CyberGhost VPN Review 2024: Is CyberGhost Safe to Use?

CyberGhost is a stunningly powerful Windows client that offers capable VPN services.

It’s user-friendly and packed with features, which is why more than 15 million users decided to put their trust in this German/Romanian provider of comprehensive VPN services. 

With more than 7,800 servers in 90 countries, CyberGhost offers customer clients for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more.

CyberGhost offers all the regular VPN functionalities, as well as some extras.

It can block trackers, ads, and malicious websites, while automated HTTPS redirections provide additional security on every website.

If used properly, this VPN can even help save money on mobile by providing optional data compression to reduce bandwidth.

Let’s delve deeper into the full review:

 Automatic kill switch Security concerns
High speeds  
Unlimited bandwidth  
 256-bit AES encryption  
DNS and IP leak protection  

CyberGhost Background Check

It came into being in 2004 when the concept of using a VPN (in case you want to learn more about what is a VPN and why it’s a good idea to use one, click here) was just taking shape. For this reason, I don’t mind saying that it’s one of those VPN companies that helped the world to understand the power of a VPN and use it for better internet security.

It’s based out of Romania and offers in-house developed clients for platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. In 2018, CyberGhost was acquired by Kape Technology. As Kape Technology also owns PIA and ZenMate VPN services, it’s known as a VPN giant in the market.

Also, the organization is an avid supporter of human rights and online privacy. So, when the merger happened, industry experts predicted that CyberGhost would become more privacy-concerned, and it did happen.

From my last review, its server network has grown tremendously, and it’s a good sign only. The server allocation is done so strategically that a minimum of four servers are present at every location.

The US accounts for the highest number of servers, as more than 1200 servers are in the US. In all the major locations like New York, the number of servers and locations covered increased, and their performance and speed have also improved significantly.

For instance, there were no streaming-optimized servers previously. But, now they have them. Multiple types of servers, such as torrenting optimized and obfuscated servers, are offered as well. With its extensive server network, you can also get dedicated IP addresses. Even though it’s a paid feature, I would suggest going with it as it’s a great way to hide online activities.

One more thing that is noteworthy about its servers is the virtual servers.

Presently, virtual servers are present in 39 Locations, and the list is on the website itself. With virtual servers, you get an IP address that is a different location. For instance, it has a virtual server in Saudi Arabia. But, even if you connect with this server, you won’t have an ID address in Saudi Arabia. You will get an IP address of a different country.

With virtual servers, you are eligible for added security and reliability. Also, VPN users located in regions of strict censorship against VPN usage will be able to use VPN and private internet access without any fear.

Is CyberGhost Free?

Unfortunately, the CyberGhost secure VPN isn’t free anymore. They used to carry a free version in the past, but they decided to end the free program. However, they offer free extensions so that you can install a free CyberGhost VPN for Chrome or Firefox.

How Much Is Cyberghost?

When it comes to choosing a subscription, options are endless with CyberGhost, as three super-affordable plans are offered to the customers. From the website, I found out that CyberGhost VPN offers plans on a monthly and annual basis. Their deals look like this:

  • 1 month – $12.95/mth
  • 12 months – $4.29/mth
  • 36 months – $2.29/mth

The long-term subscription is a great deal. However, its monthly subscription, which is $12.99, is according to the industry standard, which is $10 – $13. However, it may look on the higher side to users. Besides the high price, there is one more thing that disappointed me: the lack of crucial features.

For instance, you won’t be able to avail of high-end features like NoSpy servers, dedicated IP address (did you know you can change your IP?), Privacy Guard, and Boxcryptor. These and many more impressive features are going to be by your side only if you go for a 1-year or longer subscription.

The longer the subscription, the lower the price. If you’re a regular VPN user, it’s wise to go with the long-term subscription, as you pay for 36 months and are allowed to enjoy a VPN connection for 39 months.  3 months are in the house.

Some plans include extras or add-ons like dedicated IP addresses that you can unlock only if you choose a particular plan.

Make sure you try before you make a purchase so that you can compare the extras and go with the one that offers the most. You have the ultimate peace of mind with CyberGhost as it offers the longest money-back guarantee. While the most famous names in the VPN industry, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, offer a money-back guarantee for only 30 days, CyberGhost offers it for 45 days, which is super impressive.

