7 Best Torrent Sites [The Ultimate 2024 List]

Even if these torrent websites are safe, your internet service provider can restrict these best torrent sites in your region or track down your IP address. Hence, it is wise to access them with ExpressVPN help. A trusted VPN with amazing IP leaks, DNS leaks, and strong encryption can keep your presence in the cyber world hidden and concealed. No one can find out what you’re up to, and you can continue using any torrent website easily.

What should be the selection factors while picking the best torrent sites?

While fake mirror sites surround you, and there are so many restrictions on torrent websites’ usage, it takes more than expected efforts to make a wise choice when selecting a viable torrent site. However, the job becomes easy if you remain more aware and pay attention to certain factors.

  • Speed

Of course, you don’t have to spend a lifetime downloading your favorite show or movie from a torrent site. But this could be the case if you pick a sluggish website that is as slow as a tortoise.

With such websites, your dream of downloading high-quality movie torrents will remain a dream. So, do some research and figure out the average speed of the picked torrent website. To gain deeper insights, you can take the help of Reddit, as users over this platform can share their real-time feedback and review of a website and the downloading speed it offers.

  • Content library size

Torrenting is not allowed everywhere, and there are multiple restrictions imposed. We get that. But that should be an excuse for shrinking the content torrent library. The wider the content library, the better your experience is. Make sure the website you plan to try includes content related to genres like movies, anime, books, games, software, music videos, and audio.

  • Ad intrusion level

If you’ve picked a torrent site that is filled with ads, then you’ll have nothing but the annoyance of a higher level, as there will be pop-up ads now and then. At times, these ad pop-ups might feature malicious links and can push you toward endless misery. With few ads, both the disturbance and dangers are less.

Generally, ad intrusion is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 stands for the least ad intrusion while 10 is the most. So, go with a website that is scoring 1 or 2 on this front.

  • Security features offered

Whether you download torrent files or use the internet otherwise, the security features of the tools used or the website visited are something that should be in your mind always.

File sharing, when done with enough security, will not lead to unwanted tracking, compromised internet traffic, illegal torrenting, and dangerous online activities. However, the kind of security that safe torrenting demands can only be offered by using a VPN that encrypts the data and hides the actual IP address of torrent users.

  • The number of monthly visits to the website

Torrent websites that receive high monthly visitors will likely be more legitimate and viable. Frequent visits signify that the torrent library is extensive and offers quality content.

  • Banned regions

As quoted above, torrenting is not acceptable everywhere. Certain countries have imposed a strict ban on torrent websites. In countries like Australia, China, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, and Iraq, the ban is so stringent that the best torrent sites are not functional even with the help of a VPN.

Torrent downloading is also a punishable offense in certain parts of the world. If you don’t want any hassle while torrenting file sharing, then it’s best to check whether or not the decided torrent site is available for use in your region.

  • The number of mirror sites

Many torrent sites launch mirror sites when they get banned in a particular area. These mirror or proxy websites feature the same torrent library and files. A torrent site having multiple mirror sites has a higher chance of accessibility despite the ban in a particular area. So, pick one that offers mirror sites.

  • The founding year

Torrenting websites that came into being at least 5-10 years back and have managed to survive the ban apocalypse are the robust ones and are certainly deserving.

  • Seeder/Leecher Ratio of the website

Websites having a higher seeder/leecher ratio means that one can experience better and faster torrent downloads. Such websites shouldn’t be missed at all. 

What are the types of torrent sites?

Torrent sites are of two types, public and private torrent sites. Each type functions differently, which is explained in detail next.

The first type is the public torrent site, also known as open trackers. Such torrent sites permit users to gain access to tracker addresses. Torrent file downloads from such sites are effortless and involve fewer steps.

The second type is a private torrent site. They are private trackers and provide torrent file access only to members. New members can only download torrent files once registration is complete. Torrent files usually have a better seeder/leecher ratio on such websites, and torrent clients are more trusted.

Membership to such websites is only granted when an existing member permits a new member to share the invite code via verification emails. All the members of such best torrent websites are compelled to meet the upload-to-download ratio to access verified torrents while keeping leeching on the lower side.

When it comes to selecting or deciding which reputable site type is best to use, we have to consider many things before concluding.

For instance, if one seeks easy accessibility to verified torrents, public torrent sites have the upper hand. A simple interface is undoubtedly promised. But, as there is no access control and monitoring on the download files, security is a little loose on such websites. Also, the odds of downloading HD movies or any other file with malware are high on these websites.

