Top 6 VPNs for Crypto Trading in 2021: Have you Found Yours?

Crypto trading, hearing this term gives us goosebumps as it is both exciting and scary. Exciting because it is raving and is known to be the safest way to trade; scary because not every country is crypto trading friendly. Few shun this practice completely.

In this post, we’ll explain how one can do safe crypto trading using a VPN and which VPNs are worth a try.

But, before that, have a look at a few cryptocurrency data:

  • Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, was launched in 2009 and since then it has experienced massive growth. As of February 21st, 2021, the market capitalization of Bitcoin was $1072.21 billion.
  • In 2020, Ethereum got 1 million daily transactions.
  • In the first quarter of 2021, the daily Bitcoin transactions hit the mark of 400,000.

It’s clear, from these data, that cryptocurrency and crypto trading seems promising, and it’s hard to ignore that. Now, let’s figure out how a beginner can get started.

The Most Popular Crypto Investing Sites in 2021: What Are They?

To begin crypto trading, one needs to know about reliable crypto trading or investing websites. We carried out extensive research and figured out some of the most notable ones. Have a look at them.


Coinbase is the most preferred crypto trading website by far. It allows you to do direct transactions with USD. Interest is earned on the USDT of the investor.

Other than crypto trading, it is highly recommended for custodial services for cryptocurrency storage for institutions. With its 60 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, trading seems hassle-free in every sense. For added security, use a trustworthy Coinbase VPN.

It is winning hearts with its:

  • End-to-end security
  • Low fee
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and 30+ other coins along with tokens.


Because of its amazing security and transparent policies, Gemini is our second choice. Its prime focus is on making crypto trading as secure as possible, and this is what made it fall in love with it. This is the one and only exchange that endows its customers’ FDIC protection on USD deposits. They also now support DOGE.

Gemini won’t disappoint you at all as:

  • The digital wallet is utterly secure
  • ACH is free of cost
  • Offers very feature-rich apps for iOS and Android

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoins, DOGE, and 23 more.


It is basically a cryptocurrency exchange that is famed to give 8.6% interest annually on cryptocurrencies. With this exchange, one can borrow in place of the coins. There is no monthly maintenance fee on this exchange, i.e., BlockFi. It comes with ACH integration, using which one can easily get connected with the banks.

With BlockFi:

  • Interest on monthly cryptocurrency payments can be earned
  • One can avail of a loan against coins
  • The transfer will be quick

Available Cryptocurrencies



Kraken is the oldest of all cryptocurrency exchanges and is a highly secured VPN with a crypto trading facility. Its advanced tools like margin and futures trading are handy for investors. With its bi-weekly staking rewards, investors are going to make more money for sure. Its Master key level of security brings ultimate peace of mind.

Kraken is ideal if:

  • You are looking for advanced tools like margin and future trading
  • You don’t want to pay any fee on withdrawals
  • You want to safeguard all your transactions with Global Settings Lock

Available Cryptocurrencies

More than 50 cryptocurrencies are acceptable on Kraken. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Energy Web Token, Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Tether USD, Litecoin, and many more.


Because of its commission-free trades, Robinhood is becoming an ideal choice for crypto trading, especially for the ones who use a VPN for Robinhood.  A free app and advanced features like margin and after-hours trading are offered.

It is highly recommended because:

  • Stocks, options, and crypto trading can be done via the app
  • There is a cash management account facility
  • There is no account minimum limitation

Available Cryptocurrencies

Presently, only Bitcoin and Ethereum are acceptable on Robinhood.


This one is here to help those who are residing in the UK and Europe. Recently, eToro has allowed trades from the United States as well. Because of the presence of multiple digital assets, it caters to a vast customer pool.

Along with cryptocurrency, it is a good choice for exchange-traded securities and forex when used with VPN for eToro. With its copy trading and 94 supported cryptocurrency pairs, crypto trading becomes more accessible than ever.

It is a great choice to make as:

  • It has incredible community supports for new investors
  • Commissions are based on bid-ask spreads

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and many other top cryptocurrencies can be purchased on this platform without hassles.