Also, it’s a no-risk policy. It means that if, by any chance, you aren’t satisfied with the offerings of this VPN service, your money will be returned to you without any dedication or questions. But there is a catch. You can avail of this service only on long-term subscriptions. With a one-month plan, you only have 14 days to claim your money. Nonetheless, it hardly makes a difference as not many of us will go with a one-month subscription.

It accepts PayPal, credit cards, and cryptocurrency payments. I was disappointed that CyberGhost no longer accepts cash payments because it would allow you to make your purchase completely anonymously. However, since you can pay using cryptocurrency, buying a subscription is still possible without providing any payment information.

Now let’s talk about the payment methods offered.

Payment options include credit cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin (if you are into crypto trading, you will find this article useful). With support for cryptocurrency payment, it takes its end-user privacy to a whole new level, and it’s hard to find out who is making the payment. This is a perfect payment option if you need to keep your VPN usage a secret.

CyberGhost is also considered to be on the list of best free VPN services with great functions during a free trial period, but I’ve found them to be a bit more complicated to comprehend than usual.

You only get 24 hours to test the service on Windows, which is a bit short, and you don’t get access to a full service.

Things look a bit better if you’re using it on iOS or Android. If you go mobile, you get a full 7-day trial (learn about premium VPNs with free trials here).

Cyberghost Free vs Paid

As we have briefly touched on in the article, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t offer a fully free version anymore. However, they do offer a free Chrome and Firefox extension that boasts some cool features.

You can also install a free CyberGhost proxy for Chrome as an additional layer of security. When it comes to free vs paid extensions, a key difference is that the free extension doesn’t offer a CyberGhost live chat option.

For more details, check the comparison table below:

  Free Paid
Anonymous browsing: Yes Yes
Hiding your IP: Yes Yes
Accessing geo-restricted content: Yes Yes
Blocking malicious content: Yes Yes
WebRTS leak protection: Yes Yes
Kill Switch: No Yes
24/7 Live chat: No Yes
Access to all servers: Access to 6 servers in 4 countries Yes
Devices: Only for Chrome and Firefox Up to 7 devices on all OS

Speed Performance: How Fast Is CyberGhost VPN?

It isn’t easy to measure VPN performance due to too many factors involved, but I tried to measure the performance of CyberGhost VPN by testing speed with benchmarking websites like TestMy and SpeedTest (here’s how we test VPN services). 

The speeds on the nearest servers UK were exceptionally consistent and solid, averaging around 56.7Mbps (the best VPNs for the UK are collected in this article). 


When tested on OpenVPN encryption, it delivered a reduced performance, but this is only a slight shortage, cutting my speeds by 6-7%.

When tested on a fast 475Mbps connection, the speeds ranged between 125-155Mbps. 

This is a bit sluggish when compared to the top competitors, but still better than most.

One thing needs to be mentioned – CyberGhost VPN performs less reliably on more distant servers with extra latency and routing issues involved.

I connected to a US server in NY, which gave me a speed of 30.5 Mbps. I was able to stream in HD quality all videos as well as play online without any lags.


Then, I continued to test other long-distanced servers and connected to one of such in Canada (in case you are looking for the best VPN service for Canada). Here my download speed decreased by almost 92% to just 3.69 Mbps. It took me ages to access some websites and stream movies on Netflix. Although I still had access to them all, the speeds definitely impacted the quality. 


From my extensive speed analysis, I learned that CyberGhost works most of the time, and blazing speed is certain if you connect with a nearby server and get a dedicated IP address. Each time you use a CyberGhost server, private internet access with a decent speed that is enough for streaming and torrenting is certain. 

When it comes to gaming (the best VPNs for gaming), downloading heavy-built games could be an issue with distant servers. Even if the VPN service claims to offer gaming-optimized servers, you won’t have a great gaming experience. At least, this was the case with me. Although game downloading was a hassle, I was able to play games online.

Make sure that you use a server that offers a lower ping, as the lower the ping, the higher the speed. Try the Best Server feature if you’re still having trouble finding a suitable gaming server. The feature will hunt down the best server for you.

No matter how high claims are regarding super-fast speed, certain speed loss is natural with VPN. In the CyberGhost case, the average speed loss remained less than 50%, which is why I was able to have a great browsing, streaming, and torrenting experience.

You have a chance to improve your speed with local servers. Always connect with a server near your actual location. As its servers are in 110 global locations, I don’t think you’ll have trouble finding a nearby server.

Features: What Is CyberGhost Used for?

CyberGhost mixes simplicity with functionality, offering a lot of great features that allow you to customize your protection fully.