Private torrent sites are utterly secure, have better control of downloads, and provide access to high-quality torrents. Violators and hackers are blacklisted on these websites. When download speed is concerned, these websites are better as they have better seeding regulations. Every file-downloading seeker needs to share a file to send it back.

In short, public torrent websites are accessible but not secure, while private trackers are utterly secure and are here to grant a better speed experience.

Key Point To Consider: Before discussing the best torrent sites, let’s clarify one thing, seeing the restrictions imposed, some of the best torrent sites in the world could be blocked in your region. In fact, mirror sites are also blocked. So, the only way to use torrent sites to download the files is to use a VPN to complete the file sharing.

What are the best torrent sites?

Website Average Speed MB/s Highest Speed MB/s
The Pirate Bay 6,3 7,5
RARBG 6,1 7,9
1337x 4,2 6,8
Limetorrents 3,7 5,2
EZTV 3,2 7,0
Torrentdownloads 2,8 4,6
Zooqle 2,6 4,1

№1 The Pirate Bay –Best Torrent Site

Torrents on PiratesBay

No list of best torrent sites is going to get completed without the mention of The Pirate Bay

Many leading media houses have the same opinion about The Pirate Bay. The reason is apparent, and you will get the world’s most extensive library of movies, TV shows, and games on its torrent search engine of this website.

Also, each torrent is available with a  VIP/trusted tag  to keep you informed that the torrent you are going to download is safe and legitimate. For one item, you have multiple choices. For instance, we tried downloading The Witcher series and got nearly 350 search results.

Many times, this site has been blocked. Yet, it failed the blocking attempts and has managed to gain nearly 6.3 million monthly users. It’s true that none of us has managed to measure the size of its torrent library. But, it’s sure that there are over a million files. Anime torrents, movies, music, or anything else; you’ll find the content here. With an average download speed of 5 to 6 MB/s, it’s undoubtedly the best bet to make.

What’s more! Well, The Pirate Bay has the backing of a vast community. This directly signifies that at least one seeder is present on the torrent file. Even you can also download rare titles as well.

Not to mention, the clean and straightforward interface with proper torrent tags will make torrent file sharing more effortless than ever. It even signifies to the end-user whether or not the file is safe to download. The seeder/leecher ratio is fantastic on this torrent site. Torrent downloads will be quick and secure from this site. This explains why this site has been a top scorer in the list of best torrent sites for over 10 years. You’ll find the best and quality-driven content here.

Speaking of ad intrusion, it’s less and bearable. Not too many ads will bother you while you download movies and other files. Or, you need to use a VPN to block this annoyance.

Best Quality: Huge library

Major Drawback: It can get blocked in some countries

Average Download Speed: 5-6 MB/s

Mirrors: thepiratebay.vip, thepirate-bay.org, thepiratebay.rocks

№2 RARBG – Popular Torrent Site

rarbg proxy

Available at your service since 2008, the RARBG torrent website receives around 40 million visitors per month. Yes, such high numbers this torrent website owns. Whether you search for the best torrent sites or the best torrent sites for eBooks, you will surely find the name of RARBG in the search results.

It makes the torrent search easier by providing the Top 10 list of every category. Its library size is decent, and the best part is that new torrent files keep adding with time. The home page displays the latest reliable torrent client to go with. 

The personalized suggestion is what makes it one of the most popular torrent sites of all time. Fake torrents are in fewer numbers here. However, get ready to be annoyed by ads now and then. But this problem can be dealt with quickly if you use a reliable VPN. After that, you can easily go with this option and, considering the library size, we bet you won’t regret it at all.

As far as Alexa ranking is concerned, RARBG ranks 7,542. The ranking comes from the high-quality torrents and active community.

Every torrent file has to go through a verification process before being uploaded. Doing so removes the bad elements from the files and increases torrent security. You’re also able to see the health of the torrent at the front.

The torrent downloaders are likely to experience better search results as one can filter the search results based on the size, date, and seeder number.

As the site permits users to post reviews about the downloaded torrents and their quality, it saves time and effort. You will go for only high-scoring files. Reviews and ratings are available for movies, TV shows, and books. Indeed it’s a fantastic torrent site. 

One can use the site as a guest or can become a verified member. The real game-changer for this one is the prior torrent verification that provides more legal torrents.

However, this fantastic and best torrent website is completely blocked in some countries like the UK and Denmark. So, if you belong to these places, then stay away from this site or use a VPN.

