VPN HULU: Top 6 VPNs That Work in 2024

Hulu is one of the most loved online on-demand streaming platforms in America and other parts of the world. With 99.7 million viewers, Hulu has firmed its feet in the streaming market. And this number is growing with each passing day because 40% of Hulu’s US content is exclusive.

Its popularity has risen to the sky in the past two years essentially. Between 2018-2020, this platform got 37.5 million new viewers, which is a huge number. Millennials and Generation X love the content of Hulu. Its Live TV feature is its USP. 

You can access many regular TV channels, sports channels, and news channels with Hulu. Other than this, there are some Hulu Originals TV shows and movies as well. All-in-all, it can gratify all kinds of entertainment buds.

While Hulu can open a whole new world of entertainment for its users, sometimes, it can be a headache. For instance, content is geo-restricted for the viewers. So, you can stay away from a classic movie or TV show just because it’s unavailable in your region.

We must not forget that ads can be too annoying sometimes. And how can we skip the online vulnerabilities that can take you in their nippers while you’re watching Hulu+ Live TV?

Gladly, there is a viable way out from all these hassles. Using a VPN Hulu, one can curb all these hassles and have an uninterpreted streaming experience. In this post, we’re going to talk about the top 6 Hulu VPNs that you can bank on in 2024 and beyond.

In Which Countries Is Hulu Available?

As of the time of writing, Hulu is available only in the US and Japan.

From the beginning, Hulu US has been available. After tasting success in the US, the company plans to launch this streaming platform in other regions as well. UK and Japanese markets were on the top. Finally, on September 1, 2011, it was launched in Japan. In 2014, Nippon TV acquired its Japan operational unit while the Hulu brand was retained. It seems Hulu has a tough time winning heat from people outside the US.

Why Use Hulu VPN?

You might be wondering why the whole world is advocating the use of VPN Hulu while streaming. Well, here are a few causes why you should use Hulu and VPN together: 

  • The most crucial reason to use the best Hulu VPN is to access unavailable content in your country. Hulu content is location-specific. Using a VPN, you can easily hide your IP address, fool out the Hulu geo-restriction and watch the content of your choice.
  • Hulu is not available across the world. So, if you reside in a place where Hulu service is not available, use a Hulu VPN, get connected to that country’s server where Hulu is available, and access it without any worries.
  • ISPs are notorious enough to throttle the bandwidth of Hulu viewers. It will lead to annoying lagging and ruin your experience. With the best Hulu VPN, you can easily mask your online activities and stay hidden from your ISP.
  • If you wish to connect to public Wi-Fi without being attacked by online threats, you can use a Hulu VPN and add an added layer of security. With features like multiple security protocols, auto kill switches, and military-grade encryption, the best Hulu VPN ensures that there is no harm in getting connected to public Wi-Fi.

Is It Illegal to Use a VPN with Hulu?

You can use Hulu VPN without any worries or qualms as long as your country allows its usage and you’re not breaking any law. But Hulu can block you, especially if you use the wrong VPN.

Hulu ensures that content copyrights are not infringed by using a Hulu VPN and takes the help of geolocation technology to block proxies and VPNs. Whenever you access Hulu, it tracks the IP address and will block you if it matches its list of known VPN connections. However, some smart VPNs for Hulu, like ExpressVPN and Surfshark VPN, feature a multi-hop facility and quickly refresh the IP address. Because of this, Hulu can’t detect them.

Is It Wise to Watch Hulu with a Free VPN?

In clear language, a free VPN is good for nothing as there won’t be enough protection and no transparency in the privacy policy. In the past, many incidents have happened wherein a free VPN sold customer information. So, it’s better to stay away from such faulty products.

The Best VPN for Hulu: The Complete List

Worried thinking, does Hulu work with VPN? Congratulations, it does!

To bypass the strict geo-restrictions of Hulu, any VPN has to go above and beyond and work smartly. After testing a couple of leading market players, we finally got the best 6 picks. Here are the details of them:

NordVPN – The flag bearer of security 

nordvpn banner

NordVPN has to be in the first place; its trademark SmartPlay DNS has made Hulu streaming effortless.

Wondering which servers are streaming optimized. Their live chat support is here to help you out. In fact, servers will have a sign of streaming optimization in front of the icon.

NordVPN makes it easy to access Hulu US and Hulu Japan for all. There are dedicated apps for each platform to ensure that its viewers can have a hassle-free streaming experience anytime/anywhere. There are multiple security protocols and high-end encryption at your service with this best VPN for Hulu. So, online threats can’t come any near you.

Its servers are known for good speed and let the viewer access the desired content with the least possible lagging.

The only thing that we wish could be better is the free trial. There is none, and we really, really want it!

Get the Best Deal on NordVPN

CyberGhost – Uninterrupted streaming experience 

cyberghost homepage

CyberGhost is a streaming-dedicated VPN that anyone willing to have a 4K and ad-free Hulu experience can use. Its servers are spread worldwide, and there is a multi-hop facility as well. So, no matter how smartly the Hulu geolocation technology acts, CyberGhost can fool it out.

It can work on up to 7 devices simultaneously, which means you may see Hulu content on 7 devices simultaneously. With features like an auto kill switch and split tunneling, this VPN is here to safeguard you.