It is also considered to be one of the best VPN services for OS. Choose a set of connection rules that suits your needs and enjoy a transparent and reliable VPN.

Here is the list of general features to count on:

  • Strongest encryption and impressive protocols

With CyberGhost, you get the best encryption at your disposal. It uses 256-bit encryption, which is the industry’s best. This super-strong encryption is delivered with an impressive protocol suite that includes OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP protocols.

As well known, OpenVPN is one of the best security protocols that the world has known. So, you’re safe and sound with this VPN.

Perfect Forward SecrecyWith Perfect Forward Secrecy, you have added a security layer as this feature modifies the security key regularly. This way, the transmitted traffic is encrypted and decrypted differently.

  • Public Wi-Fi protection

Many of us use public Wi-Fi connections without knowing that it’s the hub for hackers and attackers. And, if you aren’t well protected, you will fall into a scam or a trap.

Gladly, CyberGhost offers a public Wi-Fi protection feature that makes private internet access possible even on a public Wi-Fi connection. Activation of this feature leads to the complete hiding of online activities, zero-log, and many other security-supportive results.

You can use this feature on all the leading devices like Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, Amazon Fire Stick, Linux, and routers.

  • No-Log VPN

For privacy-concerned VPN users, there are No-Log VPNs as well. Even though CyberGhost offers a strict no-log policy, connecting to these servers means more security and privacy.

  • Transparency Report

CyberGhost is one of those rare VPN services that offer transparency reports. It was the first VPN offering this facility. This report features the details of the request that a VPN service gets for data sharing and the VPN’s action.

This report is a great way to understand how transparent the privacy policy is. Since 2019, CyberGhost has been offering this report once in three months.

  • CyberGhost Security Suite

For Windows users, you get a customized and super-powerful security suite that works with all Windows versions and devices. In addition, you get the world’s best anti-malware and antivirus solutions. With the anti-virus solution, you can keep tons of hassles at bay.

The offerings aren’t over yet, as you get an utterly secure software updater and privacy guard as well. I must admit that its security suite is strong enough to keep all sorts of hassles at bay. The anti-virus offered is Intego, an award-winning VPN backed by a behavior analysis technique.

The quick and detailed anti-virus protection can keep nuisances like spyware, malware, Trojans, adware, ransomware, and many more away from you.

  • Password Manager

Better security starts with a strong password, and if you’re having trouble creating one, use the password manager feature of CyberGhost. I tried it, and I was impressed with its performance.

I created a super-strong password for many devices and websites and even managed them well.

Once you have it, there are no more password goof-ups. The great thing about this tool is that you can create as many passwords as you want. There is no limit to that. Also, you can store unlimited credentials.

Learn more about managing your passwords here.

  • Secret Photo Vault

Only offered to iOS users, this feature is here to hide pictures and videos stored on iPhone or iPad. For extra protection for the files storing sensitive information, you add PIN or biometric protection as well.

CyberGhost’s Secret Photo Vault is an iOS-only app that hides pictures and videos behind password protection on your iPhone or iPad. You can choose to secure your files with a PIN or biometric protection. It has additional security features, including break-in reports and a decoy password to prevent anyone from accessing your vault.

This app will also take a selfie of anyone attempting to hack your account, and it has an AI function that automatically sends NSFW photos to a separate folder. The app is free, and I found it easy to use — it’s just disappointing that it’s only available for iOS.

  • Private Browser

So, you don’t want Google to store any information? CyberGhost offers a highly feature-rich and advanced private browser that supports private internet access by all means. This browser automatically blocks the ads and stops Google from governing your online activities. Your browsing history will be deleted automatically.

This Chromium-based browser can work directly with Chrome as an add-on. It’s available on the Chrome Store. 

  • Automated HTTPS redirect

With automated HTTPS redirects, you have the freedom to connect with the most secure version of the website you browse or use.

This way, you keep yourself away from the reach of online dangers.

  • App Protection

With the App Protection feature, you are allowed to add apps to a list, and CyberGhost will automatically launch and safeguard them once you connect with them.

You can find this feature in the Smart Rules section. This is a rare feature to use and must be in place when you’re using a VPN for torrenting and streaming.

  • Data compression

To improve your experience with CyberGhost, there is an automatic compression of images, videos, and other content. This way, the load speed is fast, and you can browse without any lag,

  • Tor Compatibility

For Tor users, CyberGhost has a great deal to offer. It works seamlessly with the Tor browser and provides you with extra security. It supports the Onion Over VPN method, making Tor browser access a bit more safe and secure.

