Top 6 Anime Torrent Sites: How to Torrent Anime in 2024

The year 2020 was all about staying indoors, spending time with family, and watching online content. There was a massive surge in anime viewership. Anime is a Japanese animation cartoon series that is the most-watched animation in the world. People are in love with them. But, because of the geographical restriction, anime fans were slightly disappointed.

This is where an anime torrent site showed up as a savior. Using a reliable one, anyone can download the anime of their choice easily. However, make sure to use a trustworthy VPN like NordVPN to stay secure.

In this blog, we will cover the top 6 most preferred and safest anime torrent sites that you can use in 2024. So, if this is what you were looking for, your quest comes to an end now.

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What Are The Best Anime Torrents?

#1 – Nyaa


Nyaa is a top-place grabber in this list. It truly is the best site for anime torrents.

Its classing design and the tabular interface are winning hearts. For an ad-free experience, Nyaa is the best thing. Some of the most famous anime torrents, like Black Clover torrent or Jujutsu Kaisen torrent, are available here. The latest episodes are updated quickly on this anime torrent website. If The Pirate Bay is the King of regular torrents, Nyaa resides in this position when we talk about anime.

Top Features

Many healthy torrents, updated content, quick uploads

Type of  content

Can be used to download anime, TV shows, music, e-books, and audios

Access Restriction

Restricted by certain  internet providers

Monthly visits

36,000,000+ per month

#2 – AniRena


If you’re wondering where to download anime torrents without any hassle, then try AniRena. It went offline a while ago and can make a comeback impressively.

At present, the torrent website is renewed. After the makeover, the website witnessed a colossal spike in monthly visits. The wide range of P2P files and high speed ensures that you’ll find the anime of your choice for sure. If you’re an avid anime fan, then AniRena will not disappoint you at all.

Top Features

Discord is supported, and many personalized profiles are there

Type of  content

Ideal for downloading anime, TV shows, music, e-books, and audios

Access Restriction

Available across the world

Monthly visits

42,000+ per month

#3 – Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho

For quick and hassle-free anime torrent downloading, we recommend Anime Tosho. On this anime torrent website, a massive pile of English and Japanese dubbed anime is present.

It is not a fake anime torrent website directing users to random places. It is a compact site with the best torrents for anime. So, its download and set-up would be swift.

Top Features

Subtitles are available

Type of  content

Can be used to download anime and  TV shows

Access Restriction

Available worldwide

Monthly visits

960,000+ per month

#4 – BakaBt



BakaBt is a trustworthy anime website winning anime fans’ hearts with its private community. No random person can come and download anime from here. Proper registration is needed. This has reduced the odds of scams and illegal usage.

Top Features

High-quality torrents

Type of  content

Good for anime movies, and TV shows

Access Restriction

Can be accessed easily

Monthly visits

360,000+ per month

#5 – 1337x

1337x is our fifth choice for swift anime torrent download. Some top anime torrents are available here. It has gained popularity in recent years because of its clean interface and hassle-free navigation. Content search is a breeze here. There are dedicated sections for anime. So, hunting down your favorite anime won’t be a hassle.

Not only is it the best anime torrent website, but it is also great for downloading applications.

This has made it into this list because it provides a whole range of mirrors like,,,, So, you will end up downloading anime for sure.

Top Features

Rich anime torrent library

Type of  content

Useful for anime, TV shows, music, e-books, adult content, comics, and audio

Access Restriction

Banned in countries like India, Australia, and Ireland

Monthly visits

52,200,000+ per month

# 6- Torrentz2


Our last choice in the list of the best places for anime torrents is Torrentz2

This torrent website works differently. It scans and scraps a huge list of torrent websites. So, the moment you search for any anime torrent, there will be a whole list of anime torrent sites showing that file. Overall, it is a torrent search engine showing the most suitable results.

Top Features

Verified community and capable search engine

Type of  content

Ideal for anime, TV shows, music, e-books, video clips, and audio

Access Restriction

Blocked by some countries, including France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Italy, etc.

Monthly visits

6,300,000+ per month

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Why Is It Not Safe To Use Anime Torrent Sites without a VPN?

Before you think of using anime-sharing torrents, think of using a VPN (the best VPN services are featured here). Without a VPN, using anime torrents is nothing less than jumping into the puddles of hassles on your own.

Mainly, internet activities are monitored from close, and using anime torrent sites will instantly bring them to the radar of some government agencies. Also, some anime torrents are a hub for viruses, malware, or botnets.

Before you spot them, they must have entered your device and corrupted it completely. So, if you’re planning to use anime torrent sites, don’t forget to get armed with a VPN.

With advanced security features like IP address concealing, DNS leak protection, kill switch and high-end encryption, VPNs prevent information leaks and security infringement incidents. Any kind of identity detection is not possible if a VPN supports your torrent activities.

ExpressVPN has been our and many others’ favorite anime torrent VPN. It is packed with some of the most torrenting-supported features like zero log policy, no activity logs, and military-grade encryption. ExpressVPN fully supports P2P activities. So, you can download your favorite anime without any fear or qualms.

One other key reason for using ExpressVPN is that it comes with unlimited bandwidth. So you can download it without the tension of running down the data. Its 30-day money-back guarantee can’t be overlooked.

Now that you are aware of the qualities of ExpressVPN and are sure enough that it is one of the top anime torrents, it’s time to find out how to use it. Don’t worry. Using it is a piece of cake. You don’t need any expertise to bring it into action.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit ExpressVPN’s official website and grab a suitable subscription.
  2. Activate your subscription and download the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Complete the login process by providing the required credentials.
  4. After this step is successfully completed, ExpressVPN is all set to help you. You will be able to see the whole list of servers. Choose the suitable one, access the best anime torrent site, search for the anime, and start downloading it. With its high speed, you can finish off the download quickly.


Do I need a VPN for torrenting?

If you need full data security and zero data identity theft while torrenting, you surely need a VPN. Some government agencies keep an eye on torrenting activities, and with a VPN, you can completely get off their radar.

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