The Ultimate Shared Proxy Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

Interested in trying different proxies and realizing which ones are the best? Shared proxies need your attention. Whether online safety or added privacy at a convenient cost, these proxies are many people’s favorite. Let’s start the guide by knowing the basic meaning of shared proxies (or semi-dedicated proxies).

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What is a Shared Proxy?

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At the fundamental level, a shared proxy or shared IP proxy is a proxy server allowing multiple users to share the same IP address. It acts as a middleman between a user’s device and the internet, allowing them to access online content and services anonymously.

If we explore the meaning of shared proxies in detail, we will find it very similar to data center proxies. Like data center proxies, a shared proxy network is also created in bulk, and cloud hosting service providers own the IP addresses. However, residential proxies and mobile proxies are also shared proxies because the IP addresses of these proxies are also shared.

In the shared proxies scenario, multiple users simultaneously connect to the internet with the same IP address.

The Common Use Cases of Shared Proxy Network

If you’re fully aware of the potential of shared proxy networks, you can use them for various purposes like increasing online privacy, bypassing geo-location restrictions, and improving online security. Below mentioned are some of the most common use cases of shared proxy networks:

Browse Anonymously

Shared proxies allow users to browse the internet anonymously by masking their IP address. This is especially useful for users who want to keep their online activity private or avoid being tracked by advertisers and websites.

Scrape the Web as Much as You Want

Shared proxies are commonly used for web scraping and extracting data from websites. Users can access and scrape multiple websites using a shared proxy without being blocked or detected.

Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Shared proxies can be used for social media management, such as creating multiple social media accounts or managing social media profiles on behalf of clients. Users can avoid being detected and blocked by social media platforms using a shared proxy.

Better Online Gaming Experience

Are you fed up with the lagging and latency you experience while streaming games online? Try using shared proxies, as they can improve online gaming by reducing lag and improving connection speeds. You can connect to game servers from different locations and stream without latency.

Accessing Geo-restricted Content

With the help of shared proxies, it’s easy to bypass the geo-restriction imposed on web content, streaming services, and online marketplaces. You can connect with the IP address of your choice and access blocked content.

Verify The Ads

Shared proxies are great tools for ad verification. With their help, it is easy to ensure that businesses conduct ad campaigns correctly.

E-commerce Monitoring

If you own an e-commerce store, a shared proxy network is an excellent tool for crucial workflows like price monitoring, automated product listing, etc. Users of e-commerce platforms can also use shared IP addresses to grab a limited deal.

Types Of Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are available for purchase in 2 formats. The first format is an IP address list; the other is a backconnect gateway server or shared rotating proxies.

Both these formats have different significance. Let’s learn more about these types.

Shared Proxy List

A shared proxy list is nothing but a detailed list of IP addresses that one or more users can use to connect to the internet. The list is delivered in the form of a text document. The listed IP addresses are static IP addresses. They don’t rotate and have no tedious settings. Hence, changing the proxy servers’ port numbers and location is straightforward.

You can use the shared proxy list if you want static IP addresses. Such a requirement arises when a proxy user is on a gaming website. However, better tools exist to maintain high anonymity while scraping the target website.

Shared Rotating Proxies

With static rotating proxies, you get back connected gateway server infrastructure that allows you to connect with the proxy pool of the shared proxy providers. You’re awarded a rotational IP address when you connect with the server.

Such IP addresses change with every new connection request. The average lifespan of shared rotating proxy IP addresses is 30 minutes.

This type of share proxy is great because it’s easy to use and can be shared by many users at once. However, the connection speed may not be so impressive. Residential IPs allow you to pay only for consumed traffic and help establish multiple concurrent sessions.

Hits and Misses of Shared Proxies

Like any other technology, shared proxies have multiple advantages and disadvantages. The ideal user weighs down both aspects of this tool and makes sure that have more benefits to enjoy.

Let’s get familiar with the benefits of using a shared proxy first.



