel. So, you can’t expect a zero-speed dip. Your goal should be to have a VPN service with minimal speed loss.

When it comes to using PIA, my tests vary. While some servers might provide superb speeds of operation, others perform poorly when talking about speed.

I experienced nearly 23% speed loss while using PIA US servers. Despite the dip, I managed to download files and stream content easily. HD videos are well-supported. However, you might experience a certain lag while playing videos in 4K quality. That’s the result of the US server speed test.

PIA speed

I tested the server with both OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN. I found WireGuard the fastest.

If you’re streaming, then I would say use WireGuard always. You have the freedom to manually select the server or let PIA select it for you. Manually selection is tedious, and you might end up ignoring high-performing servers. So, the auto-connect feature is preferable.

The amazing part is that performance is maintained throughout. The location of the server has nothing to do with it. I have already shared the speed result of the US server, which was nearer to my location.

I even tested its Australia server, which was miles away from my actual location. The speed test result was impressive.

PIA speed Australia server

I admit that the ping is high. But look at the download speed. How impressive it is!

With such a high download speed, it’s easy to download any file instantly. I can say about the performance of its upload speed, as I didn’t upload anything. All in all, I don’t mind admitting that PIA is fast, not super-fast, but fast enough to help you have a decent browsing experience. You can stream and download content with very minor glitches.

If you’re experiencing this problem, the solution is as simple as connecting to another service. I had no problem finding my way around the program. It’s very user-friendly with its simple GUI.

Private Internet Access speed tests noted a download loss of only 7.49%, which is impressive for a VPN. It’s worth a try.

Is Private Internet Access Safe?

I was stunned by the answer. When it comes to any VPN service, the amount and sophistication of its encryption are probably the most crucial factor. Private Internet Access has one unique feature that makes it one of the best options when it comes to online security and anonymity.

You can pick the level of encryption that your VPN is going to be operating on.

The default settings on the program use the standard 128-bit encryption, which is the industry standard. In addition, AES-256 Bit encryption is also offered.

The highest level of encryption that PIA offers is RSA-4096, which is the best encryption standard currently in operation[/su_highlight]. Depending on your browsing habits, you can pick from some middle levels, such as RSA-2048 or SHA256.

This unique feature gives you complete control over your VPN’s protection. Lowering the encryption standard boosts your speed at the cost of your safety.

That’s not the way that PIA uses to keep you safe in a world of vulnerabilities. There are many other safety-intensive features as well.

For instance, there are multiple protocols at your disposal. OpenVPN comes with default 128-bit encryption. Its performance is nice but could be way better. You are allowed to run this protocol on 128-bit and 256-bit encryption.

PIA protocols

Next, you have WireGuard with default 256-bit encryption. This one is the most advanced protocol that we have to date. For better speed, this protocol is highly recommended. 

PIA offers other industry protocols like PPTP, IPSec/L2TP, and SOCKS5. All in all, it’s doing a decent job on the security protocol front. 

There is an in-built ad-blocker, MACE, that will keep nuisances at bay. It can block ads, malicious websites, and harmful trackers away from your internet connection. PIA is also useful in reducing phishing attempt possibilities with high-end DNS-level website blocking. 

PIA adblocker

I was impressed to know that PIA offers an ad-blocking feature on all of the devices supported. This is not the usual case. While some leading VPN services like ExpressVPN don’t offer it at all, those who offer have limited device compatibility. But, the MACE feature works on every device it supports.

PIA ad blocking on every device

As a PIA subscription offers 10 simultaneous devices, you can use an ad blocker on all of them at once. The feature is also offered in the free trial.  

I have already told you that there is a kill-switch feature offered. Every PIA client is allowed to use this feature. However, I felt that the iOS app responded a little late as compared to the Android app. 

I also tested this VPN for DNS, WebRTC, and IP leak tests. I used the website to check the DNS leak test. The detailed results of the DNS leak are mentioned below.

DNS Tests

While Private Internet Access does offer DNS leak protection, there have been some issues with DNS leaks, as the company itself has reported.


This vulnerability has affected Chrome users because of the DNS prefetch feature. While the issue was reportedly fixed, the company has proposed the following course of action to ensure that no DNS leaks happen:

  1. Use both the browser extension alongside their desktop VPN client
  2. Set your host OS’ DNS server to a static address:
  3. Preferred DNS server address –
  4. Alternative DNS server address –

Similarly, I faced no IP address and WebRTC leak during my test. Hence, your internet connection remains safe.

