How To Change My IP and Why It’s a Must – The Secrets Are Out

Just as your home address lets the world know your whereabouts, your IP address reveals tons of things about your virtual world presence.

If changing your IP address is not your forte, and you’re looking for dependable assistance, you’ve come to the right place. How to change my IP address, how to change my public IP address, how to change my computer IP address, how to add a new IP address, and many other related queries are answered well in this post. So, stay tuned.

Why Does Your IP Address Matter, and Why Should You Change It?

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Before we spill the beans on how to change my IP address, let’s figure out what an IP address actually is and why one must be worried about changing it.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address is a unique combination of numbers hiding the location details of the corresponding device. Each time a device is connected to the World Wide Web, an IP address is allotted to it, which is used to help the device communicate with the network.

Some of the information that IP addresses track and store is related to the end-users country, state, city, and postal code. Capturing such information is crucial as it lets the websites and online service providers help understand the end-users in a better way and deliver services that are designed, especially for that location. 

However, the same IP address can give you many sleepless nights when it gets into the wrong hands:

  • It’s shocking to know that every 39 seconds, there is a hacking attack. 
  • Around 9.7 Million healthcare records were compromised alone in 2020. 
  • More than 60 million Americans have been targeted by identity theft.

Compromised or leaked IP Address is one of the key reasons for all these and many more online dangers.

When your IP address is unhidden and revealed to everyone, you:

  • Can be a victim of throttling from your internet service provider
  • Allow others to track the digital footprints
  • Will be disturbed by unwanted ads and marketing content

If you don’t want to face all these hassles, changing your IP address regularly is the only way out.

Additionally, one must think of changing the IP address if:

  • You want to access the geo-restricted content
  • Troubles are connecting to a particular Wi-Fi connection
  • You can encrypt the data
  • Bypassing firewalls is the need of the hour
  • An IP address is configured incorrectly
  • Two devices on the same network have the same IP address
  • Your router is providing an unstable IP address

Types of IP Addresses Being Used Globally

There are assorted types of IP addresses, each serving a different purpose. Let’s know the types of IP addresses:

  • Public IP Address: This is the most common IP address type, as every internet-run device has a public IP address. It is offered by the internet service provider and is easily searchable on the internet. Google any public IP address, and you’ll have a whole bunch of user information at your disposal.
  • Private IP Address: This type of IP address is not shared with the external world, like a public IP address. It refers to the number combination that the routers allot to the devices on a private network for easy communication. The perfect example of a private IP address is the connection that your computer and printer have.
  • Local IP Address: It is used in a private network to connect multiple devices. The DHCP server allows it.
  • Dynamic IP Address: Dynamic IP addresses are temporary IP addresses generated by the DHCP server. It changes each time a device is connected to a network. No one keeps track of this IP address.
  • Static: Often referred to as a fixed or dedicated IP address, a static address doesn’t change with the change in network connectivity. The DHCP server does not allow such IP addresses. Instead, they are manually set. They are used less than dynamic IP addresses around the world.
  • IP Version 4 address: This type of IP address features 32 bits in its number and comes with some security. It is also known as an IPv4 address and is limited in numbers.
  • IP Version 6: It is a successor of IPv4 and, therefore, naturally, an advanced type of IP.  Such IP addresses feature faster routing abilities and enhanced mobility features and are more secure. IPv6 uses 128 bits and, as a result, has addresses for use in abundance.

Your Guide to Changing Your IP Address (Best Methods)

Now that you have learned a lot about IP addresses and why one should think of changing them over time, let’s find out how to make this task possible if you want to change it effortlessly.

Honestly speaking, changing IP addresses can be done effortlessly by manually changing, automatically changing, using a proxy server, taking the help of Tor, and bringing the best of the VPN apps to your service.

Change the IP address manually

In each of the data-driven devices, there is a facility to change the IP address manually. By making simple changes in the settings of your device, you can change the IP address.

