Private Internet Access (PIA) Review 2021 – Is It Worth It?


Private Internet Access is a VPN service that has found some decent popularity in today’s VPN market. 

What is Private Internet Access?

Private Internet Access has an impressive server collection. It currently boasts 14,144 servers across 75 international locations. Moreover, the company has recently upgraded its servers’ capability. Now, they use 10 Gbps cards instead of 1 Gbps.

The claim to fame that PIA has got is for providing some fantastic service with a comprehensive no-logging policy. Another redeeming aspect of this VPN is its industry-standard Open VPN encryption, combined with a very pleasing price tag.

I’ll be honest with you, when I first decided to give PIA a shot, I didn’t expect much. It turns out I was dead wrong, and PIA should be a VPN tool for your consideration too. PIA has also been recently proven to be a real contender to NordVPN, one of the top 5 VPNs in 2021.

I’ll be giving you a detailed review of the program based on its price, speed, features, security, privacy, support, and it’s compatibility. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it.


PIA VPN has some fantastic features to its name, such as:

✅ Complete IP masking

✅ Torrent and Netflix capabilities

✅ A built-in Kill-Switch

✅ A vast abundance of servers – 14,144 to be more precise

✅ Usable and simple GUI Interface

✅ Fully customizable encryption standard

✅ It supports WireGuard, OpenVPN, PPTP & IPSec/L2TP

✅ SOC5 Proxy

✅ Unlimited bandwidth

✅ Supports up to ten simultaneous connections

✅ Malware and ad blocker

✅ P2P support for torrenting

What stands out is the built-in Kill Switch. This is a relatively new addition to the global VPN arsenal, but PIA has been mastering it for quite some time.

How Much Does PIA VPN Cost? 

One of the main appeals of this and any VPN service out there is the price. While some top tier VPN services might offer some premium features, unmatched speeds, they offer it at a pretty steep price tag.

VPN awareness has only gone up in the modern times of location-based censorship and geoblocking, and the first names in the industry have exploited this phenomenon through inflated prices.

PIA is by far the best option in this price range.

This excellent service comes at:

Monthly Two Years Yearly
9,29 € /mo 2,50 €/mo 3,10 €/mo

They are also known for often having discounts on their packages, so waiting for the discount season might be a good piece of advice. Purchasing PIA also gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re in any way dissatisfied with their service, you’re eligible to receive a refund.

Test PIA

How Fast Is PIA VPN? 

Another critical aspect of any proper VPN service is the speed at which it performs. When you’re using any VPN service, you’re bound to experience a minimal loss of speed.

When it comes to using PIA, my tests vary. While some servers might provide superb speeds of operation, others perform poorly, when talking about speed.

If you’re experiencing this problem, the solution is as simple as connecting to another service. I had no problem finding my way around the program. It’s very user-friendly with its simple GUI.

Private Internet Access speed tests noted a download loss of only 7.49%, which is impressive for a VPN.

Is Private Internet Access Safe?

I was stunned by the answer. When it comes to any VPN service, the amount and sophistication of its encryption is probably the most crucial factor. Private Internet Access has one unique feature that makes it one of the best options when it comes to online security and anonymity.

You can pick the level of encryption that your VPN is going to be operating on.

The default settings on the program use the standard 128-bit encryption, which is the industry standard.

The highest level of encryption that PIA offers is RSA-4096, which is the best encryption standard currently in operation[/su_highlight]. You can pick from some of the middle levels, such as RSA-2048 or SHA256, depending on your browsing habits.

This unique feature gives you complete control over your VPN’s protection. Lowering the encryption standard boosts your speed at the cost of your safety.

DNS Tests

While Private Internet Access does offer DNS leak protection, there have been some issues with DNS leaks, as the company itself has reported.


This vulnerability has affected Chrome users because of the DNS prefetch feature. While the issue was reportedly fixed, the company has proposed the following course of action to ensure that no DNS leaks happen:

  1. Use both the browser extension alongside their desktop VPN client
  2. Set your host OS’ DNS server to a static address:
    • Preferred DNS server address –
    • Alternative DNS server address –

Does Private Internet Access Keep Logs? 

Private Internet Access only collects user’s email addresses and payment information, which is what all VPN providers collect. When it comes to browsing history and other online activities, Private Internet Access doesn’t keep any such information. So, don’t worry, PIA logging data doesn’t happen.

This makes for a safe, private, secure online browsing experience. While it does collect some basic user information, the important stuff is always deleted. This goes for all user browsing activities, IP addresses, locations, etc. Even if the government reached out to ask for any data, the company wouldn’t be able to share it because nothing is stored on their servers.


While some online services might experience a couple of different compatibility issues, PIA is friendly with all of your smart devices.

Before writing my Private Internet Access review, I’ve decided to test it on all my platforms and devices. It flawlessly operates on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS.

You can also use Private Internet Access’ browser extensions on Opera, Chrome, as well as Firefox. Moreover, you can also use it on Amazon FireStick.