In case you use incognito browsing a lot and need zero compromises on privacy, try the InBrowser feature. It makes incognito browsing safer and faster than before. However, I figured out that this feature is only available for iOS and Android devices.

The great thing is it’s TOR network compatible. So, dark web access becomes easy. Automatically, your browsing history, cookies, connection timestamp, and other details are deleted. It’s such a great relief for dark web users. As far as search engine compatibility is concerned, it works with DuckDuckGo, StartPage (Ixquick), Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

There is a paid add-on PIA antivirus for improving your security. It works only on Windows PC and is robust enough to provide real-time malware protection. The antivirus provides fast and custom scanning while granting you full control over internet usage and data.

All in all, PIA knows its responsibility to keep user data and information protected in a world of vulnerabilities.

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Does Private Internet Access Keep Logs? 

The first comment that I would like to make on the Privacy Policy of PIA is that it’s too long, has complex language, and demands a great effort to make sense of it. I was exhausted a lot while making sense of it. Also, no update regarding information is provided.

As per the policy, Private Internet Access only collects users’ email addresses and payment information, which is what all VPN providers collect. This is the industry’s norm. It sticks to its claim of a zero-log or no-log policy by not saving crucial information such as real IP address, DNS queries, websites visited, browsing history, online activities, and other crucial user logs. So, don’t worry, PIA logging data doesn’t happen.

This makes for a safe, private, secure online browsing experience. While it does collect some basic user information, the important stuff is always deleted. This goes for all user browsing activities, IP addresses, locations, etc. Even if the government reached out to ask for any data, the company wouldn’t be able to share it because nothing is stored on their servers.

Whatever information is stored is handled with utmost care. The data is stored in an encrypted resource and is not shared with a third party. Only trusted and verified employees of PIA and its authorized partners will have access to such crucial information.

The Privacy Policy also states that the information collected is stored in the USA, which doesn’t have any mandatory data retention laws.

I also learned that if there is any change of jurisdiction, PIA will inform end-users and ask for consent. This is a great move to make and shows that PIA respects the end-users’ privacy rights.

I recently figured out that PIA is ioXT certified for the Android app. ioXt is an alliance that came into being to make the internet more secure and privacy-friendly. As PIA is certified by the alliance, I have faith in it and no reason to question its transparency.

I got a chance to verify the no-log and completely discreet claim of PIA when I learned that the FBI summoned PIA to share a particular user’s online browsing activity details in 2019. PIA failed to do so as no information was stored on the servers.

This was huge and is enough to let anyone have faith in PIA. But, an independent audit will do wonders.


While some online services might experience some compatibility issues, PIA is friendly with all your smart devices.

Before writing my Private Internet Access review, I decided to test it on all my platforms and devices. It flawlessly operates on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, routers, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. There are dedicated apps for most of the platforms that can be downloaded directly from the website.

Downloading and installing all the apps are very easy and effortless.

Desktop Apps

Its desktop apps are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. When it tested its recently-updated desktop apps, I was impressed as it looked cleaner and had a better user interface. Multiple security features are offered as well. For instance, you can set privacy preferences and network preferences. With the privacy preference feature, you can decide whether you use a kill switch or PIA MACE. In Network Preferences, you can customize with choices like DNS servers and port forwarding. 

PIA Network preferences

Customization doesn’t end here. You have the freedom to customize the connections. Options like remote, local port, and cipher settings are there.

PIA connection preferences

The great thing is you won’t have a single hassle to get started or customize as everything is presented in a simple way.

Mobile apps

PIA offers dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS OS, available on Google Play Store and App Store. Almost all the desktop app features and facilities are offered to mobile app users as well.

PIA app store

You are allowed to request port forwarding, Private DNS, and IPv6 blocking.

The layout of the iOS app is more impressive, while the Android app is more functional. There are more features in the Android app. Both apps are constantly updated to remove bugs and functional issues. With each update, apps become better than before. All in all, both these apps are user-friendly and do the job well. 

PIA Google Play

You can also use Private Internet Access browser extensions on Opera, Chrome, as well as Firefox. Moreover, you can also use it on Amazon FireStick. When I checked the functionality of this extension, I found Chrome and Firefox extensions far better than Opera. The reason is that it has less usability than Opera. Opera is not as famous as Chrome and Firebox. Nonetheless, it’s still far better than what free VPNs are offering.  

Its Chrome and Firefox extensions come with in-built HTTPS proxy addons. It improves connection security. Along with it, you’ve got a SOCKS5 proxy feature as well. But remember that you need to use a different password for this.