Best Quality: Loads of seeding and active community support

Major Drawback: Ads

Average Download Speed: 6.1 MB/s

Mirrors: rarbg.is, rarbgunlock.com, rarbgmirror.com

№3 1337x – Best Torrent Site With Huge Content

1337x login

Not everyone needs torrent websites to download TV shows and movies. Some need them to download excellent applications that are not accessible in their countries. For such explorers, 1337x is the right choice to make.

That doesn’t mean TV shows and movies are available on it. They are. Even there is a vast library of these items as well. 53 million people visit this website monthly to get their favorite TV shows and movies. You will have no ad intrusion, which is a great thing, by the way.

The site was launched way back in 2007 and is still going strong in many parts of the world. Majorly the website is famous in South Asian countries. In countries like the US and the UK, it’s banned. But, many of its mirror sites are functional. As far as its library size is concerned, it’s more than 2,300,000 titles in genres like movies, anime torrents, TV shows, books, audio, etc. Everything that you want is easy to find here.

The torrent quality is top-notch and features a higher seeder/leecher ratio.

The site witnessed a massive jump in popularity when Torrentz got banned in 2016, and it filled the gap instantly. It’s still working superbly since then, and we recommend using it if you’re looking for relatively new torrents. The most searched and downloaded titles on this site are The Good Doctor, Dangerous 2021, and Doctor Who.

Those who are having trouble accessing the mirror sites can go to the About Us page of the site, as there is a list of all the functional mirror sites. This means if you’re choosing it, you’re choosing the best.

Recently, the website got a makeover. The user interface and navigation have become better than ever. Search results are also accurate. It ranks the content based on the quality, seeder/leecher ratio, review, and award nominations. With an average of 3 to 4 MB/s download speed, the site is doing a great job. All these things have made this website the best choice to make.

Best Quality: Highly improved and secure interface

Major Drawback: Payment is only via bitcoins

Average Download Speed: 4.2 MB/s

Mirror Sites: 1337x.to, 1337x.st, x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu, x1337x.se, 1337x.is

№4 Limetorrents – Working Torrent Site


For every new release, Limetorrents is the right place. It has an easy and impressive interface and helps you easily find any torrent search. Its library size is decent, and it has almost every leading TV show and movie over there. If you are finding music torrents, it could be an excellent option.

But, you will have multiple ad intrusions and inactive community support, which explains its last spot on the list. This is a pretty huge annoyance. 

The average download speed of 3 to 4 MB/s managed to get 20 million users monthly. What impressed us the most is the fact that the site provides details like file size and upload time in front of every torrent, including the new ones.

Also, verified torrents are offered without any hassles.

Recently, the site launched the torrent cache tool iTorrents. The tool soon gained popularity and is currently used by many famous torrent search engines. The tools feature an ‘update tracker’ button to fetch the tracker details. This way, detailed information about a torrent is provided.

For easy torrent finding, the site offers the top 50 torrents every month. All in all, you’ll have an excellent torrenting experience with this option.

Best Quality: The seamless interface and impressive seeding/leeching speed

Major Drawback: Older torrents are often neglected 

Average Download Speed: 3.7 MB/s

Mirror Sites: Mirrors: limetorrents. asia, limetorrents. zone, limetorrents.co, limetor.com, limetor.pro

№5 EZTV – Best Torrent Site for TV Shows


EZTV is one of the best torrent sites for TV shows. You will get almost every famous TV show over here. For on-air TV shows, you will get the latest and updated episodes daily. What impressed us about this website is that there are proper web pages of popular TV shows on this one of the top torrent sites.

These pages are informative and proper with every bit of information about your top TV shows. From English drama to British Ministries, this best free torrent site offers everything.

We searched for Two and a Half Man and Midsomer Murders and were impressed by seeing the huge number of free torrents. As its seeder/leecher ratio is decent, you will have an excellent downloading experience. 

It came into being in May 2005 and was banned in 2015. It has a controversial history. Yet, it is highly famous amongst TV show lovers as they get the latest releases.

During our testing, we got good quality torrents of top-charter shows like Fringe, Silicon Valley, Orange Is the New Black, Money Heist, and Sex Education. In fact, the recent release, Squid Game, is also there.

Speaking of quality and speed, EZTV is a clear winner, as one can get videos of high-quality content and an average speed of 3.2 MB/s. If you’re a die-hard fan of TV shows and don’t want to miss your favorite shows, then the best way is to use EZTV. This is one of the few sites in 2024 that you should try.

