How We Test VPN Performance

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Nearly 4,000 ransomware attacks happen each day, and $17,700 is lost every minute because of phishing attacks. Both these figures can send a cold chill down anyone’s spine. In a world where you’re someone’s prey, a VPN is the only thing that brings relief as it hides online presence, doubles up the protection, and makes the internet a safer place to be.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you the worth of VPN as everyone wants to stay away from risky online vulnerabilities and browse the internet safely. After all, a VPN is the only dependable guardian nowadays.

We wish having a VPN could solve all of it. More than having a VPN by your side, testing a VPN and checking its functionality is essential. If you have no idea how to test if my VPN is working or not, try this post.

How VPNWelt Measures the Quality of a VPN Service

When it comes to testing a VPN, you should keep tons of things in mind as the entire future of VPN and its usability depend on the result. It allows end-users to place a bet only on the right product.

Every expert suggests testing your VPN before handing over the internet security on hand:

  • Poor VPN will allow all kinds of cyber-world vulnerabilities to access your database.
  • Buying the subscription without running any test VPN server & service quality will lead to a loss.

So, we took the responsibility to educate people about VPN testing before bringing them into practice. While you have decided to test your VPN, pay attention to the below-mentioned points:

  • Ease of Use

When you start to think about how to test my VPN after taking a trial of any VPN, your dashboard and service provider should guide you well. So, VPNWelt checks the intuitiveness of VPNs.

We checked whether or not bringing a VPN is an easy job to accomplish. If the solution itself is too complex, expecting much out of it is the biggest mistake, as the end-user won’t leverage a lot from it.

  • Software/GUI and Features

If you are not very technology-friendly, or even if you are, your user dashboard (GUI) should be easy to navigate. It should let you visit all features of the VPN and related services easily. Above that, your service provider should offer every feature you need.

  • Server Network

The wider the server network, the better the VPN. Most importantly, you must check if the service provider has its servers in the locations where you need good speed. So, go for a VPN speed test without a miss.

  • Availability and Location

VPNs that belong to countries that are members of Five Eyes and Nine Eyes, can be dangerous as they are allowed to expose customer information. Also, fast response and lesser ping times are a few key factors to check.

  • Speed

Servers that give high speed show a higher degree of reliability. So, your service provider must offer high-speed services and a blazing-fast communication setup. It will help you enjoy seamless browsing and streaming. You can try doing a torrent VPN test or go through VPN reviews to check its speed.

  • Scope of Protection and Server Security

Servers with solid adherence to PCI compliance are safer to use. So, run a VPN security test manually. It means that you must check your VPN for all security features and against all standards. Doing so leaves a good scope of protection for end-users.

  • Encryption

Your VPN must transmit your data through an encrypted channel. This way, no eavesdroppers or intruders can harm you. Any encryption method, less than 256-bit AES is not enough.

  • Privacy

It’s crucial to check the privacy policy of the VPN to find out its utility. Make sure that it has a no-logging policy and that it doesn’t share your data with third parties.

VPN Test: What Are They and Why to Take Their Help?

Want some crisp information about how to test if a VPN is working through advanced tests? Have a look at this table.

Type of Test




DNS Leak Test

Easy to do

Gives incorrect reports sometimes.

Cross-check IP address to get accurate results.

WebRTC Leak Test

It comes as a default option in many browsers

Slower server speed and prevent accurate results.

Use dependable websites.

IP Leak Test

Needs no detailed technical expertise.

Not every tool can look for IPv4 and IPv6 IP leaks

If you don’t know your IP address, use websites like What Is My IP to know the details.

Streaming Test

There is an open-source leak suite offered on GitHub that will help you by all means.

It is expensive.

Use tools that are supported and suggested by real-time users.

Malware Test

It prevents many severe attacks by spotting a virus.

The platform you use can be a victim of the malware itself.

Check the reviews before using any free malware testing tool.

Now that it is clear what you look at in a VPN test, it’s time to learn about ‘how to test if my VPN is working or not.’ There are two kinds of VPN tests:

  • Basic VPN Tests

With less complexity involved, basic VPN tests like DNS leaks, IP address leaks (IPv4 and IPv6), and WebRTC leaks can briefly tell about the VPN’s viability.

  • Advanced VPN Tests

Designed for identifying VPN leaks, advanced VPN tests are a bit complex and help figure out hidden VPN leaks with full accuracy. Tests like Streaming Test and Malware Test are advanced tests to check VPN quality.

Let’s understand how to test VPNs through this detailed overview of main VPN detection tests.

  • DNS Leak Test

DNS leak refers to providing a user’s web activity information to others. It makes the whole idea of using a VPN useless.

Many free websites are available to do a DNS VPN leak test. Visit any dependable site for leak testing, enter your IP address, and hit ‘Enter.’ You will find the needed report.

  • WebRTC Leak Test

It is the actual communication VPN test that identifies details like the bandwidth and server speed of the VPN. Just like the DNS Leak Test, this VPN test can also be done using the free website. All you need to do is enter an IP address when a VPN is connected.

  • IP Address Leak Test

This test helps you check whether or not the VPN used is handing over your IP details to others. Using websites like, Perfect Privacy IP Check, and will help you a lot.

  • Streaming Test

While a VPN will hide your IP address to unblock streaming websites, some platforms can still keep you from watching your favorite show as they will block a VPN. The streaming test will help you determine whether your VPN can pass the VPN usage restrictions.

  • Malware Test

Before a VPN grants you protection, it should have a strong shield against cyber threats. With a malware VPN test, one can easily figure out any malware in the VPN app and determine how safe it is to use. 

To illustrate the result of the VPNWelt test, you are welcome to look at the comparison table below or open this link to see the article dedicated to the best VPN comparison.


Having a malfunctioning VPN is worse than having no VPN at all, as it will keep you in a false notion and create more nuisances. From the abovementioned tests, it’s easy to test VPN connection from the inside network and find out whether VPNs are working. Try them out and make sure you only have the best VPN assistance by your side.


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