With SmartDNS and Split tunneling, you can also use it on Amazon FireStick, Apple TV, Roku, and other SmartTVs. I took a closer look at this functionality and was impressed to see that PIA works on all these devices seamlessly. But, the manual configuration could be a little hassle for a few. For that, there are detailed tutorials available on the website.


PIA is compatible with the router as well. If you use a VPN-compatible or a flash router, PIA has your back in both cases. By installing PIA on the router, you can protect all the linked devices at the same time. Installing a VPN app or service on other devices is not needed.

PIA download the app

The FlashRouter solution of PIA is beyond my expectations as it comes with a super-fast setup and a simple interface. PIA allows its router solution to be combined with Split Tunneling to grant you more control and power.

How Do I Install Private Internet Access

The installation process is very easy and straightforward. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Here is an example on Android:

  • Go to the Private Internet Access website and download the software.


  • Install the software and wait for Private Internet Access support files to install.


  • Create a user account, purchase a desired subscription plan, and sign into your account.


  • Connect to one of the PIA servers and start browsing safely.


How to Install Private Internet Access on Firestick

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select the My Fire TV option.
  3. Click on the Apps from the Unknown Sources box.
  4. Return to your home screen.
  5. Download the app called Downloader to be able to install APK files.
  6. Download the APK file from the Private Internet Access website.
  7. Open the file on Firestick.
  8. Choose the Go option, then Install.
  9. Once the installation process is complete, you’ll be able to run Private Internet Access from your Firestick device.

Is PIA VPN Good for Torrenting?

Torrenting lovers are everywhere. Despite the strong restrictions imposed by many countries, many of us still love downloading and uploading torrents. This is why not every VPN can beat the restrictions and make the process entirely safe.

Torrenting can be a real problem when it comes to VPN providers. While some providers outright restrict P2P and torrenting in turn, others shy away from advertising it.

Copyright laws are no joke, and VPN services don’t want any governmental heat on them after allowing their users to download content without paying for it through torrent. Governments have no jurisdiction over you when you’re protected through a powerful VPN such as PIA unless you’re doing something shady.

I have already explained its security profile and the encryption it uses in detail. It’s secure enough to keep your data and browsing activities a secret. So, no one will be able to find out that you’re using a torrent client.

It has a user-friendly and zero-log policy that confirms secrecy. No logs are kept and shared with third parties.

Even though PIA never claims to support torrenting, I’ve been able to download a whole array of movies. PIA supports P2P, which means that it made it onto my list of VPNs that work for torrenting.

There are two main ways to use this software for torrenting. You can use a proxy server, Private Internet Access, or use the VPN on its own.

How to use Private Internet Access with uTorrent

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Download the software.
  3. Sign into your user account and connect to one of the servers.
  4. Launch your torrent client and start downloading.

If you’d like to improve your torrenting experience further, you should consider enabling Private Internet Access port forwarding. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Disconnect from your VPN client.
  2. Right-click the Private Internet Access tray icon.
  3. Open Settings.
  4. Open the Network tab.
  5. Check the Request Port Forwarding box.

Does PIA VPN Work with Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms?

Netflix and other internet-based media are notorious enemies of VPN services. They have dedicated their time to detecting and blocking all VPN users, so VPN companies have to work hard to get around the detection.

Three out of five servers I’ve tried fully support Netflix, and two support HD streaming with no lag issue.

Some of the servers do not support Netflix. So, the solution is as simple as establishing a connection with another server.

The 3300+ servers that PIA offers prove themselves to be more than able to handle Netflix.

If you’re dissatisfied with the speed at which your HD streaming is occurring, you can find another server among these best-working VPNs for Netflix

Netflix and other internet-based media are notorious enemies of VPN services. They have dedicated their time to detecting and blocking all VPN users, so VPN companies have to work hard to get around the detection.

Three out of five servers I’ve tried fully support Netflix, and two of them support HD streaming with no lag issue whatsoever. Some of the servers do not support Netflix. So, the solution is as simple as establishing a connection with another server.

The 3300+ servers that PIA offers prove themselves to be more than able to handle Netflix.

If you’re dissatisfied with the speed at which your HD streaming is occurring, you can find another server among these best-working VPNs for Netflix.

All in all, PIA does a great job unblocking US Netflix. I also tried to unblock the UK (VPN for the UK), Australia (VPN for Australia), and Canada Netflix libraries (VPN for Canada). You can also access Netflix in Germany, Denmark, and Japan, as per the website. However, I didn’t test all these locations. Whatever tests I did, the speed was decent, and I managed to access a wide range of content. 