Best Quality: TV shows are available in HD.

Major Drawback: Not the best interface 

Average Download Speed: 3.2 MB/s

Mirror Sites: eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.unblockall.org, eztv.unblocked.krd, eztv.tf, eztv.yt

№6 Torrentdownloads –Best Free Torrent Site


With a neat interface, Torrentdownloads ranked sixth in our list of best torrent sites in 2020. It is majorly loved for its vast software library. Many leading old-school and latest-release software are available on this website.

Alongside this, there is a huge collection of e-books as well. It is a classic one but has seen a considerably high dip in the per month visitors number because of the massive popularity of The Pirate Bay. Also, it has been targeted by many government investigations. 

But, it is good to find out the obscure titles of old and new software. Make a quick search on its torrent search engine, and you will surely find a result.  

Please note that the site provides torrent health details as well.

Along with the software, one can find classic movies, TV shows, and other content on this website. The content library is huge and won’t disappoint you with its quality.

As it’s functional in many countries, it’s an excellent option to go with. When there is so much content, finding the exact match of your search results is not easy. However, the website made the job easier for users by providing multiple search filters.

There are multiple filters based on category and status to filter out the results.

The interface is very well organized and seamless. The health of the torrent is displayed clearly to help the downloader to make a wise choice.

While it won our hearts on all these fronts, it’s not flawless as it has high ad intrusion. Nevertheless, this can be fixed by using a quality VPN. Once you use this tool, you can block the ads and enjoy quick torrenting.

Best Quality: Has a vast library of obscure titles.  

Major Drawback: Doesn’t work in many countries

Average Download Speed: 2-3 MB/s

Mirror Sites: 

№7 Zooqle – Best Torrent Site for Gaming


If you’re a game lover and hunting down popular torrent sites to download games, then your hunt ends at Zooqle. It has the most extensive library of video games. There is hardly any game that you won’t find here.

We tried downloading Call of Duty. War of Cry and Monopoly games via this one of the best free torrent sites and succeeded without much significant hassles. It has around  3.5 million verified and safe torrents available .

Both the new releases and old game titles are offered by this website. Whether you use a PC or a console, you’ll definitely get a compatible version of the desired game. This explains why there are over 5 million visitors to this site annually. However, the speed is slightly lower as game torrents are usually heavily built.

Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best torrent sites as it offers a user-friendly platform, permits you to subscribe with different categories, and updates users regarding new torrents. Speaking of ad intrusion, it’s mostly bearable. Its Alexa ranking is 2,086. The table of contents explains details like game genre, file size, time for download, and how many downloads the site gets for each torrent.

Games are the only things covered by this website. But there are books, anime, movies, and other things as well. This is why it’s among our top picks and many others.

As far as availability is concerned, users from most parts of the world, including rare locations like Sri Lanka and Iran, can use it to download movies, shows, and music of their choice.

End-users of such remote locations can find plenty of titles without taking additional steps.

Best Quality: The high number of search results per search query

Major Drawback: Buggy interface

Average Download Speed: 2.6 MB/s 

Mirror Sites: zooqle.g2g.casa, zooqle.nocensor.club, zooqle.u4m.pw

Why do you need a VPN for torrenting?

The first thing you will notice after visiting any of these working torrent sites is the warning or advice to use a VPN for torrenting. This is because torrenting is not advisable in many countries, and the national cybersecurity agencies keep track of people who are still trying their hands on it.

Even in countries where torrenting is not an illegal activity, cybercriminals keep an eye on your IP addresses and try to find out a way to steal it and much other crucial information.

Using a VPN will provide you with complete secrecy in the cyber world by hiding your IP address entirely. VPN helps you with the following:

  • Masking your location and internet connection. 
  • Unblocking restricted servers and unblocked torrent sites in your region. 
  • Zero throttling by keeping your internet activity hidden from your ISP. 

Though all the best torrent sites will provide you seamless torrenting experience, torrenting is still not encouraged in many countries. 

ExpressVPN– Best VPN for Torrenting

We can’t stress much about using the right kind of VPN for torrenting activity. The above text has made everything crystal clear. The question here is, “Which is the best VPN for torrenting?”

We tested many VPNs and found ExpressVPN is among the best VPN providers for torrenting. Here is a quick review of this VPN and some key reasons to use it for torrenting activities.