If you compare the cost of shared proxies with their proxies, the price is certainly low, and they are cost-effective tools. As multiple users use one IP address at a time, proxy providers can make huge amounts of money from one IP address. Hence, they keep the cost a little lower.

Effortless Uses

Shared proxies have a simple setup and are very easy to use. This way, these proxies are perfect for those with a basic understanding and fundamental technical knowledge.

Wide Range of Locations

Shared proxies offer access to a wide range of IP addresses from different locations, allowing users to access geo-restricted content or bypass internet censorship.

Improved Online Security

Shared proxies can improve online security by masking the user’s IP address and encrypting their internet traffic. This can help protect users from hackers and other malicious actors.

Along with the lucrative benefits come certain drawbacks, such as:


Connection Speed and Performance Issues

As many users keep one IP address at a time, expecting a great connection speed is not wise. In fact, the connection speed of shared proxies is low compared to other proxies. So, you’re likely to experience more latency and lagging.

High Risk of IP address blocking

Shared proxies are more likely to be blocked by websites or online services as they are easily detected. This may not be the right tool if you need to scrape the web in large quantities.

Limited Control

Shared proxies are managed by the proxy provider, meaning users have limited control over the server configuration and settings.

Privacy Concerns

You must not expect great privacy with shared proxies, as many users utilize the same IP address.

Shared Proxies v/s Other Proxies

Shared proxies are not the only types we have as options. Multiple other types of proxies take care of diverse needs. Learning how this proxy variety differs from other proxies is essential to understanding shared proxies better.

This section will provide a net-to-net comparison of shared proxies with other leading proxy types such as datacenter, private, residential, etc.

Shared Proxies v/s Datacenter Proxies

Shared proxies and datacenter proxies are two popular proxies used for web scraping at large. Both the proxies have some similarities and certain evident differences.

For instance:

  • Multiple users share the IP addresses of shared proxies, which are usually cheaper than dedicated or data center ones. These proxies are provided mainly by VPN service providers, while datacenter proxies are offered by data centers.
  • While cheap shared proxies will have connection speed issues, datacenter proxies are fast and have stable connection speeds.
  • They both are likely to be easily detected by proxy detection tools.

Shared Proxies v/s Private Proxies

Both these proxies are used for web scraping and have some distinct differences, such as:

  • Many users use shared proxies, while one person can use a private proxy at a time.
  • Shared proxies are costly, while private proxies are cost-effective
  • Private proxies have better security and safety because only one user uses one IP address at a time. As shared proxies are shared by many, safety and security are not impressive.
  • Private proxies have better connection speed as compared to shared proxies.

Finding a Right Kind Shared Proxy Provider

Whether you need a shared proxy for web scraping or this tool for bypassing geo-restrictions, the service provider’s quality decides the project’s success. Hence, you need to be extra smart and make a wise decision.

Some of the critical factors to keep in mind while selecting a shared proxy provider are:

  • A stable and reliable connection so that web scraping is not interrupted.
  • Robust security measures so that web data is protected and privacy is maintained.
  • Vast IP pool because you can access multiple locations with one tool.
  • Reliable customer support to fix all your concerns immediately.
  • Affordable price to make sure you can afford the service.

Considering all this, BrightData shows up as the best shared proxy provider that is delivering services across the globe. Its IP pool is so vast that you get over 1,600,000+ exclusive IPs to use. These proxies are built to last and perform because:

  • They have nearly 99.99% uptime
  • Shared proxies are available l in more than 195 countries
  • You can enjoy unlimited concurrent sessions
  • There are zero bandwidth limitations

Whether you need proxies to scrape the web extensively or this tool to verify the ads, BrightData promises to deliver best-of-breed and easy-to-manage resources. There is a very responsive proxy manager to manage all your shared proxies.

While the usage of these proxies is already straightforward, the proxy manager and dedicated customer support make things easier.

There is a free trial and money-back guarantee to provide peace of mind. So, go ahead and grab proxies from this service provider today.

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