  • Smart Rules panel

With this feature, users are allowed to have better control over the app. This feature gets activated automatically on Windows clients. You can even select the preferred servers.

CyberGhost Smart Rules panel

  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic

With CyberGhost, you get unlimited bandwidth and traffic. So you don’t have to worry about consuming too much bandwidth. You can browse and download as much as you want,

  • Simultaneous device protection

At once, you can use CyberGhost on 7 devices and protect all of them in one go. It’s a great feature for those using multiple devices at a time and who want to secure all of them.

  • NoSpy servers

For boosted security and secrecy, you’ve got the power of NoSpy servers, available only with a 1-year or longer plan. Now, if you don’t know what NoSpy servers are, they are based in Romania and are only accessible by the trusted members of the CyberGhost team. As only authorized access is granted, such servers have nearly zero MiTM or man-in-the-middle attack likelihood.

Such servers are great for torrenting. They also fill the gap that the lack of multi-hop servers created.

Encryption: Is Cyberghost Safe?

CyberGhost VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is quite powerful and guarantees excellent data protection. To make it a bit simpler to understand what this means – even if hackers did intercept your data, they wouldn’t be able to crack the code and read it.

What’s really great about CyberGhost VPN is that it’s  compatible with the Tor browser , and it also offers an automated HTTPS redirect.

That means that your connection will always be redirected to the safest version of the website you want to visit. This ensures full protection from phishing scams and unsafe websites.

Last in line is an  online tracking blocker , a handy security feature. Almost every site on the internet tracks your online behavior. They analyze it to discover your preferences and then show ads and content to evoke action.

Online tracking blocker  prevents these sites from doing this by scanning the websites for tracking codes to block them.  You can enjoy your anonymous browsing without worrying about your online activity being monitored.

CyberGhost supports all major protocols, including IPSec, L2TP, and OpenVPN.

Recently, it has added WireGuard protocol in its protocol profile. I tried all these protocols personally and was able to find out that IKEV2 works only with Windows, macOS, and iOS. So, if you’re using Linux, then you’re out of luck.

When it comes to authentication, there is a SHA-256 cryptographic function in place. This is worth noting that this authentication key is utterly secured and works superbly.

OpenVPN is the safest of all and is an open-source protocol. You need to install it on macOS manually. iOS users don’t have this facility.

WireGuard, the recent addition, is the perfect balance between security and speed. The good part is that this protocol works on all the leading operating systems. Use it to have a great streaming, browsing, and video call experience. 

Users are allowed to switch the protocols, and the job is easy. Just go to the Setting section, look out the lower-left corner, and there you’ve got this facility.

Kill Switch

CyberGhost also offers a kill switch, which is an option that ensures that your activity is safe even when the VPN client stops working. This feature cuts you off the internet as soon as it notices that the VPN has crashed or stopped working for some reason.


Unlike any leading VPN services, CyberGhost hasn’t limited this feature. You can use it on the apps and keep the network safe if the VPN connection drops abruptly. The kill switch is an in-built feature in its Windows app, and you can’t disable it. The kill-switch feature is always on Mac, iOS, and Android.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is another handy feature offered by CyberGhost. Split tunneling is a feature that allows users to use local and foreign servers simultaneously by splitting the connection.


That means that you can access some websites through your regular local IP address and choose others that will be accessed through the VPN’s servers, as it allows you to decide which traffic has to pass through the VPN. This way you can control the traffic.

This feature is a great deal when you need to use a VPN for streaming and torrenting, as it certainly improves the speed. Before you think of using this feature, make sure that you learn on which devices it works and on which it doesn’t.

You can only use this feature on Android and Windows. It’s absent on macOS, Linux, and iOS. It could bother a few. However, as I stream mostly on my desktop, I was fine with it.

DNS Leaks Protection

Lastly, we have to mention their DNS leak protection feature. DNS servers sometimes glitch and accidentally route traffic to your local internet service provider. This isn’t great for your privacy because ISPs collect and store user data.


Their DNS leak protection feature ensures that these leaks never happen. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about your ISP – rest assured that your privacy will remain intact.

Privacy Logging Policy 

When it comes to privacy and logging, CyberGhost VPN is all about no logs policy. 