Famed as one of the fastest and most secure VPNs in the world, ExpressVPN is compatible with all the leading devices. Its server web is spread  over 160 locations in 94 countries across the globe .

Its global coverage is wide enough to cover remote or restricted locations like South Africa, China, Vietnam, and Turkey.  

On every front, this VPN is giving tough competition to the rest of the VPNs available in the market. Let’s pay attention to some of its key features.

Security and Encryption

When it comes to security, ExpressVPN stands second to none.  Kill switch, split tunneling, DNS leak, and WebRTC leak,  you name any of the security features, and Expressvpn has it all. You will even find some added features like location spoofing and HTTPS Everywhere support with this VPN, which are rare otherwise.

Its encryption is super amazing and of high grade. It uses the combination of AES 256-bit cipher, 4096-bit RSA key, and SHA-512 HMAC authentication in its security encryption. Such military-grade encryption is hard to break in. 

Logging and Privacy Policy 

ExpressVPN maintains a zero-logging policy and never reveals crucial information like IP addresses, locations, and user details. This VPN hardly stores any information. Hence, you can expect complete file downloading anonymity while using this VPN. 

Device Compatibility

Express VPN stands second to none when it comes to devising compatibility, as it can work on almost all kinds of devices possible. Be it Amazon Fire Stick or a gaming console, it has your back. This is an excellent choice for those trying to protect all of their devices with a single subscription. No other subscription or package is required as long as you have ExpressVPN.


ExpressVPN offers blazing speed on almost every server location. Whether you connect to a local server or a long-distance server, speed would be impressive whether you’re using it for torrenting or gaming

This is because of its in-built Quick Connection feature. Here is a quick comparison of the speed of the US and Hong Kong servers. 

Server Ping Speed (ms) Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps)
US Server 27 26.7 11.7
Hong Kong Server 96 15.5 14.8

Torrenting Capability 

While all other things do matter, we need to talk about the torrent capability of ExpressVPN in detail.

ExpressVPN supports torrenting in the best possible manner. By no means it won’t reveal your torrent activity and provide full security. You can  use it safely with uTorrent, BitTorrent, or any other torrent client . It supports P2P sharing ability as well. It promises to do zero throttling on your connection during torrent activities.  

The interesting thing is all of its servers support torrenting. Yes, you can use any server and enjoy secure torrenting. That’s a great thing, as one has many choices to make. ExpressVPN implements a strict no-log policy that assures you of better secrecy throughout.

While one expects seamless torrenting, high speed is the top priority. Gladly, ExpressVPN impressed us on this front as well. Most of its servers are known for blazing speed. While we were testing, we got an average download speed of 6.8 MB/s and an upload speed of 7.1 MB/s. Both these speeds are decent ones.

Security remains the top concern when safe torrenting is in mind. There is hardly any other VPN that can beat ExpressVPN on this front, as it features AES-256-GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) for control channel encryption. Additionally, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange is used for the data channel. These two, when coming together, make a powerful combination of encryption protocols. Ultimately, end-users experience better data security.

There is one more point to be noted here. There are no bandwidth restrictions and data caps for ExpressVPN users, which means one can enjoy unlimited torrent downloading. You don’t have to be worried about MBs draining out like anything. What else can one expect?

We have already explained its security features and high-end encryption, which ensures zero identity leaks during torrenting. Considering all these points only, we have chosen ExpressVPN as an ideal VPN for torrenting. 

✅ In-built split tunneling 

✅ User-friendly interface 

✅ OpenVPN across all the platforms 

✅ Impeccable gaming experience

❌ Can be a bit expensive for some users

❌ Browser extension is required in some cases 

How to use ExpressVPN for torrenting?

Now that it’s clear that torrenting is safe with the help of a VPN and ExpressVPN is the best option in the market, let’s tell you the steps to bring this tool into action.

Before we start, take note of the fact that getting started with ExpressVPN is easy. Even if you’re a first-timer, you won’t face any legal issues or troubles in using this tool. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet and on the official website of ExpressVPN itself.

So, don’t fret. Just get an ExpressVPN subscription, and you’re all set to anonymize your torrents. Here are the steps to follow successful user registration.

Step #1- Get the respective app or solution for the device on which you will start the torrenting activities. ExpressVPN offers apps for mobile OS like Android and iOS, browser extensions, an app for routers, and all other kinds of devices.