Get the Best Deal on CyberGhost

ExpressVPN – Stream at a faster speed

ExpressVPN homepage

Are you tired of seeing the buffering sign for a longer period while streaming Hulu?

Try ExpressVPN. This VPN for Hulu has come up with flying colors in many speed tests. It features a high-speed Lightway tunneling protocol for a speedy streaming experience.

Instead of SmartDNS, the Express VPN Hulu plan offers a proprietary MediaStreamer feature for hassle-free streaming. Additionally, its proprietary router app will help you watch Hulu on all platforms with the same ease.

Get the Best Deal on ExpressVPN

Surfshark – Watch Hulu on any device

surfshark homepage

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Surfshark is undoubtedly the best VPN for Hulu globally, as it has a Smart DNS feature. This feature ensures hassle-free streaming. It’s hard to beat the compatibility of Surfshark. Other than conventional platform support, this Hulu VPN goes the extra mile and supports Xbox, Playstation, and Apple TV too.

There is a 7-day free trial facility offered for the users. With the cutting-edge protocol, WireGuard, things are extra secure with Surfshark.

Get the Best Deal on Surfshark

VyprVPN – Get the best value

vyprvpn banner

VyprVPN has its servers in eight prime US locations and will allow you to unblock Hulu effortlessly. With its dynamic server-switching facility, it’s easier to switch between different servers and enjoy Hulu streaming without being detected with its geo-location technology.

As it completely hides the IP address, ISP won’t be able to throttle you. It supports HD streaming on Hulu. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, VyprVPN’s Hulu VPN bypass mechanism ensures that you get the best value for your invested money.

Get the Best Deal on VyprVPN

IPVanish – Stream as much as you want 

ipvanish it

Lastly, we would suggest you invest in IPVanish. With its striking auto-connect feature, this best Hulu VPN ensures that there is nothing that can stop you from having a pleasant experience. The cherry on the cake is its ability to work on multiple devices at a time. Yes, you heard that right. You can use it on multiple devices. The server speed is of moderate quality with minor buffering. But, considering the affordable price, it’s all ok.

Get the Best Deal on IPVanish

Now that you know about the top Hulu VPNs have a look at this comparative study to make a final decision about them:



Streaming Support

Devices per subscription


Data allowance

Best Price


5000+ in 59 countries



Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS




7000+ in 90+ countries



Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS




3000+ servers in 94 countries



iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows




3200+ servers in 65 countries



Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android




700+ servers in 8 countries



Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.




700 in the US



Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and FireOS.



VPNs That Won’t Work with Hulu

The above-mentioned solutions were the VPNs that work with Hulu wonderfully. But Hulu blocking VPN is a common scenario for users. Many VPNs fail big time for Hulu.

Now, you might be wondering how does Hulu know I’m using a VPN? Well, it’s because of those VPNs’ inefficiency. If – by any chance – you chose them to be by your side, there won’t be any end to your misery as they lack credibility on every front.

VPNs like TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield are good on other fronts. But, they fail to unblock Hulu. Honestly speaking, very few VPNs are capable of unblocking this streaming platform.

You can’t watch Hulu with VPN if the VPN is not optimized for streaming.

Free VPN for Hulu services belongs to this category. VPNs like Hola, IronSocket, Unotelly, CactusVPN, and Buffered are a few free Hulu VPN from which you must maintain a safe distance.

Unblock Hulu with a VPN: A Complete Guide 

Now that you know what works with Hulu, you must learn how to watch Hulu with VPN.

Here is a quick yet informative guide to installing the best Hulu VPN on different devices. We’re explaining this with Surfshark. Most of the VPNs (we have created the list of the most popular VPN services here) work only in that manner.

Install Surfshark on Phone

The phone is the most widely used device for streaming. So, let’s find out how to set up a Hulu VPN on the phone.

Step 1 – Register on the Surfshark official website using the active email address and password.

Step 2 – Browse through the subscription and the right one.

Step 3 – Activate your subscription using the verification code received after the payment.

Step 4 – Search for the Surfshark app in the Play Store (Android users) or the App Store (iOS users) and install the app.

Step 5 – Login using the same credentials that you used for the Surfshark signup.

Step 6 – Connect to the server of your choice and enjoy Hulu streaming.

Install Surfshark on Desktop

To install Hulu VPN on your desktop, you need to get the browser extension for the browser you’re using. Repeat the first three steps mentioned above.

Step 1 – Login to Surfsharkagain and download the extension as per your browser. You may take support for Windows, Linux, and macOS if there is any difficulty.

Step 2 – Complete the extension set-up and log in using the Surfshark credentials.

Step 3 – Enter the activation code received at the time of purchase, and the extension is all set to help you. Connect to the server of your choice and stream on Hulu.

Install Surfshark on Amazon Fire Stick TV

Surfshark supports Amazon Fire Stick TV of the 2nd or 4th generation. Repeat the first 3 steps to activate the Surfshark subscription.

Step 1 – In the search section of your Amazon Fire TV Stick, search for the Surfshark App.

Step 2 – Get the app and complete the setup.

Step 3 – Login to the app using the Surfshark credentials.

Step 4 – Also, download the Surfshark app on your mobile phone and visit Settings -& Account -& TV login. Here, enter the code you see on the SurfShark app on the Fire TV.

Step 5 – After completing a login, a list of Surfshark servers will be on the screen. Select a US server and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Hulu.

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