Here is what they say:

“…when using the CyberGhost VPN, the user’s traffic data such as browsing history, traffic destination, data content, and search preferences are not monitored, recorded, logged, or stored by the Company. More than this, when using the CyberGhost VPN, we are not storing connection logs, meaning that we don’t have any logs tied to your IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration.” 


This is the best practice when it comes to VPNs. Because CyberGhost’s servers are based in Romania, which has decent user privacy laws in place, you should never worry about your information being exposed to foreign intelligence agencies. Romania isn’t a part of the 5/9/14-eyes alliance, making it quite privacy-friendly.

The no-log policy means that the company doesn’t have any browsing activities or sensitive data. It only stores the user’s email address alongside cookies on its website to optimize the user experience. This is normal for all VPNs; this information isn’t identifiable, meaning that your identity and activities are protected.

The VPN company assures its users that the VPN company doesn’t keep logs of crucial online activities like websites visited, DNS queries, IP addresses, real location details, files downloaded, and many more. However, it does record certain user-specific information for better service delivery.

For instance, the user name and email address will be stored. Well, this is not a matter of concern, and it’s the standard practice that every VPN service provider adopts. You can have ultimate peace of mind as none of your saved information will be shared with the third-party service provider. If you have doubts, you can refer to the transparency report mentioned on the website.

The report made it clear that the company was asked for user data a couple of times. But, no information was exchanged.

Now, let’s talk about app privacy. As we all know, most VPN apps store information like app versions, device details, consumed memory space, and so on. Most  VPN apps have this data logging facility activated by default. Users don’t have any hold over it.

This is where CyberGhost differs. This data logging doesn’t happen automatically. Users have the freedom to enable or disable it.

It’s certainly a great move toward app security.

As I have already mentioned, CyberGhost was acquired by Kape Technologies. The company is privacy-friendly and supports internet freedom. Hence, you’re in safe hands.

However, what is missed dearly was the third-party audits. Such audits are proof of the authenticity of the claims made. However, it has gone through an evaluation test by AV –test.


An ideal VPN is one that won’t let the device type and OS version act as a barrier between you and the VPN client. Hence, it’s important to access the device compatibility of the VPN. Gladly, CyberGhost offers wide compatibility. CyberGhost VPN is compatible with most platforms and devices, including:







✅ fireTV

Aside from this, this VPN also offers comprehensive installation guides for routers, Chrome OS, VU+ Solo 2, Synology NAS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux.

While I found this to be really great, the best thing about this VPN was the ability to connect up to 7 devices simultaneously on one account.

Despite being one of the best VPNs for Windows, it also made it onto the list of the top VPN providers for iPhones as well.

Now, let’s check out its performance on all these devices. First, I checked its Windows app on my Intel desktop. The Windows version on my device was Windows 10. Once I downloaded the app, I came to know that it has to do the manual configuration, and information like OS version and device model will be saved. Nonetheless, I did not have many hassles in its installation and setup. The entire process lasted only for  5 minutes maximum.

CyberGhost compatibility

The interface is user-friendly and has all the required features right in front of you. As far as functionalities are concerned, you’re allowed to change the VPN location, connect to a specialty server, toggle between DNS leak protection and kill switch, and many more. So, security is to the point in its Windows clients.

There is a Block Content toggle that helps you block the DNS domain, making it more effective.

As I’ve already mentioned, its Windows client features a Smart Rule panel. Using the panel, customization is easy as end-users can pre-define certain operational criteria for VPN usage.

For instance, you can tell the app to notify you when a new Wi-Fi network is detected. There is a Smart Rules Exception tab as well. This tab allows you to assign a URL for the VPN. It’s a great feature to use for banks and streaming activities.

I also checked the usability of its Android app. I tested the app on the Samsung Z series phone and got it from Google Play Store. The purple and yellow interface is very eye-striking.

The app is packed with features like content blocker, split tunneling, and many more. One is allowed to select the VPN of their choice and protocol. Its Domain Fronting feature sets its Android app apart from other VPN Android apps. Because of this feature, it’s possible to protect the app API that’s not accessible due to any censorship concerns. Overall, its Android app is very functional and consumes much less space.

How can I wrap up without talking about the iOS app, as iOS is one of the leading mobile OS used?

The first thing that I would like to mention here is the ease of installation. You will have no trouble finding the app in the App Store. Its interface is super cool and simple. You will get the Best Connection button when you open the app. Click on it, and you’ll get a list of the best servers for the iOS app.

