CactusVPN: What Should You Know About the Service – a Detailed Overview

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In the world of VPN, consumers have tons of choices to make. While you’re hunting down the best VPN, the odds are high that you come across CactusVPN. Based in Moldova, this VPN is a rookie comparative to giants like ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

However, it has managed to gain enough attention and praise. Its claims are not inconsiderate as it promises to provide a 30-days money-back guarantee, notable security features, and wide server coverage. It supports geo-blocking and streaming.  Let’s figure out its real-world viability right here in this detailed CactusVPN review.

CactusVPN: What are Its Strong and Weak Points?

To know the CactusVPN in a better way, one has to figure out its strong and weak points.  So, we’re going to discuss the next in detail.

Fronts Where CactusVPN Stand Out

Encryption and Security Feature

This is where CactusVPN matches all the leading VPNs. There is AES-256-CBC 256-bit message hash ‘SHA256’ for HMAC authentication and 2048 bit RSA handshake encryption that are best in the market.  With seven VPN protocols, including WireGuard and OpenVPNare, offered.

Leak Protection

CactusVPN is a star performer when it comes to leaking protection. You are protected against DNS leaks and IP leaks. System-level kill switches and Obfuscation servers are using Obfsproxy.  The CactusVPN Smart DNS is also impressive.


CactusVPN is bliss for streaming lovers as it can easily unblock Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Prime video, Disney+, Roku, YouTube, and Hulu. Netflix libraries for countries like the UK, Australia, and Japan can be unblocked easily.

Fronts Where CactusVPN Lacks Credibility

Server Coverage

CactusVPN has limited server coverage. There are only 39 servers in 22 countries. A lot of work is needed on this front.


Torrenting is allowed, but only six servers are suitable for this job.


Strict No Logs Policy


Average speed 33.3Mbit/s

Concurrent Connections



AES 256-bit encryption, 2048 bit RSA, and HMAC authentication


39 servers in 22 countries

Worldwide coverage


Streaming & Netflix



Limited CactusVPN torrents

Customer Support

24/7 live Customer Support service, FAQ, Learning Center


  • Windows app, macOS app, CactusVPN for Android solution, iOS, Android TV, and FireTV;
  • Protocols like WireGuard, OpenVPN, SoftEther;
  • Firewall bypassing;
  • System and application-level auto-kill switch;
  • Split tunneling.

CactusVPN Free Trial version

3-day free trial


$9.99 a month




●Powerful browser extension;

●Obfsproxy servers;

●Encrypted DNS query;

●Static IP.


●Limited server coverage;

●No log policy auditing;

How to Set Up CactusVPN on popular devices?

CactusVPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS & Android devices, Android TV, and FireTV Stick. Here is how you can download CactusVPN on all these devices, for example, how to setup CactusVPN on firestick, and so on.

Note: Before you start using CactusVPN on any device, go to the official website, complete sign-up, and get a suitable subscription. This step will be repeated for CactusVPN installation on every device.

cactusvpn apps

CactusVPN on Windows

  • Activate your subscription and get the download link for Windows.
  • Grant access to the software CactusVPN download on your system.
  • Set-up new password
  • Connect with the server of your choice and enjoy a safe connection.

cactusvpn servers

CactusVPN Android and iOS Devices

  • Get the relevant app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Follow the download instructions and complete the installation.
  • Connect with the desired server and enjoy a secure connection.

CactusVPN for Browsers  

  • From the official page, install a browser extension.
  • Set up the extension.
  • Connect with the server of your choice and enjoy the facilities of CactusVPN.

cactusvpn chrome browser

CactusVPN on SmartTV

  • Once the subscription is activated, get the Android TV app of CactusVPN from Google Playstore. If you want to download it on FireTV, get the app from the Amazon app store.
  • Complete the set-up.
  • Connect with the required server, and safe connectivity is on your way.

Ending Notes

CactusVPN is a decent VPN and can be trusted when you don’t need to perform heavy tasks like torrenting and P2P file sharing. It’s possible that many torrents won’t work with CactusVPN. Don’t expect to experience the blazing speed as you won’t get it. As it comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee, you can place a bet on it.

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Does CactusVPN offer a free version? Or, does CactusVPN have a lifetime subscription?

Yes, there is a free CactusVPN trial of 3 days. Also, there is no lifetime subscription. So, you can take a subscription plan as per your requirement.

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