Go for it as:

  • No special skills are required
  • The process is simpler than ever

Avoid it as: 

  • There is not much scope

Change the IP address automatically

Very few know that just like the system update, there are updates for IP addresses as well. So, if you are trying to figure out how to change my IP with the least possible hassles, allow automatic updates with an internet connection. However, if you are thinking about how to change my router IP address to make it stealthy, this option won’t help you.

Go for it as:

  • It doesn’t cost anything

 Avoid it as: 

  • You can’t do it as per your wish. One has to wait for the available update

Change the IP address by unplugging a modem

If you want to get a new IP location without making many changes, we suggest you unplug the modem for a while and then reconnect. That’s it. No other exact steps are to be followed. It will bring significant IP address changes without much effort. For best results, you can leave your modem unplugged overnight. But there is no guarantee that you’ll get a new IP address with each reconnect. In addition, ISP offers a dynamic IP address in this scenario.

Go for it as:

  • It’s easy and not at all resource-intensive

Avoid it as:

  • No static IP addresses
  • You’ll get public IP addresses

Change the IP address using a proxy server

Using a proxy server is something that many people love using to change IP addresses and get brand new IP addresses for their devices. It is a type of software that acts as a gateway between the end-users and the network connection and doesn’t reveal the actual IP address to others. Instead, it grants you a very own, i.e., a private IP address.

Mobile, PCs, tablets, and all other devices can prevent tracking, protect sensitive information, get virtual different IP locations, connect to public Wi-Fi securely, and enjoy better online security with the help of a proxy server’s IP address.

Go for it as:

  • Complete hiding of IP address is possible
  • Accessing restricted websites and content is done effortlessly

Avoid it as:

  • An IP address is not hidden from the proxy server
  • Server limitation is a huge issue
  • They make devices vulnerable

Change IP address with Tor

For anonymity lovers, Tor is the favorite pick to get a new IP. This is considered the safest browser of all time, as it hides the IP address and prevents tracking. When you’re using Tor to browse the internet, the cookies of the visited websites will be automatically deleted from your browsing history. The IP address and browsing activity will be encrypted thrice.

Go for it as:

  • It makes online presence secure
  • No special tools & technologies are required

Avoid it as:

  • You can’t change the IP address; you can only hide it

Change IP address with VPNs

We have listed the best methods: using a VPN app for changing IP addresses as many times as you want. VPN or Virtual Private Network is an application using which one can grant access to a whole world of servers spread worldwide. You can get connected to a UK server with a VPN app while you are in the USA.

This way, you can get many new IP addresses over a single click. In fact, you’ll get unique series of VPNs.

Most people love it from the core of their hearts, as using a VPN is not a tedious job. Even if you’re changing the VPN for the first time, there won’t be any hassles and hurdles.

People on social media (TikTok, Facebook, etc.) and other online platforms are singing in praise of VPN if you’re curious to know about its real-world utility. Some of the best VPNs work on every device, whether a router or a gaming console. Getting a static IP address, changing your public IP address, wanting to access geo-restricted content, acquiring TCP IP, and unblocking streaming services, are pieces of cake with a dependable VPN.

Some best VPN apps, like the ExpressVPN app, NordVPN app, and Surfshark VPN app, come with a complete IP masking and military-grade encryption facility. These are some of the simple ways to change IP address.

Go for it as:

  • Using it is a piece of cake
  • You can have as many IP addresses as you want
  • Multiple IP addresses hopping facility is available

Avoid it as:

  • You can have a compromised privacy policy if the VPN is of not premium quality 
  • There is a slight dip in the speed after using a VPN

Changing the IP Address for your PC as well as Mobile Phones

Most of the time, we take the help of PCs and mobile phones to access the world of the internet. Hence, it’s wise to gain some knowledge to change the IP address on these two devices using the aforementioned methods.

How to change my computer IP address?