The app features most of the essential features and comes with an easy learning curve. You’ll have no hassles in using this app.

I was impressed with its macOS app as it’s highly feature-rich. As soon as you open the app, you’ll be able to see a mobile-like VPN panel. You’ll instantly connect to the best server with the Best Connection feature.

There is an extensive server list.

Its browser extensions are also very useful and will take only a fraction of a second to install. Once you install the extension, all the traffic that passes through your browser will be automatically protected.

When I tested its Chrome OS client, I was shocked to see an extremely large screen and a minimized toolbar. Split Tunneling is offered only on this client and works perfectly. All in all, all of its apps and solutions are professionally built and highly feature-rich.

Is Cyberghost Good for Torrenting?

Even though torrenting isn’t supported or acceptable in many countries, tons of internet users want to download torrents for free without getting caught. With the help of a reliable VPN, this is possible.

CyberGhost VPN is torrent-friendly, but it’s a bit more up-front about it than most VPNs. You can use Settings to automatically connect your preferred connection each time you launch your torrent.

It features torrenting-optimized servers that can process P2P file sharing without any hassles. If you’re a torrent-lover and want to download torrent files quickly and safely, the best bet is to use these servers, as you will get the best IP address and hidden server location. and added security.

Such servers are also known for blazing speeds. So it won’t take much time to download. The great thing is that streaming-optimized servers are available in all major locations. But keep in mind that P2P-optimized servers work only on desktop clients of CyberGhost. This could be an issue if you want to download torrents on your mobile phones or tablets, as it won’t work.

Bonus features for torrenting include a malicious URL filter, which is enabled by default. If you’re a beginner, use this feature, as it will help you avoid a lot of issues. Overall, CyberGhost VPN is a reliable way to anonymize your torrenting activities fully.

When it comes to the number of P2P-optimized servers, you can choose from 80 different options. It also displays the number of users on each server, the loading percentage, and the location of the server.

CyberGhost doesn’t offset SOCKS5 proxies, though, which are good for torrenting because they offer faster speeds (find out more about the best proxies here).

Because it uses encryption, you can rest assured that your torrenting activities will remain private. Torrenting is still illegal in some countries.

Streaming: Does CyberGhost Work with Netflix?

Even the best VPNs struggle with unblocking/unlocking Netflix, but CyberGhost VPN has a way around it all.

It highlights all available locations that offer the services you’re looking for, including Netflix.

You’ll get recommended locations by choosing the Streaming filter on a preferred device. So, if you’re looking for a VPN to unblock Netflix, CyberGhost would be my warmest recommendation.


The streaming-optimized servers have made the job easier than before, as you don’t have to work hard to find a streaming-compatible server. The job is done automatically as soon as you tell the CyberGhost app that you’re going to use it for streaming.

 If you’re using a mobile app, say an Android and iOS mobile app, finding the streaming-optimized servers isn’t a tough task, as mentioned on the left side of the app menu. I have no doubts about its geo-unblocking abilities, as its servers are strong enough to bypass all the censorship and restrictions.

Now, let’s talk about speed. I connected with US servers and unblocked Squid Game. Gladly, I was able to play the episodes without any lagging and buffering. That was the case with streaming-optimized servers. For the sake of testing, I also tried accessing non-streaming optimized servers.

With them, accessing blocked or restricted content wasn’t an issue; speed was. There was a mild dip in the speed. But, it was manageable as the average speed was 55mps – enough for video playing. To sum up, CyberGhost is worthy of your trust when you need to access blocked or restricted Netflix. But streaming isn’t limited to Netflix. There are many other platforms as well.

So, before I declare CyberGhost a streaming-suitable VPN, I need to check its performance with other platforms as well.

During my test, I was able to access Disney+ (VPN for Disney+), Amazon Prime Video (VPN for Amazon Prime Video), Hulu (VPN for Hulu), HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, TF1, and many more platforms without much hard work.

What impressed me the most was its amazing Kodi unblock abilities. As you all know, Kodi makes streaming better than before, and having a Kodi-compatible VPN is no less than bliss for streaming lovers.

CyberGhost works with Kodi and will help you access all the preferred add-ons without any hassles. After tasting success in all the above attempts, I was disappointed when I tried to access SkyTv and DAZN. I don’t know whether CyberGhost was blocked or wasn’t able to unblock the libraries of these two streaming platforms, but it didn’t work.