Bitcoin IRA

It is a dedicated Bitcoin IRA service provider. As soon as the customers open an account, IRA transfer can be possible. It lets you trade in the IRA without owning a self-directed IRA LLC. People are in love with its ability to:

  • Initiate the cryptocurrency lending and recurring interest payouts automatically.
  • Seamless transfer of existing IRA to Bitcoin IRA
  • Around the clock trading
  • Work with VPN for Bitcoin IRA

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic can be traded on this platform.

Based in Hong Kong, has gained popularity because it lets the investors earn interest by staking coins.

Try it and enjoy:

  • Highly  secure cryptocurrency wallet
  • Up to 6.5% per year interest on cryptocurrency
  • Easy lending and saving

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Polkadot, Dogecoin. Ethereum, Cardano, and many others.


With a rock-bottom fee, Binance has been winning people’s hearts since its inception. Most experienced traders use this platform. Till now, it is the largest global cryptocurrency exchange offering trading, staking, and mining of cryptocurrencies.

Some of its key features are:

  • Secure Asset Fund for Users asset protection
  • Fast transactions
  • Low ACH Transaction Fees

Available Cryptocurrencies

Globally, around 350 coins are supported by this platform.


Founded in 2018, Ledn is growing slowly and steadily in the crypto trading community. With AES-256 website encryption and Two-factor login authentication, it is going to provide all the needed protection. But if you still want more privacy, you may use a good VPN for Ledn.

We loved it because:

  • Investors can take up a loan against coins
  • On Bitcoin and USDC, the interest rate is as high as 12.50% annually
  • There is no minimum deposit limit

Available Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and USDC.

Why and How to Use a VPN for Crypto?

Even if you’re taking the help of the best crypto investing website and keeping all your senses awake, crypto trading is a dangerous job. Therefore, VPN for Coinbase, VPN for BlockFi, or any such site is essential.

Also, if you live in a country where crypto trading is not legal or acceptable, you have to make effort. The wisest move that one can make in this situation is to take the help of the best VPN for crypto trading. Here is why:

  • Unlike any other investing means, crypto trading can’t be controlled or is not regulated by any authority. It takes place in a scary virtual world. Internet thugs won’t miss a single chance to dupe you. Just as the market worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise, crypto-malware is also increasing.
  • There were around 667 million new crypto-malware by March 2020. Hence, once you’re out in such a risky space for crypto trading, you need a reliable crypto trading VPN. It helps you hide your location, IP address, and other internet-related vitals that a virtual goon can use to swindle you.
  • Just as you need a customer ID or banking password to safeguard your real-world banking transactions, crypto trading needs a private key. If you ever forgot this key or someone else got to know about it, you’ll end up losing all your assets. By trading cryptocurrency with a VPN, you can prevent this from happening.
  • There are some features like No logs and Kill Switch of the best VPN for crypto trading, that are highly useful for safe transactions. For instance, the No Log feature ensures that the crypto trading website keeps your activity logs. With Kill Switch, you can keep the connection encrypted from beginning to end.
  • Cryptocurrency investors, which reside in a country where crypto trading is not acceptable, can take the help of VPN for crypto trading as it can surpass all kinds of geo-restrictions.

The Best 6 VPN Services To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Suppose you’ve paid attention to every bit of the content mentioned above. In that case, you must have understood that making any move related to crypto trading without the help of the best VPN for crypto trading is not an intelligent thing.

Gemini VPN or BlockFi VPN, you must pick a solution as per your selected trading platform. However, there are a few which are suitable for all. So, now we’re going to tell you which ones are useful and will suffice the purpose without any glitches.


ExpressVPN homepage

A top choice of many, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for crypto trading because of many reasons. It offers a wide range of custom DNS servers for better accessibility.


  • 3000+ servers
  • Supports 5 devices at a time
  • Strict No-log policy
  • Military-grade encryption

It has already gained massive popularity for streaming, torrenting, and unblocking the geo-restricted content and has built a huge customer base worldwide.

For Bitcoin investors or another crypto trading, this VPN is ideal because the crypto payment platform, BitPay, is compatible with this VPN. Also, it allows payments via cryptocurrency. Yes, you read it right. You can purchase its paid subscriptions with Bitcoins.

Visit the ExpressVPN Website


cyberghost homepage

Our next choice is CyberGhost, a globally recognized VPN for crypto trading. This VPN for trading cryptocurrency is available in 90 countries for use.


