VPNwelt: Write for Us

How do I become a guest writer for VPNwelt.com?

Would you like to publish your article as a guest writer on VPNwelt Blog? 

Perfect! You’re in the right place.

What We Look for

Goal #1 is to create a trustful and authoritative resource. Every topic we write must bring value to the end-users and respond to their search intent.

If you are a dedicated writer about cybersecurity, then you are exactly the person we are looking for!

Technical requirements:

  • Write the text max 700 – 1300 words.
  • The topic must be approved by our team of content managers beforehand.
  • Unique Content (80% Note: We always double-check this before accepting an article).
  • Well-structured and coherent content;
  • SEO-optimized article (keywords and semantically related words)
  • No affiliate links may be placed.

Benefits of Writing for Us

  • Every guest article receives a valuable backlink (a follow-link to your site).
  • Publication on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.)


It can take from 3 to 7 days until we check and approve your article. If we haven’t replied to you within 7 days, please contact us. 

Interested? Great! Then just write an email to [email protected] with your topic suggestion and a short introduction of how you want to approach the topic.