How Do I Install Private Internet Access

The installation process is very easy and straightforward. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete, here is an example on Android:

  • Go to Private Internet Access’ website and download the software.


  • Install the software and wait for Private Internet Access support files to install.


  • Create a user account and purchase a desired subscription plan and sign into your account.


  • Connect to one of the PIA servers and start browsing safely.


How to Install Private Internet Access on Firestick

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select the My Fire TV option.
  3. Click on the Apps from Unknown Sources box.
  4. Return to your homescreen.
  5. Download the app called Downloader to be able to install APK files.
  6. Download the APK file from Private Internet Access’ website.
  7. Open the file on Firestick.
  8. Choose the Go option, then Install.
  9. Once the installation process is complete. you’ll be able to run Private Internet Access from your Firestick device.

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Is PIA VPN Good for Torrenting?

Torrenting can be a real problem when it comes to VPN providers. While some providers outright restrict P2P and torrenting in turn, others shy away from advertising it.

Copyright laws are no joke, and VPN services don’t want any governmental heat on them after allowing their users to download content without paying for it through torrent. Governments have no jurisdiction over you when you’re protected through a powerful VPN such as PIA unless you’re doing something shady.

PIA never claims to support torrenting, but I’ve been able to download a whole array of movies. PIA supports P2P, which means that it made onto my list of VPNs that work for torrenting.

There are two main ways to use this software for torrenting. You can use proxy server Private Internet Access or use the VPN on its own.

How to use Private Internet Access with uTorrent

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Download the software.
  3. Sign into your user account and connect to one of the servers.
  4. Launch your torrent client and start downloading.

If you’d like to further improve your torrenting experience, you should consider enabling Private Internet Access port forwarding. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Disconnect from your VPN client.
  2. Right-click the Private Internet Access tray icon.
  3. Open Settings.
  4. Open the Network tab.
  5. Check the Request Port Forwarding box.

Does PIA VPN Work with Netflix?

Netflix and other internet-based media are notorious enemies of VPN services. They have dedicated their time to detecting and blocking all VPN users, so VPN companies have to work hard to get around the detection.

Three out of five servers I’ve tried fully support Netflix and two of them support HD streaming with no lag issue whatsoever.

Some of the servers do not support Netflix. So, the solution is as simple as establishing a connection with another server.

The 3300+ servers that PIA offers prove themselves to be more than able to handle Netflix.

If you’re dissatisfied with the speed at which your HD streaming is occurring, you can find another server among these best working VPNs for Netflix

Customer Support 

When it comes to customer support, there are a couple of options.

PIA offers a support page on their website where you can find FAQs about the VPN, learn how to fix simple issues, and improve your online browsing habits.

The other form of customer support that PIA offers is live chat. This is not a redeeming aspect of this VPN.

Numerous people report problems with customer support, and I’m not very thrilled either. Customer support takes a long time to reply, and some people report not having their issues resolved.

Final Verdict: Is PIA a Good VPN? 

So here are the major pros and cons that I’ve found out:

✔️ Incredible security and tight encryption ✔️ Limited customer support
✔️ Affordable ✔️ Some servers are slower than others
✔️ User-friendly interface  
✔️ P2P, torrent, and Netflix support  
✔️ Over 3300 unique servers  

Additionally, looking at this comparison, I strongly recommend this particular VPN.

Numerous amazing features make it one of the best VPNs on the market. The price is low, and you’ve no excuse for not protecting your internet browsing habits.

Private Internet Access should be on your VPN consideration list.

Pros and Cons of PIA as per Reddit Users

In the world of abundance, it’s not easy to make a choice. As a VPN is something that you can’t afford to get a faulty one, I decided to gather the real-time inputs about PIA.

For this job, there is no place better than Reddit. Here, one will hear from the actual users and analyze the actual performance of a VPN. I researched the top 100 comments on Reddit and have concluded a few inputs. So, let’s dig in.




With the higher-most servers across the world, PIA is a classic which is still ruling over the hearts of many:

  • Its SOCK55 proxy server has managed to grab the attention of many. Its features are also a bit more than what usual VPNs offer.
  • It seems that PIA has failed to impress people with its iOS app. It’s buggy and not at all user-friendly, as per some Reddit users.


  • People are having trouble unblock geo-restricted content on major streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu.
  • Some people are happy to use PIA with its limitations because of its wide server network and amazing speed.

See the comments for yourself to make your own conclusion:

Positive Comments

PIA - Positive Comment - 2

Negative Comments

PIA - Negative Comment - 1

PIA - Negative Comment - 2

Neutral Comments

PIA - Neutral Comment - 1

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What is a Kill Switch?

A Kill Switch is a life-saving feature that is incorporated within PIA VPN’s modus operandi.

It automatically disconnects you from your connected server, ending your session, if the program encounters any security breach, preventing any data leak.

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