Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web: What Is The Difference?

dark web

WWW or the World Wide Web is what makes us learn about everything and anything. But, it is a big mystery itself. There are many things that we don’t know about the web.

The dark web is one such aspect of the web. As per Tor, only 3% of traffic is directed to the dark web, according to the Anonymous Traffic Classification research

If you’re also ignorant about the dark web and how to access the dark web, this post is going to help you a lot.

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Dark Web Vs. Deep Web Vs. Surface Web: The Difference

For a better understanding of the dark web, spotting the difference in these three terms is crucial. So, let’s get started:

What is Surface Web?

The surface web is that part of the internet available for the common public and accessed easily using common browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

We are sure that you’re reading this post on the surface web only. Websites and activities available on the surface web are legally conducted and monitored continuously. It is properly regulated. Whatever you search on Google or other non-dark web search engines and get a search result is a part of the surface web.

What is Deep Web?

What is behind the curtains, after the surface web, is known as the deep web. With this part of the internet, we mean a group of pages, databases, and content that you can access via a particular part of the group.

This is the largest part of the internet and is supposed to make up 90-95% of WWW. This is useful to access the work database. For instance, when you’re browsing Amazon as a customer, you will be able to see available products.

But, when you log in as a seller or administrator, you will be able to find out the hidden picture. For instance, which product is selling faster, from which website traffic is generated, and the like information can be gathered using the deep web. Accessing the deep web demands a full URL address and username or password (in some cases).

Google or other search engines do not access the deep web. It needs a specialized browser.

It doesn’t mean anything scary or nefarious. Furthermore, it simply signified the un-indexed or protected database and web content.

What is the Dark Web?

At last, the dark web comes. Do you remember watching the horror film ‘Unfriended dark web’?

The dark web is a small fraction of the deep internet that is not easily accessible. Search engines do not index data web links. It won’t be accessed using famed search engines like Google Chrome, Bing, or Mozilla Firefox. A particular dark web browser, like Tor, is required to access this super-secret part of the internet.

Because of a massive pile of illicit material available on this part of the internet, it is considered a shady and dangerous face of the internet. So, this is something that you should be worried about.

Activities like drug selling, hiring a hitman or hacker, and buying illegal weapons are conducted openly on the dark web. Websites or companies using the dark web take the help of a VPN to hide their location and gain the confidence to do whatever they want to do.

But, dark web websites are not always malicious or scary.

Even ordinary citizens, who want to share their thoughts or communicate without any fear, can take the help of the dark web. There also are intellectual dark web enthusiasts who explore this virtual place for learning and research.

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Dark Web: What Potential Threats Are Hidden There?

Now, you must be thinking about why people access the dark web even if it is so risky and outlawed to use. Well, the Dark Web is like a double-edged sword. While it has become an ideal place for illegal activities, it has also helped organizations have secure communication. Those who don’t want to compromise on their privacy just because they have to use the internet can use the Dark Web. But, that doesn’t mean it is not a risky space.

Attention! Before accessing the dark web, think of the potential threats that will automatically follow you. If not paid attention, the treats of the dark web can be your worst nightmares. Some of the most common dangers of the dark web are:

  • Malware

They are everywhere on the dark web and are the most preferred means of cyber-attacks. Keyloggers, botnet malware, ransomware, and phishing malware are some of the most common malware that one will spot on the dark web.

  • Viruses

The dark web can inject viruses into your system and crash it entirely if you’re not vigilant enough.

  • Scams

The dark web is the favorite place for scammers. They can trick you with a lucrative deal and seal your crucial data and even money quickly.

  • Becoming a target of government agencies

We have already been told that the dark web is a hub of illegal activities.

Now, the government of all the countries have become extra vigilant and have started monitoring the dark web users. So, the chances are high that government agencies will monitor you rigorously by simply accessing the dark web.

Dark Web: How to Get Access to it Safely?

After knowing so much about the dark web, we are sure that the thought of how to get to the dark web would be roaming in your mind. Well, we have an answer for this as well.

First of all, understand that using the dark web is not an illegal activity or a crime. Misusing it is. You won’t be behind the bar for using the dark web. So, keep your mind on this front. So, keep your mind clear on this front. Now, let’s talk about accessing dark web safety. 

As quoted above, you need a specialized browser to access it. Tor stands for The Onion Routing and allows a user to access the internet and acts like a most direct route that anyone can take to the dark web. It is free of charge and can be downloaded on the majority of data-driven devices.

Tor takes the path of unregulated encrypted servers, commonly called “nodes”, to connect a computer to the deep web. It hides the IP location and doesn’t let anyone know a single detail about the user. But using Tor is not the only way to easily access the dark web, and it is not a foolproof way.

This is why it is suggested to use a VPN and Tor for complete secrecy and security.

If you’re wondering why adding a VPN with Tor is a good idea, then here are the reasons.

A reliable VPN with a wide range of servers will be able to keep your identity secret while using the Dark Web.

How can a VPN help you protect yourself on the Dark Web? 

VPN is the greatest gift to internet users as it protects user data, crucial information and lets the user Browser anonymously and secretively. Its usage gives the ultimate peace of mind to users of all kinds of web users.

However, more than using a VPN, using the right one is crucial.

It is crucial that the VPN you’re using or planning to use has passed the DNS leak test, adheres to strict zero-log policy, provides military-grade encryption, and has a wide range to the server hassle-free location switching.

After much research, we were able to spot one such VPN, and it is NordVPN. It has all these and multiple other security features and facilities. Its key trait is “Onion over VPN” servers that offer an extra bout of security. It is super user-friendly and is capable of preventing all kinds of DDoS- attacks.


Setting up NordVPN is as easy as clapping. Here are the steps to configuring it and how to get on the dark web:

  • Step 1 – Login to the official website of NordVPN and get the right subscription.
  • Step 2 – Download the NordVPN on your data-driven device and complete the account setting formalities. NordVPN is compatible with Windows, leading OS, and even routers. So, you can download it on multiple platforms.
  • Step 3 – Once the set-up is complete, you can use the “Quick Connect” feature of NordVPN to connect to the server of your choice. The server list is mentioned on the home page. The country of the server will be mentioned as well. So, pick as per your preference and start using NordVPN.

Visit the NordVPN Website

Ending Notes

The Dark Web is just like a blank canvas. Like you can write anything, good or bad, on black canvas, you can use Dark Web as you please. However, always use a VPN in the process. A VPN support will help you have the confidence to ditch the dangers of the Dark Web and use it without any qualms or cyber threats.

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Is it legal to enter the Dark Web?

Yes, you can use the Dark Web without any fear. Entering into it is not a crime. Using it wrongly is. So, make sure you do not use your access to the Dark Web for any illegal activity.

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