  • The Manual Way

For Windows users, the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center.
  2. Go to Network Connections under Change Adapter Settings. Here, there would be a list of available Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.
  3. Right-click on the chosen one and go to Properties -> TCP / IPv4 
  4. Again, go to the Properties of IPv4 and select the option named Use the following IP address.
  5. Update the IP address as you want to and click OK.

Mac users need to take a different path:

  1. Navigate to System Preferences -> Network and highlight the IP address in the list;
  2. Select the IP address to modify.
  3. Now, click on Advanced -> TCP/IP and update the IP address as per the desired configuration.
  4. Click OK.
  • The Automatic Way 

To update or get a private IP address automatically on macOS, click on the Apple icon and go to System PreferencesNetworkAdvanced. There is a TCP/IP option at the top of the screen; click it and then select Renew DHCP Lease.

Wondering how to change my IP address to Windows 10? Press the Win+R keys together to open the Run box dialog. Once it’s open, type cmd, hit Enter, type ipconfig /release, and again hit Enter. Type ipconfig /renew and hit Enter when all the commands are in the previous step.

  • The Proxy Server Way 

On macOS, open Safari (Safari VPN) and click on Preferences -> Advanced -> Change Settings. Update the Settings with the details offered in the System Preferences pop-up. The resolution of how to change my IP address on my computer is as simple as that.

Windows users have to go to Administrative Templates, pick Windows Components> click on Data Collection and Preview Builds>Configure Authenticated Proxy Usage>Disable Authenticated Proxy Usage and hit Apply. 

  • The Tor Way 

As mentioned above, using Tor will not change the IP address, it will hide it. So, how to change my computer’s IP address using a Tor server is not 100% possible. Also, you’ll miss getting static IP addresses this way.

If you still want to go for it, download the Tor browser on your computer, run it, and hide the IP address. 

  • The VPN Way 

Using a VPN is very easy, regardless of the device used. For PCs, one has to download the browser extensions of the chosen VPN, activate it, get connected to the server you want, and change the IP address on your PC. You can get international and local IP addresses as per the need of the hour.

How to change my phones IP address?

  • The Manual Way

For iOS devices, visit the Settings sections, tap on Wi-Fi, and then Network. Go to the IPv4 address section and pick the Configure IP option. Enter the IP address that you need to use. 

For Android devices, one has to go to Settings, select Connections, and  Wi-Fi. Now, select the IP address that you’re currently using and tap on the gear-shaped icon placed to the right of it. Scroll down and tap on Advanced>IP SettingsStatic. Here, manually enter the IP address that you need to use. The same solution can be used if you’re looking for an answer to the “how to change my dynamic IP” query.

  • The Automatic Way 

For iOS users wondering how to change my phone IP address, the below-mentioned steps should be followed:

  1. Go to Settings Network and select the wireless network you’re using.
  2. Visit the IPv4 address section, tap on Configure IP, and pick Automatic.

Here are the steps that an Android user requires to change the IP address automatically:

  1. Visit Settings Connections Wi-Fi and select the current network that you’re using.
  2. Tap on the gear-shaped icon and wait till the IP address displays.
  3. Go to the bottom of the screen, tap Forget, and reconnect to the network. This time, a new IP address will be allotted to you.
  • The Proxy Way 

For Android devices, go to Android’s Settings Wi-Fi Networks’ name Modify Network Advanced Manual. Here, enter the proxy port and hostname and save the details.

To change the IP address on your Mac device using the proxy server, enter the Settings section, select Wi-Fi “I” button HTTP Proxy Edit Proxy Settings, Turn on Authentication, and return to the previous window. Keep in mind that the proxy server’s IP address is hidden.

  • The Tor Way 

Whether it’s iOS or Android OS, Tor works similarly and helps you solve your most significant query, i.e., how to change my IP address on my phone. Just download this browser over a high-speed internet connection, run it, and your IP address is hidden.

  • The VPN Way 

There are separate apps for iOS and Android phones; download the respective app after paying for the subscription. Run the app, connect to the available servers, and you’re all set to change the IP addresses.

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