Cpasbien: The Latest News, Official Address, and Its Alternatives

For around 13 years and counting, Cpasbien free torrent has served as one of the best torrenting sites in France. Because the site is free to use, people across the nation can access it to track torrent files and download content. During its peak time, the site has experienced as many as 30 million visitors a month.

But is the scenario the same as it was years ago for Сpasbien download?

Apparently no! Like other torrenting sites, Cpasbien stays blocked most of the time. Cpasbien has changed its official address, which means that the site is no longer accessible at cpasbien. tf. For the uninitiated, Cpasbien μtorrent is one of the sites that aim at surfing on the popularity of the platform.

It was in 2019 that changed the name of the site to Oxtorrent (this in itself is the all-new name for Torrent9). Do not get trapped by the official address of the torrent site. Even though it appears to be, the actual address or Cpasbien’s new address is

You will find all of the files at What’s more fascinating is that it doesn’t have a lengthy download process like the one you would find in Cpasbien software.

  Note:   Before accessing any of the torrenting websites, such as cpasbien torrents, it is recommended to download and install a VPN (we recommend CyberGhost). It helps mask the original address of the user. This way, all your internet activities remain secured and protected, disabling any tracking.
Best VPNs for Torrent

The best alternatives to Сpasbien: what are they?

While the Cpasbien torrent site is one of the oldest and the most popular, all of the content hosted over the site is pirated. This is one of the reasons why the site has been blocked, forcing its users to look for alternatives. So even if you can watch Game of Thrones for free with it, your location might not allow the same.

In case you are looking for alternatives to Cpasbien streaming, this article will be of help. Below are the top five sites you can refer to for Cpasbien films or digital content, to be precise.

№1 Elite Tracker

Cpasbien alternative_elite tracker

The first and the most popular torrent site with most of the content, including the Cpasbien series and Cpasbien music, Elite Tracker is a French-based private tracker for music, videos, software downloads, etc. It has a huge user base and serves its users with unlimited access to the content.

№2 Torrent9

Cpasbien alternative_torrent 9

Another top torrenting site in France is Torrent9. This can also be used in other French-speaking nations such as Gabon, Cameroon, etc. Having its name in the film segment and the gaming domain, the website attracts millions of daily visitors. There has been a fuss related to the platform, but the admin made it clear that the site would remain functional without any hassle. 

№3 YggTorrent

Cpasbien alternative_ygg torrent

If you are looking for a website with hordes of content to offer, YggTorrent is the best bet. From apps to audio files, games, movies, and eBooks, you will find a wealth of files on the platform. Besides, it also has all of the Cpasbien music and Cpasbien series available for download. If you plan to make a switch, the platform will not disappoint you.

Even though the platform mandates the account creation process, it is smooth and doesn’t cost you time. That is to say, it takes less than five minutes to get started.

№4 ZeTorrents

Cpasbien alternative_zetorrents

Download your favorite films, TV series,  apps, and music albums with Zetorrents. The site has nearly every content uploaded and approved for download. It has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to search through torrents to find the relevant ones directly. The site has a trending section at the bottom that gives you insights on the top-rated shows/movies, etc.

№5 GkTorrent

Cpasbien alternative_GK Torrent

As an all-in-one torrenting site, GkTorrent offers movies, web series, apps, music, eBooks, and video games. You can either look for the recently added section or search for the required torrent using the search bar. In case you are not sure which torrent to look for, browse through the list to find one. The site has been designed for the French audience and offers relevant film recommendations, enabling users to download them quickly.

Comparison between the torrenting sites – A Quick Table



Elite Tracker






3.32 kbps

3.20 kbps

2.67 kbps

2.52 kbps

3.11 kbps

3.8 kbps


Movies, TV shows, eBooks, software, game consoles, and music

Films, games, and eBooks

Films & Games

Films, games, eBooks, and apps

Films, games, TV shows, books, music albums, and apps

Films, TV shows, music, eBooks, apps,PC and console video games








Blocked countries

Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, United Kingdom, and Morroco


How to safely use Torrents?

“Statistics of internet use tell us that these virtual private networks are most commonly used to bypass internet censorship and access region-restricted websites. VPNs are also used to provide a layer of protection and security that shields browsing activity from providers and other prying eyes. They are also popular tools for increasing your safety while torrenting, as VPNs can let you obtain an IP address for any gateway on the network, easily making it appear as if you are using the internet from another country,” as stated by DataProt.

With that being said, when planning to download a torrent or visit a torrenting website like Cpasbien for free, it is best to keep your internet address secure. We recommend using CyberGhost, as it is one of the best VPNs capable of encrypting the source and hiding all.

You can sort the alternatives and pick one that suits your interest best.

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