Because of its wide server network, unlimited bandwidth, and Split Tunneling feature, you will also have an amazing streaming experience with other platforms. Through my testing and information available on the website, I learned that PIA works with streaming platforms like Amazon Prime US (VPN for Amazon Prime), Crunchyroll US, Eurosport, HBO Max, YouTube TV US (VPN for YouTube), Disney+ US (VPN for Disney+) at all the US locations.

CBS works in Canada, while Disney+Hotstar is in India. Italy-based streaming lovers can unblock streaming services like Netflix Italy, Disney+ IT, and RaiPlay. If you want to access France-based streaming platforms, then your options are limited to FranceTV, Canal+, and M6 France.

PIA streaming platforms

In a nutshell, PIA is a streaming-friendly VPN that helps you to enjoy the best streaming experience ever.

Customer Support 

A VPN must offer responsive customer care support. It’s helpful to deal with any basic yet annoying technical or getting-started glitches VPN users might face. This is why I analyzed the customer support features and facilities of PIA extensively. When it comes to customer support, there are a couple of options.

PIA offers a support page on its website where you can find FAQs about the VPN, learn how to fix simple issues and improve your online browsing habits.

PIA support

The section is very neat and has divided content into categories. For instant access to the desired guide, you can use the search bar at the top. I searched for split tunneling and got the result.

PIA split tunneling

The guide section provides detailed VPN set-up and operational guides. The content is crisp, updated, and enough to provide useful insights. Step-by-step instructions with screenshots are provided.

PIA Windows

I checked the Windows guide and learned that there are separate details offered for installation, uninstallation, alternative set-ups, and troubleshooting-related hassles.

The handy News section keeps you updated about all the recent updates and upgrades about PIA. All in all, a lot of assistance is provided for self-assistance. However, not everyone is willing to help you out in this regard. For them, there is a “Contact Us” section. You can provide the required details and get the best customer care assistance.

The other form of customer support that PIA offers is live chat. This is not a redeeming aspect of this VPN. Email-based customer support is a little slow, I would say. But it’s manageable.

Numerous people report problems with customer support, and I’m not very thrilled either. Customer support takes a long time to reply, and some people report not having their issues resolved.

Final Verdict: Is PIA a Good VPN? 

So here are the major pros and cons that I’ve found out:

✔️ Incredible security and tight encryption ✔️ Limited customer support
✔️ Affordable ✔️ Some servers are slower than others
✔️ User-friendly interface  
✔️ P2P, torrent, and Netflix support  
✔️ Over 3300 unique servers  

PIA has come a long way from its inception and offers tons of features and facilities. Considering its price, I have no qualms about admitting that you just tried it. It certainly brings the best value to your invested money. I am recommending it mainly for its wide servers and constant speed. Of course, its unlimited bandwidth is hard to ignore.

Numerous amazing features make it one of the best VPNs on the market. The price is low, and you’ve no excuse for not protecting your internet browsing habits.

Private Internet Access should be on your VPN consideration list.

Pros and Cons of PIA as per Reddit Users

In a world of abundance, it’s not easy to make a choice. As a VPN is something that you can’t afford to get a faulty one, I decided to gather real-time inputs about PIA.

For this job, there is no place better than Reddit. Here, one will hear from the actual users and analyze the actual performance of a VPN. I researched the top 100 comments on Reddit and have concluded a few inputs. So, let’s dig in.




With the higher-most servers across the world, PIA is a classic that is still ruling over the hearts of many:

  • Its SOCK55 proxy server has managed to grab the attention of many. Its features are also a bit more than what usual VPNs offer.
  • It seems that PIA has failed to impress people with its iOS app. It’s buggy and not user-friendly, according to some Reddit users.


  • People are having trouble unblocking geo-restricted content on major streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu.
  • Some people are happy to use PIA with its limitations because of its wide server network and amazing speed.

See the comments for yourself to make your own conclusion:

Positive Comments

PIA - Positive Comment - 2

Negative Comments

PIA - Negative Comment - 1

PIA - Negative Comment - 2

Neutral Comments

PIA - Neutral Comment - 1

Test PIA

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What is a Kill Switch?

A Kill Switch is a life-saving feature that is incorporated within PIA VPN’s modus operandi.

It automatically disconnects you from your connected server, ending your session if the program encounters any security breach, preventing any data leak.

Where Is Private Internet Access based?
Does Private Internet Access work in China?


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