  • Ideal for streaming
  • Comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Works wonderfully on all the major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Amazon, and FireStick.
  • Power encryption

With CyberGhost, you can sit back and relax while doing crypto trading as this best VPN for crypto trading keeps on safe online, never let anyone play with your data privacy, and is super impressive when accessing geo-restricted content/websites is concerned. Its app is very clear and straightforward. Bitcoin is acceptable by CyberGhost as a most of payment.

Visit the CyberGhost Website


surfshark homepage

Those who want to do crypto trading without compromising their data privacy and security can bank upon Surfshark. This VPN to get access to crypto trading is reliable and easy to use.


  • Zero-log policy
  • No compromise on security
  • Lets you to make Bitcoin payments anonymously
  • Owns decent-size server network
  • OpenVPN and IKEv2 default protocols
  • In-built SmartDNS service, split tunneling, static IP address

Surfshark accepts payments via Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. For conducting crypto trading in the least possible hassles, it used Coingate or CoinPayments processors. Whether you want a VPN for Gemini or a VPN for Kraken, SurfShark can be used.

Visit the Surfshark Website


nordvpn banner

With watertight privacy, NordVPN is a wise choice to make. It comes with a superb unblocking facility and has everything that is needed for secure crypto trading.


  • Conceals the IP address completely
  • Lightning-fast crypto trading VPN speed
  • HD streaming
  • DNS Leak Protection

Crypto traders or investors can use NordVPN without any glitches as it accepts cryptocurrencies and has the fantastic ability to bypass geo-blocks.

Visit the NordVPN Website


privatevpn homepage

Are you looking for a cost-effective VPN for trading? Try PrivateVPN. This Kraken VPN can work on six devices at a time. Presently, it is available in 63 countries and owns a wide range of servers. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and many other devices are compatible with this VPN for crypto trading.


  • 128-bit and 256-bit encryption
  • No data logging
  • Comes with OpenVPN protocol

This VPN accepts Bitcoins for all kinds of payments. As it is a Robinhood VPN, there won’t be any interruptions in the transactions. While you’re using this VPN for crypto trading, there will be a direct transaction to the provider’s Bitcoin wallet.


ipvanish it

It’s hard to ignore IPVanish once you learn about its vital security features. Along with AES-256 encryption, there are five kinds of security protocols offered. In short, this crypto trading VPN will help you have ultimate peace of mind. It is available in 75 countries.


  • Can be used on unlimited devices at a time
  • IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, and IPSec security protocols
  • Complete IP masking facility
  • A good Bitcoin IRA VPN

It is excellent for crypto trading because Bitcoin trading is fully supported. Its automatic Wi-Fi protection makes crypto trading a bit more secure. IPVanish will be an ideal VPN for Binance.

Visit the IPVanish Website

Are There Free Crypto VPN Services Worth Using?

Not all the free things are worth giving a try or are helpful. Some can even make your life worse than ever. This is the case with free crypto VPN. Be it features, security, support, or credibility, a free VPN for crypto trading lacks at every front.

Using even the best free VPN crypto for trading can be more dangerous than not using a VPN at all. It is because you remain an illusion that you have enough to protect and roam in the virtual world unprotected. You even don’t pay attention when malware tries to attack you, or someone tries to track your activities. It’s like falling into a trap on your own.

It’s shocking to know that some free VPN for crypto trading is known to sell customer data to other parties. It is scarier than it sounds. So, it’s better not to get lured by any claim or promise that a free VPN for crypto trading makes and maintain a safe distance from them.

The Final Say

Crypto trading is making high waves for good or bad reasons. On the one hand, it is giving you better returns. At another, dealing with them is highly daunting and demands constant awareness. Also, it is very tough to keep the involved risks at bay without VPN, or Ledn VPN, or a VPN for your trading platform. Using a crypto trading VPN can solve tons of these hassles. It leaves no stone unturned to make the virtual world safe for crypto trading. However, no run-of-the-mill VPN for crypto trading has this power. So, avoid crypto free VPNs. Only those packed with ample security features, backed with solid encryption, and have a wide range of servers can help you out.


What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin trading is a form of crypto trading, buying or selling Bitcoins, via a CFD trading account or CFD exchange.

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