If you have any trouble finding out which streaming platform will work and which won’t, there is an extensive list on the website. You can refer to it. As a final verdict, I would like to say that you must try CyberGhost once if you’re a hardcore streaming lover. With an extensive server network and unlimited bandwidth, you’re going to have smooth sailing. 

During my research, I tested dozens of popular Netflix libraries. And I am very happy to report that CyberGhost worked with every single one. Even when it comes to servers that are far away, like Japan, we faced no serious lack of speed, and it worked flawlessly.

I was able to unblock popular Netflix libraries like US Netflix, UK Netflix, Germany Netflix, and much more effortlessly.

If you’d like to use the streaming filter we’ve mentioned above, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start your GhostVPN client.
  2. On the left side of the window, you will see an option that says For Streaming.
  3. Choose the desired combination of platforms and servers. In this case, if you’d like to watch Netflix US, find an option that says Netflix for streaming and the US for server location
  4. Double-click the chosen connection and start your browser. That’s it.

Customer Support

The first line of customer support that you’ll get with CyberGhost is extensive guidance. The website features detailed guides for setting up the solution on devices like Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and many more devices.

I opened its Linux set-up guide as Linux client set-up is the most extensive one. Step-by-step procedures are explained in the guide with screenshots. There are blogs and other content as well. There is a search engine to find the exact content. But I wasn’t impressed with its performance. Unless you enter search items, you won’t get an exact match to your search result.

I started a live chat session to check its responsiveness. It was quite good as I got an instant response for my query that was related to the DNS query leaks. The response was quick and polite. I must admit that the live chat feature of CyberGhost is strongest as it offers support in four languages, including English, French, Romanian, and German.

But keep in mind that the 24*7 availability is only delivered in English. They either provide general information that doesn’t quite relate to a real problem, or they offer information that’s too technical to understand.

Sometimes, you will find poor explanations of a few concepts. This was something that bothered me a lot. The content is also not properly categorized. The poor explanation isn’t the end of it. Their responses look very unprofessional, as they don’t use punctuation, capitals, or full sentences.

There is a News and update section. But there are no press release details or the latest news about the VPN. This is irksome as you won’t be able to find out what’s new is happening.

This doesn’t look very promising, but if customer services aren’t something you only insist on, this VPN might still be the best option.

Pros and Cons of CyberGhost as per Reddit Users

In a world of abundance, it’s not easy to make a choice. As a VPN is something that you can’t afford to get a faulty one, I decided to gather real-time inputs about CyberGhost.

For this job, there is no place better than Reddit. Here, one will hear from the actual users and analyze the actual performance of a VPN. I researched the top 100 comments on Reddit and have concluded a few inputs. So, let’s dig in.




With tons of features, CyberGhost is making its way to more and more users:

  • Enjoy hassle-free torrenting and hacking with CyberGhost. It is even helping people to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. The ping speed is quite impressive on the CyberGhost servers.
  • Users are having a tough time dealing with its limited payment options. Some even have complaints that the VPN doesn’t cancel the subscription easily.
  • Some Reddit users are happy to have CyberGhost, despite the flaws, as they look at the bright side of the story and understand that you can’t expect everything from one thing.

See the comments for yourself to make your own conclusion:

Positive Comments

CyberGhost - Positive Comment- 1

CyberGhost - Positive Comment - 2

CyberGhost - Positive Comment- 3

Negative Comments

CyberGhost - Negative Comment - 1

CyberGhost - Negative Comment - 2

Neutral Comments

CyberGhost - Neutral Comment- 1

Final Verdict: Is CyberGhost a Good VPN?

CyberGhost VPN is user-friendly, simple, and efficient, offering torrenting profiles, dedicated streaming, and much more. This is a high-end VPN. It’s fast, easy to install and configure, and can increase your connection speed. It comes with impressive security features to keep you safe by all means. With unlimited bandwidth, it brings the best value to your money invested. With a 45-day money-back guarantee, you don’t have any qualms about trying it once.

It’s perfect for beginners and an excellent choice if you’re looking for a VPN for browsing, torrenting, and streaming. 

All in all, I recommend this VPN to both beginners and professionals.

Visit CyberGhost

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Does CyberGhost keep logs?

No, CyberGhost doesn’t keep any user logs. Their company is located outside the jurisdiction of surveillance alliances, which ensures that no one can gain access to any user data – because there isn’t any! Currently, their servers are based in Romania.

Is CyberGhost legit?


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