Step #2 – Complete the app/extension setup and connect with the torrenting-friendly server. Though P2P file transfer is supported on all of its servers, it will display the list of most favored and speedy servers when you connect with it. So, we advise you to pick one from the list itself. Generally, servers located in Canada, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland are the best for torrenting.

Step #3 –  As soon as you’re connected to a server, activate the kill switch feature of ExpressVPN. Doing so will prevent accidental information leaks when the connection is dropped suddenly. You can find this feature in the General option of the settings. Once you go to this setting, you’ll see an option Enable Network Lock (Internet Kill Switch). Enable it, and you’ll be protected. 

Step #4 – Now, you’re good to go. Open the browser on your device and visit any of the best torrent sites discussed in the article. Even if that website is blocked in your region, you’ll be able to access it with the help of ExpressVPN, as it will hide your actual location and real IP address. Just go to the website of your choice and start downloading the file you have been longing for so long.

Which torrenting sites should be avoided?

Before we talk about the best torrent sites to try and bank upon, knowing the avoidable ones is essential, as if you use a dangerous or faulty app, you can invite endless hassles. Such faulty websites are filled with malicious links, ads, corrupted files, and god knows what else.

In fact, they can track your online activities and can get you charged with a copyright agreement breach crime. All of this seems very scary. Hence, you must get familiar with the most problematic websites in torrenting space. 

KickAssTorrents — There was a time when KickAssTorrents or KAT was very famous amongst torrenting lovers and was helping others to download torrents at high speed. But that was passed. Presently, you should maintain a safe distance from this website as it has been charged with copyright infringement several times. Some of its mirror sites are also there and claim to be safe. But, as they demand you to install a browser extension to be functional, it seems too fishy. 

SUMOtorrent — The reason that this website is included in the list is its compulsion to download the torrent client before accessing the torrent library. Such websites are not safe and should not be used at any cost.

PassThePopcorn — Honestly speaking, this isn’t even an actual torrenting website at all. It’s an invite-only website asking for login and password details. Even if you provide the details, there is no use as you won’t get any access to torrent files.

Torrent Galaxy — Torrent Galaxy is nothing but a fake mirror site of 1337x in many other countries. Because it’s related to 1337x, it gets more than 8 million monthly users. However, all these visitors become disappointed when they experience ad after ad, corrupted links, and other useless stuff.

TorrentFunk — Lastly, we would suggest avoiding TorrentFunk as it’s filled with ads and has a limited torrent library.

How to ensure safe torrent downloading?

As mentioned earlier, using a trusted VPN while downloading torrents is the safest practice to follow. Yet, one has to be extra vigilant to keep the data safe while downloading torrents. Here are some expert-approved tactics strongly advised to every torrent downloader.

Try not to download the latest movies, TV shows, and anime shows. We know that the excitement of downloading the latest release is immense. But, hold the excitement for a hole as recent uploads are likely to be corrupted, and you can push towards copyright infringement. Downloading such content is nothing but a headache.

So, wait for a while. Read our tips:

  • Pay attention to the seeder/leecher ratio of the intended torrent.

Files having a high seeder/leecher ratio indicate that the file is safe to download and is pretty healthy to go with.

  • Go with verified torrents

Even if you’re using a VPN, we won’t advise downloading unverified torrents. Such content is a huge red flag. Only verified torrents should be entertained, as unverified torrents are likely to feature malware. Torrent sites providing a ranking of the files are good to go with and make sure the intended file does not have less than a 4-star rating.

  • Don’t entertain the files featuring WMA and WMV files

Most of the time, such files are fake and are created to steal your data or introduce viruses into your system.

  • Stay away from Password-protect

If there are password-protected torrents, then they are not what you should use or download. Such torrents will ask for a password to enter and will then direct to some other sites that are virus-infected.

Before downloading, check the status of the TAR, RAR, EXE, and ZIP files that you get from the websites. The likelihood of malware is high in all these file types.

Is there an easy way to access private torrent sites?

Better torrent security and high–end verified status are two major factors driving torrent users to go with private torrent sites. But, the limited access can cause trouble in finding your way to these sites. You can’t be a part of this secure torrent community unless you can get an invite to be there. After that, invitation-only, you’ll be able to register properly.

The easiest way to get that mandatory invite is to be a part of the 8chan and Reddit communities and follow the torrenting threads. We have seen random invites shared within the group using which anyone can participate in a private tracker site. If that’s not happening, then you can request the existing members to send you an invite. Mostly, they do that.

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